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The Good Guys Win One: 3 Nuclear 'Saboteurs' Go Free
A Nun Walks Free: Government's Sabotage Case Dismissed Some here will recall that in the summer of 2012, three Plowshares pacifists - Gregory Boertje-Obed, Michael Walli and Sister Megan Rice - ...
Joieau 05/20/2015 9 16 1 -
Fire in Chernobyl Contaminated Zone
RT RT and The Ecologist report that a huge forest fire near the abandoned contaminated zone around the Chernobyl disaster site in northern Ukraine is releasing plutonium as well as cesium and ...
Joieau 05/01/2015 14 13 1 -
Japan's PM Not Amused By Radioactive Drone
One of those fun 4-propeller remote control drones was found Wednesday morning on the roof of the Prime Minister's residence and administrative office complex in central Tokyo. It was discovered by ...
Joieau 04/22/2015 13 14 - -
Fukushima Unit-1 Inspection: Another One Bites the Dust
On Saturday, April 10 TEPCO inserted IRID's nifty new shape-changing robot into the first floor level of containment in Daiichi unit-1 to inspect damage and maybe find the missing core. This was the ...
Joieau 04/12/2015 20 40 1 -
Framing the News: How to Minimize a Nuclear Disaster
News coverage of Fukushima disaster minimized health risks to general population Sociology professor Caline-Marie Pascale of the American University in Washington, D.C. has published a research ...
Joieau 03/30/2015 23 12 1 -
An Anniversary of Sorts
Today is the 36th anniversary of the nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island unit-2. Just noting that fact, since it's a fact. We lived less than 50 miles away. It was early spring. What I remember ...
Joieau 03/28/2015 13 15 - -
Second Total Meltdown Confirmed by Muon Scans at Fukushima
Previously Unannounced Muon Scans in 2014 Confirm Meltdown of Daiichi Unit-2 On Thursday of this past week I diaried about the announcement by Tokyo Electric Power Company [TEPCO] that muon ...
Joieau 03/23/2015 42 19 1 -
Fukushima Unit-1 Muon Scan Results: No Fuel In Reactor Vessel
"Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, destroyed 4 years ago in explosions and meltdowns triggered by an earthquake and tsunami, won't be truly safe until engineers can remove the reactors'
Joieau 03/19/2015 41 38 - -
Fukushima: 4 Years Later
The nuclear disaster at Fukushima marks its 4th anniversary today. This is a report on the conditions at what's left of the facility at this point in time. What has been tried and/or accomplished - ...
Joieau 03/11/2015 52 46 4 -
The Left's Suddenly Strong Authoritarian Tendencies
I've been watching and reading the anti-anti-vax diaries here for the past few weeks with some interest, as so many people seem to be freaking out about the latest measles outbreaks with enough ...
Joieau 02/10/2015 374 27 2 -
Let Them Eat Glyphosate
I am an organic gardener, small-time producer of vegetables, fruit and herbs in the mountains of western North Carolina. Have about an acre of truck and culinary herbs in terraced beds, grapes ...
Joieau 01/29/2015 59 59 2 -
The Dreamwalker - Lucid Dreams and Meta-Consciousness
I follow the various disciplines involved in the scientific quest to quantify consciousness. My interest arose from a 'miracle' of consciousness my family witnessed and experienced during a 3-month ...
Joieau 01/24/2015 84 21 - -
US Nukes in Financial Trouble
Bloomberg reported last week that the largest owner/operator of nuclear power plants in the United States is seeking permission from state utility regulators to double the price of electricity in ...
Joieau 01/13/2015 111 88 - -
A Question of Consciousness
I wrote a diary back in October of 2014 that generated some very interesting comments and discussion. It was about the scientific quest for a quantified description of consciousness - a long-time '...
Joieau 01/01/2015 75 14 1 -
BMJ: Men are Idiots and Idiots Do Stupid Things
Actually, the headline on Science Daily's list is Study supports the theory that men are idiots , but my headline is close enough. UPDATE: Because there appears to be some confusion about whether ...
Joieau 12/13/2014 32 10 - -
Once Upon An Election...
Back in 1981 I got a job at a small town (but county seat) weekly newspaper in southeastern Oklahoma. My job was production - typesetting, paste-up, which for us pre-Mac-II old-timers, involved ...
