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Posting History for Jews For President Obama

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Morning Joe hosts repeat conservative smear about Obama supporting 'stand your ground' in Illinois
Unbelieveable. Tuesday morning, Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough's liberal co-host and foil on MSNBC's Morning Joe , ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/23/2013 57 68 2 4
(Corporatist?) Obama administration takes aim at big lenders' shady debt collection practices
Led by Obama recess appointee Richard Cordray , the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
Ian Reifowitz 07/10/2013 160 78 1 -
Democrats and Republicans Are The Same, Huh?: Voting Rights Act Decision SLAPS That in the Face
The Voting Rights Act has been gutted . I'll leave the legal analysis to others who are far more expert than I on that matter. My point is this: for all those people on this site and elsewhere who ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/25/2013 718 352 3 -
Obama ≠ G.W. Bush. Not Even on NSA/Spying. Because Only Bush Claimed ABSOLUTE Power.
I am not here to defend the surveillance programs our government has been operating. In fact, I have serious qualms about them. I need to know more, and from different kinds of sources, before I ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/10/2013 366 155 3 -
Time To Go Nuclear.
Republicans in the U.S. Senate have routinely used the filibuster — and the threat of the filibuster — to deny President Obama and the Democrats their legislative agenda. In their defense, ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/08/2013 76 122 2 -
New Deal Denier Amity Shlaes: "1920s Income Inequality Didn't Hurt Middle-Class" HELLO? Depression?
The middle class did great in the 1920s, says Amity Shlaes . Yeah, right. Until about October 1929 that is (hint: that's when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began). Who is Amity ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/03/2013 76 103 2 -
"I Love My Culture And My People"
In a recent email exchange, an acquaintance wrote, “I’ve got nothing but love for my culture and my people.” As someone who writes about ethnic and national identity, this statement ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/01/2013 22 26 - -
Obama Has Spoken: Now Netanyahu AND Abbas Must ACT
President Obama gave an absolutely terrific speech yesterday in Israel. ProgressiveLiberal's post from yesterday was on the front page for 24 hours, and with very good reason. The key section of ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/22/2013 25 44 - -
New Direction for Israel?: Hope and Reality
Dare we dream? After seeing his conservative party alliance shrink from forty-two to thirty-one seats in last month’s elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now trying to put ...
Ian Reifowitz 02/23/2013 31 21 - -
"Skeeters" (As in Birthers): Marsha Blackburn & "Chorus of Skeptics" Doubt Obama Skeet Shooting
What's a 'skeeter'? If you loved 'birthers' and 'truthers', well I've got a new one for you. Read on: So, is there nothing left for right-wingers to deny about President Obama? Apparently not . ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/29/2013 58 53 - -
Republican Sad B/c Obama Says His Ideas Are "American." That's What Lincoln Did. MLK Too.
"'Agree with me or you are un-American' is certainly a new angle in inaugural addresses." -- GOP consultant Dan Hazelwood. — The Fix (@TheFix) January 21, 2013 First of all, nowhere in Barack ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/26/2013 32 75 1 -
Oh Noes!!--Phil Mickelson (R-Golf) Might Retire, Citing (Incorrectly) Tax Hikes on Top 1%--Boo-hoo.
Phil Mickelson is one of the top golfers in the world. He's also now saying this: LA QUINTA, Calif. -- Phil Mickelson said he will make "drastic changes" because of federal and California state tax ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/21/2013 302 246 3 -
Credit Where Credit Is Due: Evangelicals Push For Comprehensive Immigration Reform
This really is "compassionate" conservatism. I'm happy to take yes for an answer. Washington (CNN) – When the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez talks about immigration, it is as someone who has witnessed the ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/13/2013 19 23 1 -
See Photo of Obama Cornered By Formidable Foe (Hint: Not BoehnerShambles)
It appears that President Obama may have outfoxed the Orange-hued Chain-Smoker, but let's see him get out of this jam!
