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What I want for Christmas? My best friend back.
Dear Santa, It's been a long time since I've written to you. Not since second grade, I think, when I asked for that Star Wars Star Destroyer play set. I was mad at you for a long time for not ...
Jon Stafford 12/24/2013 4 25 - -
The Next Great American Political Shift
Everyone knows that Republicans are conservative and Democrats are liberal, right? Sure, you say, that's the way it's always been. To which I respond: then prepare to have your mind blown. The ...
Jon Stafford 05/17/2012 36 26 3 271
GM's Latest Failure, Spelled V-O-L-T
On Saturday, November 20, 2010, I posted this diary , in which I opined, in admittedly bold terms, that the Chevy Volt would be a failure. It looks like I was right .
Jon Stafford 03/10/2012 68 2 - 399
FINALLY, Someone is Talking About the Elephant in the Room: Birth Control
This is nothing less than The Most Important Issue Facing Our Country. Not the war in Afghanistan, or the still-sluggish economy, or the rise of China, or the unrest in the Middle East, or any of ...
Jon Stafford 02/23/2012 29 44 1 299
One Angry Nurse
Today the Republicans in Congress held a birth control hearing. Outside the committee room they apparently hung a sign that said "NO GIRLS" (with the R charmingly backwards, of course; they're so ...
Jon Stafford 02/16/2012 57 213 6 835
An Atheist's View of the "Birth Control Mandate" Controversy
Once again, the Republicans have found something to get all indignant over from the Obama White House. Quelle surprise. Their manufactured outrage at the requirement that religious employers obey ...
Jon Stafford 02/09/2012 64 30 - 220
Twitterbomb: Florida Debate
In what has now become a phenomenon that has taken as many as three people by storm, I give you my Twitter feed of tonight's Republican debate. These ...
Jon Stafford 01/26/2012 9 7 - 132
Twitterbomb: State of the Union
I'd call it stream of consciousness, but that would imply consciousness on my part, and to tell you the truth, the jury's still out. Live from my Twitter ...
Jon Stafford 01/25/2012 6 1 - 43
A Letter To The Past From President Gingrich's America
For some reason I got this in my email. The return address was a dead link. Weird. Dear Voters of 2012, I am writing this letter in the year 2032, nearly twenty years into President Gingrich'...
Jon Stafford 01/22/2012 6 8 - 109
Twitterbomb: Republican Debate
It's interesting how different people see different things. I thought tonight was a net win for Mitt Romney. I thought he did what he needed to do: He came out swinging against Newt Gingrich ("You ...
Jon Stafford 01/19/2012 9 1 - 125
Bret Baier Never Asks Any Of My Questions!
Another Republican debate, another series of barely coherent observations conveyed via the Twitter. If you're looking for coherent, incisive commentary on the state of the GOP field, well then you'...
Jon Stafford 01/17/2012 3 2 - 43
Mitt Romney & The Mormon Kingdom of God
Earlier today, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman dropped out of the Republican nomination race. I like to think this is a sign from the universe that if there is going to be a Jon-with-no-h ...
Jon Stafford 01/16/2012 17 10 - 161
The Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party
Republicans attacking a fellow Republican for being too successful in business? Cue surprised Scooby Doo noise. But it sure is fun to watch, isn't it?
Jon Stafford 01/12/2012 24 6 1 92
Because only a chemically altered state of consciousness makes these guys bearable.
Jon Stafford 01/10/2012 4 3 - 88
One Little Boy Finds A Home
I spend most of my time on Daily Kos griping. I'm what you might call a glass-half-empty sort. Well, if you were nice. If you were not so nice, or maybe just a little more honest, you might ...
Jon Stafford 01/05/2012 52 216 2 740
Mitt Romney's Air of Inevitability, and Why He Scares the $#!+ Out of Me
Michele Bachmann Rick Perry Herman Cain Newt Gingrich Rick Santorum? Give me a break.
Jon Stafford 01/04/2012 78 4 - 186
Why It's STILL Gonna Be Mitt Romney
Well, the Gingrich bubble has burst. I'd say "I don't like to say I told you so," but that would be a lie. I love to say I told you so. In fact it might be my single most favoritest ...
Jon Stafford 12/30/2011 11 3 - 68
American Leadership
Is the world crying out for American leadership? Jon Huntsman thinks so.
Jon Stafford 12/29/2011 3 3 - 33
It Does Not Matter If The Iranians Get Nuclear Weapons
In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer today, Newt Gingrich blasted fellow Republican Ron Paul (in direct violation of the Reagan Doctrine; the Gipper must be rolling in his grave) for his position ...
