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Become Maladjusted to Injustice! MBOPRA, STDDs, Week 35
If there is one name that has been uttered more often than Freddie Gray's over the past week, it has been that of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. We know that the criminal, heartless Right Wing ...
JoanMar 05/01/2015 32 52 1 -
The Capturing of the Coyote
When the life of a coyote is deemed to be of more importance than the life of a black man. There have been many sightings of coyotes in Manhattan, New York. According to CBS , one female coyote ...
JoanMar 04/27/2015 17 33 - -
DailyKos fighting to #LetOurPoorPeopleLive, Week 33
This week, we thought we'd use this forum to turn the spotlight on Daily Kos's campaign for the Medicaid Expansion Program: Medicaid expansion is a matter of life and death. We are all aware of ...
JoanMar 04/17/2015 36 31 - -
As the Governors Squirm ... #LetOurPoorPeopleLive, #STDDs, Week 31
The Support the Dream Defenders group saw the cruelty of Red State governors and legislatures refusing to expand Medicaid. Thousands of people are needlessly in pain, filing for bankruptcy, and ...
JoanMar 04/03/2015 27 30 - -
Good Cop, Bad Cop, Good Law (STDDs, Week 30)
"He may be a very nice man. But I haven't got the time to figure that out. All I know is, he's got a uniform and a gun and I have to relate to him that way. That's the only way to relate to ...
JoanMar 03/27/2015 54 110 1 -
Breaking news! Ted Cruz signs up for Obamacare! Hahahaha!
One day after announcing his plan to run for president and “repeal every word of Obamacare,” Ted Cruz confirmed that he plans on using Obamacare’s new state-level marketplace to enroll in ...
JoanMar 03/24/2015 125 207 2 -
F**k You, George Zimmerman! Murderer Blames Obama
You filthy murderer! How dare you?! Zimmerman goes on to express that he feels victimized by President Barack Obama. "...
JoanMar 03/23/2015 215 214 1 -
How to Argue for Medicaid Expansion: Morality and Economics. #LetOurPoorPeopleLive (STDDs, Week 29)
Note: This is a community diary with contributions from many members of the Support the Dream Defenders group. When using their Capital Punishment systems, Red State governors at a minimum ...
JoanMar 03/20/2015 49 45 1 -
Obamacare Saving Lives! Eat your hearts out, Republicans!
Sixteen million, four hundred thousand previously uninsured Americans now have access to quality healthcare thanks to Obamacare. Since several of the Affordable Care Act’s March coverage ...
JoanMar 03/17/2015 18 18 - -
We Mailed All Our FOIA Requests! #LetOurPoorPeopleLive #STDDs, Week 28
The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has made a difference in the ...
JoanMar 03/13/2015 75 51 2 -
Why would Eric Holder accept Darren Wilson's lies? (STDDs, Week 27)
I have read the Department of Justice report on their non-indictment of Darren Wilson, and, quite frankly, I am very disappointed. The report reads as if Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis county ...
JoanMar 03/06/2015 252 157 4 -
Remembering Trayvon Martin (Support the Dream Defenders, Week 26)
Three years ago, February 26, 2012, to be exact, a 17-year-old young man left his home to go pick up snacks for himself and his younger brother. On his way back to his loved ones, he took a ...
JoanMar 02/27/2015 61 83 - -
Ok, let's settle this: What Color is this Damn Dress?
In private discussions, Gawker staff have been unable to agree on the color of the goddamn dress or develop a workable theory as to why it appears different colors to different people. With that in ...
JoanMar 02/26/2015 171 28 2 -
Will it never end? Another day, another slur
Zendaya Coleman, a beautiful 18 year-old-entertainer, wore dreadlocks to the Oscar Awards Show. She was just glowingly, adorably beautiful. What was the response from the fashion police over at ...
JoanMar 02/23/2015 379 416 1 -
YOLO, Man. Eat your heart out Fox. LOL!
Fox and right-wing nut jobs are apoplectic! President Obama made a video with BuzzFeed on Thursday to promote In it, he vamps in front of a mirror, draws a picture of his "crush" (...
JoanMar 02/12/2015 234 397 4 -
R.I.P., Bob Simon. 60 Minutes Correspondent Dies in Car Crash
Bob Simon, a correspondent for "60 Minutes," was killed when the livery cab he was a passenger in crashed on the West Side Highway on Wednesday night, a police source said. The 73-year-old ...