Ian Reifowitz 12/20/2012 35 51 - -
Madeleine Albright: Republicans Were "Appalling" Toward Susan Rice
WASHINGTON -- Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said she found the treatment of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice by Republican senators "appalling," arguing that her consideration to be the ...
Ian Reifowitz 12/14/2012 23 38 - -
Live Photo Blogging the Election
Throughout the day I will be searching the Internet for photographs of the election. I'm going to be picky, looking for examples of what I consider to be great photography and quality work. So, ...
bsegel 11/07/2012 15 37 - -
Jewish Americans Break Hard for President Obama, the Lunatic Fringe Scratch their Heads
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist This year one of the biggest pushes by the Republicans (contextually not literally) was with Jewish American voters. In a highly negative attack campaign, ...
volleyboy1 11/07/2012 28 34 2 -
The Night Barack Obama Won My Vote (UPDATED W/Video from Iowa 2008)
It's a night I'll always remember. In fact, I was sitting right where I am now, in front of my computer, reading about the results from the Iowa caucuses on January 3, 2008. In fact, I was on ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/06/2012 16 28 1 -
My Controversial PREDICTIONS
Cross Posted to The Progressive Zionist Ok... Six Months ago I diaried this here and I am going to stick with predictions here on Election Eve. Here goes... Popular Vote : Candidates going ...
volleyboy1 11/05/2012 30 3 - -
Nate Silver Pre-Debunks Republican Spin That Sandy Re-Elected Obama
We all know it's coming. The Republicans always need some way to de-legitimize Barack Obama, or any Democrat who wins the White House. Karl Rove previewed this line as early as Friday: “If you ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/05/2012 182 197 1 -
The Jobs Numbers Write The Final Chapter Of Obama's Winning Closing Argument
Now we have the news that October saw the creation of 171,000 net new jobs in the U.S., with the unemployment rate moving up only from 7.8% to 7.9%, with the first digit being the key (i.e., under 8).
Ian Reifowitz 11/02/2012 66 105 - -
You're Gonna Love This Obama/Christie Headline
Ian Reifowitz 11/01/2012 21 39 1 -
"Etch-A-Sketch" EXPOSED Point-By-Point: New York Times Details Romney's "Modulation"
What's so great about this front page New York Times article is that it is a straight news piece, not something on the opinion page. Nevertheless, the article offers a simply devastating, piece-by-...
Ian Reifowitz 11/01/2012 76 94 1 -
Need a laugh? Check this out
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist Looking for a good laugh... Here you go: The Tea Party gets a news site Yep... as if they didn't already have FOX News, Drudge, Breitbart, CNN (lately) and ...
volleyboy1 10/31/2012 7 3 - -
REDSTATE: Go All in for Mourdock and Akin
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist Well, Republicans have decided that they no longer care about "appearing" to be moderate and are all for the War on Women. Here (WARNING: LINK TO REDSTATE) ...
volleyboy1 10/31/2012 11 19 - 2
"Romney Resumes Campaign; Obama Deals With Storm" -- PERFECT HEADLINE on Today Show
Ian Reifowitz 10/31/2012 174 244 4 -
The Obama Recovery in Three Images -- And Why We MUST Re-Elect The President
First, take a good long look at the images above. They are from David Leonhardt's article in today'...
Ian Reifowitz 10/28/2012 43 143 2 -
Sununu Did EXACTLY What Romney Wanted: To BLACKEN Colin Powell & President Obama
What do I mean by "blacken" Colin Powell and Barack Obama? I'll explain below. First, a quick review: On Thursday, Colin Powell endorsed President Obama for a second term, declaring that he will ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/27/2012 219 178 - -
Second Chances do happen.....
Cross posted at the Progressive Zionist Driving home tonight listening to election coverage I began to have a thought... One of the guests on Julie Mason's show "Straight talk on POTUS" was talking ...
volleyboy1 10/26/2012 3 3 - -
Romney's "BIG" Economic Speech: LIES About The $716 B in Medicare Savings
There are plenty of half-truths and "whoppers" in the economic speech Mitt Romney is scheduled to deliver in Ames, Iowa later today. Unsurprisingly, Romney goes back to the well on his Mediscare lie.
