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Walker Chooses Earth Day to Fire Half of DNR Scientists
In 2011, Scott Walker famously declared, "We're broke," and used that as cover to make the biggest cut to education in state history and make historic cuts to everything else-- including the ...
Jud Lounsbury 04/22/2015 36 131 1 -
Store Walker Promotes in Campaign Stump Speech Pays Zero in Taxes & Has Wages Less Than Wal-Mart
Oh, this is perfect. Walker's favorite campaign stump speech is a story about how he got a one dollar sweater at Kohl's-- the store of choice for the Walker clan. He then transitions into why ...
Jud Lounsbury 04/16/2015 12 24 1 -
Political Arm of Reagan Library Doing Lousy Job Rescuing Walker from Bible Story
The Reagan Library has two parts-- the Reagan Foundation that is pretty much the political arm, and the Reagan Library branch of the National Archives. When I initially started researching this ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/16/2015 16 38 - -
Breaking: Reagan Library Says Walker Tale About Getting Anointed By Nancy With Reagan Bible Not True
This is a developing story brought to you by your's truly in The Progressive . In a nutshell, Walker frequently tells a story about how he got a special invite from Nancy Reagan to ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/12/2015 222 355 3 -
Walker Signing Union-Busting Bill at Union Shop That Had Record Earnings Last Year
Today Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will sign the Orwellian-named "Right-to-Work" legislation at a company whose CEO recently threatened to move the company's few remaining Wisconsin jobs to ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/09/2015 25 63 2 -
Hilarious Audio of UW College Republicans President Responding to Walker's UW Budget Cuts
This just in from Wisconsin's best reporter, WORT's Dylan Brogan, who asked University of Wisconsin's College Republicans President Courtney Mullen to elaborate on claims by her organization that ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/19/2015 15 20 - -
Walker Tells Fox He's Always Opposed Path to Citizenship; But in 2013 Tape He Said it "Makes Sense"
Welcome to How Walker Lies 101. A few days ago, class, Walker was gracious enough to give us a fresh example. A questioner--in this case, Fox News correspondent Brett Baier--asked or started to ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/17/2015 8 11 1 -
Myth Busting the Right-Wing’s "Schools Have to Make Teachers Wear Underwear" Meme
The latest Daily Caller, Inquisitr ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/15/2015 42 56 - -
Walker Says Wisconsin's Growing Trade Deficit is "Great News"
Wisconsin was once the flagship manufacturing state of a United States that exported far more than it imported. Milwaukee, in fact, was once known as the "Machine Shop of the World" because, you ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/13/2015 6 21 - -
Another "Drafting Error"? Walker Also Deleted "Fair and Peaceful" from WI's Labor Peace Statute
Long before Scott Walker dusted off the statutes and tried to put "search for truth" and the rest of the Wisconsin Idea in the 'ol wood chipper, he successfully obliterated something almost as big: ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/09/2015 18 76 - -
Oh Sweet Irony: Walker Caught Lying About Removing "Search For Truth" from UW Mission Statement
Yesterday, Scott Walker finally jumped the shark: He introduced a budget that removed several lines from the University of Wisconsin System's mission statement (aka a little thing known as "The ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/05/2015 132 322 1 -
Bait & Switch II: The Tape of Pre-Governor Scott Walker Promising to "Keep Intact" Education Funding
Tonight, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will officially release yet another budget that slashes state aid to public education in Wisconsin. Before he does, let's take a stroll down memory lane. ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/03/2015 5 22 - -
Breaking: Smoking Gun Found of Scott Walker's Bag Man Paying For Hit on Moderate Republican
In Walker's Wisconsin, it's never "agree to disagree"-- it's agree to agree with the Governor. If you don't, you'll end up like former Republican State Senator Mike Ellis. Ellis was ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/02/2015 127 439 4 -
WI Senate: Ron Johnson Chooses Out-of-State Chain to "Showcase Local Businesses"
As his re-election looms, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson is making a desperate attempt to fix his image of being Senator Snipe-- the Senator who is rumored to exist, but who nobody ever actually sees. So,
Jud Lounsbury 01/30/2015 3 31 1 -
Myth Busting Scott Walker's "Outstanding Teacher of the Year" Got Fired Story
This past weekend in Iowa, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker rolled out one his favorite talking points: The story of how Wisconsin's 2010 "outstanding teacher of the year" winner Megan Sampson got ...
