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The perfect Obama ad on health care
Here's what I'd like to see: Obama: "I know there has been a lot of confusion about how my health care plan works, so here is someone who can explain it:" 40" Video of Romney explaining how his "...
Jim in Chicago 06/30/2012 22 18 1 162
Could someone PLEASE design Sen. Brown's bumper sticker?
In his excellent USA Today Op Ed last week, How to fight Tea Party's faux populism , Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) ...
Jim in Chicago 10/11/2010 12 6 - 56
Dr. Dean is right on Opt-Out. Steve Benen explains why.
Sayeth the good doctor: "If I were a member of the U.S Senate I wouldn't vote for the [Senate Finance Committee] bill but I would vote for this [opt-out]," Dean said, "not because it is ...
Jim in Chicago 10/08/2009 132 16 - 59
Banking reform needs all hands on board until Geithner and Obama wake up to reality
From yesterday's Midday Open Thread: here's Krugman : Every plan we’ve heard from Treasury ...
Jim in Chicago 03/04/2009 21 8 3 -
Relax: The Stimulus is just the first bite at the apple
Like many here, I have been fretting about what Obama and the Democrats have given away for 3 lousy (and I do mean lousy) Republican votes. The problem, of course, is that under the Senate rules for ...
Jim in Chicago 02/08/2009 53 25 - 20
Call their bluff: Make them filibuster
In the RealClearPolitics story linked in today's pundit roundup, Jay Cost makes a great ...
Jim in Chicago 02/06/2009 32 30 - 18
IL-5 Special Election: meet the candidates Feb. 1
15 Democrats have filed ballot petitions for the March 3 special election to replace Rahm Emanuel in IL-5. (The Democratic Primary is March 3, the general election is April 7, but in this district, ...
Jim in Chicago 01/23/2009 21 5 1 1
Mass Transit shafted in favor of tax cuts in Stimulus Plan?
According to Talking Points Memo , this appears to be the case: ...
Jim in Chicago 01/22/2009 81 16 - 21
Wisdom from Gail Collins
I know she's in today's Abbreviated Pundit Roundup , but the bit quoted there is from the snarky beginning of her column.
Jim in Chicago 01/10/2009 5 1 - 1
Krugman to Obama: make no small plans
Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman looks at the history of the New Deal in his NY Times column today (Monday) and comes ...
Jim in Chicago 11/09/2008 28 27 - 21
Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel? Really???
Per ABC and NBC News The Huffington Post is reporting that Barack Obama has offered the position of ...
Jim in Chicago 11/05/2008 110 14 1 31
Nicknames for Sarah Palin
As a Halloween treat, and because ridicule is a potent political weapon (and b/c I haven't seen a diary devoted to this topic in over a month), I thought it would be fun to list the many nicknames ...
Jim in Chicago 10/31/2008 47 7 1 1
Keeping it real: Obama quietly attends daughter's soccer game
It's the stuff Barack does away from the cameras that impresses me most. I'm amazed by his ability to "keep it real" 18 days before the election (when this happened): Barack Obama ...
Jim in Chicago 10/22/2008 69 98 2 35
On tonight's debate, Tom Daschle nails it!
Tom Daschle to Keith Olbermann after the debate: "2/3 of the American people think [McCain is] an angry candidate, and for 90 minutes, he tried to convince the other third."
Jim in Chicago 10/15/2008 22 35 2 46
Dan Seals LEADS Mark Kirk in new poll! ALSO Rezko Sentencing Postponed!
Just received this in my email box from the Seals campaign: SurveyUSA, an automated polling firm, conducted the surveys for Roll Call on Saturday and Sunday (WHAS-TV in Louisville was a ...
Jim in Chicago 10/06/2008 22 14 1 15
Holy Crap! McCain now says did nothing wrong in Keating affair
In his 2002 autobiography, McCain called his actions on behalf of Charles Keating the worst mistake of his life. Apparently the event that turned McCain into a "reformer"
Jim in Chicago 10/06/2008 392 490 16 36
Ygelsias nails it on the bailout
This morning, Matthew Yglesias noted the House Republicans' torpedoing the deal with their magic tax cuts BS and made ...