Ian Reifowitz 10/26/2012 11 17 - -
WAR ON VOTING: Voter Suppression Tricks Only Fool "Stupid" People Who Shouldn’t Be Voting Anyway
Republican voter suppression tricks only fool stupid, uninformed people who shouldn’t be voting anyway. That statement make you angry? Good. Because that's what too many on the right believe and ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/24/2012 26 31 - -
Obama Expertly Smacks Down "Apology Tour" -- "Biggest Whopper" Of The Campaign
Throughout this campaign, for years actually, Mitt Romney has been telling anyone who'll listen that President Obama began his time in office with an "Apology Tour." In fact conservatives have been ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/23/2012 81 214 2 -
NYT on Obama & Race Part II: Influenced By William Julius Wilson or Martin Luther King Jr.?
Yesterday I posted about an article by Jodi Kantor (author of The Obamas ) on the front page of Sunday's New York Times .
Ian Reifowitz 10/22/2012 6 21 1 -
NYT On Obama and Race: He Focuses On "Inclusion" and "Cross-Racial Unity"
There is a very well done, quite substantive article by Jodi Kantor (author of The Obamas ) on the front page of today's New York Times . There is much in the article to digest, and I urge you all ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/21/2012 31 30 - -
Pew Latino Poll: 54% Pro-Gay Marriage, Up From 31%. Obama Leads Romney 69-21%. And FOX NEWS Spins It
An eye-opening new poll of Latinos in the U.S. is out from the Pew Research Center . The poll shows a tremendous, historic shift in Hispanic Americans' opinions on gay marriage (see above). In 2006,
Ian Reifowitz 10/19/2012 70 134 - -
Obama's America at the Debate: Immigrant Kids "Understand Themselves As Americans"
At tonight's debate , President Obama said the following: "For young people who come here, brought here oftentimes by their parents, have gone to school here, pledged allegiance to the flag, think ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/17/2012 18 41 - -
Obama's America at the Debate: Immigrant Kids "Understand Themselves As Americans"
At tonight's debate , President Obama said the following: "For young people who come here, brought here oftentimes by their parents, have gone to school here, pledged allegiance to the flag, think ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/16/2012 3 23 - -
24 Hrs. Before Debate: Last Time It Was A New/Old Katrina "Race" Video. What'll They Try This Time?
Remember that whole kerfuffle over an old, already publicly available video of the President speaking about Hurricane Katrina and talking about his "friend" Rev. Jeremiah Wright? The one that took ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/15/2012 23 28 - -
The Biden Opening Statement That Destroys Ryan & Romney
Transcript from Vice-Presidential Debate, October 11, 2012 Vice-President Biden: "Thank you. Let me begin by pointing out some facts. Last month's job report showed that unemployment is at its ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/11/2012 16 23 1 -
Cynics SLAM Obama on Timing of Cesar Chavez Monument--But Obama's Been Celebrating Chavez For Years
Ian Reifowitz 10/09/2012 17 32 - 143
Corporations vs. The Truth on Cancer
The difference between liberalism and conservatism is really about power. Whose power do those in government serve? Do they serve the interests of corporations, or the common good. Simple as that. ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/08/2012 36 44 - 217
Forget "Zingers" -- The Debate Is About Obama's America vs. Romney's America
You may have heard that Mitt Romney's debate prep includes his memorizing some " zingers " to fire at President Obama. This strikes me as, well, ridiculous, although it's even more ridiculous to ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/05/2012 49 106 1 566
FOX "News" Stuart Varney All But Accuses Obama of Cooking Job Numbers
And he isn't the only one over at Fox doing this. This terrific article at Salon by Alex Seitz-Wald has the whole range of Fox "jobs report truthers" who came out of the woodwork this morning. But Mr.
