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Vikings: Women in Norse Society
The Ride of the Valkyrs John Charles Dollman - 1909 *hat tip to Badjuh for the correction* Through most of the cultures throughout history, little is mentioned of the roles of women in society, ...
Jorybu 10/27/2013 37 77 4 -
Vikings: Gamla Uppsala
Gamla Uppsala ca. 1934 Photo by Oscar Bladh Ok, first I must admit something to you all. I have been obsessed with History Channel’s Vikings series since it first aired. Like most shows that ...
Jorybu 10/20/2013 78 73 8 -
Papal Resignations: A Brief History
The surprise announcement by the Holy See this morning, left me stumped on the historical significance of a pope resigning. I know there had been popes who had given up the office prior to ...
Jorybu 02/11/2013 18 18 - -
Why We Should Care About Richard III
As someone who has always been in love with History, I was fascinated by the archaeological discovery, and subsequent confirmation of the remains of Richard III. It probably consumed far more of my ...
Jorybu 02/04/2013 315 372 24 -
Fact Checking Paul Ryan: "The Clinton Commission" as the Foundation of the Ryan Medicare Plan
In his speech at The Villages yesterday, Paul Ryan attacked the President’s Medicare plan, while trying to convince seniors that his own plan was the solution to save Medicare. In doing so, he ...
Jorybu 08/19/2012 6 10 1 88
Daily Spin: Paul Ryan’s Medicare Speech in The Villages, Florida 8/18/12
Politics isn't just about ideas, or having the right idea. It is about how you frame those ideas, and sell it to the American people. Today, in Central Florida, Paul Ryan gave a speech to a ...
Jorybu 08/18/2012 15 16 - 221
Understanding the $716 Billion Dollar Figure
Today, I found myself in a “discussion” with a right winger on Facebook regarding their attack on Obama over the $716 billion dollar figure Republicans are accusing Obama of cutting from Medicare.
Jorybu 08/17/2012 113 85 8 729
Keeping the Faith: How Do You Stay Enthusiastic?
In the run-up to the 2008 Presidential election, I was one of Obama’s biggest supporters. I donated several times to his campaign, I watched his rallies stream live on the internet, often ...
Jorybu 08/13/2011 22 4 - 68
Florida Early Voting Breakdown: The Enthusiasm Gap
As has been widely reported, early voting began Monday morning in Florida. Being from this state, and knowing the vast importance of the state to both campaigns, I have decided to try and breakdown ...
Jorybu 10/24/2008 32 36 - 22
A Distant Mirror:  The Dangers of Veiled Rhetoric
Over the past week and a half, the message of the McCain/ Palin campaign has sharply turned from issue-oriented to questioning the patriotism and character of Barack Obama. It seems with each ...
Jorybu 10/10/2008 45 74 10 198
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