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Inflation is higher than what the government tells us
What is the real inflation? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, the annualized core inflation was 1.8% for august. However, some are questioning the official numbers. For example, ...
John Promethos 09/25/2013 33 4 - -
America is going to overdose on the Fed stimulus
So Ben Bernanke decided that he isn’t going to taper. The Fed will continue to buy 85 billion dollars of bonds a month. Most commentators were surprised because they expected a decrease in the Fed ...
John Promethos 09/19/2013 19 2 - -
Amateurish diplomacy and a halfhearted attempt to invade Syria
America is once again standing on the brink of war. Barack Obama has been trying to gain support in favor of a military intervention in Syria because allegedly the Assad regime used chemical weapons ...
John Promethos 09/13/2013 5 1 - -
American Gulag
The Obama administration has recently announced plans to cut the prison population. It’s high time. There were almost 1.6 million prisoners in America in 2012, which represents a quarter of the ...
John Promethos 09/04/2013 2 3 - -
Will the top 1% move to space?
South African movie director Neill Blomkamp, the creator of District 9, has finished a new sci-fi movie, Elysium, where the richest people live on an exclusive space station, while the rest live on ...
John Promethos 07/03/2013 23 4 - -
The food waste program
Recently there has been much debate over a farm bill that expands taxpayer-subsidized crop insurance and rejects cuts in food stamps for the poor. The issue is a sensitive one and touches the very ...
John Promethos 06/13/2013 24 1 - -
Japanese war games
Tension in East Asia has been rising ever since Japan embarked on a path of extreme money printing. Japanese Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe hopes that the monetary stimulus will help the economy.
John Promethos 05/06/2013 13 3 - -
Show me the (gold)money!
Recently there have been more and more rumors about the actual amount of gold that is held by central banks. America has the largest gold reserves, which amount to 8133 tons. However, some doubt ...
John Promethos 03/26/2013 10 - - -
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