Ian Reifowitz 10/05/2012 27 24 - 173
Republicans Play Racist Dual Loyalty Card - A personal perspective
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist This has been a big week for news concerning President Obama, Israel and the Middle East in general. A lot of what happens really bothers me as a Jewish ...
volleyboy1 09/24/2012 14 16 - 171
Romney Rejects Ronald Reagan
Most of you have seen the above video from Mother Jones already. The one that's on the front page of today's New York Times. Here's the part where Romney rejects Ronald Reagan: There are 47 ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/18/2012 25 28 - 137
War On Voting: NYT Exposes Leading Voter Suppression Group (w/ Hilarious Harry Potter Reference)
On the front-page of today's NYT, an article offers an in-depth look at True the Vote . True the Vote is the leading organization out scouring the land for evidence of voter impersonation fraud, the ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/17/2012 94 227 3 1358
Mitt Romney claims Middle Class income is $ 200-250,000 per year
Sorry for the short diary but here is prime example #1 of just how out of touch Mitt Romney is with the average American... Romney says 'middle-income' $250k and below BOSTON (AP) — Mitt Romney ...
volleyboy1 09/14/2012 57 38 - 358
Obama's America vs. Romney-Ryan-Rand's America: Citizenship vs. Selfishness
I know President Obama's acceptance speech was a week ago. I've been thinking since then about how it fits into both the broader, philosophical debate over the role of government, and into his ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/13/2012 21 45 1 191
Mitt Romney Now Has Less Foreign Policy Credibility Than Sarah Palin
Think about that. But after Mitt Romney's stupendously stupid, not to mention patently false attacks on President Obama and the U.S. response to the violence in Egypt and Libya, I don't see how we ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/12/2012 31 37 - 248
President Obama and PM Netanyahu... Much Ado about NOTHING
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist So, we had a day of diaries and articles decrying Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu for his supposed challenges to U.S. Electoral Procedures which ...
volleyboy1 09/12/2012 9 8 - 179
NEWS: Obama Has HUGE Jump in Rasmussen Poll: Bounce Trounces Job Numbers
The media has to have a "close race" because otherwise they wouldn't have the storyline they need to keep readers interested. So, when the Democratic convention appeared to be having a major effect ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/09/2012 266 348 3 3693
You've likely heard of a new "documentary" film called "2016: Obama's America." The film is the brainchild of right-wing culture warrior Dinesh D'Souza . Last week it was the #9 movie in the country,
Ian Reifowitz 09/06/2012 243 397 14 2522
In a night of great speeches Robert Wexler reaches out to Jewish Americans
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist Last night the Democratic National Convention of 2012 got off to a rousing start. Reminiscent of the All-Star game in Baseball, speaker after speaker hit ...
volleyboy1 09/05/2012 31 10 - 117
Michelle Obama: "One of the Finest" Convention Speeches Ever Says CNN's Gordon Stewart
I strongly encourage you to read the whole article , which was just posted on CNN. I apologize for not being able to do much more than give you a few graphs, but it really does speak for itself. (...
Ian Reifowitz 09/05/2012 26 42 - 328
David Brooks Takes Apart Republican "Rampant Hyperindividualism"
David Brooks is a Republican. That's why I hope this piece will have an impact. In it, Brooks offers a powerful critique of the Rand-Ryan-Romney vision, a radical one in which, at bottom, everyone ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/31/2012 193 267 11 2148
Hey Republicans... Where are the details?
