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Bollocks on the Horse Race. Give us Your Policy on Major Issues.
The Oceans are [dying right this minute]. The perception that corruption is ...
Jim P 04/02/2015 30 28 1 -
Might this video be a turning point in waging politics?
There's a video commercial asking drone pilots not to fly. It's been aired on TV in Las Vegas, and is to run this week in Sacramento on CNN and FoxNews.
Jim P 03/31/2015 5 12 - -
The Internet as a real tool for real change is delusional. And I can prove it.
I offer you, dear fellow American, and of whatever political persuasion or creed the chance to prove me wrong. We'll get to the nuts and bolts of that after this consideration: Certain Fact: In the ...
Jim P 03/29/2015 33 11 1 -
Avoid talking about War, Flimflam Finance, Corruption, and I'd vote for you because…?
For once, can't we have an election that's relevant to our real problems in the US? Look. We all know that this election is going to be like every other election. The Media will narrate a horse-race.
Jim P 03/27/2015 63 77 - -
An Open Letter to Our Self-Serving christians
It's time you faced some things about yourself; some core requirements for having the right to dare to say you follow Christ. You CANNOT serve both God AND mammon "Mammon" is not some demon or any ...
Jim P 03/16/2015 39 29 - -
I mean, just what did people think "Full-Spectrum Dominance" meant?
In the '60s protestors would chant "Bring the War Home." In our time the War has just walked in all on its own. You can't separate our global aggressive, interventionist, acquisitive foreign ...
Jim P 08/15/2014 15 26 2 -
The Woman not running for President lists the Progressive Values for which she will fight.
Sen. Warren's speech at the May 22, 2014 'The New Populism' conference in DC. [Hat Tip to
Jim P 05/23/2014 20 25 - -
Warren told on Capitol Hill: TPP needs to be secret; else the Public would oppose it.
Leaders are as leaders do. At Public Citizen's annual party, Sen Warren made remarks about trade bills, and the attitude of people in Congress. It's [a very short piece
Jim P 05/17/2014 195 284 7 -
E.U. High Court Strikes Down MetaData Collection Directive
We here in the States cheer or jeer the essentially cosmetic 'reform' of the massive, and formerly secret, spying done on the people by the NSA and the other 15 state agencies involved in 'top ...
Jim P 04/08/2014 8 19 - -
Are we in a Time of Crises, or not? Is our Political Class up to what's needed?
"Rule by the People." That's a good translation of "Democrat." Now it seems to me inarguable that the site's stated goal of "More Democrats" will be achieved when we have More Better Democrats. As ...
Jim P 04/02/2014 13 12 - -
Nancy Pelosi: Please Elucidate Your Remark "They Come After [Congress]"
Nancy, I just read a quote attributed to you, and [if you could make this clear] I think ...
Jim P 03/19/2014 23 24 - -
I don't want Elizabeth Warren to be President.
But I do need her to run for President. I think the nation does. Because she will speak what is true about our banking, regulatory, political, and justice systems. And the Media's not going to be ...
Jim P 02/07/2014 96 16 1 -
NSA reform. Here's the hink: 'Authorized'
In a hierarchy, each person does what their superior in the structure tells them. They get 'authorized.' Authorizing is done by an Authority. An authority is a person. A person at the top of a ...
Jim P 01/13/2014 18 21 - -
Breaking at Dkos: Repubs lie, mislead, are greedy, very cruel, and just whacky
There's a shock, eh? But really, are you as surprised as I am? Well. Hmmm. So... Anyone got a list of where Dems aren't running for Congress, Governorships, and Judge against Repubs or Dem ...
Jim P 01/12/2014 30 9 - -
Gotta love this Pope. 'We ought to get used to thinking.'
I think that humanity might well have a champion within the Established Order of things. I know he can't hold the Office, but a "Draft Pope Francis for President" campaign still could be a good ...