Joieau 11/02/2014 17 67 - -
Fukushima Causes Another Shake-Up at the NRC
On March 11 of 2011 the Great Tohoku Earthquake [9.0] occurred off the coast of northeastern Japan, and caused a 40-meter tidal wave that inundated the coastal areas killing as many as 20,000 ...
Joieau 10/30/2014 70 40 1 -
Waking Up Dead - The Quest for Consciousness
No, this isn't going to be a lengthy scientific or philosophical musing on the perennial question: What is the nature of consciousness? I could opine deeply on that, having made somewhat of a life-...
Joieau 10/09/2014 41 24 1 -
Dominion 'Discovers' Failed Fuel During Outage
Those following issues related to nuclear power may be interested in a 'situation' that was recently reported by Dominion Virginia Power at the North Anna power station (2 PWR reactors) near Mineral.
Joieau 10/01/2014 7 16 - -
Fukushima: More Evidence of Biological Harm
In May of this year I diaried about a published report by a group of researchers from Nagasaki University and the University of the Ryukyus documenting serious biological impacts on the larvae of ...
Joieau 09/24/2014 48 20 1 -
Fuku #3 Debris Removal Breaks Bad. Again.
Today there was another accident at what's left of the Fukushima Daiichi unit 3 reactor building, when workers operating a remote control crane dropped the control console for the refueling machine ...
Joieau 08/30/2014 189 128 1 -
Nuclear Industry Deceptions: Child Sacrifice
In the grandiose and not so noble tradition of Big Tobacco and Big Fossil Fuels' climate change denial theater, the world nuclear industry and its pet governments keep resisting the implications of ...
Joieau 07/31/2014 83 52 1 -
Fukushima's Biggest Mess: MOX Reactor #3
No, Virginia. It's Not Over Yet... The Tokyo Electric and Power Company, a.k.a. TEPCO, has announced that they estimate some 1.1 trillion becquerels of radioactive contamination were released ...
Joieau 07/24/2014 47 35 2 -
CA Coastal Commission Report: Fukushima Contamination
...And A Deceptively False Release Model On April 30 of this year the California Coastal Commission released a report entitled The Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster & Radioactivity in ...
Joieau 06/03/2014 40 23 2 -
Fukushima: New Research Documents Biological Harm
Published in Scientific Reports Nature May 15, 2014 - The biological impacts of ingested radioactive materials on the pale grass blue butterfly A massive amount of radioactive materials has been ...
Joieau 05/18/2014 100 36 1 -
The SSA Run-Around: Partial Success!
This is my fourth diary in a series, about the serious issues I've been having for eight long years attempting to be a legal person since the PATRIOT Act was amended in 2006 to make your Social ...
Joieau 04/22/2014 36 76 - -
Voter ID: The Pain In The Ass Just Got Worse
Back in February I wrote a couple of diaries about my struggle to overcome a technical glitch in my documentation that the PATRIOT Act used to render me officially "NONEXISTENT" after all my years ...
Joieau 04/16/2014 28 25 1 -
Fukushima Effects: New Research
2 relatively new scientific papers released in January and February this year (2014) have been released describing research conducted on the biological effects and ongoing Pacific Ocean ...
Joieau 04/09/2014 42 32 1 -
The Nuclear Beast 35 Years Later
I'm writing to mark 35 years since the average American became aware of the term "Meltdown" as it applies to the Safe, Clean, Too Cheap to Meter sneaky transfer of plutonium production technology ...
Joieau 03/27/2014 74 27 2 -
WIPP Update and Fuku Anniversary: The Technology's Fatal Flaw(s)
On Thursday the contractor in charge of the Waste Isolation Pilot Project [WIPP] facility outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico demoted its Nuclear Waste Partnership division president Farok Sharif, and ...
Joieau 03/14/2014 5 18 1 -
Fukushima: Anniversary #3
Today is the anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, and the massive tsunami that devastated the northeastern coast of Japan in 2011. 15,884 people died. 2,633 people remain missing. Another 2,...
Joieau 03/11/2014 15 22 - -
Radiation Leak: ASW to Independently Test WIPP Workers
The United Steelworkers union is sending its own safety department scientists to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, New Mexico after 13 workers tested positive last week for Americium-...