JoanMar 02/11/2015 56 145 - -
Celebrating the Life of Robert Nesta Marley with a Punky Reggae Party! All are Invited
Robert Nesta Marley was born on February 6, 1945; today would have been his 70th birthday. Millions of words have been written about Bob Marley, and no doubt millions more will be written; is ...
JoanMar 02/06/2015 79 31 - -
Let Our Poor People Live - We Could Use Your Help on This Important Project (STDDs, Week 23)
The [Support the Dream Defenders] Daily Kos Group has recently initiated an important project to assist those around the country who ...
JoanMar 02/06/2015 84 115 4 -
Happy Birthday to the Crown Prince of Reggae, Mr. Dennis Brown
Dennis Emmanuel Brown, born February 1, 1957, would have been 58 years old today. Sadly, he exited this earthly stage July 1, 1999, after suffering a cardiac arrest. It was known that he had a ...
JoanMar 02/01/2015 39 24 1 -
Revisiting the Dream Defenders and Their Mission (STDDs, Week 22)
For the past five months, we have been busy with our Michael Brown Over-Policed Rights Act of 2015 (MBOPRA) and our Medicaid Expansion FOIA requests campaign . We still have a lot to do on both ...
JoanMar 01/30/2015 17 44 - -
Welcome back, Venus!
Venus Williams will be playing in the quarterfinals of a major tournament for the first time in five years! The champion showed glimpses of her former phenomenal self, with serves of over 109 mph ...
JoanMar 01/26/2015 13 10 - -
"How Many People Must Die Too Soon?" Fight the Powers with FOIA Requests! (STDDs, Week 21)
I have wonderful news! The voters of Pennsylvania and Alaska have saved the lives of over a 1000 people this year!* "How did they do that?" you may ask. In the last election cycle, voters used the ...
JoanMar 01/23/2015 34 67 1 -
This is how you do it...
I am in love. Haha!
JoanMar 12/29/2014 5 8 - -
Triumph Amid Heartache: Support the Dream Defenders' Year in Review!
According to the website Killed by Police, law enforcement officers have sent over a thousand people to early graves so far this year. The overwhelming majority of those killed were young black men. ...
JoanMar 12/19/2014 44 85 2 -
The Frankenstein We Have Created (Police rep speaks to MSNBC)
The president of Cleveland’s police union, Jeffrey Follmer, was on Chris Hayes's show on MSNBC last night and what he had to say, coupled with how he said it, was frightening. With the bravado of ...
JoanMar 12/16/2014 245 308 2 -
Charles Barkley is an idiot and Van Jones sets him straight
I saw Charles Barkley unintelligible, garbled nonsense of an analysis about the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and was embarrassed for him. The truth is, the loudmouth should never have ...
JoanMar 12/08/2014 235 230 4 -
And yet another UNARMED black man SHOT DEAD by police
This time in Phoenix, Arizona. Thirty-year-old Rumain Brisbon on his way to drop off lunch for his daughters, accosted and killed by 30-year-old unnamed white police officer. It's "open season ...
JoanMar 12/04/2014 499 415 3 -
Murderers need to get better scriptwriters
Seriously. Hint, murderers, nobody talks like that! No, please listen to me, Hollywood will not even take that script. Zimmerman: "He was on top of my…I shot him, and I didn't think I hit him ...
JoanMar 11/25/2014 87 104 1 -
Waiting for the Missouri Grand Jury ... Governor Nixon, We Have a FOIA Request for YOU! (Week 13)
... but we need a Missouri resident to file the request. We also need residents in 16 other states to step up. Residents in 3 states have already stepped up! (See chart below.) We have come to ...
JoanMar 11/21/2014 90 125 3 -
We Are Family...We Take Care of Our Own
What if you were told of a family member who is suffering from debilitating health and financial issues, and you had the ability help, would you? Of course you would, because here on the GOS more ...
JoanMar 11/17/2014 71 122 2 -
Whinin' and Groanin'? Enough! Use the Law to Fight Back. MBOPRA (Week 12)
As you may know, our primary goal in starting this series was to find a way to fight back against police brutality; to crowdsource a law that would police the police. We did that. And some funny, ...
JoanMar 11/14/2014 56 77 4 -
How Do We Go Forward? Why Should We? Police Thugs: Serve Them Justice. (Week 11)
After the shellacking we took this week, some people are ready to give up. "Not another mountain to climb," weary warriors groan. One reason we cannot stop fighting now is demonstrated in *Vest or ...
