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Closing Argument on Obamacare: Jobs Up, Deficit Down, Medicare Stronger (CHARTS)
For more than four years, Republicans in Congress have been telling the American people that Obamacare will kill jobs, hurt Medicare, and blow up the deficit . That simple message helped Republicans ...
Jim Oleske 11/01/2014 4 13 - -
One Simple Chart (Jobs & Obamacare)
"The November 2014 election is very likely to be a referendum on Obamacare." - Mitch McConnell "What this election is going to come down to ... is ... ObamaCare, jobs, the economy" - ...
Jim Oleske 10/18/2014 8 11 2 -
Priebus & McConnell Frame the 2014 Election; Democrats Should Accept the Gift
Republican Party Chair Reince Priebus, This Morning: What this election is going to come down to ... is ... whether these Democrat senators followed this president lockstep, in spite of the fact ...
Jim Oleske 10/05/2014 22 116 4 -
Day After Obamacare/Jobs Milestone (+10Mil), GOP Renews Repeal Message
From the Department of Bad Timing What We Learned Yesterday: American businesses have added more than 10 million jobs since Obamacare was enacted .... This represents a dramatic turnaround from ...
Jim Oleske 10/04/2014 12 21 - -
JOBS REPORT: Over 10 Million Jobs Created in the Private Sector Since Obamacare Passed (CHARTS)
"It will bankrupt our nation, and it will ruin our economy! ... This health care law ... is already destroying jobs in our country."      - John Boehner, January 2011 "We now know that Obamacare ...
Jim Oleske 10/03/2014 15 40 3 -
Jobs Report: 9.8 Million Jobs Created in Private Sector Since Obamacare Passed
Jim Oleske 08/01/2014 14 7 - -
Jobs Report: Over 9 Million Private-Sector Jobs Created Since Obamacare Passed
"Obamacare is killing jobs." For more than four years, Congressional Republicans have relentlessly pushed that same talking point. In March 2010, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner published an op-ed ...
Jim Oleske 05/02/2014 10 12 - -
Jobs Report: 8.8 Million Private-Sector Jobs Created in First 4 Years of Obamacare
With the release of today's jobs report for March 2014, we now have ...
Jim Oleske 04/04/2014 71 20 1 -
Ted Cruz v. The Facts: Obamacare, Jobs, Coverage & Costs (CHARTS)
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) attacking Obamacare this morning : Millions of people have lost their jobs, have lost their health care, have been forced into part-time work, have their premiums ...
Jim Oleske 03/09/2014 9 10 1 -
Over 8.5 Million Private-Sector Jobs Created Under Obamacare (CHARTS)
Cross-posted at Comeback Decade Today’s jobs report reveals that more than 8.5 million jobs have been created in the private sector since Obamacare was enacted in March 2010, a dramatic ...
Jim Oleske 03/07/2014 4 8 - -
Citi CEO Assurance Last Week: "Very Strong Capital Position"
Cross-posted at Tall Tales One week ago today, Citigroup CEO Vikram ...
Jim Oleske 11/24/2008 4 3 1 30
Stocks Down 52%, Paulson Admits "Gov. Inaction" Caused Crisis
Cross-posted at Tall Tales Today, the S&P 500 dropped to an 11-year low, and it has now lost more than half its value since October of ...
Jim Oleske 11/20/2008 101 62 3 48
Kudlow: "Bush Shows Obama the Way" (S&P Down 48%)
Cross-posted at Tall Tales Having demonstrated unrivaled short-sightedness in 2007 about both the stock market and the overall economy (
Jim Oleske 11/19/2008 37 13 - 32
GOP v. GOP: Core Values "Essential" or "Nonsense"?
Cross-posted at Tall Tales This is not a good sign for quick resolution of the "how should Republicans rebuild?" debate.
Jim Oleske 11/17/2008 6 2 - 19
Bush: "Depression Greater Than The Great Depression" Possible
Cross-posted at Tall Tales The President of the United States made ...
Jim Oleske 11/16/2008 47 36 1 48
Bush's Stunning Valedictory Today: Gift to Democrats
Cross-posted at Tall Tales President-elect Obama, Senator Reid, Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic National Committee should all send thank ...
Jim Oleske 11/13/2008 31 52 2 37
Norquist in Denial: Flip-Flops on Reagan/Bush
Cross-posted at Tall Tales Grover Norquist ...