Jim P 01/03/2014 78 133 5 -
Chris Hedges: Overthrow the Speculators
In Chris Hedge's piece at truth-out, one of the most perceptive writers I can think of writes [Overthrow the Speculators
Jim P 12/30/2013 101 235 5 -
560 Major world authors: A society under surveillance is no longer a democracy
So says 560 of the world's leading writers in an Open Appeal they signed: "[A Stand for Democracy in the Digital Age]" [ Since this is an Open Letter, and there is ...
Jim P 12/09/2013 111 200 3 -
We heard from the Pope about Trickle-Down. Now it's the Dem's turn.
Dem leadership and apparatus doesn't have to denounce Trickle Down because the Pope says it's bad. It's because Trickle-Down is bad for us, and attacking it is how Democrats will get turnout and win ...
Jim P 11/29/2013 206 217 3 -
Sen. Warren: DC ignored middle class for a generation
President-Elect-of-my-Heart Warren keeps telling the Beltway Bubbleheads what everyday people see every moment of the day. [Appearing on the Rachel Maddow Show
Jim P 11/21/2013 16 25 2 -
1 in 6 US Journalists Admit fear of NSA watching; don't follow-up certain things
[Scared Silent: NSA Surveillance has 'Chilling Effect' on American Writers] byline is Lauren McCauley, staff writer, commondreams. Tues. Nov 12, ...
Jim P 11/18/2013 13 21 - -
Fed Official: 'I'm sorry. We feasted Wall St., Didn't Help Main Street. And knew it.'
Andrew Huszar managed the Federal Reserve's $1.25 trillion mortgage-backed security purchase program. This appeared on the [ Wall Street Journal 's op-ed page
Jim P 11/12/2013 327 369 12 -
Congressional Repubs demand every 8th person get a leg cut off to fix budget, deficit
Several leading Republicans, including Senators Cruz, McConnell, Rand, and Vitter, plus Representatives Bachmann, Boehner, Cantor, and Ryan have issued a demand that every 8th American have a leg ...
Jim P 10/28/2013 4 2 - -
When the enemy is in defeat and disarray
When the enemy is in defeat and disarray, you charge them. If you read about battles everywhere throughout time, when the victors break into celebration instead of pursuing the attack, you'll find ...
Jim P 10/17/2013 22 16 - -
Will Someone Please Bury The Republican Trinity?
The Republican Trinity: Trickle Down, Deregulation, Privatization. This Trinity has, and does, hold the reins in guiding our national economy. Since the time of the famous actor, Ronald Reagan. ...
Jim P 06/17/2013 32 77 2 -
There's Scamdals and there's Scandals
What we're getting from the Republican deceptors, and all the time for decades are properly called "Scamdals." This isn't really a diary, and I'll take this down after a couple of hours. I think of ...
Jim P 05/17/2013 6 8 - -
UPDATE. If I don't get a Job this week, I'm homeless in June.
UPDATE: 4:35 pm ET I'm stunned. Thank you so much for responding people. I really expected to get five comments. Now I have all these plus 10 messages. I've just skimmed comments so far and will ...
Jim P 05/05/2013 235 251 5 -
This is what I'm talking about: 4 Senators at Long-term Unemployment hearing
Three of them showed up after a reporter tweeted a pix of the one Senator present at the start, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.). Then three more Dems showed up. [This is a hearing about solutions http:
Jim P 04/24/2013 143 240 3 -
Hell No! Pres. Obama: Compromise with the Voters, not the Republicans, eh?
My mind is boggled by something I stumbled on: [a story about 150 million Americans are now in poverty or with low-income jobs.
Jim P 04/12/2013 29 74 - -
"Instill fear in them any time they leave their homes."
So said NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to State Sen Adams when asked why there was such disproportion, ethnically, on stop and frisk. [New York Post headline: Ray Kelly admitted cops target ...
Jim P 04/01/2013 8 22 1 -
Disappeared News: Who's Got the Update?
We who are news/politics junkies, we live in a rushing stream of information. And though we like to tell ourselves that we set the agenda on the Internet, a moment's reflection shows almost all we ...