JoanMar 11/07/2014 34 39 - -
People...Humans - Perfectly Imperfect
H/t to John Legend. No deep thoughts really, but Kos did say we can write whatever, whenever. :) Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, ...
JoanMar 11/05/2014 12 10 - -
RIP, John Holt. Another legend exits the stage
I bet you know the group Blondie and their smash hit, The Tide is High ; but do you know who wrote and first recorded that song? Aha. John Holt was the lead singer for the trail-blazing group, The ...
JoanMar 10/24/2014 12 32 - -
Not Talk, Walk. To Stop Bad Police, Fix the Law, Police the D**n Police: Good News! (Week 8)
70 days ago, a young unarmed American boy was gunned down on a hot August street in Ferguson, Missouri. People saw, people heard, and witnesses spoke up; but the killer is still free. --------------
JoanMar 10/17/2014 51 73 2 -
Law! Cameras! Action! We promote the Michael Brown Over-Policed Rights Act of 2015 (Week 7)
Since last Friday, thug-police have filled our pages with brutality and over-policing: A NYPD officer punched a teenager for smoking as he walked home . Another officer smashed a car's passenger ...
JoanMar 10/10/2014 65 44 - -
Michael Brown Over-Policed Rights Act of 2015 (State)
THE MICHAEL BROWN OVER-POLICED RIGHTS ACT OF 2015 A B ILL To provide for reporting from Law Enforcement Agencies and to provide a private cause of action against Law ...
JoanMar 10/09/2014 31 6 1 -
Michael Brown Over-Policed Rights Act of 2015 (Federal)
A B ILL To provide for additional reporting from Law Enforcement Agencies and to provide a private cause of action against Law Enforcement Agencies that discriminate. ...
JoanMar 10/09/2014 3 12 2 -
*Take Action!* The Michael Brown Over-Policed Rights Act (Draft 6)
We on this site have ranted, raved, and expressed our outrage as one incident after another of police brutality has come to light. We have sent diary after diary detailing police brutality to the ...
JoanMar 10/03/2014 24 43 2 -
A Mother's Pain: Michael Brown's Mom Speaks to Steve Harvey
Offered without commentary.
JoanMar 10/01/2014 22 43 - -
"You didn't need to shoot me, sir!" ... How to Police the Police (Draft 5)
Levar Jones: "What did I do?" ... "What did I do, sir?" ... "Why did you – why did you shoot me?" ... "I’m sorry." ... "Why did you pull me over? I was just pulled into the gas station." ... "
JoanMar 09/26/2014 119 134 5 -
If ALEC can make laws, so can Daily Kos! For These We TAKE ACTION (Draft 4)
The Reverend Dr. William Barber challenged us to use our anger to change the world. We are angry, and therefore we are working to change the racist culture of policing in this country. Since ...
JoanMar 09/19/2014 59 68 1 -
Another Case of the Black Boogeyman? Or, the Boogeyman Strikes Again!
An 18 year old student is missing and the police is looking for a black man in connection with her disappearance. The police is quite anxious to speak to this black man because a witness said he ...
JoanMar 09/18/2014 23 35 - -
If ALEC can make laws, so can Daily Kos! The Michael Brown Over-Policed Rights Act of 2015 (Draft 3)
Please help hone our new statute into a keen razor to scrape away scoundrels and malevolent policies and practices from our police departments. Our families need this law. Our grandchildren need ...
JoanMar 09/12/2014 107 118 4 -
Congrats, Andrea Mitchell! (and MSNBC!)
You actually got an exclusive with the president of somethin' Senator John McCain! My, that must have been quite a task, eh Andrea? Great job, Rachel and company! You allowed the senator to lie ...
JoanMar 09/10/2014 251 286 2 -
Can you Spare Some Love for Serena?
Tonight the crowd at the US Open showed that they could be passionate, that they could give standing ovations, that they could carry a player when he was in danger of losing. They showered love on ...
JoanMar 09/04/2014 76 22 - -
Let's Do Some Legislatin': The Michael Brown Over-Policed Rights Act of 2015 (Draft 2)
Why do we need a law to police the police, you may ask. Consider this: As reported by USA Today, police are involved in 400 killings per year. Is this what we want? ("
JoanMar 09/04/2014 70 44 1 -
Rev. Barber: "I Want you to be Angry"
Rev William Barber responding to the detention arrest of a black LGBT, Moral Monday advocate, gave this advice: “Police are hired by police chiefs, who are hired by people that are elected,” he ...
JoanMar 09/03/2014 113 145 1 -
Cops to Black Men: "You fit the Description..."