Jim in Chicago 09/26/2008 31 35 1 13
Krugman: "A bailout specifically designed to funnel money to those who don’t need it."
After days of offering "trust us" as the only reason their bailout plan would work, Ben Bernanke (not Generalissimo Henry Paulson) finally offers a rationale,
Jim in Chicago 09/24/2008 25 32 - 21
Thoughts from a banker
Received these thoughts from a friend who is an executive at a major bank and thought they were worth passing along: I've been posting comments and e-mailing my pols to not approve the ...
Jim in Chicago 09/22/2008 24 44 2 39
Krugman: Paulson plan = "Authorization for Use of Financial Force"
Here's the money quote in Paul Krugman's NY Times column today : ...after having spent a year and a half telling ...
Jim in Chicago 09/21/2008 44 40 1 18
This is the story that brings Palin down...
...and with her John McCain, since he is the one who had the “judgment” to choose her to be one of his weak heartbeats away from the Presidency: From TPM Muckraker:
Jim in Chicago 09/16/2008 39 33 2 17
Sports Analogies for Hillary's refusal to concede
Ideas along these lines have been posted before: racecar driver continuing past the 500th lap, losing team insisting on pitching the bottom of the 9th inning, etc. Until today, of course, such ...
Jim in Chicago 06/03/2008 41 4 - 24
New meme -- Hillary Clinton: Serial Exaggerator
Remember what they used to accuse Al Gore of by making up things he didn't say? Well Hillary is really doing it! Not only does she exaggerate her own accomplishments and freely take credit for ...
Jim in Chicago 03/09/2008 27 21 2 5
"The mindset that got us into this war"
Do you want Dick Cheney answering the phone in the White House at 3AM when there's an international crisis? Why not? He has more "experience" than just about anyone. How about John McCain? ...
Jim in Chicago 03/07/2008 4 9 1 -
What kind of a "Democrat" talks up the Republican nominee?!
What kind of a "Democrat" talks up the Republican nominee and compares his fitness for the office of POTUS favorably against that of the odds-on Democratic nominee?! This is the ...
Jim in Chicago 03/06/2008 22 11 - -
Republicans working hard to make Clinton our nominee
This is quite literally the Elephant in the middle of the room. Commentators today were pointing out that Rush Limbaugh's "Endorsement" of Hillary likely put her over the top in the open Texas ...
Jim in Chicago 03/05/2008 49 15 - 7
How Barack should fight back
I'm just back from helping the campaign in Ohio (flew back from Cleveland in the middle of an ice storm last night!). In my conversations with voters, I was surprised at how many African-Americans I ...
Jim in Chicago 03/05/2008 14 6 1 -
OMG! New Hillary ad: "She's worked the night shift"
Hillary has a new ad up in Ohio that shows just how out of touch she is. If she figures it out and pulls it, the Obama campaign should pay to put it back on the air: ((youtube w7g0NxL2g-M&e)) ...
Jim in Chicago 02/19/2008 48 5 - 22
Mark Penn: "[Obama] hasn't won any of the significant states..."
"... outside of Illinois" Wow. Just wow. Here is the full quote from Clinton's chief strategist: Could we possibly have a nominee who hasn't won any of the significant states -- ...
Jim in Chicago 02/13/2008 694 445 9 65
I won 2 Grammys today
I hope you'll forgive me for tooting my own horn here. I'm actually probably more excited by Obama's blowout win in Maine right now, but thought I should share this. I ...
Jim in Chicago 02/10/2008 36 58 - 1
Canvassing Story
Cross-posted at Prairie State Blue I was canvassing in Chicago's 11th Ward (Northern-most edge of IL-3 ...
Jim in Chicago 01/26/2008 15 4 - 9
"35 years of experience" my ass
Today's DKos front page story "Clinton Leads Obama by 12 in California" mentions that Clinton is perceived by voters as holding a big advantage over Obama as being the candidate with ...
