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Environmentalists Get The Charlie Brown Treatment... Again
Charlie Brown never learns that Lucy will always pull the football away. Democratic supporters should be smarter than that.
Jim Moss 03/22/2013 12 2 - -
Are We Being Manipulated By Hate?
One of the most haunting scenes in George Orwell's 1984 is the "Two-Minute Hate." On a regular basis, members of the ruling Party (but not the Inner Party) are gathered in a room and shown images of ...
Jim Moss 08/07/2012 18 14 - 155
Chicken Sandwiches, Red Herrings, and Why We Need Real Activism With Real Sacrifice
Several years ago, contoversy erupted in South Carolina over the Confederate flag that flew over the State House. Some people decided to boycott the state, not taking vacations there or stopping for ...
Jim Moss 08/03/2012 15 3 - 85
10 Questions We Need To Make Our Candidates Answer
1) Why did the federal government use trillions of the people's dollars to bail out large financial and car companies, but a tiny fraction of that amount to directly help those losing their jobs and ...
Jim Moss 08/02/2012 5 2 - 58
True Progressive Change Means Putting An End To The Liberal vs. Conservative Paradigm
In my previous post, I outlined three ways that progressives could change the face of American politics: (1) A movement within the Democratic Party, (2) A true third party movement, or (3) An ...
Jim Moss 07/30/2012 27 3 - 117
Progressives Have Three Basic Options For Bringing About The Change They Desire
If you are progressive, you are hungry for change. By definition, you are a person who would like to see the American government progress into something different and better than what it is now. ...
Jim Moss 07/29/2012 12 3 - 128
Racism: The Third Rail of the 2012 Campaign
I know that it's real. I have witnessed it firsthand. More times than I care to recount. Being a white male living in a small town in the South, I am often privy to conversations where everyone is ...
Jim Moss 07/29/2012 19 18 - 117
7 Election Narratives That Need To Die
1. False: The bad economy is Obama’s fault. Closer to the Truth: Obama started well in trying to fix an incredibly difficult situation, but he was soon hampered by the “just say no” tactics ...
Jim Moss 07/27/2012 3 3 - 45
Third Parties Have Long History of Shaping, Reshaping American Politics
As I unfold this series, I have received many comments telling me that a third-party movement is pointless and impossible. America, I'm told, is hopelessly entreched in the Democrat vs. Republican ...
Jim Moss 07/25/2012 40 1 - 164
Why The Two-Party System Is Hard To Change
Recently, a friend of mine used a cute jungle-themed video to explain why third-party candidates are doomed to fail. It relies on logic and a sound understanding of human nature, but it misses a key ...
Jim Moss 07/24/2012 19 2 - 120
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