Jim P 03/29/2013 42 32 1 -
"Break Out the Plundering" Shouts "The Powers That Be"
Reading Meteor Blades' Night Owl post, featuring [the story of how Coal Operators did a lot of legal tricks to destroy the pensions Miners had earned over the previous decades http://www.dailykos....
Jim P 03/19/2013 4 14 - -
Anyone Interested in Electing More, Better Democrats?
Wild idea, but I just thought I'd ask. Because I noticed this: Final statistics are not in for 2012, but [preliminary figures] ...
Jim P 03/05/2013 20 10 - -
A Grand Bargain? Later on that noise. The $20 Million Bargain.
As you know, Official Politics as played in DC and represented by Big Media is pretty much divorced from the real world. Got fiscal problems that come from lack of Jobs and people not having cash? ...
Jim P 03/05/2013 16 14 - -
Liberals, Conservatives, Centrists: They're all dead to me.
At least the labels are. I'm not seeing much practical use in them. Nor in any of the other tags various theories of society and government like to put on people. Actually, there is at least one ...
Jim P 01/31/2013 64 43 2 -
Beyond Occupy Wall St. and into All of America. The quick and easy way.
Three months before Occupy Wall Street came into being, I wrote this essay under the title "National The King Is Naked Week" Coming to in front of your home!" (jun 5, 2011) It got no traction ...
Jim P 01/27/2013 21 22 - -
British Economy Worst Since 1830, Says RBS
RBS being the Royal Bank of Scotland. And "since 1830" means in non-post war situations. It's a short article, so I won't quote much. Plus it's the Telegraph , which tends, like most rightwingers, ...
Jim P 01/26/2013 18 18 - -
"79% of investors have no trust in the financial system."
79% of investors have no trust in the financial system. -- Luis Aguilar, a commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission That's a quote taken from the Jan/Feb/ 2013 "the Atlantic." [What��
Jim P 01/15/2013 154 158 6 -
"A, B, 7, jingle fly, TACO!" Cognitive Dissonance in the Time of Crises
We, those who see ourselves as somewhere on the political spectrum in the US; those who have a stake in parenting, schooling, personal and secular and religious communities; not to mention just ...
Jim P 01/11/2013 15 8 - -
Boehner Meets The Blogulators, and He Won't Like It
The Media will slant this in the next 2 months. I say let's set the terms of the discussion ourselves. I just made this. It's a poor quality clipping path, but hey, I ain't going for the Museums ...
Jim P 01/04/2013 11 18 1 -
"I say it's time we stopped crawling," said Russia's Bob Dylan
Just heard a snippet of this song, in a documentary about people who were kids in the Soviet Union, now adults after the breakup. [My Perestroika
Jim P 10/21/2012 13 5 - -
The Internet Homonym Plague: Watt mite bee dun?
Their's bin, ewe mite have scene, a coursening in hour English tooday. Weather e-males ore blogs, hole tails arrrr tolled with pore righting, witch, wen addled to misspelings and pour grandma, make ...
Jim P 08/24/2012 28 16 1 92
Anything less than both Chambers and the Executive should be Unthinkable to Us
Anything less than both Chambers and the Executive should be Unthinkable to Us. Otherwise, we get more of what we've been getting the last four years. That's pretty much all I have to say. Partly ...
Jim P 08/18/2012 12 13 - 117
Terror Laws Used to Spy on Liberal Groups in NYC
Are you a US citizen? Do you disapprove of something the authorities are doing? Do you assemble with others of like concerns who might want to use their right to demand redress of grievances? You'...
Jim P 03/23/2012 4 15 1 87
Secret Detentions Legally Ended! In Communist China.
So says this report. China has abandoned controversial plans to make it legal to “disappear” criminal suspects ...
Jim P 03/08/2012 18 4 - 37
Republican Christianity Definitively Explained
One great thing about magical thinking is you get to conflate anything with anything. Having done that with, oh, say, yourself and God -- the world, heaven itself, is your oyster. First off, there'...
Jim P 02/23/2012 18 20 - 195
Too Big To Trust? Google, Apple etc Sued For Cheating Employees
So says this article Who says conspiracies don't happen around big corporations? At the link ...
