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DOJ sues S&P for Fraud
Finally, something's happening The U.S. Justice Department filed a complaint yesterday in federal court in Los Angeles, accusing McGraw-Hill and S&P of mail fraud, wire fraud and financial ...
Johnnythebandit 02/05/2013 13 19 - -
Breaking: 2 Million Indonesian Workers On Strike
In 24 cities across the country, millions have walked off the job and taken to the streets. They're demanding an increase in the country's barely livable minimum wage of $170. Although the minimum ...
Johnnythebandit 10/03/2012 5 15 - 77
Why Local Politics Are More Important Than DC Politics
People on this site and virtually every political activist spends almost all of their time hyper focused on DC politics. But this is a horrible strategy as it leaves out state and local politics ...
Johnnythebandit 05/21/2012 5 3 1 51
Breaking: Victory for Saudi Women's Rights
In the most holy Islamic country where women must cover from head to toe when in the presence of any man other than their fathers brothers and husbands. Where women and men are forbidden ...
Johnnythebandit 01/04/2012 7 18 1 148
Portland, Seattle Take the Next Step Against Big Banks
After millions of individuals moved their money from the megabanks into credit unions, city governments are following suit. First it was Seattle and now Portland considering the idea ...
Johnnythebandit 11/25/2011 16 15 - 138
Fired for loving a woman and hating sweatshops
One of the most important aspects of successful totalitarian regime is a well run division of surveillance. Luckily, American corporations have become very skilled at this to the point where they ...
Johnnythebandit 10/19/2011 35 24 1 179
Breaking: Big Victory For Free Speech and Press Against Police Brutality
Like many of you I am disgusted by the extreme police brutality that we've seen during the Wall Street Occupation. Sadly this is not a new thing in our supposedly free country. Way back in '08, ...
Johnnythebandit 10/03/2011 71 267 5 1506
Anti-Capitalist Meet-Up: Corporations Are Dictatorships
Corporations are dictatorships. The major shareholders and the board of directors make all of the important decisions which are passed down the chain of command to employees who have no say in this ...
Johnnythebandit 10/02/2011 136 23 2 266
We Don't Need Social Security Anymore
or Medicare. These programs were just training wheels which we've finally outgrown. They have outlived their usefulness and that money could be better spent on wars, prisons, and tax cuts. Right ...
Johnnythebandit 07/07/2011 9 13 - 141
What Howard Zinn Really Said About Obama
I was pleasantly surprised to see Howard Zinn's name right on top of the rec list. The diary highlighted some excellent points such as: We don't live in a democracy . . . we live in a ...
Johnnythebandit 06/16/2011 211 355 28 2266
Breaking: Yemen's President Won't Run For Reelection
SANAA, Yemen – The Yemeni president told parliament on Wednesday he will not seek another term in office or hand power to his son — an apparent reaction to protests in this ...
Johnnythebandit 02/02/2011 4 6 - 69
Egypt, Financial Markets, and Wall Street
“According to our analysis, 88 percent of the ‘Egyptian Internet’ has fallen off the Internet,’” said Andree Toonk at BGPmon, a monitoring site that checks ...
Johnnythebandit 01/28/2011 14 14 1 96
Breaking: Prisoners on Strike in GA
In a protest apparently assembled largely through a network of banned cellphones, inmates across at least six prisons in Georgia have been on strike since Thursday, calling for better ...
Johnnythebandit 12/13/2010 274 257 3 154
A Victory (For Our Side) In The Class War
Florida's tomato pickers are the most exploited workers. They have to wake up for a 5 AM bus to the fields and work in the blistering heat for less than minimum wage. None of the New Deal reforms ...
Johnnythebandit 12/07/2010 13 26 1 253
Wikileaks Exposes Government Hypocrisy
The reaction to the latest Wikileaks really strike a nerve. Huckabee and other conservatives are calling for execution. Rep. Peter King called Wikileaks a "terrorist organization. Many democrats are ...
Johnnythebandit 11/30/2010 13 11 - 75
Nice Victories, Keep the Momentum Going
Last night was a great night for progressives. In PA and KY, we had 2 senate candidates win who were pro EFCA, pro public option. We confronted the democratic establishment and won in red and purple ...
Johnnythebandit 05/19/2010 3 3 - 28
The Farmworker Freedom March (Action Diary)
Every tomato you eat is harvested by the poorest of the poor workers in Immokalee, FL. The tomato pickers wake up at 4:30 AM and wait for buses to pick them up. There is no job security. Once they ...
Johnnythebandit 04/08/2010 5 6 - 39
Let's Give Single Payer A Seat At The Table
This Tuesday, May 12, the Senate Finance Subcommittee is holding its final roundtable on healthcare reform. Unfortunately, they have yet to include a single payer advocate on the panel. However, ...
Johnnythebandit 05/10/2009 17 18 - 23
ACTION DIARY: Public Option Healthcare
Just finished the meeting about public option healthcare with Dr. Dean online. I am an advocate for single payer healthcare. The public option is the best health reform that could get passed this ...
Johnnythebandit 05/04/2009 24 19 - 17
ACTION DIARY: Holding Conservadems Accountable
With President Obama's power and a large democratic majority in both houses of congress, you'd think that progressive change is imminent. Unfortunately, progress is blocked by the conservadems, ...
Johnnythebandit 05/03/2009 23 15 2 33
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