Jon Stafford 12/27/2011 69 17 - 252
Why Is DKos Running So Slow?
This isn't even a meta-diary, just a technical question, really.
Jon Stafford 12/26/2011 70 31 - 491
Did You Know You Can Travel to North Korea?
I certainly didn't. But in the wake of the Dear Leader's recent ascent to his glorious spot in dictator heaven (where your medals are always shiny!), I was poking around online and found out that ...
Jon Stafford 12/22/2011 14 5 - 113
Random Thoughts
Exactly what it sounds like.
Jon Stafford 12/20/2011 1 1 - 39
Tweeting the Republican Debate
Exactly what it sounds like. Live Tweeted the debate, which in my case basically means hurling inane questions at Bret Baier in the hopes that one of them might slip through. I didn't get started ...
Jon Stafford 12/15/2011 23 13 - 208
What's Next for Gingrich? A Return to Slavery?
Did I just hear Newt Gingrich right?
Jon Stafford 12/10/2011 15 5 1 108
Does the President Have a California Problem?
California has been a reliably blue state since 1992. Home to Hollywood and the godless liberals of San Francisco, it is a frequent object of social conservatives' ire and ground zero for their ...
Jon Stafford 12/09/2011 35 4 - 209
Late Night Ramblings
Throw in some Rolling Stones, and let's talk about the midnight rambler. You know, the one you've never seen before. Some random thoughts to recap the week on this chilly Saturday night...
Jon Stafford 12/03/2011 6 - - 46
Sudden and Relentless Reform
As the Occupy movement continues to gain strength, despite the concerted efforts of the Powers That Be to make it go away, more and more national figures are flocking to its banner. The latest ...
Jon Stafford 11/22/2011 16 3 - 62
Why It's Going To Be Mitt Romney
Let's get something out of the way. The Republican nominee for president in 2012 is going to be Mitt Romney.
Jon Stafford 11/21/2011 40 5 - 146
What Would You Do If You Were Dictator?
A recent BBC article asked if President Obama is a good leader.
Jon Stafford 11/11/2011 19 1 - 78
The Lice Capades
As an elementary school nurse, I have seen an unusual number of head lice cases this year. I am fortunate to work in a progressive school system willing to address the problem head on (no pun ...
Jon Stafford 11/10/2011 21 14 - 116
Cain, Romney, Fears for 2012, and an Apology
I've been away for a couple of months. Banned, to be precise. But more on that later. First a couple thoughts.
Jon Stafford 11/07/2011 27 1 - 176
The President Can Kiss My A**
I have to give it to him, the man can make a good speech. Too bad he can't govern a country.
Jon Stafford 09/08/2011 324 6 - 1350
American Politics: Meh vs. Blah, and the Palin Factor
An article in the Christian Science Monitor today speculates about ...
Jon Stafford 09/07/2011 3 1 - 30
Right-Wing Lies & Status Updates
Cross-posted on FireDogLake : The following has been circulating around Facebook as a status update for ...
Jon Stafford 08/12/2011 17 13 1 98
It Feels Bitter Here
It feels bitter here to me on DKos. Rancorous. It feels like a lot of people are sniping at each other, more than usual. That's a shame. Yeah, it's gonna be one of those kind of diaries..
Jon Stafford 08/10/2011 48 11 - 212
Fears of a Radical Atheist
For a guy who has repeatedly expressed "zero interest" in running for president, Rick Perry sure looks interested in running for president, doesn't he? Word is he'll make it official this weekend. ...
Jon Stafford 08/09/2011 118 23 - 339
For the First Time, I Can See How Mitt Romney Wins
President Obama's 50th birthday was last Thursday. For his gift, NPR host Peter Sagal quipped that the president's daughters wanted to get him a tie, but the president insisted on a new iPod. After ...
Jon Stafford 08/08/2011 59 2 - 232
Negotiation, the Barack Obama Way
Various iterations of this are circling around the internet, so many of you have probably already seen it. And although it was likely started by people with more ill will toward the president than ...
Jon Stafford 08/03/2011 31 16 1 128
American Politics Has Become a Bad Movie
I heard a joke the other day: Q: What do you call a group of religious fanatics bent on destroying the United States? A: Republicans It'
Jon Stafford 08/02/2011 1 - - 16
Maybe We Should Just Let the US Default
Cross-posted on STL : I've been thinking a lot about this debt ceiling debate. I believe that the Republicans, or at ...