This is not a new phenomenon; this has been the practice since the good ol' days of slavery. If there's a suspect to be found and a black man is around, you can bet your last dollar that he'll be ...
JoanMar 09/02/2014 35 38 2 -
Help Wanted (Por Favor Ayúdenos) Let's Make a Law: Michael Brown Federal Policed Rights Act of 2015
INTRODUCTION Events in Ferguson and elsewhere require us to protect our citizens from out-of-control police departments. That's where you come in. Please help us craft a new law to send to ...
JoanMar 08/29/2014 131 57 4 -
Justice for Michael Brown: The Funeral (live blog)
MSNBC live streaming here. Service is being conducted by Charles Ewing who is the dead teen's grand uncle. The Rev. Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy. The White House has sent three aides. ...
JoanMar 08/25/2014 73 49 - -
Liveblog: Ferguson News conference - Killer identified
Police chief framing the murder as a response to a robbery. Despicable. Darren Wilson. 6-year veteran While we were laboring under the impression that the presser would be called to name the ...
JoanMar 08/15/2014 72 37 - -
You have a black son? He must see this
Because he needs all the help he can find as "he gets ready for a war he cannot prepare for." Offered without further commentary because Javon needs no help. I'll be honest. I'm not happy with ...
JoanMar 08/12/2014 18 57 4 -
Attention Racists! Lemme help you with your signs
See this: That is known as a peace sign. It is universally accepted as such. Whether it is used by white celebrities Or white ...
JoanMar 08/11/2014 285 399 2 -
Justice for Eric Garner: Broadway Organizes Flash Mob for Justice
Broadway stars, directors, producers, musicians, choreographers, designers and technicians from some of the most prominent productions gathered in front of the police station in Times Square on ...
JoanMar 07/31/2014 9 25 - -
Who will cry for Gaza's children?
UNRWA’S SPOKESPERSON BROKE down in tears while carrying out a TV interview on the continuing crisis in Gaza. Chris Guinness of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the near ...
JoanMar 07/30/2014 166 141 - -
Mr. Garner will be buried today...thanks to the NYPD
"Who is Mr. Garner?" you may ask. "And why should I care?" Well, let me tell you: Mr. Garner was ordinary Joe; a man trying to pick at the crumbs on the outskirts of that huge sumptuous American pie.
JoanMar 07/23/2014 247 281 3 -
What Racism Looks and Feels Like...Straight Outta Compton
The long-awaited film about the hip hop group, N.W.A. is ready to be made. Universal Pictures, in association with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, will produce the biopic Straight Outta Compton . The casting ...
JoanMar 07/17/2014 53 39 - -
Democratic Connecticut Gov refuses to help children
JoanMar 07/16/2014 25 10 - -
Our Girls are Still Missing - Bring Them Home
Bring home our girls.
JoanMar 07/15/2014 26 44 1 -
A Gift for Cat Lovers :)
Isn't this just so cute?
JoanMar 07/14/2014 16 37 - -
Outrage! ASU Female Professor Manhandled & Arrested for WWB
I ask you, what should we do when we see instances of blatant racism and just plain old injustice such as we see in this case? Some folks claim that they are tired of the outrage; that some of us ...
JoanMar 06/29/2014 176 107 2 -
Elections Have Consequences: (Some) Justice for the Central Park Five
Candidate Bill de Blasio promised that if elected he would guarantee a "swift settlement" with the five men who were wrongly, shamefully convicted of raping and assaulting the Central Park Jogger. ...
JoanMar 06/20/2014 23 31 - -
There's Beauty in the World: Kevin Durant's MVP Speech
Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder star, won the N.B.A.'s top individual honor Tuesday, grabbing 119 first-place votes. Miami’s LeBron James, who had won the last two M.V.P. awards and four of the ...
JoanMar 05/07/2014 39 40 3 -
President on a Roll at White House Correspondent Dinner! Live Blog...
A number of pointed zingers at Fox. Laugh out loud at "the two potted plants" joke. Hilarious! WASHINGTON - The White House Correspondents' Association℠ is pleased to announce that Joel McHale, ...
JoanMar 05/03/2014 74 31 2 -
Why are they not worthy of the breaking news banner?
Now I wanna tell you a story. I'm gonna ask ya'all to close your eyes while I tell you this story. I want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to yourselves.
JoanMar 05/02/2014 70 245 1 -
No My Friend, Edward Snowden is NOT Harriet Tubman!
