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I Apologize for my Tone
Though Perkins said Kristallnacht was a “terrible word to have chosen,” he said he doesn’t regret the message he was trying to get across. Hey, Tom Perkins. Fuck you. Fuck you and your self-...
JoesGarage 01/29/2014 9 14 - -
Dear Senator Paul, What Do You Have to Say to My Students?
Sadly, from time to time, my students (at the large research university where I teach) take a shortcut and include plagiarized passages in their papers. The internet has certainly made this easier, ...
JoesGarage 10/30/2013 14 9 - -
Cute Cuddly Baby Pundits at Play
This year I turned sixty and I don't know shit. Jonah Goldberg (scion of the always delightful Lucianne Goldberg) is forty-two and he knows everything. Indeed, his "CV" indicates he's known ...
JoesGarage 04/30/2012 4 12 - 66
Randi Weingarten Doesn't Get It
Start of Rant: Fresh from the red carpet at the White House Correspondents dinner, AFT President Randi Weingarten monopolized this morning's conversation on the Chris Hayes' show with the kind of ...
JoesGarage 04/29/2012 5 6 - 150
Crybaby Capitalism
When did capitalists become such pathetic wimps? When did they become such sniveling crybabies? All I hear from jagoff Republican Senators and Congresspeople, all I hear from "Captains of Industry ...
JoesGarage 06/13/2011 8 8 1 88
True Confessions of a Good-for-Nothing Freeloader
Oh yea, for decades now my spouse and I have had our snouts buried up to our little piggy ears in the public trough. For decades now, we've been parasitically feeding off the good, honest, hard ...
JoesGarage 03/03/2011 57 184 9 860
Across the Board Budget Cuts are the Right Thing to Do!
I applaud the new Republican commitment to indiscriminate across-the-board spending cuts and budget rollbacks. Now it's my family's turn to answer the call. After all, how often have I heard my ...
JoesGarage 01/31/2011 9 7 - 182
Sarah Palin has Peaked
Sarah Palin has peaked. Her future as a political/entertainment phenomenon is problematic. Her celebrity will eventually become caricature, her political ambitions an historical curiosity. She is on ...
JoesGarage 01/11/2011 86 30 - 97
The Power Elite at Play - Al Hunt Edition
Today on This Week , while discussing Michael Steele's recent comments on Afghanistan, Al Hunt made a remarkable statement: A senior member of the House told me that if there ...
JoesGarage 07/04/2010 4 5 - 32
Koch Industries' Think Tank Thugs Come Out to Play
Social Darwininism reared its perky head Thursday night on the Larry King Show in the person of former John McCain mouthpiece and all-around free-market zombie, Nancy Pfotenhauer. ...
JoesGarage 09/12/2009 9 13 - 2498
Did This Vile Health Care "Debate" Kill My Brother?
My younger brother died a couple of weeks ago. For the past few years he'd suffered a series of serious illnesses. When he died, however, his condition was chronic--not terminal--and could ...
JoesGarage 09/03/2009 21 56 3 187
Mitch McConnell Rebrands Reality
This morning during an interview on CNBC, Senator Mitch McConnell resorted to simply making shit up. On two points offered by McConnell, I was particularly startled by the Senator's inventive ...
JoesGarage 03/13/2009 11 15 - 26
The Politics of Resentment: AIP, Rick Santelli & Bobby Jindal
They're back. The reactionary fringe group American Issues Project (AIP) is running a new ad on FOX News, CNN, CNN Headline News, CNBC and FOX Business Network, attacking Charles Schumer ...
JoesGarage 02/25/2009 7 4 - 29
The Most Toxic Hour on Television
When did the financial "reporters" on CNBC abandon all pretense of objectivity and become unrepentent shills for failed Chicago School economics and Ayn Rand nutball individualism? Oh sure, CNBC has ...
JoesGarage 02/23/2009 35 35 - 119
How to Talk to a McCain Supporter
Just got back from my daughter's soccer game where I talked to a couple of my neighbors who are supporting McCain. Yes, they're supporting the other guy...but, the combination of the Bush Presidency ...
JoesGarage 09/06/2008 46 47 3 22
All Against All is Back, and it's Bigger than Ever!
For months, John McCain has been telling us that the transcendent, existential, 21st century issue is global terrorism. McCain has essentially built his entire campaign on his foreign policy and ...
JoesGarage 09/01/2008 4 5 - 3
Shilling for the Power Elite - or- McCain's Thugs at Play
She's back...she's perky...she's a "senior McCain campaign advisor," a lobbyist for crazed libertarian billionaires, a shill for laissez-faire economics, Babbit with an acid-peel complexion,
JoesGarage 08/24/2008 4 4 1 2383
Rachel Rox 4Ever !!!!
Dear Diary, Rachel Rox 4Ever! Well, it finally happened! Today Keith wrote an awesome diary (Rec List and a zillion comments!!!!) saying Rachel is getting her own show!!! Rachel is soooo kool. ...