Jon Stafford 07/28/2011 45 3 - 167
Yeah, Okay, I Was Wrong
After the elections last November, I was all for running President Obama out of town on a rail. Oh, me of little faith!
Jon Stafford 05/10/2011 27 33 1 306
The N-Word
Cross-posted on Horse Head Soup : Nigger. There, I said it. Was that so bad?
Jon Stafford 01/05/2011 209 20 1 72
Why Does Everyone Have Such a Hard-On for Cap and Trade?
Cross-posted on Horse Head Soup : Okay, maybe I'm just dumb. But I'm not sure I understand what is so great about cap and ...
Jon Stafford 12/18/2010 50 6 - 43
Odd & Ends
Just a few thoughts on some of the topics that have been prominent on Daily Kos in the past few days.
Jon Stafford 12/16/2010 1 - - 28
Things That DKos Ads Think I Like
Does anyone know how the ads on DKos work? Aren't they supposed to be targeted toward the specific user? Because if so, they don't know me AT ALL!
Jon Stafford 12/11/2010 20 3 - 50
No Confidence
Cross-posted on Horse Head Soup : In recent days the tenor of diaries on this site have been resoundingly critical of the ...
Jon Stafford 12/10/2010 53 2 - 49
The Winds of Republican Civil War
Another Tea Party favorite looks likely to be denied a leadership post in the House that Boehner is building.
Jon Stafford 12/07/2010 7 4 1 37
2012 Could Be REALLY Interesting
Cross-posted on Horse Head Soup : I know, I know. It's ridiculous to speculate on an election that is still almost two ...
Jon Stafford 12/05/2010 51 5 - 52
A Potential Nominee Problem for the GOP in 2012
As Kos' recent piece discusses, Minnesota governor ...
Jon Stafford 12/01/2010 41 4 - 32
Freezing Federal Wages: Another Useless Pander to the Right
The Los Angeles Times reports that President Obama is set to propose a two-year ...
Jon Stafford 11/29/2010 39 10 2 91
Why the Chevy Volt = Fail
GM's plug-in hybrid car, the Chevy Volt, has now made its long-awaited and much ballyhooed debut. Will it, as its many boosters claim, lead us boldly into our bold new Green future while ...
Jon Stafford 11/20/2010 142 6 1 148
We the (Rich) People: Plutocracy is Alive and Well in America
The Center for Responsive Politics has released figures on the number of millionaires in Congress .
Jon Stafford 11/18/2010 23 7 - 64
One Tired Old Kossack
In the last few weeks I have been active on DKos again after an absence of nearly two years. (Most of that time was spent online gaming, specifically a game ...
Jon Stafford 11/17/2010 25 4 - 45
Obama Justice Department Run Amok
A recent article on has uncovered systematic government harassment of anyone ...
Jon Stafford 11/16/2010 36 19 - 55
Obama: One & Done?
Cross-posted on Horse Head Soup : As is likely well known to the readers of Daily Kos, Democratic strategists ...
Jon Stafford 11/15/2010 144 4 - 88
A Little Less Obama, A Little More Bush
Cross-posted on Horse Head Soup : I never thought I'd say this. But God help me, I think President Obama needs to be a ...
Jon Stafford 11/12/2010 36 5 - 32
Mike Capuano for Minority Leader?
Representative Michael Capuano (MA-8) has accused House Democratic leaders of "hubris" in seeking to retain their leadership positions after losing more than 60 seats in last week's elections. I ...
Jon Stafford 11/09/2010 100 4 - 51
50 Years Ago Today: JFK
On this date in 1960, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected the 35th President of the United States. Today we live in a world in many ways more complicated and more polarized than the one JFK knew. ...
Jon Stafford 11/08/2010 11 16 - 43
What Now?
Well, here we are again. Another election over, another loss for the good guys. Now we'll start the hand-wringing and soul searching and the asking ourselves "why?" I wonder if this time we'll ...
Jon Stafford 11/05/2010 10 3 - 32
What I Believe
Cross-posted on Horse Head Soup : In recent weeks I have been posting on the Daily Kos after an absence of nearly two years. ...
Jon Stafford 10/28/2010 20 3 - 22
The Onion Has Our Number
Ah, the Onion . Sometimes I really think you ARE America's finest news source. You don't ...
Jon Stafford 10/27/2010 16 18 - 49
Glenn Beck, Mormon Prophecy & The New American Theocracy
This may have already been discussed here, but I did a quick keyword search and did not find it. I apologize if it's repeated material. Cross posted ...