Jim in Chicago 01/22/2008 44 28 1 10
Obama understands how to win back the "Reagan Democrats"
Yesterday, I diaried Paul Krugman's column about Obama's comments appearing to praise Ronald Reagan for bringing a "sense ...
Jim in Chicago 01/21/2008 46 32 1 8
Krugman: How we talk about Reagan matters
While Barack Obama may not have meant to praise the former President, it is hard to read his statement that Reagan offered a "sense of dynamism and entrepreneurship that had been missing" as ...
Jim in Chicago 01/20/2008 80 47 2 7
Does the vote suppression attempt in NV change your view of Clinton?
By now, I hope most Kossacks are aware of what is going on in Nevada. ABC News has a good rundown here . In March ...
Jim in Chicago 01/13/2008 84 27 1 17
"Obviously, we want as many people as possible to be able to participate"
This is what Hillary Clinton said about the Nevada caucuses while her political allies are suing the State Democratic Party for tyring to ensure just that. Because of the difficulty casino workers ...
Jim in Chicago 01/12/2008 113 58 1 10
Hillary on Iraq war: We need to end it "the right way." WTF?!
Just listened to Hillary's victory speech. All 3 speeches can be found here: In hers, she says she wants to ...
Jim in Chicago 01/09/2008 21 6 3 -
Question for Hillary supporters
As fellow denizens of a site ostensibly devoted to promoting people powered democracy, I am curious how people here reconcile their support for Hillary Clinton with the reality of where she is ...
Jim in Chicago 01/08/2008 69 8 - 15
Edwards, Obama, Clinton: The difference
For those who believe in people powered democracy – what this site is ostensibly devoted to – there is a clear difference between the 3 “major” Democratic campaigns for ...
Jim in Chicago 12/19/2007 80 30 1 12
Question for Edwards supporters: why shouldn't I worry about the spending limits?
While I still hold a VERY slim hope that events could push Gore into the race, I have to consider other candidates at this point. I WISH I could believe in the promise of Obama, but he just doesn't ...
Jim in Chicago 11/01/2007 48 7 1 2
Memo to Gore: The climate crisis IS a political issue
I've been thinking a lot about what Gore had to say at The Economic Club of Chicago dinner Wednesday night (superbly diaried by ...
Jim in Chicago 10/21/2007 23 33 1 33
Holy %$#& Gore in 1st Place in DFA poll AS A WRITE-IN!
Whatever is holding Al Gore back from responding to the stated wish of hundreds of thousands of Americans -- over 200,000 have signed the petition at -- and the hopes of millions more (...
Jim in Chicago 10/19/2007 371 244 3 25
Krugman: Gore drives right wingers insane
Paul Krugman's column in today's (Monday) NY Times will have "Conservatives" (you know, the folks that don't want to conserve ...
Jim in Chicago 10/14/2007 439 487 18 37
Breaking: Gore trip to China canceled; SF fundraiser for Boxer back ON
This just in from 2 members of Netroots for Gore: I just received a call from the Boxer campaign telling me that Al Gore had to cancel his trip to China and, therefore, will be at the ...
Jim in Chicago 10/11/2007 56 48 - 10
Open Letter to Al Gore: If we build it, will you run?
While I don't necessarily expect Al Gore to read this diary himself, my hope is that at least one person who has his ear will see it and let him know about it . Dear Vice President Gore:
Jim in Chicago 09/26/2007 83 56 2 8
Gore's speech at the U.N. today: We need a global Marshall Plan to stop the climate crisis
Al Gore spoke today at the U.N.'s one-day "High Level Event" on the Climate Crisis at UN Headquarters in New York. He opened with the news,
Jim in Chicago 09/24/2007 262 202 12 37
Call to NY Gore supporters: Al at the U.N. THIS Monday!
This editorial in Saturday's NY Times ...