Jim P 01/20/2012 10 20 3 155
Rep Larson (D-CT) to Propose Jobs Super-Committee this week.
Rep. John Larson, the number three Democrat in the House of Representatives, has called for the creation of a Joint Select Committee on Job Creation, modeled after the newly created debt-focused “...
Jim P 08/13/2011 3 13 1 71
After the Media Cartel is Broken: TV could look like this.
Wild notion: What would be on your tv and radio if Media weren't centralized? And Media is centralized. It has been relatively so and for all our lives. In the last twenty years, what the nation ...
Jim P 07/31/2011 83 40 3 658
"Left" and "Right" are Media fictions in the main.
There is, and always will be, conservative and liberal natures. Sort of the two feet you need to walk around. Sometimes you need to be guarding what you have, other times you need to open up things. ...
Jim P 06/26/2011 14 14 - 118
Outlandish Ideas 3.0. I don't mind having Elites.
I enjoy seeing elite athletes perform. (Many in baseball play for my favorite team.) I like elite chefs, or at least the dream of having a meal from one. Elite scientists, politicians, the faith-...
Jim P 06/22/2011 30 8 1 111
Outlandish Ideas 1.0. The-War-Formerly-Known-As​-On-Terror.
We've given the world a number of time-release 9/11s in the last decade. Haven't we paid those terrorists, or at least whomever was handy, back enough already? It's been hard to find the polling ...
Jim P 06/07/2011 16 33 1 213
Moving Occupy Wall Street to Occupy America the easy way.
Three months before Occupy Wall Street came into being, I wrote this essay under the title "National The King Is Naked Week" Coming to in front of your home!" (jun 5, 2011) It got no traction here ...
Jim P 06/05/2011 3 24 1 178
We Need "National The King Is Naked Day" and We Need it Now!
I'm wearied, we're all wearied, of mass protests which get little or no coverage. If it gets coverage the ass with the mask throwing rocks and being tear-gassed gets most of the visual time. While ...
Jim P 06/04/2011 24 36 - 171
Hi, Just got back from being Raptured.
Heaven is sooooo overblown. 1st: No coffee. Not strictly, but you can only get it extra-light, with non-dairy creamer. Some rule, I'm not sure what. 2nd: No junk food.
Jim P 05/21/2011 15 12 - 139
Myopia is not political "Pragmatism"
(this was posted, without some edits, as a comment in [another diary]) People throw the word "...
Jim P 11/21/2010 8 15 1 87
Dems Kill Retroactive Mortgage Fraud Bill
In the kind of vote which unifies the Democratic Congress and the Democratic base, the House voted 235-185 to kill [House Vote #573]. I ...
Jim P 11/17/2010 132 313 2 88
Anyone Tired of Losing Yet? Media Central and Us.
Read the title, and you've read the heart of the diary. The rest is an invitation to you, Dear Reader, to allow yourself, and others, to freely brainstorm. "Media Central." If you can deliver an ...
Jim P 11/05/2010 60 14 - 64
JFK's Speech to Liberal Party upon Nomination Acceptance
There's an old Bob Dylan song... "Now I'm a liberal to a degree, I want everbody to be free. But if you think I'll let Barry Goldwater Move in next door and marry my daughter You must think I'm ...
Jim P 07/10/2010 42 22 1 45
First Corporate Person Photo Ever! With Poll.  
C'mon, you didn't buy that did you? They ain't got no body. Oh, wait! They've got everybody. On the hook that is. And when I say "everybody" I mean all those Persons you could actually detect if ...
Jim P 06/19/2010 20 13 - 47
Rube Goldberg Economics vs Real Humans
Rube Goldberg was famous for his hilarious, insanely complex, contraptions built to do simple things. Conventional economic wisdom seems of a piece: drop a bunch of money on bankers' heads, they ...
Jim P 01/31/2009 15 11 - 2
Pelosi Pledges to Rule From Center
We all have cause to be happy with the results of the election. That's all in the past now. We've pulled the nation back from the peril of a Republican Administration. Hooray for us. That's great.
