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Christie Investigations
To consolidate the research done on the GOP marketing tool "Chris Christie." Our aim is to develop the entire Christie story in an complete and documented narrative for the edification of the voting public.
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Keynesian Kossacks
Robert Reich, Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz and many other economists tell us we are in a crisis on inadequate demand, and need a large focus jobs, and economic stimulus focused on rebuilding our nation's infrastructure, key industries, and acclerating our conversion to sustainable clean energies, that will reduce of CO2 emissions, and oil imports. Government needs to lead the way, as well as provide regulation for the common good. Keynesian Kossacks believe some aspects of our common good are ...
Kossacks for Equality
Are you aware of the fact that many states in the US have made committing incest illegal? That's right: consensual sex between adults can be punishable with years in prison. This group finds this state of affairs disturbing and is dedicated to combatting lies, misinformation and propaganda related to incest and intends to work toward the eventual repeal of laws against incest in the US as well as the possibility of eventually granting marriage licenses to such couples. Click on the heart next t...
Kossacks for Protecting Real Children
This group is dedicated to combating encroaching Censorship and Fascism in America by educating people on the reality of so-called "virtual child pornography", research shows that contrary to what conservative propaganda says countries where such substances are readily available (like Japan) show no increase in crimes against children, in fact a decrease in such crimes is often observed, also, although few people are even aware of it, the Republican Senate and House passed in 2003 a little know...

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