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"12 Years a Slave" and the Oscars
Awards Watch: 12 Years a Slave is nominated for 9 Oscars and is the winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Picture — Drama and the Critics Choice Award for Best Film. The film also tied with ...
Jennifer A Epps 01/22/2014 8 15 - -
Carrie (2013) vs Carrie (1976)
When I heard that Kimberly Peirce was directing a new film version of the bullying horror flick Carrie , I thought it a safe bet that the bullying would go cyber (though Carrie herself would be out ...
Jennifer A Epps 01/15/2014 5 9 - -
UP WITH TURKEYS! Animal Rights and the movie "Free Birds"
“The only message in it is all the holidays are about pressing pause in your life and getting together with the people that you love and appreciating them.” --Jimmy Hayward, writer-director ...
Jennifer A Epps 11/28/2013 2 2 - -
Secrecy and Surveillance in “Closed Circuit” – film review
Every so often, British filmmakers come out with some pretty daring statements about their government. In 1990, the politically-committed movie director Ken Loach made Hidden Agenda, a pessimistic ...
Jennifer A Epps 09/17/2013 1 4 - -
Rebel, Rebel: "The East" and "The Company You Keep"
Two fiction films about domestic left-wing terrorist groups played in theaters this spring, and are interesting to consider together, since these indy thrillers approach similar themes. Robert ...
Jennifer A Epps 08/29/2013 3 3 - -
Sorkin's Simplistic Take on Operation Tailwind: Special Report on 'The Newsroom'
In June of 1998, CNN/ Time premiered a new joint venture, a weekly program called 'News Stand'. Their first segment had revelations about a 'Valley of Death' (as one of the veterans interviewed ...
Jennifer A Epps 08/25/2013 13 21 4 -
The North Koreans Are Coming! The North Koreans Are Coming!: review of “Olympus Has Fallen”
The action-thriller Olympus Has Fallen is now out on DVD, and just in time for the August exercises the U.S. and South Korea are conducting against North Korea. To clarify, Olympus Has Fallen is the ...
Jennifer A Epps 08/24/2013 11 5 - -
Blackfish: Putting the 'Killer' Back in 'Killer Whale'
This important documentary was recently released on DVD as well as being shown on CNN, so I am re-publishing this review. The movie has helped a growing movement on behalf of killer whales and ...
Jennifer A Epps 08/23/2013 14 20 - -
Oscar Grant, Witness for Trayvon Martin: “Fruitvale Station” review
George Zimmerman’s defense team more or less put Trayvon Martin on trial, so maybe the prosecution should have called Oscar Grant to testify. If it didn’t make a difference that Trayvon was dead,
Jennifer A Epps 07/23/2013 2 6 - -
Star Trek and the War on Terror
Star Trek Into Darkness is, among other things, a much more incisive film about the Navy SEAL mission to get Osama bin Laden "dead or alive" (minus the "or alive") than last fall's Oscar nominee ...
Jennifer A Epps 06/13/2013 9 9 - -
Chimpanzee Ascendancy: Pan Troglodytes'€™ New Status in Policy & in Films
Charles Darwin turned 204 this year, but his birthday didn'€™t make as big of a splash as Abe Lincoln'€™s (both were born February 12, 1809) because Darwin didn'€™t have a giant Hollywood epic ...
Jennifer A Epps 04/25/2013 3 7 - -
The Limitations of Rebellion in "Django Unchained"
The spirited antebellum western Django Unchained is nominated for five Oscars including Best Picture, and it could win for Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay and for Christoph Waltz’s supporting ...
Jennifer A Epps 02/23/2013 6 6 - -
The Unacknowledged "Master": director Paul Thomas Anderson (& a film that's not about Scientology)
Paul Thomas Anderson is my favorite film director who isn’t Scorsese. And even then, it’s getting very close. When I ambled out into the light after the L.A. native’s sixth feature, the ...