Jud Lounsbury 01/28/2015 55 220 3 -
Stranger than Fiction: Real David Koch Keeps Promise Made to Scott Walker by Fake David Koch
I'll give Scott Walker this: No one can accuse him of having deflated balls. Despite getting caught on tape accepting an illegal offer from someone he thought was billionaire David Koch to "...
Jud Lounsbury 01/23/2015 4 14 1 -
Former Top Aide of Scott Walker Flashes Big Grin As He's Released from Prison
Tim Russell is back, baby!  After two years in the slammer, the mastermind* behind the criminal scheme** to steal taxpayer dollars to fund Scott Walker's 2010 gubernatorial campaign is no longer ...
Jud Lounsbury 01/22/2015 4 11 1 -
New Committee Chair, Ron Johnson: A Working Single Mom Should "Find Someone to Support Her"
Oh, this is rich.
Jud Lounsbury 01/09/2015 158 198 4 -
Ron Johnson: "I Do Orders of Magnitude More" Constituent Outreach than Russ Feingold Did
Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold was known far and wide being for staying in touch with his constituents. �He came home to Wisconsin every weekend; he had listening sessions in every county, every ...
Jud Lounsbury 01/05/2015 19 35 - -
Good Old Boys Club: Unlike Mary Burke, Media Gives Ron Johnson's Absurd Business Claims a Free Pass
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson and Mary Burke had similar resumes when they ran for statewide office: �Both had business background s,� and both had �the primary�
Jud Lounsbury 12/08/2014 6 15 - -
Breaking: Scott Walker Hired Aide with History of Domestic Violence
In 2007, then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, hired Cynthia Archer to be his budget director, despite Archer's public record of having a restraining order placed against her for multiple ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/15/2014 12 12 - -
Walker Tweets That He's Airing Domestic Violence Ad During NFL Game
Ladies... you don't like domestic violence, right? And you're especially mad about this whole Ray Rice thing, right... Well, then maybe you should check out my new ad that will be on during the ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/02/2014 9 11 - -
Walker Says WI Poor Job Growth Not Because of Too Few Jobs: "There are PLENTY of Jobs out There"
Governor Scott Walker set a goal of creating 250,000 jobs in his first term, but as the clock ticks down to zero, Wisconsin isn't even projected to hit half of that goal. And we're last in the ...
Jud Lounsbury 09/16/2014 15 20 - -
Hilarious Audio: In Midst of Ferguson Rant, Rightwing Host Gets Nailed for Attacking a Cop in 1997
Dylan Brogan, Madison's most intrepid reporter, happened to catch right wing talk show host Vicki McKenna's afternoon program while flipping through the dials last Friday. On this day, McKenna was ...
Jud Lounsbury 08/25/2014 75 103 2 -
John Doe Docs Indicate "David Koch" Call Part of Case Against Walker
The heart of the case against Scott Walker is that he cooked-up a scheme to illegally use corporate dollars and unlimited contributions on his and other recall campaigns by slipping into the drivers ...
Jud Lounsbury 06/20/2014 77 223 4 -
Walker Has Promised U.S. Supreme Court Appointment to Judge That Gutted WI Campaign Finance Laws
Governor Scott Walker couldn't have drawn a better three judge panel to hear a sweeping case that aimed to gut Wisconsin's campaign finance laws. Judge Diane Sykes, however, was a little too good of ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/15/2014 68 156 3 -
Wife of Judge that Killed Walker Investigation is a Frequent Walker Contributor
Last week, in a move that even Republicans have called shocking , U.S. Federal District Court Judge Rudy Randa put the kibosh on a John Doe investigation looking into whether Governor Walker's ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/13/2014 96 141 2 -
Audio of Walker Book Includes "Joke" Calling Teachers & Other Public Workers Lazy, Overpaid Heathens
Scott Walker has released the audio version of his book, Unintimidated. Despite being heavily criticized for having a "top ten" list in the written version that demeans public servants and Muslims,
Jud Lounsbury 05/09/2014 11 22 - -
Ron Johnson's "Victim of Government" Had Her (Government) Plan Killed by Scott Walker, Not Obamacare
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson's troubled "Victims of Government" series has added yet another episode and if Redd Foxx were around he would surely be clutching his chest saying  this is the big one-- ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/08/2014 33 189 3 -
Scott Walker's "Less Dependence on Gov" Ad Features Recipient of Over ONE MILLION in Gov Subsidies!