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist Hey Republicans... Where are the details? You are doing a lot of complaining SO... where are your plans to fix the country? What are they? Everyone needs ...
volleyboy1 08/28/2012 10 11 - 70
Obama Scowls While Romney Smiles in CNN's Stock Candidate Lineup
Does this photo array look strange to you? Every day CNN runs these pictures in a post called "On The Trail," in which it provides the public schedule for each candidate. Every day this lineup of ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/27/2012 150 150 2 1732
Only in Romney's Right-Wing Bubble Is Birtherism a Joke
So Mitt Romney thinks he's a comedian. As Jed reported earlier and elsewhere, earlier today, at a public event in Commerce, Michigan, Governor Romney crossed a line he had not crossed before. He ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/24/2012 18 23 - 109
Krugman EVISCERATES (!) Ryan-Rand (and thus Romney)
Isn't eviscerates a great word? Paul Krugman today literally disembowels Paul Ryan's economic philosophy, demonstrating how it derives from absolutely nutty ideas contained in the novels of Ayn ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/24/2012 172 261 5 1770
Dedicated to Jewish Republicans and ODS'ers everywhere
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist This one is for you folks: From the Website: Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews Here are some of the choice ones: "May you sell everything and retire to ...
volleyboy1 08/24/2012 43 21 - 217
Like CRAZY TX Judge, Romney Also Went There On Obama, the U.N., and "American Sovereignty"
Thanks to our friend Hunter , you should all be aware of the truly insane wing-nuttery represented by Lubbock County (Texas) Judge Tom Head. Here's what Judge Head had to say : “He's going to ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/23/2012 65 95 2 1024
Texas Official: Give me Taxes to defend against Obama
Cross Posted at the Progressive Zionist A few weeks ago, in the wake of the Aurora shootings I wrote a personal perspective regarding Guns and Gun Control here: Guns and Violence in America - A ...
volleyboy1 08/23/2012 17 9 - 66
Obama Paid MUCH Higher Than Romney's 13% -- He Averaged 27.7% From 2000-2011
The latest news is that Barack Obama has encouraged Mitt Romney to release five additional years of tax returns and has promised in return to ask for no more than that. Yesterday Romney ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/17/2012 78 58 - 273
DREAM Come True -- Obama Immigration Reform Kicks In TODAY
It's not comprehensive immigration reform, but it is real progress : With their expectations soaring, young illegal immigrants across the country are preparing to apply for a temporary reprieve ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/14/2012 14 32 1 126
UPDATE w/vid. MADDOW: Ryan “Not The Guy You Pick To Win FL, The Guy You Pick To Win Fox&Friends”
Rachel Maddow just uttered the line that sums up the rationale behind the Ryan pick. Ryan is “not the guy you pick to win Florida, he’s the guy you pick to win Fox & Friends” It's far too ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/13/2012 92 168 4 1483
Paul Ryan LOVES Ayn Rand. And LIED About It.
Paul Ryan loves Ayn Rand . Loves her. He has stated that Ayn Rand is required reading for everyone who works in his office. Here are some choice quotes from Mitt Romney’s new vice-presidential ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/11/2012 199 260 9 1356
Romney Welfare Ad: "Toxic Racial Stereotypes" Says Philly Inquirer Columnist
Been wondering when the print media is going to call Mitt Romney out for fanning the flames of bigotry in his ads? I know I have . So have others on this site, like chaunceydevega (whose post I ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/10/2012 112 273 1 1477
New Hateful Romney Ad: Obama Declared "War on Religion" And He's Like The USSR
Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee have a new ad up on the air . I'll just provide some of the details and hold my comments until you've had a chance to read them. I'm not providing ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/09/2012 226 160 2 1106
Dog Whistle: Romney's Been Attacking Obama On Welfare All Year
Welfare. Raising the issue of welfare in a presidential campaign is not simply raising a policy concern. As our own Greg Dworkin noted earlier this morning, it's a dog-whistle for racism. This is ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/08/2012 54 85 1 420
Mitt Romney insults Israel. Can this man get anything right?