Jim in Chicago 09/22/2007 8 31 1 10
Krugman: Alan Greenspan -- profile in cowardice
Alan Greenspan is trying to pretend to be a critic of Bush's fiscal policies just like original Iraq war supporters are now pretending to be war critics. Paul Krugman, bless his heart, isn't letting "
Jim in Chicago 09/16/2007 196 304 7 25
The coming? Gore campaign: how it would be different
I am in the middle of reading Drew Westin's The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation , which offers a necessary contrast to Al Gore's The Assault on ...
Jim in Chicago 09/12/2007 68 36 1 10
Durbin Opposes War Funding -- Make HIM majority leader
Up to now Senator Durbin, the 2nd ranking Democrat in the Senate, has been a good lieutenant to Harry Reid. Durbin is now breaking from Reid on our most pressing immediate issue: the war. http://...
Jim in Chicago 09/07/2007 18 24 - 13
Guerrilla Marketing idea: submit Al Gore ads to Current TV
In light of Al Gore's statement yesterday that he "may re-enter politics" -- widely discussed here: -- I think it's time for those of us who would ...
Jim in Chicago 08/09/2007 8 12 - 18
Gore TODAY: "I may re-enter politics"
Al Gore speaking in Singapore today: "I may re-enter politics at some point in the future because I'm only 59 years old," Gore told reporters on the sidelines of a forum in Singapore.
Jim in Chicago 08/08/2007 679 293 6 42
Paul Krugman cites Yearly Kos in calling out Hillary
In his Monday column , Paul Krugman begins by reminding readers how evasive Bush was on specifics and how he failed to offer ...
Jim in Chicago 08/05/2007 68 32 - 85
Krugman calls out Schumer for support of tax break for Hedge Fund Managers
I didn't see a diary specifically on this subject yesterday and think it's too important to leave unnoticed. We're not just about electing Democrats on this site, we're also about calling out our ...
Jim in Chicago 08/04/2007 8 12 - -
America for Gore meeting at Yearly Kos 2007
Also posted at MyDD If you want to see Gore enter the Presidential race and will be attending Yearly Kos AND/OR will be in the Chicago area next weekend, then this meeting is for YOU. ...
Jim in Chicago 07/29/2007 86 88 1 29
Draft Al Gore Meeting at YearlyKos
Also posted at MyDD This will be the chance for people around the country who support an Al Gore candidacy to meet in person and put our heads together to come up with ideas how we can ...
Jim in Chicago 07/19/2007 24 20 - 36
Al Gore's Op-Ed in today's NY Times
In "Moving Beyond Kyoto," Al Gore's Op Ed in today's NY Times , ...
Jim in Chicago 07/01/2007 379 306 6 28
The letter I handed Al Gore today
Al Gore was in Chicago to sign copies of "The Assault on Reason" today. After thanking him for all he is doing and mentioning a member of my family he knows, I gave him a letter which I hope he ...
Jim in Chicago 06/06/2007 72 33 1 11
Albert Gore is coming to town (Chicago)
Also posted on Prairie State Blue: The Chicago Draft Gore Meetup has all the info here, including information on how you can ...
Jim in Chicago 06/01/2007 18 15 - 13
Krugman: The real scandal is the US Attys who WEREN'T fired
As usual, Paul Krugman is the first to shine a light on the flip side of this story, one that no one else I've seen has been talking about: The Gonzales Eight were fired because they ...
Jim in Chicago 03/08/2007 247 559 14 71
Paul Krugman's advice for Barack Obama
I thought this was worth more than a passing mention in today's midday open thread: In his NY Times column today, Paul ...
Jim in Chicago 01/26/2007 50 15 - 29
Krugman on US Atty firings: It's Specter's fault
Paul Krugman lays it all out in today's column: Here are some choice excerpts: ...In case you’re wondering, ...
