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Cantor lies about "whistleblower", was anything but
From NYTimes: Turns out Cantor's "whistleblower" was not a whistleblower but a person who sent ...
JohnAdams999 11/13/2012 222 294 3 -
Romney's 34,000 "poll watchers" will be vote suppressors en masse
The campaign is training 34,000 volunteers to fan out in swing states across the country and monitor for voter fraud.
JohnAdams999 11/01/2012 19 17 - -
CNN front pages Obama's religion again, brings up Jeremiah Wright 1.5 weeks before election
For the 2nd time in just a few days leading up to the election, CNN has front paged a story about Obama's religion. This time they included a reference to Jeremiah Wright. A few days ago, CNN had ...
JohnAdams999 10/28/2012 22 15 - -
CNN trying to help Romney win, horrible front page article
Front page at CNN, titled "Obama, Romney reverse roles as election looms". Key passage: It also means increasingly caustic attacks on Romney, including his reference to the former Massachusetts ...
JohnAdams999 10/27/2012 57 25 - -
Candy Crowley, debate moderater, appears on right-wing radio show to get moderation advice
Candy Crowley appeared on a right-wing radio show on Oct 5th to talk about moderating the debate. She's going to moderate the next Presidential debate tomorrow that will be watched by around 70 ...
JohnAdams999 10/15/2012 38 36 1 -
Why is the former Merrill Lynch CEO not in jail?
Why is there no major backlash at ~$350 billion in taxpayer money being corruptly distributed to the nation's wealthy? Merrill’s Thain Said to Pay $1.2 Million to Decorator in Dec 2008 (...
JohnAdams999 01/23/2009 30 17 - 19
CBS Threatens the Obama Campaign
Poor CBS news correspondent Dean Reynolds feels that he is not getting enough attention from the Obama campaign:
JohnAdams999 10/08/2008 69 34 - 31
Don't Expect a Fair VP Debate Thursday
Gwen Iffle, the moderator of the 2004 VP debate and 2008 VP debate, had a decent GOP slant at the 2004 debate. Below I'll post the some of the questions she asked.
JohnAdams999 09/30/2008 71 25 - 24
Is Obama going to Hit Hard on the Economy?
Does this look familiar?
JohnAdams999 09/14/2008 22 7 - -
BREAKING: Palin Troopergate Investigation Fast Tracked
Sarah Palin's Troopergate investigation has been fast tracked by 3 weeks due to bullying and delay tactics by the Palin administration. The results of the investigation were originally ...
JohnAdams999 09/05/2008 49 60 1 17
Be prepared. Sarah Palin's Speech Will Be Good
I think Andrew Sullivan hit the nail on the head . I think Sarah Palin will give a good speech ...
JohnAdams999 09/03/2008 143 13 1 17
McCain Ad displays "HANG" above Obama's head
The McCain ad which falsely accuses Obama of wanting to raise taxes, displays the lettering "HANG" above Obama's head in the ad. Details & image below. Updated with video!
JohnAdams999 08/27/2008 143 79 4 133
Russ Feingold Praises John McCain
On Saturday, Russ Feingold praised John McCain's maverick quality in this article . I'm going to question Russ Feingold's ...
JohnAdams999 08/11/2008 132 15 - 36
Obama Too Fit to be President author Amy Chozick [UPDATE]
Amy Chozick was the author of "Is Obama too Fit to be President?" in last weeks Wall Street Journal. Remember the WSJ was bought by Fox a few months ago. Turns out she did her research in a thread ...
JohnAdams999 08/04/2008 22 20 - 25
CNN calls McCain's attack ad a "contrast ad"
CNN titled their headline "McCain camp releases its first contrast ad of the general".
JohnAdams999 07/19/2008 9 6 - 2
Why is Karl Rove everywhere? Smear campaign in full effect
Karl Rove is an informal adviser to the McCain campaign. Karl Rove is also an adviser to the pro-republican 527 group "Freedom's Watch". Nearly every day Karl Rove spouts his bullshit on the ...
JohnAdams999 06/26/2008 37 13 - 18
Mississippi is in play for Barack Obama this election.
Mississippi is in play for Barack Obama this election.
JohnAdams999 05/29/2008 64 16 - 34
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