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist This in from Buzzfeed Hat tip to David Nir and his diary : Romney's latest insult/gaffe Romney: America Is No Kibbutz Mitt ...
volleyboy1 08/07/2012 71 36 - 344
From One American to Another: I'm With You
First, and most importantly, I want to express my deepest condolences to the families of the six Sikh Americans murdered in their suburban Milwaukee temple last Sunday. I also want to express my ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/07/2012 35 63 1 265
New Term... The "MO Crew"
Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist Just a quick hit... I was reading this diary (from Christian Dem in NC) just published about Fox complaining about the Olympians NOT having enough patriotism.
volleyboy1 08/06/2012 9 5 - 118
When Will (Some) Democrats Learn?
Would a sternly worded letter help? Maybe a (figurative) slap upside the head? At this point, I don't even know what to do, given that the person who needs to be upbraided is the former chair of the ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/06/2012 78 84 1 702
Why I Vote For Democrats: The Medicare Bill of 1965
On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Social Security Act Amendments of 1965 which established Medicare. President Lyndon B. Johnson with Harry Truman and Hubert H. Humphrey, ...
JanF 08/02/2012 38 33 1 119
Tea Party: "Our Entire Mission" Is To "Force Romney to the Right"
It's not enough that Mitt Romney has endorsed Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan: I'm very supportive of the Ryan budget plan. It's a bold and exciting effort on his part and on the part of the ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/02/2012 61 117 - 713
Obama's America: "We Are All Descendants of George Washington -- And His Slaves"
The quotation in the title of this post comes from Michael Lind's The Next American Nation . The full quotation is even better: “Even if our genetic grandparents came from Finland or Indonesia, ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/01/2012 19 32 2 156
Mitt Goes to Israel; Jewish voters say "Meh"....
Cross posted at The Progressive Zionist In the last week Mitt Romney has gone on what can be best described as an "around the world train wreck". In one week he has managed to piss off our ...
volleyboy1 07/30/2012 42 38 1 350
Mitt Romney: Each Business Owner Must Build His OWN Roads and Bridges (UPDATED with Ayn Rand quote)
It's pretty simple, folks. Mitt Romney thinks each business owner must build his or her own roads and bridges. What other conclusion can we draw from his absolute and utter rejection of this ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/30/2012 135 103 1 817
Beyond #Romneyshambles -- Manchester Union Leader: Romney Must Release Tax Returns
We've all had a lot of fun with Mitt Romney and the shambles he's made of his travels abroad in just the first day. A whole lot of fun. By the time the former Massachusetts Governor gets back to ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/27/2012 118 159 1 899
Unbelievable: NYT Says BOTH Romney AND Obama Are Saying Opponent Is Not "American"
Today, the New York Times has a classic "both sides do it" article, one that sacrifices truth in the name of balance. This article actually centers on the premise that: Mr. Romney, Mr. Obama and ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/26/2012 77 110 1 778
Will the Media Call the Romney Camp Out on Its Racism? UPDATED: Romney Refutes Advisor's Comments
Now it's just getting ridiculous. After Mitt Romney characterized Barack Obama's ideas as "foreign" earlier this week as well as last week , one of his advisers stooped to a new low yesterday in ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/25/2012 199 201 2 1141
VFW Speech: Mitt Romney Lies about President Obama... AGAIN!
Cross posted at The Progressive Zionist In his speech to the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney continues along his trajectory of lies and deception about ...
volleyboy1 07/24/2012 3 4 - 96
Mitt Romney = Andrew Breitbart: Both Used Edits to Lie
Mitt Romney is just like Andrew Breitbart. By deceptively and misleadingly editing Barack Obama's words to make it appear that he said something he did not, Romney has done to President Obama what ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/24/2012 51 46 1 192
Romney Used "Every Trick in the Book" To Avoid Paying Taxes
As the pressure builds , even from Republicans, for Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns, what of the one return he has released in full? What does his 2010 tax return (he has released ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/23/2012 200 213 7 1454
The DUMBEST "Both Parties Do It" Column Ever
And that is saying something. But it's true. The column in question, written by CNN's Ruben Navarette, Jr., starts by making the point that, with signs pointing toward Mitt Romney -- after ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/20/2012 140 226 2 1553
Infographic-O-Rama! - I Vote for Democrats
kirbybruno 07/19/2012 61 45 9 213
Obama as "Not American": Sununu's Only Echoing His Boss -- Romney: UPDATED
Thanks to Jed Lewison, I'm sure most of you are aware of the remarks made on Tuesday by top Romney surrogate John Sununu, the former New Hampshire Governor. "I wish this president would learn to be ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/18/2012 98 97 1 454
The Stock Market IS Rigged: Big Investors Illegally Get Analysts' Info Before You Do
Now, I realize the fact that the stock market is rigged to the advantage of large investors may not be a shock to many of you. There is, however, breaking news in today's NYT , provided by the truly ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/16/2012 94 180 7 815
Bain: Aren't We Glad Obama Didn't Listen to Cory Booker?
