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The Most Important Vote I Have Ever Cast
I have had one of those weeks that you remember for the rest of your life. On Tuesday, I won a congressional election. On Thursday, I was sworn in by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and got to cast the first ...
JohnGaramendiCA 11/08/2009 154 453 10 222
CA-10: Sworn in and Looking forward to Voting on Health Care Reform
On Tuesday, communities across America voted in hundreds of local and state elections. In Northern California’s 10th Congressional District, voters saw fit to send me to Congress. To all my ...
JohnGaramendiCA 11/05/2009 194 536 7 119
CA-10: Taking Nothing for Granted
I have a request to our friends in the netroots: remind anyone you know who lives in the 10th Congressional District, a Northern California district that includes portions of Contra Costa, Solano, ...
JohnGaramendiCA 10/29/2009 9 13 - 106
CA-10: President Obama: "Everybody has got to go out there and work for John"
I’ve had many incredible experiences during my 34 years in public service, but never have I been blessed to receive the support of two presidents in just over a week – until now. On ...
JohnGaramendiCA 10/17/2009 9 13 - 74
CA-10: President Clinton Tells Bay Area Crowd: "Send Garamendi to Congress"
Last Tuesday, I had one of those days we treasure for life. I had the honor of receiving a public endorsement from President Bill Clinton at a rally with hundreds of enthusiastic Bay Area supporters ...
JohnGaramendiCA 10/10/2009 20 21 1 69
The Health Insurance Sharks are Circling
Did you catch the Ed Show yesterday on MSNBC? I was asked to come on to talk about my past experience with the health ...
JohnGaramendiCA 09/25/2009 15 16 - 65
CA-10: Yesterday's Victory and Tomorrow's Challenges
What a night! As you may have seen, last night I was the highest vote-getter in the 10th Congressional District special primary ...
JohnGaramendiCA 09/02/2009 11 16 1 42
CA-10: Polls Still Show us on Top, Public Option Remains a Top Agenda Item
Last night Survey USA and KPIX CBS 5 released a new poll showing that our campaign for Congress remains largely unchanged. With 25 percent of the vote,
JohnGaramendiCA 08/29/2009 8 9 - 39
Senator Ted Kennedy's Health Care Legacy
Last night, our country lost one of the most important public servants in U.S. history, Senator Ted Kennedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Vickie, his children, First Lady Maria Shriver,
JohnGaramendiCA 08/26/2009 19 29 - 35
CA-10: We Can't Let the Insurance Companies Win this Time
Thousands of people are lined up in front of a sports arena waiting to receive the health care they desperately need from a nonprofit that specializes in treating patients from the developing world. ...
JohnGaramendiCA 08/16/2009 5 13 - 16
CA-10: On Polls and Policy
Did you hear the good news? On Sunday, my campaign released a new poll of 400 likely 10th Congressional District special primary election voters that found our campaign holds a double digit lead ...
JohnGaramendiCA 08/11/2009 7 7 - 21
A Green Industrial Revolution for a Golden State
NOTE: These are my prepared remarks for today’s keynote address as the Scripps Seaside Forum, sponsored by the Sustainability Alliance of Southern California, Heartland Foundation-United ...
JohnGaramendiCA 08/05/2009 3 7 - 33
One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Education
Forty years ago, one man took a small step that inspired a country. The Apollo 11 mission to the moon was a great moment for America as viewers across the nation, in unison, watched one of our own ...
JohnGaramendiCA 07/20/2009 6 12 - 99
Wreading, Writing, and Writhmetic
Have you ever wanted to take a class with a Nobel laureate, listen to the classic works of Shakespeare on your way to work, or take guitar lessons? You can start today, and the only cost of ...
JohnGaramendiCA 07/11/2009 5 5 3 17
CA-10: On Independence Day, Let's Celebrate Service
Happy Independence Day! On the anniversary of the birth of our country, I wanted to take this moment to first thank all the men and women who proudly serve our country in the armed services. I ...
JohnGaramendiCA 07/04/2009 5 6 1 33
CA-10: I Received the Endorsement of the SEIU CA State Council
Yesterday I was excited to announce that the SEIU California State Council has endorsed me in my ...
JohnGaramendiCA 06/30/2009 7 6 - 13
CA-10: Public Option Essential Component of Health Care Reform, Medicare for All the Goal
As debate rages in Washington on how to proceed with health care reform, I wanted to weigh in with my voice. I am a firm believer in single-payer Medicare for All and a proud supporter of Rep. John ...
JohnGaramendiCA 06/23/2009 25 24 - 90
Yes We Can Stop what the LA Times Calls "a Dubious Deal on Offshore Oil Drilling"
At a hearing last week of the California State Lands Commission , which I chair,
JohnGaramendiCA 06/08/2009 7 26 - 65
I Need Your Help to Protect California's Coastline
The California Department of Finance wants to “drill baby drill” off the Golden State’s coastline, and they’re willing to undermine 70+ years of checks and balances to do it. ...
JohnGaramendiCA 06/02/2009 40 31 - 148
With Michelle Obama's Visit, University of California Merced Gets Its Day
Nothing has ever come easy to the University of California Merced and that makes this Saturday's commencement of the first four year graduating class a profound moment for the San Joaquin Valley.
JohnGaramendiCA 05/16/2009 5 19 1 22
Seduced by Big Oil, California is Now Up for Sale
What can $100 million buy you? Apparently California's coastline if Big Oil has its way. In late January, as chair of the California State Lands Commission,
JohnGaramendiCA 05/15/2009 34 24 - 247
Organizing for Change and Putting Change in Your Pocket
Today I’ll be joining Vice President Joe Biden in San Diego to promote job growth in California. At a time when California’s unemployment rate is at 11.2 percent, the highest rate on ...
JohnGaramendiCA 05/14/2009 56 165 - 41
Regional Rapid Bus Transit Requires HOT Thinking
California's San Francisco Bay Area, a beacon for the world's most ambitious and entrepreneurial, is in some ways a victim of its own success. Decades of regional growth have created a highway and ...
JohnGaramendiCA 05/04/2009 58 32 2 26
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