Jim P 11/06/2008 43 5 - 5
Liberals, See Fela Kuti Show in NYC: What Balls are Like
While we sit around dithering, moaning, and outraged in the face of a corrupt and insane political class, and a Democratic leadership that betrays us at every turn, perhaps some spirit might be ...
Jim P 08/15/2008 12 14 2 37
Rasmussen: 42% say help attack Iran if Israel does so
The Rasmussen report is it's own business, so I'm not going to do extensive quoting. Click the [link
Jim P 07/20/2008 60 7 1 -
Breaking: Sadr's declaration of war on the US?
With only the one source, I can't quote a lot in this diary. Writing it mainly to keep the information alive. I'll take it down if I see it is superseded with more info. The Washington Post [has ...
Jim P 06/14/2008 37 11 1 23
Saudi Paper: Prepare for radioactive fallout. Now.
According to Chris Floyd at [Empire Burlesque], ... the Saudi government is now preparing plans to deal with "any ...
Jim P 03/24/2008 68 32 - 51
Times of London: Saudis Hub of World Terror
Can we now reasonably say that the entire War on Terror is a propaganda ploy masking dark-side intentions? A long article, here are excerpts: [Saudi Arabia is hub of world terror http://
Jim P 11/04/2007 22 23 - 6
The hell with it: Draft Howard Dean
Okay. I'm paying less and less attention to politics these days because every time I do I just feel... let's just say, extremely disappointed with the reality of the Democratic Congress. A heated, ...
Jim P 09/26/2007 24 12 - 1
You don't like "Nazi"? What word do you like for this, then?
Actually, I don't give a shit what word you think is appropriate. As if words fucking mattered, when it's the reality of millions of innocents being murdered, tortured, and harrassed out of ...
Jim P 08/25/2007 33 17 - 4
Fixing "BS Bill" O'Reilly and the Media for Real. w/Poll
Here's the quick cure for Bill O'Reilly: Put him in a room with 100 ordinary Americans, sitting just like all of them in a circular auditorium, no special platform, no desk, just in the room like ...
Jim P 07/26/2007 11 5 - 2
Dems: Hit Repubs Hard. Don't stop. It's your job. w/poll
If you are a Dem leader, or if you know a Dem leader, or if you know where a Dem leader can be found, please tell them this for us: When Republicans accuse you of not supporting the troops, you ...
Jim P 07/20/2007 11 11 - 1
Israeltoday: Okay given by US, Europe on Iran Strike
I don't know the sources rep, but the claim should be easily checkable. And this is how Bushboyz avoid a Constitutional Struggle. From Tuesday... Israeli Strategic Affairs ...
Jim P 07/11/2007 45 12 - 6
Richardson: Deauthorize War Before Summer Recess
Now this is what I'm talkin' about: I first came across Firedoglake's Siun's [Time to De-Authorize] Says Presidential candidate and ...
Jim P 06/10/2007 50 19 - 1
Al Gore says it: Bush worst nightmare of founders w/Poll
I've stayed out of supporting any Democratic presidential candidate to date. To me, Hillary is loyal to Hillary's status and membership in the global corporate elite. Obama's not much different. ...
Jim P 05/26/2007 41 25 2 8
Iran War Pretext; Military "in Iraq for Decades": Gen Pace.
Two news items. One says the Pentagon, according to Bush's faithful servant [General Pace's testimony] to Congress, has made no ...
Jim P 05/21/2007 28 22 - 26
NBC: Soliders Given 2nd-Rate Armor, "Die Unnecessarily"
This is a short diary, mainly here in the hopes this major story will be followed as it develops. You might remember Lt. Col. Hackworth, who, when he passed away was America's most-decorated fighter,
Jim P 05/19/2007 5 7 2 9
Cheney's Iraq Visit Failed, Bush's War Has Failed
All our politicians seem to imagine that we can afford another few thousand American lives, another trillion or so dollars, and innumerable acts of violence against ordinary people who never did ...