Remember a couple of months ago, when Cory Booker said this : “It’s nauseating to the American public,” Booker said on NBC's "Meet the Press." “Enough is enough. Stop attacking private ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/14/2012 174 185 1 1242
"Too Incompetent or Lazy to Get ID? You Don’t Deserve to Vote."
I hope most Republican officials don't believe that statement. Even for those who do, I can't imagine any high-ranking politician publicly declaring that those folks who can't obtain the specific ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/13/2012 76 113 2 540
Obama Nightly News - Thursday's Edition
Welcome !!! The purpose of this regular series is to promote enthusiasm and action among Daily Kos members. Willard will likely outraise President Obama. However, we believe that we can still win if (
askew 07/12/2012 35 44 - 133
Breaking.... Drudge Report: Condi Rice as Front Running VP candidate
I went into my bosses office and asked him what kind of nonsense is on Drudge (we always argue about politics). This is what I saw: ROMNEY NARROWS VP CHOICES; CONDI EMERGES AS FRONTRUNNER Late ...
volleyboy1 07/12/2012 152 22 - 623
Republicans PROVE President Right about the Economy - Again
Cross posted at Progressive Zionist (or will be later tonight) For a former White House Secretary of Education and Director of National Drug Control Policy, William Bennett is suprisingly ...
volleyboy1 07/11/2012 7 11 - 140
Obama's America: How Progressives Talk About July 4
As I always do, I really enjoyed Meteor Blades' post about July 4, which centers on Frederick Douglass's iconic speech "The Meaning of July 4th for the Negro," delivered in Rochester, NY in 1852. As ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/05/2012 29 51 - 202
Laying Down with Dogs
Cross posted at the Progressive Zionist As many readers of this blog may be aware there is an old adage "He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas". As much as we see the truth in this ...
volleyboy1 07/02/2012 14 11 - 170
Health Care: The Debate Answer That WINS The Election
Official Transcript of Presidential Debate, October 2012 President Obama: "How can it be, Governor Romney, that the health care plan you signed into law was good for Massachusetts but not good for ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/29/2012 104 223 7 1392
Fox News... Obama +5 AND Approval at 48% (+5)
Cross-posted at The Progressive Zionist What in the world..... I just saw this at Real Clear Politics (yes I know a Repub. site but they do put up a lot of poll info): Fox News: (Latest 24-26 ...
volleyboy1 06/28/2012 8 16 1 220
What today means for me - an ACA story
Cross-posted to The Progressive Zionist (at least later today) Today, June 28, 2012 - what a wonderful day. I woke up this morning with serious apprehensions. I was worried for my future. I mean ...
volleyboy1 06/28/2012 12 16 - 109
Obama's America: Arizona, the Court, Immigration and Who's an American
Everybody here knows about the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on Arizona's immigration law. I want to focus here on President Obama's statement reacting to the ruling. This statement ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/27/2012 25 41 - 198
So You Think The Poor Deserve Their Poverty
Many of those on the right think that, as a rule, people are poor because they deserve to be, because they haven't "worked hard" or some other such reason. These Social Darwinist, Ayn Rand ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/26/2012 262 247 3 1154
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