Harriet Tubman is perhaps the most well-known of all the Underground Railroad's "conductors." During a ten-year span she made 19 trips into the South and escorted over 300 slaves to freedom. And, ...
JoanMar 04/18/2014 924 66 1 -
Eight Ways to Tell When You Cannot Credibly Describe Yourself as Leftwing
1. You are not in the forefront of the war against the encroachment on voting rights. 2. You think the Pauls (Rand and Ron) are credible spokesmen for human rights. 3. You make excuse for ...
JoanMar 04/17/2014 143 22 1 -
Congrats UCONN!! We Are the Champions!
UCONN! Huskies!! UCONN! Huskies!! UCONN! Huskies!! UCONN! Huskies!! Fourth win in fifteen years! Congrats to Coach Kevin Ollie!
JoanMar 04/07/2014 39 19 - -
Eleven Year Old: "...I don't want to be shot today"
"I was thinking that I don't want to be shot today, so I just listened to what they said," Omari said. I don't know about you, but those words coming out of the mouth of an 11 yr old child just ...
JoanMar 04/04/2014 44 141 2 -
"Staunch" Republican: ObamaCare Works!
This is precisely what Ted Cruz feared; this is what he warned about: Once people knew what it meant to have health insurance, and what ObamaCare can do for them, they will not allow the GOP to take ...
JoanMar 03/28/2014 193 351 3 -
Obamacare in 90 seconds is a joint campaign of SEIU, the Nurse Alliance of SEIU and 1199SEIU.
JoanMar 03/27/2014 17 21 - -
That Black Devil!
I won't be seeing Son of God the movie. The film spans from Jesus' humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection This film is ...
JoanMar 03/08/2014 50 54 1 -
Meet the "Gentleman Rude Bwoy" of Reggae: David Rodigan at the Control!
Roddy is definitely “smaddy” in the dancehall. He is also white, middle-class and British. Short and balding, he is the most unlikely-looking selector. But don’t be taken in by his looks or ...
JoanMar 02/22/2014 12 9 - -
Justice for Jordan: Verdict is in. Live Blog
Live blog. Seems to be edging toward a mistrial. Jurors say that they have reached verdict on 4 of 5 counts. Sent back to continue deliberations. The fact that they are deadlocked on the most ...
JoanMar 02/15/2014 168 60 1 -
Show some love to the Dream Defenders
I got a love letter from the Dream Defenders this morning and I'm sure they won't mind me sharing it with it's entirety. Matter-of-fact, they did recommend that I do just that. Here goes!
JoanMar 02/14/2014 21 32 - -
Justice for Jordan: This is what murderers do! They Lie!
So he dresses like the upstanding citizen he wants the jury to believe he is; speaks in well modulated tones, smiles engagingly, and lies through his teeth. This murderer who pumped nine shots in a ...
JoanMar 02/11/2014 56 53 - -
RIP Bunny Rugs - The Reggae Ambassador Leaves the Stage
Bunny Rugs (Feb 6, 1948 - Feb 2, 2014) William Clarke, popularly known as "Bunny Rugs," abandoned the earthly body which had betrayed him and quietly left for the Great Beyond on February 2. Today ...
JoanMar 02/06/2014 35 47 - -
Yes Richard, John McCain has said worse than that!
John McCain - the mature, calming influence that he is - just had to wade into the nontroversy about Richard Sherman's post game interview. You remember that interview, don't you? The one which ...
JoanMar 01/28/2014 45 20 - -
Richard Sherman - An Amazing Athlete and Even Greater Human Being!
The way some people have been carrying on you'd think that Richard Sherman was Oscar Pistorious or something. The frigging media! O how I despise talking heads! This week we should have been ...
JoanMar 01/22/2014 118 34 1 -
George Zimmerman and his obscene painting
He is back. Fresh from terrorizing his "pregnant" girlfriend, George Zimmerman has an auction on eBay with current bidding just below $100,000.00. Yes, you read that right. At the time of typing ...
JoanMar 12/17/2013 31 15 - -
(Confirmed) RIP, Paul Walker (Fast and Furious)
The 40 yr old actor reportedly died in a fiery car crash sometime this afternoon. Fast and Furious movie star Paul Walker has reportedly died in a car accident Saturday afternoon in Southern ...
JoanMar 11/30/2013 47 36 - -
Where can black people go for help? What should they do?!
19 yr old Renisha McBride left home on Friday afternoon. Sometime on Saturday morning she had an accident, found out that her cell phone battery had died, decided to get out of her car and go seek ...
