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Marijuana use and shrinking brains...
Recently a study came out by the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas in Dallas about marijuana use and the association with a smaller orbital frontal cortex. They found that the ...
Jensequitur 11/21/2014 11 19 - -
Kansas fracking and earthquakes
Map of Kansas oil and gas wells, superimposed upon a geological map of the region, with the epicenter of the earthquake marked. Kansas had an earthquake yesterday on a Richter scale of 4.8. Like ...
Jensequitur 11/13/2014 43 44 1 -
Want Texans to vote? Fix the health insurance industry.
Pretty simple, folks. Texans have had a really hard time this year, especially those on Aetna. The Affordable Care Act forced Aetna to get rid of a lot of the high-risk crappy plans, which is great. ...
Jensequitur 09/30/2014 3 2 - -
Definitions: agnostic vs. atheist, morality vs. altruism
You know the XKCD cartoon that has a guy typing furiously away on his keyboard while his wife is saying "Come to bed." He replies "I can't. Something is wrong with the Internet." Well, something is ...
Jensequitur 09/03/2014 15 9 - -
The one thing wrong with Michael Brown's autopsy diagram.
This was all I could think of as I stared at that picture. Sorry if you think it's offensive. I do too. I think everything about this disaster in Ferguson is offensive. Just to clarify - I ...
Jensequitur 08/18/2014 14 11 - -
Just a little rant about Aetna...
I can't go on enough about how much Aetna sucks. Since I've been on the bronze plan this year, I have to go through a $4,000 deductible before Aetna will pay any of my pharmacy costs. Much of my ...
Jensequitur 06/30/2014 13 13 1 -
Update: Jennifer, can you help this month? Why I'm sick of this money drive.
I have to say that my enthusiasm for political activism is seriously dampened when I get a e-mail like this. Dear Jennifer, I've been keeping an eye on the numbers coming in this month. Here's ...
Jensequitur 11/19/2013 31 22 - -
Ten reasons to invite more natural gas into your home? You must be joking.
Found this on Motley Fool - guess I shouldn't be surprised by now at the garbage that passes for interest-story journalism these days. America's energy boom has unlocked abundant sources of ...
Jensequitur 11/11/2013 24 2 1 -
Managed health care gets you dead.
Since most of the other health care reform provisions have not been delayed, several aspects of our existing plans would still need to be changed for 2014 to meet the new federal requirements. In ...
Jensequitur 08/05/2013 16 15 - -
Wendy Davis stands between Texas women and abortion ban
Hadn't seen this diaried yet. Wendy Davis will be filibustering SB5, a bill being pushed through by Texas legislators during a special session called by Rick Perry. This is the bill that limits ...
Jensequitur 06/24/2013 11 31 - -
Fix the House with a lottery system.
I propose that we change the way we select representatives to serve in the House of Representatives. Instead of filling it with duly elected people from each state, why not make it like jury duty?
Jensequitur 06/14/2013 9 1 - -
Red meat flags
Considering how knee-jerk reactionary the Republican party is to anything that the Democrats suggest, why don't we fight for more drastic goals? This will keep them busy and off balance, rushing ...
Jensequitur 06/05/2013 3 4 - -
Maslow's hierarchy of needs: safety first
Just a quick diary to put down some thoughts. We will need a different kind of house - one that can stand up to our new reality. Weather is becoming harsher and more dangerous. Our basic needs - ...
Jensequitur 05/21/2013 16 5 1 -
Curiouser and curiouser: some speculation about what the rover found.
Mars, raw feed, Sol 100, from the ChemCam. I am only an amateur biologist and an amateur geologist. What I've done the most of is hiking through Big Bend National Park, and what I see in these ...
Jensequitur 11/24/2012 16 38 - -
Migration and adaptation in Texas: surviving the future
Changing weather patterns are forcing us to find new homes. We have to relocate our farms, or find new ways to farm with limited resources. Survival of the human race means that we have to adapt, ...
Jensequitur 09/27/2012 7 9 - 53
Texas Democrats: Implement the ACA, Already!
Just received this in my inbox via We are organizing a Non-Profit Organization called Texans for the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The Organization will be founded to: 1. ...