Jim Oleske 11/12/2008 21 17 1 12
Newt Admits Republican "Failure." Death of Supply Side?
Cross-posted at Tall Tales Newt Gingrich, who ...
Jim Oleske 11/11/2008 20 7 2 99
NRO's 24-Hr Flip-Flop on Zogby (Savior to Irrelevant)  
This is not a story about a poll. This is a story about the nation's leading conservative magazine, and how it has given a megaphone to someone who -- in the course of a single day -- can go ...
Jim Oleske 11/01/2008 5 - 1 3
McCain's Closing Argument: Ike was a Socialist
Cross-posted at Tall Tales McCain today, continuing to push the socialism storyline,
Jim Oleske 10/31/2008 8 15 - 28
Boehner's New Plan: More Trickle-Down Tax Policies
Cross-posted at Tall Tales House Republican Leader John Boehner is excited. The memo he circulated to his Republican colleagues over the ...
Jim Oleske 10/28/2008 11 5 - 15
Stunning Supply-Side Capitulation in Wall Street Journal
Cross-posted at Tall Tales Few Americans have heard of Arthur Laffer, but he is quite possibly the most influential supply-side economist ...
Jim Oleske 10/27/2008 37 54 3 45
McCain Today: I "Share a Common Philosophy" with Bush
Cross-posted at Tall Tales John McCain just doesn't get it. He thinks Americans will settle for a "maverick on the margins." Someone ...
Jim Oleske 10/26/2008 7 10 - 27
Blockbuster Hearing on Deregulation; My Book Cited
Cross-posted at Tall Tales Earlier today, in an appearance before the House Oversight Committee, Alan Greenspan made a stunning admission ...
Jim Oleske 10/23/2008 13 22 3 12
Dow Down 40%: Soc. Sec., Seniors, Landslide Potential [UPDATE]
UPDATE BELOW: McCain dodges privatization question on CNN ... Chuck Todd set the stage this morning on the Today Show , discussing the big move to Obama ...
Jim Oleske 10/22/2008 24 32 1 20
McCain Vindicates Powell's Decision [UPDATE: "Proud" of "Terrorist" Flyer]
Powell, in his endorsement of Obama Sunday: I've also been disappointed, frankly, by some of the approaches that Senator ...
Jim Oleske 10/21/2008 30 31 - 29
Day 6 of Promoting "Social Security is a Joke" Joe  
If it's Monday, it must be "Social Security is a Joke" day for the McCain campaign (again). Those words come directly from the lips of Joe the Plumber, the ...
Jim Oleske 10/20/2008 10 7 - 5
Top McCain Surrogate Hates Social Security. Florida Ad?
Cross posted at Tall Tales While Colin Powell was issuing his endorsement of Barack Obama this morning with "
Jim Oleske 10/19/2008 9 11 - 15
Hoover (McCain) attacks FDR (Obama) as "Socialist"
Cross posted at Tall Tales It wasn't enough for McCain to imitate Hoover's pre-crash short-sightedness: Hoover 1928:
Jim Oleske 10/18/2008 7 7 - 19
Memo to McCain: Hoover was a REPUBLICAN
Cross posted at Tall Tales Co-opting Democratic messages is all the rage in the McCain campaign these days. Following the debate, this ...
Jim Oleske 10/17/2008 14 18 - 175
Three Debates, Many Economic Tall Tales from McCain
Cross-posted at Tall Tales John McCain's claim in ...
Jim Oleske 10/16/2008 3 2 - -
McCain's Debate-Eve Double-Talk on Bush Economics
Background - John McCain's Recent Support of the Bush Economic Record: He should be judged very, very well as far as the economy is concerned. We’re in a long sustained period of ...
Jim Oleske 10/14/2008 7 4 - 3
McCain Invokes Hoover, Again! Severe Irony Alert
John McCain has traveled a similar path to Herbert Hoover. Support reckless deregulation that fuels a massive speculative bubble and pyramids of risky debt? Check. Support irresponsible ...
Jim Oleske 10/13/2008 29 25 - 56
Blunt Bails on McCain Economic Plan [UPDATE 2: NRO Confused]
Something remarkable happened today. Less than a month out from the election, the number two House Republican, Rep. Roy Blunt, broke with John McCain on his signature proposal concerning the ...
Jim Oleske 10/12/2008 27 49 - 18
McCain "Admires" Felon and Accused Traitor. In 2007.