Joieau 03/03/2014 13 36 - -
DOE: 13 Workers Internally Contaminated at WIPP
In my last diary I reported on the release of plutonium and other actinides from the deep geological burial site near Carlsbad, New Mexico that stores high level waste from nuclear weapons production.
Joieau 02/27/2014 9 34 1 -
Actinides Escape from NM's WIPP
The Department of Energy's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant , a.k.a. WIPP, is a facility in southeastern New Mexico for storing high level transuranic waste that has been piling up since the 1940s, ...
Joieau 02/25/2014 44 29 2 -
Voter ID: It's Still a Pain In The Ass
This is a followup to my diary of this past Sunday, Voter ID: Why It's a Pain In The Ass . In that diary I explained some of the incredibly ridiculous roadblocks I've encountered in my multi-year, ...
Joieau 02/20/2014 56 38 1 -
Voter ID: Why It's a Pain In The Ass
I was encouraged to diary this in Denise Oliver's FP article today about the Raleigh Moral March she attended last week. So here it is... I am one of the people - description: likely or known ...
Joieau 02/16/2014 63 81 2 -
Daiichi: Monitoring the Plumes. Or Not.
Plus Herbal Protection From Radiation Damage There have been a number of diaries over the last few months about the contamination of the Pacific Ocean by huge and ever increasing releases from the ...
Joieau 01/27/2014 40 28 2 -
Alaska DEC Commissioner: the Old Banana Peel Slapstick
Yes, the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is honing his chops as a genuine satin and sequins circus clown. His name is Larry Hartig, and he performed the classic ...
Joieau 01/23/2014 26 10 1 -
Fukushima: CA Universities Launch Kelp Watch 2014
In response to public concerns about the Pacific plumes of contaminated water coming from Fukushima's destroyed Daiichi nuclear reservation, researchers from UC Berkeley, the Lawrence Berkeley ...
Joieau 01/15/2014 20 31 2 -
Nuclear Sailors Then and Now - Exposed & Abandoned
Credit: Tampa Bay ...
Joieau 01/01/2014 91 68 2 -
Houston, The Eagle Is Dying
Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group No, that's not the famous transmission from Neil Armstrong on the moon back in 1969, just a not-so humorous take on his immortal words, and a much more ...
Joieau 12/30/2013 71 100 2 -
Treasure Island's Treasure? One Million Times EPA Radiation Limits
There's this really quite nifty fake island in San Francisco Bay, just north of the more natural Yerba Buena Island that serves as anchor between the east and west spans of Interstate-80's San ...
Joieau 12/14/2013 27 48 1 -
Fukushima: Oceanographers Model Impact on Pacific
FVCOM: Chen's Lab, UMassD MEDM Assessment of Japan's Tsunami Event and Impacts of Radionuclides on the Pacific Ocean March 11 2011 was a tragic day for Japan and the world. The earthquake in ...
Joieau 12/11/2013 64 27 - -
More Trouble at Arkansas Nuclear One
Event Number: 49618 Notification Date: 12/09/2013 Notification Time: 09:20 [ET] Event Date: 12/09/2013 Event Time: 08:00 [CST] UNUSUAL EVENT DECLARED DUE TO UNIT 2 AUXILIARY TRANSFORMER EXPLOSION "
Joieau 12/10/2013 26 21 1 -
Nuclear Secrecy & Disposable People
A follow-up to the diary: Japan Passes Draconian Secrecy Law Today the East Bay Express newspaper featured an article ...
Joieau 12/04/2013 108 57 1 -
Japan Passes Draconian Secrecy Law
Japan has had some serious issues with leaks over the past two years and eight months or so, what with three melted-through nuclear power reactors and 4 reactor buildings blasted to smithereens, ...
Joieau 11/27/2013 20 38 3 -
Defueling Begins at Fukushima
Work began last night (November 18 Japan time) in the defueling operation at Fukushima unit-4's spent fuel pool. A total of four 'new' (unused) fuel assemblies in the pool at the time of the 2011 ...
Joieau 11/18/2013 25 39 1 -
Ty-D-Bol Robot Finds Fuku Leaks
Tokyo Electric Power Company [TEPCO] on Wednesday sent a floating robot into the extremely radioactive environment of the Daiichi unit-1 first level basement - "torus room" - to see if it could ...