JoanMar 11/06/2013 294 393 5 -
Dream Defenders shine the spotlight on "Prisoners of Profit"
Incarcerating young people is proving to be hugely profitable for some. Business expansions are planned, architectural blueprints for mansions are prepared, astronomical profits are projected and ...
JoanMar 10/25/2013 24 46 1 -
Dream Defenders News: The Fight For A Green Economy
Dream Defenders support The Energy Action Coalition. Dream Defenders are beyond excited to head to #Powershift2013 this weekend. Disparities in the quality and care of our environment drastically ...
JoanMar 10/18/2013 23 26 - -
Happy Birthday, Peter Tosh!
Born Winston Hubert McIntosh on October 19, 1944, he would have celebrated his 69th birthday today. It is possible that in a little while Tosh and his contribution to reggae will be but a ...
JoanMar 10/17/2013 25 25 - -
Congratulations to Senator-elect Cory Booker!
With 58% of the votes in, Cory Booker leads his teabagger opponent with 56% to 43%. The Associated Press and some other media houses have called the race for Booker.
JoanMar 10/16/2013 62 71 - -
Today's Feel Good Story: A Grandfather's Love
I think grandparents are very special people. I never miss a chance to talk about my own beautiful, kind, sweet grandmother to whom I owe everything that is good in me. But this is not about me. ...
JoanMar 10/03/2013 14 9 1 -
"Obama doesn't behave like an American President."
According to Gingrich. For those of you still harboring doubt as to the real motivation of the Republicans in shutting down the government this time, here once again is Gingrich to spell it out for ...
JoanMar 10/02/2013 101 121 3 -
Michelle Obama, A Woman of Substance - Part 1
In an article titled Let's Focus on Michelle Obama's Accomplishments, Not Just Her Style , a diarist on HuffPo said this: If ...
JoanMar 09/30/2013 17 26 1 -
9/23/2013: Dream Defenders News
The Dream Defenders plan to revisit Tallahassee today, Monday, September 23. Tallahassee: After our Mass Training in the Capitol on Monday at noon, we'll be having a Legislative Power Hour at ...
JoanMar 09/23/2013 20 23 - -
Meet the Dream Defenders: 5 Key Members - What Have the DDs Achieved?
To many of us, it seemed that the Dream Defenders burst on the scene after the acquittal of the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin. However, these young people deserve a lot more credit than that.
JoanMar 09/20/2013 75 50 2 -
The Butler, The Dream Defenders and the Way Forward
Watching Lee Daniels' The Butler , I was struck by the uncanny parallels between the life of the main character and what's happening on our current socio-political landscape. My children often ...
JoanMar 09/13/2013 83 35 1 -
Meet George Zimmerman's Racist Defender(s)
My grandmother was fond of saying, "Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are." From Mother Jones : Ever since Zimmerman gained notoriety by fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, an unarmed ...
JoanMar 09/12/2013 183 137 - -
Bill de Blasio Wins Democratic Primary in New York!
Bill de Blasio wins! Bill de Blasio wins! Bill de Blasio wins! w00t! w00t!! w00t!!! Elliot Spitzer ...
JoanMar 09/10/2013 66 39 - -
Breaking News! Bill de Blasio Leading in NY Mayoral Race
Bill de Blasio leading with 39% in the Democratic mayoral primary! w00t! w00t!! w00t!!!
JoanMar 09/10/2013 38 10 - -
I have found him! I have found Keith Olbermann!
I am watching the US Open (James Blake's emotional loss and retirement announcement) and ever so often, as these entities are wont to do, there is a reminder to "watch Keith tonight." Keith Olbermann?
JoanMar 08/28/2013 22 16 1 -
The 50th Anniversary of the "Dream" speech matters
Because it is still relevant. Because those on whose behalf MLK spoke are still being judged by the color of their skin. Denied services, jobs, mortgages, dignity and even life because that first ...
JoanMar 08/28/2013 18 16 - -
Liveblogging the 50th Anniversary of the "Dream Speech" Commemoration Ceremony
U.S. President Barack Obama will give the keynote address at Wednesday's observance of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the historic 1963 demonstration for equal rights that drew ...
JoanMar 08/28/2013 107 23 1 -
Help me educate the "liberal" Mika about the GOP's campaign to suppress the vote
It is one thing when a conservative Republican doesn't know of - or acknowledge - the fierce battles black people have had to wage to get the right the vote. I submit that it is just downright ...
JoanMar 08/26/2013 43 21 - -
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