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Mr. President, Keep Your Child Hunger Pledge
The President should keep his pledge to end U.S. child hunger by 2015, and it’s our job to press him – and Congress – to do it.
Joel Berg 11/23/2012 3 3 - -
Racism, Dr. King, and Food Stamps
The main reason that conservatives have used racism to try to discredit federal nutrition assistance programs is that such programs have been extraordinarily effective.
Joel Berg 01/16/2012 2 4 - 36
Sesame Street Hunger Show Sends the Wrong Message
The Sesame Street special on hunger in America, “Growing Hope Against Hunger,” which started running on PBS last night, represents the best and worst of America’s response to hunger.
Joel Berg 10/10/2011 10 7 1 86
A Better Way to Fight Obesity
Last week’s decision by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to deny New York City’s request to ban soda purchases in the city’s Food Stamp Program (now known as SNAP) may have been a ...
Joel Berg 08/26/2011 40 10 - 156
Community Service Anti-Hunger Project: Conservative and Liberal Values at Work
Self-styled conservative pundit Michelle Malkin just published a column on National Review Online that places politics over facts to slam an innovative public/private, faith-based/secular ...
Joel Berg 04/15/2011 2 4 - 25
Advocates Conduct Organ Donation Drive: Collect Spines for Liberal, Hearts for Conservative, Elected
For Immediate Release, April 1, 2011 Advocates Conduct Organ Donation Drive: Collect Spines for Liberal, Hearts for Conservative, Elected Officials Citing countless times that key liberal ...
Joel Berg 04/01/2011 3 - - 13
To Prove Bi-Partisanship, End U.S. Hunger
In a land not too far away and a time not too long ago (in the United States, in the 1970's, actually), Republicans and Democrats worked together to solve major national problems. The massive ...
Joel Berg 11/23/2010 2 3 - 29
Let's Return to "Opportunity Capitalism"
As I explained in today's NY Daily News, when my grandparents came to this country, about 100 years ago, the majority of Americans could still build a better life for their children and ...
Joel Berg 10/05/2010 6 4 - 53
Good Food, Good Jobs
To tackle our interconnected food, nutrition, and poverty crises, the federal government should launch a "Good Food, Good Jobs" initiative. Modeled after the "green jobs" concept, "Good Food, ...
Joel Berg 12/08/2009 3 8 1 75
Missouri Child Hunger Denier Believes Life Ends at Birth
Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis, lambasted by Keith Olbermann last night (June 22, 2009) as a “Worst person in the World” for opposing summer meals for low-income kids based ...
Joel Berg 06/23/2009 29 24 - 290
Progressives Should Stop Carping and Start Fighting
Now’s the time for progressives to put our actions where our big mouths are. Now that President-elect Obama and the House leadership have teamed up to propose a economic recovery package ...
Joel Berg 01/16/2009 8 5 - 11
Dr. King's Other Dream: Ending Poverty and Hunger
Dr. Martin Luther King had more than one dream. Of course, King dreamt of racial reconciliation, and January 20th's inauguration of Barack Obama demonstrates the nation's enormous, albeit ...
Joel Berg 01/15/2009 1 3 1 63
New Plan to End Child Hunger in the U.S.
This week, the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) published a paper by Tom Freedman and me, “Ending Child Hunger in America” for their “Memos to the Next President” ...
Joel Berg 11/29/2008 8 16 2 25
Who Decides What Poor Americans Can Eat?
Michael Pollan makes a number of important points about the failures of our global food system, but continues to gloss over the harsh realities faced by tens of millions of low-income, food ...
Joel Berg 10/21/2008 40 14 1 2
Presidential Candidates Discuss Domestic Hunger
The Obama/Biden campaign issued a detailed (two and a half page) statement this week on how they would end child hunger in the U.S. by 2015 . Given that 35.5 million Americans –
Joel Berg 10/19/2008 - 2 1 1
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