This did not happen in 1969, when the candidate in question was 8. This did not happen in 1995, when the criminal in question was 25 years removed from their violent activity. No, this happened in ...
Jim Oleske 10/10/2008 4 12 - 7
Dow Down 39%: Still Want to Privatize Soc. Sec., Sen. McCain?
John McCain, in March 2008 : I'm totally in favor of personal savings accounts .... I ...
Jim Oleske 10/09/2008 62 25 - 17
Biden: On fire! (key excerpts)
Biden on the three debates so far: If this was the best of five series, it'd be over. Biden on McCain's performance last night: What was most notable to me ...
Jim Oleske 10/08/2008 43 30 1 26
McCain 07: Bush Did "Very, Very Well" on Economy
Tonight, John McCain will no doubt claim that he understands the economic hardships faced by Americans and that he (in his words from the first debate) "saw this train wreck coming." That's why ...
Jim Oleske 10/07/2008 8 5 - 1
Story of the Week: Obama Leads on Fixing Economy
From indicting the modern Republican economy, to preventing a short-term panic about the liquidity crisis, to laying the groundwork for long-term economic reform along the lines of the New Deal, ...
Jim Oleske 10/03/2008 29 14 - 10
Sarah Palin's Own "The Economy is Solid" Moment
It wasn't just Bush. It wasn't just McCain. It wasn't just Washington Republicans, Corporate CEOs, Rush Limbaugh, Larry Kudlow, Art Laffer and the other supply-side devotees on Wall Street. No. ...
Jim Oleske 10/02/2008 3 3 - -
Tonight's Story: Obama demonstrates leadership under fire  
From the outset, let me be clear about where I'm coming from. I was among those who, after Monday's vote, argued ...
Jim Oleske 10/01/2008 48 73 6 21
Wall Street Tax for Wall Street Bailout & Main Street Rescue UPDATE
There's been a lot of back and forth in recent days over the terms "bailout" and "rescue." The truth is, both words are operative. The financial system needs to be bailed out from the consequences ...
Jim Oleske 09/30/2008 16 10 1 16
Today's Vote: Repeat of 1932 Revenue Act, Huge Opportunity [UPDATE: POLL]
We have been here before. In 1932, during the final year of the Hoover Administration, Republicans and Democrats agreed that immediate action needed to be taken to confront an economic crisis. The ...
Jim Oleske 09/29/2008 261 384 9 70
McCain: I "saw this train wreck coming." Really?
Last night, John McCain made a remarkable claim in the economic section of the debate. After Barack Obama explained the actions he'd taken over the past two years to warn of the coming economic ...
Jim Oleske 09/27/2008 24 19 - 13
NEW Republican Plan: Deregulate, Give More to the Rich
I know, it sounds like the old Republican plan. The old Republican plan that got us into this mess. The old Republican plan that has even the sitting Republican President admitting the need for a "...
Jim Oleske 09/26/2008 20 4 - -
McCain Speech: U.S. "Needs Deregulation" of Health Care
The McCain campaign's pushback on the revelation that their candidate recently published an article in support of health care deregulation is pretty simple. According to the campaign, McCain ...
Jim Oleske 09/23/2008 2 8 - 8
McCain invokes Hoover by name. Today. Seriously.
As many here have noted, John McCain has traveled a similar path to Herbert Hoover. Support reckless deregulation that fuels a massive speculative bubble and pyramids of risky debt? Check. ...
Jim Oleske 09/22/2008 27 67 3 46
Paulson Today: Resurrect Hoover, Ignore Ordinary Americans
Today's Reuters headline : Paulson voices confidence in U.S. fundamentals Today's ...
Jim Oleske 09/21/2008 8 2 - 17
Dow Down 25%: Still Want to Privatize Soc. Sec., Sen. McCain?        
John McCain, in March 2008 : I'm totally in favor of personal savings accounts .... I ...
Jim Oleske 09/17/2008 54 22 - 10
McCain Economic Whiplash: Deregulate! (get tough!) Strong! (crisis!)
You may have seen the new McCain economic ad , which includes this promise, in the narration and the on-...
Jim Oleske 09/15/2008 9 10 - -
Two Iraq Quotes Settle 'Experience' Issue: Palin 2007 v. Obama 2002
Curiously missing from the McCain campaign's new advertisement claiming that Gov. Palin "has more experience" than Sen. ...
Jim Oleske 09/03/2008 19 17 - -
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