JoesGarage 08/19/2008 6 4 - 17
Oh Yes, I Still Have My Suspicions About You
As the great wheel turns, and the gloaming fades into the summer night, I place my hands once more on the monitor. Once more, the distance between us dissolves, and I am overwhelmed by your ...
JoesGarage 07/26/2008 53 18 1 40
I Still Have My Suspicions About You
Once again, the great wheel groans and the edge of darkness moves across the continent. As the somber American night settles, I place my hands on the monitor and sense your anxious voices crackling ...
JoesGarage 07/12/2008 82 8 7 167
Send in the Clones - or - McCain Surrogates at Play
This week, one of McCain's least appealing surrogates, Phil Gramm, keyed the Straight Talk Express with his comment on whiny Americans. Shucks, at times like this it's best to hustle a less ...
JoesGarage 07/11/2008 8 4 - 3
McCain's Think Tank Thugs
Social Darwininism reared its head last night on PBS' News Hour in the person of John McCain mouthpiece and free-market zombie, Nancy Pfotenhauer. Poor Pfotenhauer seemed oddly out of place in the ...
JoesGarage 06/11/2008 8 10 3 2386
It's Primary Day in California and You Don't Care!
Yes, today, Califonia will hold its second primary of 2008. Of course, this time around voter turnout will be small, and interest slight. The issues this time around are local: judges, city bond ...
JoesGarage 06/03/2008 80 14 - 1
Phil Gramm, McCain's Chief Economic Policy Weasel
First, let me apologize to weasels everywhere for the comparison to Phil Gramm. Tonight on Countdown , Keith Olberman highlights one of John McCain's crew of market buccaneers, Phil ...
JoesGarage 05/27/2008 23 39 4 36
I Have My Suspicions About You
Oh yes, I have my suspicions about you. Tonight, as I place my hands on the monitor, I can feel you out there in the dark American night. I can sense the jostling, competing, anxious voices. I hear ...
JoesGarage 05/23/2008 50 15 - 2
Why Are Politicians Such Lousy Historians?
I learned something today. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz--Florida Congresswoman and Clinton surrogate--doesn't know her history. In this, Wasserman-Schultz is not unique, of course. These politicians, ...
JoesGarage 05/21/2008 25 6 - 12
GOP Rebranding & Think Tankery: Meet Nancy Pfotenhauer
For its practitioners, punditry--and its lesser sibling, surrogacy--is often a transient affair. While a core commentariat enjoys longevity, many more--mere apprentices in the dark arts of ...
JoesGarage 05/17/2008 22 11 8 2747
The Ills of Privatization, McCain & the Market
Recently I've been highlighting the mindset of John McCain's economic advisors. Today, instead of beating up on them as individuals, I'd like to beat up on one their core ideas: the "genius of the ...
JoesGarage 05/12/2008 8 6 - 1
Let's Meet Carly Fiorina, McCain's Populist!
Last week I posted a diary, "Let's Meet John McCain's Economic Advisors," in which I highlighted three of McCain's ...
JoesGarage 05/11/2008 20 13 - 19
Supreme Court Justice William Jefferson Clinton
You've got to ask yourself, what do the Clinton's want? Certainly they know that their "brand" is tarnished, their reputations increasingly ar risk. I think, in the long run, the Clinton's ...
JoesGarage 05/10/2008 178 8 - 29
Let's Meet John McCain's Economic Advisors
We all know that John McCain famously remarked that he didn't know much about economics. Given that, who are the people advising McCain? Today I've chosen three members of McCain's "Brain Trust"
JoesGarage 05/07/2008 33 40 3 238
Are McCain and Clinton my Gas Co-Dependents?
Hi, my name is JoesGarage, I'm powerless over gasoline and my life has become unmanageable. I've known I have a problem for a while now. At first, the little things didn't really bother me. You ...
JoesGarage 05/02/2008 2 1 - 2
Is Arianna Huffington A Meme? Right is Wrong
Ralph Waldo Emerson once opined that no one should read any book that is less than a year old. Emerson was wary of fashion in print, and recognized that most books deserve to come and go ...
JoesGarage 04/30/2008 15 1 2 12
An (A) Historic Realignment?
For a couple of years now, it has seemed to me that both the Democratic and Republican Parties are headed for a moment of major realignment, perhaps even collapse.
JoesGarage 04/26/2008 10 9 1 -
Are Florida & Michigan Voters Really "Disenfranchised"?
Given the almost mathematical certainty that Senator Clinton cannot overcome Senator Obama's lead in either pledged delegates or the popular vote, it was inevitable that Senator Clinton and her ...
JoesGarage 04/22/2008 51 2 - 4
Old Wine in New Bottles?
After the debate last week, I was struck by the rush of media navel-gazing that followed. The loudest--and most critical--voices came from the blogosphere. Words like narrative , ...
JoesGarage 04/20/2008 6 5 - 11
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