Governor Scott Walker is out with a new ad that says that, through Walker's leadership, Wisconsin has " less dependence on government, and more dependence on individual hard work." To make his ...
Jud Lounsbury 04/21/2014 96 244 2 -
Scott Walker's Poster Child for High Taxes Has Received Nearly 600K in Gov Subsidies
Last month, Governor Scott Walker picked Horsens Homestead Farms  as the ideal place  to sign his property tax relief bill. Why?  
Jud Lounsbury 04/16/2014 8 43 4 -
Wisconsin Teacher Fired for... Receiving Emails from His Sister
The above headline may not be as salacious as "the teacher fired for watching porn at school" headline that Gov. Scott Walker and the mainstream are hocking, but that is the heart of the case and ...
Jud Lounsbury 01/31/2014 39 151 2 -
With Smithfield Foods' Deal in the Balance, GOP Quietly Reboots Effort to Allow Chinese to Buy Up WI
Last year, a provision in Scott Walker's budget that lifted Wisconsin's ban on foreign ownership of more than 640 acres was met with a serious backlash.  Chinese or other foreign investors could ...
Jud Lounsbury 01/17/2014 7 18 1 -
WI GOP Bill Would Give Inlaws Power to Stop a Daughter-In-Law's Abortion
Wisconsin's Republicans have a new twist on taking away choice that is sure to please the ladyfolk: Allowing the woman's husband, parents or mother and father-in-law to stop a planned abortion. ...
Jud Lounsbury 01/13/2014 192 149 4 -
Meet the Grandfather of Obamacare: Ronald Reagan
On February 16, 1972, the AP headline in papers across the country was "Mandatory Health Insurance Program Proposed by Reagan." Yeah, that's right-- mandatory as in everybody would had to have it .
Jud Lounsbury 10/02/2013 4 4 - -
How Does Eight House Seat Pick-Up Sound? Giffords Old House Seat Now Up +586!
On election night, it appeared that Dems has lost Gabby Giffords old house seat by about 1,400 vote margin. However, that margin didn't include over 40,000 Dem-leaning early votes that had not yet ...
Jud Lounsbury 11/09/2012 22 31 - -
Even Rasmussen / Pulse Opinion Has Obama Winning 275-263
As we all know, Rasmussen weights its polls in a way that is most favorable to Mitt Romney. As such, all of the Republican Party is clinging to hope that Rasmussen is right and Romney is able to ...
Jud Lounsbury 11/05/2012 11 3 - -
Starr's Claim That Lombardi Would Endorse Romney is Absurd: Lombardi was a Strong Democrat
Yesterday, at a Romney event in Packer-obsessed Wisconsin, former Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr did what former Packer stars do far too often: Invoke their former coach's name in an distasteful ...
Jud Lounsbury 11/04/2012 16 13 - -
Koch Bros Also Broke Law When They Threatened Wisconsin Employees
Wisconsin Statute 12.07(3), (with a penalty of jail time), clearly states that employers can't distribute printed materials to employees threatening their employment: No employer or agent of an ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/26/2012 6 15 - -
Internal Walker Memo Clearly Shows Intent of New Rule is To Cut Teacher Pay by 31.1%
Earlier this year, the governor's office was asked to approve implementation rules for Act 10 developed by Walker-appointed commissioners at the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission. The rules ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/31/2012 44 174 6 938
Breaking: Walker Lied to Congress, Created Union Busting Bill Days After 2010 Election!
WTDY's intrepid reporter, Dylan Brogan, has just reported that officials at the the Legislative Reference Bureau say they began work on Act 10, at the request of Walker, in November of 2010-- days ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/23/2012 17 44 - 282
Breaking: New Video Documents 15 Separate Instances Scott Walker Lied to Congress, Under Oath
As Roger Clemons is finding out, lying to Congress is a felony. So is misrepresenting key facts: 18 U.S.C. 1001: a)Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, in any matter ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/16/2012 17 32 1 277
Breaking: Wis Leg Council Confirms That Walker Rule Opens Door For Deep Cuts in Teacher Pay
The nonpartisan Wisconsin State Legislature Legislative Council has released an informational memo on the new Walker rule that gives school boards and other municipalities the "tool" of not ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/04/2012 22 40 2 248
WI School Board Assn Confirms that Some Schools Will Be Forced to Cut Teacher Salaries or Lay-Off
Wisconsin State Journal... you had me at hello, you ol' sidewinder!   Good job:  You were the first Wisconsin newspaper to get this story right .   They interviewed Barry Forbes of the Wisconsin ...