Jim in Chicago 01/19/2007 10 18 - 9
Jim in Chicago 11/16/2006 23 11 - -
How to put REAL pressure on Sore Loserman
Jim in Chicago 08/09/2006 3 6 - -
Devastating LTE re Lieberman from a CT soldier
Jim in Chicago 07/26/2006 150 493 10 38
The case against Lieberman in a nutshell
Jim in Chicago 07/10/2006 14 15 - 31
When is it okay to stomp on the grassroots?
Jim in Chicago 04/04/2006 82 12 2 17
Contribs from inside IL-6: Cegelis 64%, Duckworth 1.5%
Jim in Chicago 03/10/2006 34 4 2 1
Chicago Sun-Times: Where's Duckworth's Ground Support?
Jim in Chicago 03/06/2006 79 39 1 9
Open Letter to Kos re IL-6 (with poll)
Jim in Chicago 03/03/2006 59 16 1 -
Tammy Duckworth repeats Republican talking points on Patriot Act
Jim in Chicago 02/23/2006 80 13 2 -
Christine Cegelis now on DFA-List!!!
Jim in Chicago 02/22/2006 4 8 1 -
If you agree with demondeac's diary, please support Christine Cegelis
Jim in Chicago 02/13/2006 28 4 1 9
Question about Hackett's special election campaign
Jim in Chicago 01/23/2006 5 2 - 8
DailyKos mentioned in Sun-Times Obama article
Jim in Chicago 01/22/2006 9 6 1 -
Mo Dowd slams "Shifty" Sam
Jim in Chicago 01/11/2006 12 3 - -
Why has Obama jumped on the Duckworth bandwagon? (with poll)
Jim in Chicago 12/22/2005 116 10 3 17
This is HUGE: Bushco's claims of Iraq-Al Qaeda links the result of torture-induced testimony
Jim in Chicago 12/08/2005 98 104 1 23
"Strip Search Sam" it is!
Jim in Chicago 10/31/2005 16 13 - 7
Tell Hackett we want him to run: here's how
Jim in Chicago 10/10/2005 7 11 - 8
Great Bush joke
Jim in Chicago 09/11/2005 33 20 8 24
What Should Hackett do? (with poll)
Jim in Chicago 08/04/2005 12 6 - -
Draft Hackett for Senate -- website needed!
Jim in Chicago 08/04/2005 11 7 - -
Did Novak rat on Judy?
Jim in Chicago 07/15/2005 2 2 - -
Re One Talking Point Only: My LTE published in the Chicago Tribune
Jim in Chicago 07/10/2005 10 8 - -
Dean asks for $ for DNC to target individual states. Please give what you can.
Jim in Chicago 04/12/2005 177 184 - -
Ad proposal for DNC -- please help me polish and flesh out
Jim in Chicago 03/17/2005 12 - - - asking for LTEs on Social Security
Jim in Chicago 02/24/2005 11 2 - -
mea culpa
Jim in Chicago 02/10/2005 7 1 - 10
Please do NOT use Kerry's link to donate to the DNC
Jim in Chicago 02/09/2005 101 2 - -
Frameshop: "Chairman of the Democratic Party" not "DNC Chair"
Jim in Chicago 02/05/2005 6 7 - -
NY Times killed story of Bush's bulge (at the debates) days before the election
Jim in Chicago 02/05/2005 5 5 - -
Another Bush lie on Social Security exposed
Jim in Chicago 01/26/2005 1 2 - -
Dean to make "major announcement" Tuesday 1/11 at 1PM (EST)
Jim in Chicago 01/10/2005 12 4 - -
When a diary is promoted, does it still need to be in the "Recommended" section?
Jim in Chicago 01/02/2005 18 1 - -
New meme: Social Security = Iraq
Jim in Chicago 12/19/2004 11 5 - -
Suggestion: set up site for pledges to DNC if Dean becomes Chairman
Jim in Chicago 11/15/2004 15 9 - 10
Would DEAN / CLARK have done better?
Jim in Chicago 11/05/2004 50 1 - -
Jim in Chicago 11/03/2004 31 1 - -
Jim in Chicago 10/23/2004 73 45 - 9
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