Joieau 11/14/2013 36 48 - -
Fukushima: Putting Current Risks In Perspective
Over the past several months the world nuclear industry has launched yet another of its perpetual propaganda campaigns to diminish public concerns about nuclear power in general - and Fukushima's ...
Joieau 11/09/2013 129 44 2 -
Fukushima: Health Propaganda Blitz
As Fukushima goes from bad to worse, the worldwide coverup of health effects goes into overdrive In the very week of the UN's release of UNSCEAR's report on health effects of the catastrophe at ...
Joieau 10/30/2013 29 44 2 -
Strange Bedfellows? Nukes and Organized Crime
Special Report: Help Wanted in Fukushima: Low pay, high risks, and gangsters In reviewing Fukushima working conditions, Reuters interviewed more than 80 workers, employers and officials involved in ...
Joieau 10/25/2013 6 12 - -
Monsanto: Poisoning Argentina & The World
[AP/Natacha Pisarenko]
Joieau 10/23/2013 18 24 1 -
Losing the Pacific Ocean
Recent Updates: That "Slight Leak" at Fukushima Fukushima Update: 9/3/13 We began hearing in August that something was happening at Fukushima Daiichi that was new and different from all that ...
Joieau 10/05/2013 162 156 5 -
Fukushima Update: 9/3/13
The news lately has been featuring troubles at Fukushima Daiichi, a situation that has been getting steadily worse for the past couple of months, as Japan has repeatedly called for help from the ...
Joieau 09/03/2013 183 146 3 -
Yikes! There's a Huge Hole in the Sun!
Interesting doings at the center of our solar system over the past few weeks. It started about three weeks ago, when my radio and satellite internet reception went squirrelly. This happens from ...
Joieau 08/09/2013 143 161 5 -
That "Slight Leak" at Fukushima
It has been nearly two and a half years since 4 of the 6 nuclear plants at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi reservation were destroyed following the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Yesterday the ...
Joieau 08/07/2013 141 172 5 -
Homegrown Desperadoes: Two More
Joieau 07/18/2013 8 5 - -
PRISM: What It's Really All About
Last night we had lots of company - as we usually do this time of year on the ol' homestead - and of course the late night conversation out on the back deck veered into NSA/Spy-State and what in the ...
Joieau 07/07/2013 196 200 5 -
SONGS: Down For The Count
Southern California Edison, owner and operator of the troubled San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station [SONGS], announced today that the nuclear facility is now "retired" and will be decommissioned ...
Joieau 06/07/2013 13 14 - -
San Onofre: "It's over."
Yesterday, May 28, 2013, Friends of the Earth issued a press release entitled: San Onofre: Internal letter reveals Edison knew of defects at crippled reactors but misled federal regulators to get ...
Joieau 05/29/2013 138 204 2 -
SONGS: Safety Engineer Blows Whistle
The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station [SONGS] has been having a hard time since buying some very badly designed replacement steam generators for its two units from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in ...
Joieau 04/29/2013 25 36 - -
What Blew Up In West, Texas
Boy, I just listened to the hourly NPR news about the TX blast. It quoted a DHS official as claiming the anhydrous ammonia stored under pressure in tanks on site were what exploded. That's total ...
Joieau 04/18/2013 88 45 - -
Big Trouble In Arkansas w/Update
We've seen the ugly photos and videos of Exxon's tar sands pipeline break north of Little Rock, which has utterly trashed a rather nice suburban community and closed a section of Interstate 40 on ...
Joieau 04/03/2013 246 350 8 -
Fukushima: 2 Years After
News You Won't See On Your TeeVee This past weekend there were mass protests worldwide, once again demanding an immediate end to the SuperMegaton dirty bombs known as "commercial nuclear reactors"
Joieau 03/11/2013 91 37 2 -
What's So Bad About Critical Thinking?
This morning I was treated to not just one, but two diaries from the overnight shift dealing with the way evolution is to be taught in science classes in Missouri and Oklahoma. These have to do with ...