Jon Stafford 10/25/2010 56 18 - 115
Juan Williams: Firing Was Justified, BUT...
Reposted from Horse Head Soup : At the risk of arousing a firestorm, I am going to defend Juan Williams. Kind of.
Jon Stafford 10/22/2010 55 - - 47
Somebody Stop the Country, I Wanna Get Off!
Reposted from Horse Head Soup : Abraham Lincoln is revered in the United States as the secular saint who won the ...
Jon Stafford 10/21/2010 77 3 - 32
MA-6: The Journey of Bill Hudak
Republican Congressional nominee and insanity enthusiast Bill Hudak recently took some time out to talk about the long journey of self-discovery that qualifies him to represent the 6th District of ...
Jon Stafford 10/20/2010 7 3 - 75
Hey Rand, it's Not "False Witness" if it's TRUE
Tea Party favorite and nominal leader of the Nitwit Revolution Rand Paul accuses Jack Conway of "bearing false witness" against him in his new ...
Jon Stafford 10/19/2010 33 13 2 63
We're Better Than This
I'm a pretty longtime Kossack, but I've been away for a while. In fact the other day I posted my first diary in almost two years. Since then I've been poking around, reading diaries and posting ...
Jon Stafford 10/18/2010 85 4 - 57
Two Years Away From Kos
I haven't posted a diary on Kos since shortly after the election of Barack Obama, when I criticized his choice of Hillary Clinton for secretary of state. That was two years ago. But it feels more ...
Jon Stafford 10/15/2010 105 26 - 82
I Guess When Obama Said "Change" I Was Expecting GOOD Change
It's my fault, really. "Change" in and of itself is neither good nor bad. But still, I can't help but be at least a little disappointed.
Jon Stafford 11/25/2008 299 17 2 33
Job Well Done, Senator McCain
I can honestly say that I have never been prouder to be an American than I was tonight. Many words have been written, and will continue to be written, about the history-making events to which we ...
Jon Stafford 11/04/2008 28 9 - 5
Delegate Dissension Comes Before The Fall
As a detached observer and avowed political junkie, I am absolutely loving the ongoing drama of the Democratic race. Loving it. Can't get enough. But as a partisan Democrat and recent convert to ...
Jon Stafford 02/11/2008 14 1 - 1
Confessions of an Obama Convert
Today I did something that I never thought I'd do. I voted for Barack Obama in the Massachusetts Democratic primary.
Jon Stafford 02/05/2008 26 36 - 1
Wow. Just Wow.
I've been away from DKos for a while. Life sometimes has a way of getting in the way, you know? Well, that and taking a little side trip to the Middle East for a few months. But, boy, what a time ...
Jon Stafford 01/09/2008 29 12 1 4
I Was Run Out of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is back in the headlines today with King Abdullah's pardon of a teenage rape victim. As some Kossacks may ...
Jon Stafford 12/17/2007 46 37 2 1
The Camels Are Not Amused
Cross-posted from Jon of Arabia .
Jon Stafford 11/19/2007 19 15 - 4
Adventures In The Middle East
I've recently posted several updates to Jon of Arabia .
Jon Stafford 11/15/2007 3 2 - -
Halfway To Saudi Arabia
Cross-posted from Jon of Arabia .
Jon Stafford 11/01/2007 26 8 - -
On My Way To The Middle East
Well, I've talked the talk – often right here on DKos – so now it's time to walk the walk. In less than 24 hours I will be jetting my way to the Middle East.
Jon Stafford 10/30/2007 40 20 - 12
A Question For The President
I have a question for George W. Bush...
Jon Stafford 10/19/2007 9 6 - -
Bill Clinton Stumps For Niki Tsongas
Last night I had the privilege of seeing former President Bill Clinton speak at a rally in Lowell for congressional candidate Niki Tsongas. It was a hell of a night.
Jon Stafford 10/01/2007 12 7 - 6
I Need An Economist – STAT!
I like to think that I'm a reasonably intelligent person. But I am forced to admit that when it comes to economics, I'm as dumb as a bucket of hair. Sure, I can do basic math. I can even balance ...
Jon Stafford 09/13/2007 52 10 2 2
Encouraging English (Updated)
In the recent Spanish-language Democratic debate, Dennis Kucinich suggested making Spanish a second official language of the United States. I think this is a bad idea. I believe that perpetuating ...