Jim P 05/10/2007 17 17 - 11
George Washington said this about Bush
As he left office, George Washington wrote his [Farewell Address] giving this new nation his parting advice on how to maintain our Republic. And what methods and ...
Jim P 04/10/2007 6 4 1 26
Josh Marshall, TPM, Goes You-Tube Reporting!
There's no open thread. Going meta-ish for a second we really need a perpetual "headlines" open thread or something. Josh Marshall tells us why getting Tim Griffin as USA, Arkansas, was so important.
Jim P 03/29/2007 27 9 1 1
Are We, the People, Sovereign of America,
Are We, the People, Sovereign of America, or is someone else usurping Our Sovereignty for themselves? Because, the President can be our servant, or our ...
Jim P 03/20/2007 - 2 - -
The Democratic Effete: Changing Failure to Success
It's been 4 months since the Democrats won a majority in the House and came within striking distance of a functioning majority in the Senate--needing to pry a handful of votes from the despised ...
Jim P 03/07/2007 12 5 - -
Confucius said: Name It Right or Get It Wrong
More or less. Current usage names him K'ung-fu-tzu, and he said: When things are not called by their true name, confusion abounds in the land. In this land, in this time, ...
Jim P 02/23/2007 18 8 - 1
Robert Parry: Moon/Bush 'Ongoing Crime Enterprise'
For those who don't know, Robert Parry had a big hand in documenting the crimes around Iran-Contra, and is, in my opinion, one of the most substantial reporters, as well as one of the best writers, ...
Jim P 02/18/2007 14 23 1 19
No one could foresee #153: Insurgents Hit Diyala
What a surprise! Surely no one could have foreseen that Rebels, both Sunni and Shi'a, would refuse to get mowed down in Baghdad by a superior force, and would instead decide to tear up a less well-...
Jim P 02/16/2007 16 24 1 9
Ya want f'ing BREAKING? Our Army's Breaking.
and broken. [The US military under the stewardship of George W. Bush.
Jim P 01/30/2007 16 18 - 11
Agenda Setting: Dems State of the Nation Address
You might like clammyc 's joyous and light-filled diary, sure to bring a smile to your face, Implosion, thy name is the republican party . After listing the various snipes taken by ...
Jim P 12/10/2006 3 4 - -
HOT! Saudis blackmail Blair re: bribery investigation
Times of London reports [Blair hit by Saudi 'bribery' threat,,2087-2459780,00.html] SAUDI ARABIA is threatening to suspend diplomatic ...
Jim P 11/19/2006 17 24 - 9
Chafee publishes resume, applies for Democrat
Jim P 11/11/2006 27 9 1 8
Fear Tunisia: 6 Arab states join rush to go nuclear
Jim P 11/03/2006 16 6 2 2
Big Oil:Top 10 Congresscritters bought by them
Jim P 11/02/2006 9 6 - 30
Bush Fence Bill Signing Dupes GOP Rank & File
Jim P 10/26/2006 9 5 - -
Name that period when Rule of Law is gone
Jim P 10/17/2006 13 7 - 2
MSM spin has begun: "House Leaders Rip Foley"
Jim P 09/30/2006 15 9 - 1
What Olbermann could have added.
Jim P 09/27/2006 14 11 2 -
Weekly Standard's Much-Bigger-Than-Allen Story UPDATE
Jim P 09/24/2006 8 13 - -
Blair, Rice: Please help stop Afghan failure
Jim P 09/13/2006 6 5 - -
Contact Info for Local ABC. Tell 'em "Bye License"
Jim P 09/07/2006 9 12 - -
ABC's AgitProp: It's the Clinton, Stupid!
Jim P 09/05/2006 5 13 - -
Bush Secedes From Union: Fires On EPA, Congress
Jim P 09/04/2006 19 24 - -
Sistani: I Can't Stop Civil War
Jim P 09/02/2006 119 213 5 20
Cusack Proves: Bin Laden Kicking Bush Ass
Jim P 08/31/2006 29 26 1 29
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