Joieau 02/21/2013 109 4 - -
God's Gnarly Game of Billiards
The sky is falling! Pretty much everybody literate and paying attention knew about the D14 asteroid that made its almost too close for comfort fly-by of our planet yesterday afternoon. Nobody ...
Joieau 02/16/2013 45 19 1 -
Photo: Pope Resigns, Lightning Strikes St. Peter's Basilica
Hahahahahahaha!!! What more can I say? MSNBC ...
Joieau 02/11/2013 29 28 - -
Secrets Under The Melting Ice
I was idly surfing YouTube last night...
Joieau 02/05/2013 29 35 - -
UN Special Rapporteur: Japan Must Do More for the People of Fukushima
The United Nations reports today (November 26, 2012) that its assigned Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, Anand Grover, has completed his visit to Japan to look into government response to ...
Joieau 11/26/2012 57 65 1 -
The Whale Who Learned To Speak
It began back in 1984, when Sam Ridgway of ...
Joieau 10/22/2012 23 30 - -
NC-11: "I Am Not Romney"
Hahahahahahahahahahaha...!!!!! Oh, my goodness! The Asheville Citizen-Times boasts this headline today atop the front page: Meadows: I'm not ...
Joieau 09/19/2012 12 11 - 186
Conception Means Consent
Wow. My 22-year old grandson started this meme this week, first week of the college semester. Says all his friends understand just what it means, given this past week's weirdness from the ...
Joieau 08/25/2012 15 14 - 160
NRC Suspends Licensing, Calls For Spent Fuel Repository
New Chair acts on court ruling NRC NEPA violations I have noted more than once over the past 16 months that our Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] has been passing out 20-year license extensions ...
Joieau 08/16/2012 26 21 - 139
Madame Joi Speaks: Obama's Impressive Palm
I posted about this on Markos' FP post, We are winning , thought it might make a fun little side-diary just because. That man's got an impressive palm, and it would be impressive in any context even ...
Joieau 08/09/2012 60 46 - 526
William Raspberry Has Died
I heard on NPR just now, did not see it anywhere when I refreshed the page. Raspberry was one of the opinionators I read steadily through decades. And I've shed a tear or two for the loss. New York ...
Joieau 07/17/2012 5 16 - 125
Japanese Culture: No, Fukushima is NOT Our Fault
TOKYO: Monday, July 16, 2012 - Depending on who you ask, anywhere from "tens of thousands" to 200,000 Japanese citizens showed up Monday at Tokyo's Yoyogi Park to voice their outrage at the Diet's ...
Joieau 07/16/2012 12 34 3 144
Anonymous, Jellyfish Join Anti-Nuclear 'Hydrangea Revolution'
On Saturday I reported on Japan's 'Hydrangea Revolution' . The massive demonstrations have been ongoing for the past few weeks and are scheduled to keep right on going until the government backs ...
Joieau 07/09/2012 14 31 3 134
Japan's 'Hydrangea Revolution' in Full Swing!
[ Enformable ] This is a photo-and-video rich offering of what's been happening in Japan over the past week-plus - which has been dubbed Japan's Hydrangea Revolution , ...
Joieau 07/07/2012 41 157 2 922
Fukushima Disaster Report: Industry-Governmental Collusion
Nearly 16 months after a monster earthquake off the coast of northern Japan led to extreme conditions in at least 6 of 10 nuclear reactor units on the coast of Fukushima province [Fukushima Daiichi ...
Joieau 07/05/2012 24 33 1 194
Part 2: How a Cow Pasture Became a Gas Chamber
I wrote a diary last Thursday about a herd of cows in Texas getting gassed to death in their pasture, and published it at the exact moment the SCOTUS released their ACA ruling. Surprisingly enough, ...
Joieau 07/02/2012 46 17 1 172
How a Cow Pasture Became a Gas Chamber
Earlier this week CBS News reported on a herd of roping cattle near Austin, Texas that had been gassed - to death for 15 of 18 members of the herd - by hydrogen cyanide [HCN] , by the grass in their ...
Joieau 06/28/2012 113 150 4 911
Spy vs. Spy: Stuxnet, Good-Guys and Bad-Guys
[Originally published to ] On June 1st of this year the New York Times reported that President Obama himself participated in the "...