Jon Stafford 09/10/2007 278 6 1 18
Only The Rich Kids Get To Drive
Here in Massachusetts there has been an on-again, off-again attempt to raise the age at which one can get a driver's license from 16 to 17 or even 18. But every time it's been broached it's met ...
Jon Stafford 09/05/2007 43 12 1 16
Former Official Arrested For Revealing Illegal Government Wiretapping
No, not here. At least, not yet. But a chilling glimpse of possible things to come?
Jon Stafford 08/30/2007 3 7 - -
Is Turkey's New President Dangerous?
Turkey chose a new president today in the person of Abdullah Gul , the former prime minister, and most recently ...
Jon Stafford 08/28/2007 29 2 - 7
Follow-Up: I'm Getting A Little Sick Of "Muslim Outrage"
On Sunday I posted a diary entitled I'm Getting A Little Sick Of "Muslim Outrage," in which I expressed my frustration with what I ...
Jon Stafford 08/27/2007 114 11 2 4
I'm Getting A Little Sick Of "Muslim Outrage"
Muslim outrage. How many times have we heard that phrase? "Muslim leaders are outraged at..." It seems to be a common refrain. And each time it is repeated, I find it a little more difficult to ...
Jon Stafford 08/25/2007 362 46 2 15
Response: Boy Horribly Burned in Iraq
Subtitle: Why Daily Kos works. Earlier this afternoon I received an email regarding this diary. Oh, it's on .
Jon Stafford 08/22/2007 23 56 1 151
If Joe Biden Had A Chance, Would You Vote For Him?
The other day I was listening to New York Times columnist David Brooks on NPR talking about the race for the Democratic nomination. Specifically, he was discussing the contest in Iowa, ...
Jon Stafford 08/18/2007 158 9 - 5
Americans Fighting & Dying For The Saudi Monarchy
The Bush administration likes to say that the war in Iraq is about bringing "democracy" to the Middle East. By now, the only people who actually believe this lie are right-wing ideologues and their ...
Jon Stafford 08/16/2007 11 7 - -
Getting My Ducks In A Row For Saudi Arabia
As a few people here on Kos might know, I am preparing to spend a year working at a children's hospital in Saudi Arabia. The following is a cross post from my personal blog,
Jon Stafford 08/14/2007 21 14 - 3
Living Proof That Daily Kos is NOT a "Hate Site"
Yesterday I posted a diary in which I asked the Kos community for help in seeking treatment for a boy at my hospital. The response ...
Jon Stafford 08/09/2007 127 410 9 49
A Request For Help From The Kos Community (UPDATED)
As some people know, I am an RN at a well-known hospital in Boston. I am hoping that someone in the Kos community might have some connections or suggestions in a search for assistance for one of ...
Jon Stafford 08/08/2007 108 306 3 42
Why John Edwards Wins: The Reddish Edge
Last night priceman posted a diary in which he criticized those Democrats who had opposed ...
Jon Stafford 08/06/2007 101 24 1 12
National Health Care Is Coming. Bet On It.
The good news is that national health care is coming. Okay, so that's (obviously) just my opinion – I don't have a crystal ball or anything. (By the way, if anyone knows where to get a ...
Jon Stafford 07/16/2007 17 8 - -
Jon of Arabia
So this isn't technically a proper entry, but just a shameless plug. But I'm hoping that there might be some Kossacks interested in my new blog, Jon of ...
Jon Stafford 07/11/2007 7 3 - -
Driving, Driving, Driving Me Crazy
I think I have road rage. Or at least road annoyance. But it could easily grow into the real deal. I'm not the only one. Road rage is spreading like the monkey-borne virus from "28 Days Later." ...
Jon Stafford 07/03/2007 12 - 1 -
What If They Gave A Pardon And Nobody Came?
Sure, George Bush signed the document. And technically it wasn't a pardon, but merely a commutation of sentence. But that's just semantics. For all practical purposes, Dick Cheney ...
Jon Stafford 07/02/2007 3 2 - -
Help Us Care For Burned Iraqi Children
I recently became aware of the existence of the US Army's Smith Gate Clinic , located outside Camp Scania in Baghdad. The purpose of Smith Gate is to ...
Jon Stafford 06/10/2007 6 28 1 1
I Just Saw John Edwards In Person
I just came from a John Edwards event in Boston. For $15 dollars a head, prospective voters – and anyone else who might be interested – could hear the senator speak in a relatively ...
Jon Stafford 06/07/2007 122 113 2 18
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