Jennifer A Epps 02/09/2013 12 3 - -
The Assassination Bureau: the CIA and Zero Dark Thirty
The cover of the Feb. 4 issue of Time features Kathryn Bigelow, the director of Zero Dark Thirty , and dubs her new film ‘the year’s most controversial movie’ in its headline. The article ...
Jennifer A Epps 02/07/2013 14 15 - -
Torture and the Dark Side of Zero Dark Thirty
The new movie about the hunting-down of Osama bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty, is still in the top five at the box office, thanks to the judicious timing of its wide release to coincide with Jessica ...
Jennifer A Epps 02/07/2013 58 14 - -
Torture and the Dark Side of ZERO DARK THIRTY
The new movie about the hunting-down of Osama bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty , is currently a box office leader, thanks to the judicious timing of its wide release to coincide with Jessica Chastain’s ...
Jennifer A Epps 01/21/2013 65 93 6 -
LINCOLN: Making History
The period epic Lincoln may be the least Spielbergian movie that director Steven Spielberg has ever made. Not only is it shot in a remarkably straight-forward way for such a visual stylist, but it ...
Jennifer A Epps 11/24/2012 41 49 2 -
Iran, Politics, and Film: "Argo" or "A Separation"?
On the spectrum of recent U.S. films about intense life-and-death conflicts between Persians and "our guys', the most propagandistic, militaristic, and reactionary position is occupied by the ...
Jennifer A Epps 10/15/2012 7 9 - -
SORKIN AND THESE WOMEN: “The Newsroom” Special Report #2
As a long-time watcher of entertainment written by Aaron Sorkin, I am following the close of Sorkin's first season of The Newsroom on HBO with an evaluation of the politics of the show and of Sorkin'...
Jennifer A Epps 09/15/2012 17 15 1 251
SORKIN V. THE MEDIA - “The Newsroom” Special Report #1
The full ten episodes of Aaron Sorkin's first season of The Newsroom have now aired on HBO, although viewers will have several chances to catch up on episodes they might have missed. As Sorkin ...
Jennifer A Epps 09/13/2012 37 31 - 262
"Hope Springs": Not Just Your Grandmother's Rom-Com
In a genre continuously spewing out specimens, most of which are as indistinguishable from each other as they are distinguishable from reality, the romantic comedy feature Hope Springs is an anomaly ...
Jennifer A Epps 08/16/2012 7 7 - 76
"The Dark Knight Rises," Media Violence, & Social Change
The shooting in Aurora, Colorado at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises illuminates, not just a gun control problem, but the huge number of films which have inspired copycat violence. ...
Jennifer A Epps 08/14/2012 11 1 - 62
A War Horse of a Different Color: Stage Vanquishes Screen
If anyone else has refused to watch Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of War Horse until they could attend the puppet version from Britain’s National Theatre, the fact that the Tony Award-...
Jennifer A Epps 08/04/2012 3 1 - 35
The Sorkinization of the Media: Will It Be Good for the News?
In April of this year, Vanity Fair ran an article by Juli Weiner titled “ West Wing Babies.” The article focused on young policy wonks and politicians’ aides who became motivated to pursue ...
Jennifer A Epps 06/24/2012 22 11 - 196
"The Island President" and the Maldives Coup: Ground Zero for Climate Change & Human Rights
Jennifer A Epps 05/02/2012 5 7 - 66
Happy Birthday, Shakespeare! - review of conspiracy theory film "Anonymous"
William Shakespeare's birthday is generally celebrated on April 23rd. In honor of his birthday, here is a discussion of the 'authorship' question and a review of the 2011 dramatic film Anonymous, ...
Jennifer A Epps 04/24/2012 22 11 2 103
The Lorax: a Film-Which-Everyone-Needs
The new animated feature film The Lorax is both a fable, with a young ingénue hero on a quest to win a princess and save civilization, and an animated comedy full of slapstick and throwaway one-...
Jennifer A Epps 03/27/2012 39 24 - 339
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