Joieau 06/27/2012 17 12 1 145
NRC Chairman Jaczko to Resign
N.R.C. Chairman to Resign After Stormy Tenure Chairman Jaczko set to resign position at NRC The longest-serving member of the five-member commission announced in a press released statement that he ...
Joieau 05/21/2012 57 26 1 295
Nukes: To Be or Not To Be… Deadly
On April 16th - just over two weeks ago - Oregon Senator Ron Wyden sent a letter to Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki seeking ways to quickly address the increasingly precarious condition of the ...
Joieau 05/02/2012 25 19 1 151
Gulf Coast Waters Closed to Shrimping
Photo: Al Jazeera "We're continuing to pull up oil in our nets. People who live here know better than to swim in or eat what comes out of our waters."
Joieau 04/26/2012 365 405 7 2282
NRC Kabuki Gets Senate Curtain Call
Many of us who have been following the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi have also been paying attention to what the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been doing to respond. A preliminary report ...
Joieau 04/19/2012 10 12 2 75
Nuclear Updates: Japan and the U.S.
I was asked a question yesterday in a diary not about the subject of nukes and Fukushima, and figure it must be time to log another diary of my own that is to that topic. This will be fairly short, ...
Joieau 04/15/2012 89 34 3 366
Current Business Wisdom: No Nukes
h/t: cosmic debris Most of us are aware of the Nuclear Energy Institute [NEI] big bucks PR push for new nukes, now that the ongoing mass meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi have faded (by design) from ...
Joieau 04/01/2012 57 18 - 217
UCS to NRC: Nyah, Nyah, Nyah
On Thursday I watched the CSPAN livestream of the NRC's commission members before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing, all about how very much safer and better our U.S. nukes ...
Joieau 03/17/2012 20 14 - 193
Fukushima Anniversary: Theatre of the Absurd
I couldn’t think of a thing to say about Fukushima Daiichi one year later that hasn’t already been said a hundred times in a hundred ways. So I’ll just say what an old friend helpfully ...
Joieau 03/11/2012 9 15 - 114
Scientists: 'Big One' Building Beneath Fukushima
Last week the temperature in Fukushima Daiichi's #2 reactor vessel - as measured at the "0" position gage - began rising in an erratic manner. Over the weekend the gage shot over 80ºC, causing ...
Joieau 02/15/2012 259 323 10 2477
San Onofre Nuke: Laguna Opts Out
The city of Laguna Beach, California went on record Tuesday as supporting San Clemente's appeal to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that public concerns be fully addressed before the 2-unit nuclear ...
Joieau 02/10/2012 75 81 1 438
San Onofre, We've Got a Problem
That's a diagram of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry's PWR and APSR steam generator, with ...
Joieau 02/03/2012 56 45 2 276
San Onofre: "Unprecedented" Steam Generator Tube Failure
On Tuesday evening, January 31st, we heard that the San Onofre unit-3 had been shut down due to leakage of more than 30 gallons per day (found to be 80-100 gpd) of primary coolant through a ruptured ...
Joieau 02/02/2012 30 50 - 306
Another Nuke Blackout: Byron Station
Joieau 01/30/2012 98 58 2 398
Fuku Followup: We'll look again in 5 years or so.
In yesterday's installment about the 'endoscopy' of Fukushima Daiichi's unit 2 containment vessel in an attempt to discover where the core and water level might be:
Joieau 01/20/2012 55 32 1 202
Fukushima: da kamra dint werk gud…
Honestly. Does anybody really wonder why the public fears nukes ...
Joieau 01/19/2012 76 35 1 276
Radiation Protection: Need To Know
This post to the Nuclear Free DKos group is to link you all to some very good information I compiled for an article to my web publisher and officially got up on the web today. I'd reproduce it in ...
Joieau 01/16/2012 51 19 2 215
Fukushima Update: That "Other" Facility
Some may remember back last March when the Great Honshu Quake and resulting tsunami started events at the Fukushima-I Daiichi nuclear facility that are still dumping and making news 10 months from ...
Joieau 01/11/2012 43 50 1 316
WNA Director: "Publicly Ventilate" Indian Anti-Nuke Issues
There's an entertaining "special report" in the Forbes India magazine that went online today (from December 29) asking the entirely pertinent question…
Joieau 01/02/2012 10 9 - 72
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