Jensequitur 07/19/2012 3 6 - 56
I am an atheist.
Atheists really don't care whether you believe in a deity or not. At least I don't. However you want to deal with your universe, that's fine by me. It doesn't reflect upon your intelligence, unless ...
Jensequitur 04/04/2012 63 25 - 226
Gabrielle Giffords, and the horror of aphasia
Listening to Gabrielle Giffords speak today made me cry, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. It also reminded me how horrible it is not to be able to speak coherently. It's a nightmare to be ...
Jensequitur 01/23/2012 92 316 5 1890
Occupy FW: Officer under review for striking protester
This pleases me. Last Thursday, a Fort Worth police officer (R. Frias) struck a protester (Anthony Momentoff) with a flag, after claiming that the protester had hit him with it. Here's the ...
Jensequitur 12/14/2011 12 7 - 68
Protester hit with flag: Occupy FW
This is just crazy. One of the protesters in Fort Worth has been assaulted with a US flag. Then he's charged with assault against a police officer. Our own small occupation is apparently large ...
Jensequitur 12/10/2011 16 20 - 149
50 State Strategy - what about Texas?
For those of us stuck in Texas, we feel abandoned and forgotten. It's like the rest of the country has said "Well, you live in Texas. You deserve what you get." What we get are lower wages than ...
Jensequitur 08/26/2011 9 5 - 62
KosAbility: Working and Multiple Sclerosis
KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday and Wednesday by volunteer diarists. This is a gathering place for people who are living with disabilities, who love ...
Jensequitur 08/03/2011 50 63 1 272
Rainbow Lounge settlement reached
We have our own little gay bar here in Fort Worth, and it's called the Rainbow Lounge. Those of you who know Fort Worth know that it's not exactly a tolerant sort of town. It's not intolerant, but ...
Jensequitur 03/23/2011 14 46 - 321
To our next president: It's the food, stupid.
I've been a Michael Pollan fan since I read "The Omnivore's Dilemna." So I was thrilled to see that he's written an open letter to the next president of the United States, addressing our greatest ...
Jensequitur 10/17/2008 13 7 - 4
Obama Campaign: Target This Demographic!
Okay, so I live here in Texas, and work the afternoon shift. I see a lot of commercials between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. I have not seen ONE Obama commercial. However, I have seen several McCain ...
Jensequitur 09/10/2008 5 2 - 1
George W. Bush Library
Somebody sent me the plans for the upcoming George W. Bush Presidential Library... boy, they sure sound official! Compliments of the Southwest Missouri Libertarian Party. The George W Bush ...
Jensequitur 07/24/2008 40 14 1 10
Lawyers asked to make torture sound legal
This may not be breaking news, but I was pleased to see this [ story] make it into the MSM. Ever wondered how the U.S. justified torturing ...
Jensequitur 06/18/2008 5 3 1 10
Chuck Hagel for Veep?
just a quick diary - haven't seen this mentioned yet... I was watching Leno last night, with Arianna Huffington as guest. When asked who Obama would choose for VP, she first said Jeff Foxworthy - ...
Jensequitur 06/05/2008 77 2 - 11
"How To Rig An Election"
Too bad this won't be out in time for Christmas. It would make a great present for your favorite Republican neocon. "How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative," by Allen Raymond,
Jensequitur 12/19/2007 7 6 - 5
Bush Porn Portrait
What better way to portray our nation's president? This is a spectacular portrait done by collaging pieces of photos from porn magazines. [ ...
Jensequitur 08/30/2007 15 3 - -
Who to blame for lead in Chinese toys? Take a guess.
Just saw this on the McClatchy news site - sorry if it's been posted before. The long and short of it is that the Bush administration is responsible for the poor product quality coming out of China.
Jensequitur 08/28/2007 24 16 1 21
Stop talking about Bill O'Reilly!
Remember the bit in Peter Pan when Tinker Bell is dying, and she tells Peter if all the little kids clap their hands, it'll save her? I feel like that about Bill. Every time we talk about him, he ...
Jensequitur 07/31/2007 32 4 - -
Medicare to allow lowest bidder on wheelchairs
For those of you who use a wheelchair, or know somebody who needs one, Medicare is planning to allow the lowest bidder to provide complex power wheelchairs and seating systems. We all know what ...
Jensequitur 07/19/2007 2 5 1 -
Ban Heterosexual Marriage
Jensequitur 10/26/2006 41 6 1 54
Don't blame Clinton - N. Korea is Bush's fault.
Jensequitur 10/10/2006 38 4 1 -
TSA: No more people on planes
Jensequitur 09/25/2006 10 8 - 7
Gov. Rick Perry Selling Texas Parks to Highest Bidder
Jensequitur 08/30/2006 52 14 - 3
Join The Army! (As long as you're not gay)
Jensequitur 08/23/2006 13 7 - 10
Two Heads Mean Twice The Kisses
Jensequitur 07/27/2006 3 1 - -
I can't afford to be socially conscious
Jensequitur 06/30/2006 57 17 1 10
Hutchison and Cornyn vs. reality
Jensequitur 05/05/2006 8 8 - -
My letter to Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn
Jensequitur 03/14/2006 9 4 - -
HOT RUMOR: Cheney may resign mid-term
Jensequitur 03/02/2006 53 6 - 8
So, how does it feel to shoot somebody, Dick?
Jensequitur 02/16/2006 3 5 - -
Democrats: Tired Of Losing Elections? Become Republican!
Jensequitur 12/01/2005 11 2 - -
Another Atheist Mouths Off - a reply to pastordan
Jensequitur 11/15/2005 39 6 1 14
ATTENTION ALL TEXANS: Vote NO on Prop 2 on Nov 8th!
Jensequitur 11/07/2005 29 2 - -
Ban Heterosexual Marriage
Jensequitur 10/10/2005 16 6 - 8
Harriet Miers, Ben Barnes, and the $23M Big Bribe
Jensequitur 10/03/2005 13 30 - 14
Ignore the right-wing crazies, you'll only encourage them.
Jensequitur 09/30/2005 14 4 - -
Bush: Blaming Everybody But Daddy
Jensequitur 09/23/2005 18 4 1 -
CALLING ALL ENGINEERS: Build Me A Bio-Diesel Hybrid
Jensequitur 09/15/2005 51 13 1 -
Bush Admits It: 'It's All About The Oil'
Jensequitur 08/30/2005 11 11 2 9
Bush: Insane or Stroke Victim?
Jensequitur 08/23/2005 12 10 1 10
What does Al-Queda's god look like?
Jensequitur 07/10/2005 18 - - -
There's something *else* rotten in the state of Texas...
Jensequitur 07/08/2005 3 - - -
Frist on Schiavo: 'Never made a diagnosis'
Jensequitur 06/16/2005 4 2 - -
Bolton Filibuster - what are they afraid of?
Jensequitur 06/14/2005 21 5 - -
States Rights Up In Smoke - Medical Marijuana
Jensequitur 06/06/2005 10 - - -
Texas Gov. Rick Perry to sign two bills in church
Jensequitur 06/02/2005 37 19 - -
"New Gulag of prisons around the world"
Jensequitur 05/31/2005 1 1 - -
Save The Courts - send your petition to
Jensequitur 05/23/2005 3 - - -
Press Kit Party!
Jensequitur 05/09/2005 36 17 - 11
$100 million unaccounted for in Iraq - tip of iceberg!
Jensequitur 05/05/2005 2 1 - -
I Love Molly Ivins
Jensequitur 05/04/2005 8 11 - 8
Captain America Hates Freedom!
Jensequitur 04/29/2005 14 1 - -
Evangelical Christians - Pod People in Christ's Name
Jensequitur 04/29/2005 17 2 - 52
Shutting down the nuclear option by shutting down the Senate.
Jensequitur 04/22/2005 18 - - -
Throwing DeLay under the bus?
Jensequitur 04/20/2005 5 1 - -
What's so bad about nuclear power?
Jensequitur 04/18/2005 131 14 - 13
My Armageddon Garden
Jensequitur 04/18/2005 18 4 - -
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