Jud Lounsbury 04/29/2012 8 29 1 195
John Nichols on New Walker Teacher Pay Cut Rule: "So Draconian, People Can't Believe it's Real"
As you may have heard, the big news in Wisconsin is that a new Walker rule allowing school districts to cut teacher pay by approximately 30% is at the tipping point of becoming big news in Wisconsin.
Jud Lounsbury 04/28/2012 157 350 7 1879
Walker Camp Scrubs Site of "Sugar Daddy" Commentary
Last month, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch wrote a horribly sexist op-ed where she compared gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk to a prostitute, when she said that Falk "went out and got herself a ...
Jud Lounsbury 04/18/2012 22 29 1 262
Breaking: Video Shows Walker Promising a Week Before The Election to Negotiate With Unions
Footage of an Oshkosh Northwestern's editorial board meeting with Scott Walker, which took place one week before the 2010 election, has just been released . In the hour long video, which I have ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/02/2012 29 48 - 240
WI Recall: As WI Leads the Nation In Job Loss, Awkward Video Surfaces of Walker Bragging About Jobs
On the same day that the Department of Workforce Development released jobs numbers showing that for the sixth month in a row Wisconsin has lost jobs, a video of Walker has surfaced showing him ...
Jud Lounsbury 01/19/2012 16 24 1 260
Breaking: Top Walker Aide Used the Username "Walker04" to Obtain Child Porn / Solicit Sex
According to a criminal complaint filed yesterday, a former aide of Governor Walker, Timothy Russell, used the username "Walker04" to obtain child pornography. ...
Jud Lounsbury 01/06/2012 194 154 2 1460
Move Over Palin: Scott Walker's Fringe Church Also "Speaks in Tongues"
As many probably remember, back in 2008 Sarah Palin came under ...
Jud Lounsbury 12/12/2011 27 7 - 152
Pffft... Tommy Thompson Had Extra Marital Affair... With NUN!
This was just on earlier this morning on Sly in the Morning on WTDY in Madison Wisconsin: Sly: This ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/18/2011 14 5 - 273
Koch Brothers Bank Rolling Legal Dream Team to Defend Walker's Union-Busting Bill
One of the Koch brothers front-groups, the union-busting group National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, is rolling their tanks into Wisconsin to defend against a lawsuit from Dane County ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/17/2011 6 21 1 119
Walker Kicks-Off BS Worker Appreciation Week & Appoints Anti-Worker Sadist On Same Day!
In honor of the fourth coming " Employee Recognition Program ," Gov. Walker has ...
Jud Lounsbury 05/03/2011 11 21 - 140
Most Hilarious Part of BC Nonsense? Born in USA Requirement is an Urban Legend
That's right. It's an urban legend. I know you heard on it on the tee vee a bunch of times, but the reality is that there is ZERO, ZILCH, NADA in the constitution about having to literally be ...
Jud Lounsbury 04/28/2011 50 5 - 253
GREAT New Report: If WI's Revenues Had Kept-Up With State's GDP, WI Would Have Huge Surpluses
Remember the scene from Good Will Hunting where, Robin Williams reassures Matt Damon that his past abuse wasn't his fault? That, in a nutshell, is what this ...
Jud Lounsbury 04/16/2011 19 119 5 568
Video of Walker Under Oath: "I Don't Even Know Where Cali Is"
Jud Lounsbury 04/14/2011 55 69 2 787
Election Fraud Unlikely... Unless We're Dealing With Someone that is Very Stupid
I have spent alot of time trying to come up with a way that Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus could have added approximately 14,000 votes to the vote totals without it being on the up and up. ...
Jud Lounsbury 04/08/2011 44 8 - 301
Breaking: Coalition of Wis Unions Challenge Walker's Union-Busting Bill on Constitutional Grounds!
This afternoon Dane County Firefighters, AFSCME Local 60 (Dane county workers), and Madison Laborers amended the ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/31/2011 105 191 4 1187
UPDATE|Banana Republic of Wisconsin: Republicans Defy Court Order and Publish Coll. Bargaining Law!
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that the Republicans that control the legislature have instructed their ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/25/2011 222 332 4 2430
Faux News Scrubs Transcript Where WI Sen Maj Leader Admits a Re-Vote on Coll. Bargaining Would Fail!
So, Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald was on Fox News (Greta Van Susteren) on Tuesday night and let slip that he didn't have the votes if they re-voted on killing collective bargaining.
Jud Lounsbury 03/24/2011 51 126 3 939
New Video: Proving Scott Walker is a Liar... In Less Than Ten Seconds
Jud Lounsbury 03/21/2011 4 8 - 102
In Jobs Scheme,"Broke"Walker Spends $1.25 Million to Move Small Illinois Company a Few Miles North
Since Governor Walker was sworn in, he has justified every action, no matter how extreme, with the refrain of "we're broke" and that we are in a "fiscal emergency." But, I guess we're not that ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/18/2011 27 28 - 221
Breaking: Old Tape of Scott Walker Talking About David Duke Shows He Has Always Been a Fruitcake!
In 1992, David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, was seeking to be put on the presidential ballot in Wisconsin. As this was an embarassment for the Republican party, they sought to ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/10/2011 23 48 - 431
Walker's Budget Plan Nixes Birth Control Pills (AKA "Abortifacients")!!!
In his drive to make blue Wisconsin into something out of The Handmaid's Tale, Scott Walker's budget also includes language that would nix a state law that health insurance plans that have ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/03/2011 13 22 1 168
UPDATED: WI GOP State Sen Schultz Says Walker Move a "Classic Overreach" and GOP Colleagues Unsure
I just uploaded excerpts of a half hour interview Republican State Senator Dale Schultz gave this morning on WEKZ, which I recorded. Below are some of the highlights: "It's about dignity" (on his ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/02/2011 174 272 5 2451
New Video: What People are Saying About Scott Walker
A short video running down the comments of a wide variety of public officials and journalists on Scott Walker's attempt to kill public workers right to collectively bargain. From Tommy Thompson to ...
Jud Lounsbury 03/01/2011 6 10 - 82
Video: Wis Gov Busted for Illegal Campaign Coordination w/Koch (& Doing it on the Taxpayer's Dime)
One aspect that is being under-appreciated in prankgate is that Walker is in serious legal trouble because he asked the person he believed to be billionaire David Koch to run phony "issue advocacy" ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/26/2011 165 330 12 2353
Walker Wrong: Reagan Supported Public Worker's Right to Collective Bargain
One of the most amusing parts of the Walker's prank call is his story about how he held up a picture of Reagan to his ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/24/2011 7 8 - 63
WIS Gov Makes-Up Bogus National Ranking to Make Phony Case WIS Schools are "Failing"
One of the most shameful parts of what is going on in Wisconsin is the Governor and the rest of the GOP's bashing of Wisconsin Schools to justifiy their destruction of the teacher's union. If you ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/18/2011 60 149 4 556
Pawlenty Pardon Not That Big of a Deal
Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty pardoned Jeremy Giefer in 2008 for a statutory rape charge that Mr. Geifer had plead guilty to in 1994. In recent weeks, Giefer, has been accused of sexually ...
Jud Lounsbury 12/01/2010 60 4 - 82
WI Lt. Gov-Elect: Obama Wants to Employ Death Panels on EVERYONE!!! (Video)
Now we're talking. Any rightwing squirrel bait can say that Obama is going to start death panels to nudge an old, terminally ill person out of this world, but it takes REAL cajones to say that ...
Jud Lounsbury 11/16/2010 9 1 - 36
It's a Question of Fairness: Most Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rate than their Receptionists
That's what this is about: Is it fair that a receptionist of a billionaire should pay a higher tax rate than his or her billionaire boss? The way the tax code is set up today isn't even a flat ...
Jud Lounsbury 11/12/2010 21 9 1 70
WI Sen:  RoJo Goes Loco After the Election
First RoJo totally screwed up his victory speech by channelling Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber and saying that "when you're in a deep hole, the first thing you do is start digging":
Jud Lounsbury 11/08/2010 31 18 - 60
WI Sen Breaking!!! Ron Johnson Plagiarized Lloyd Christmas Speech!!!
I knew when I first heard Ron Johnson make his famous, "when you're in hole, the first thing you've got to do is start digging" declaration that it was simply to awesome to have come from Johnson--
Jud Lounsbury 11/07/2010 20 3 - 34
Feingold for U.S. Trade Ambassador
When President Obama ran for president, he made a promise to progressives to fight for fair trade. He's done the exact opposite. Here's the thing: Trade imbalances are bad for the economy and ...
Jud Lounsbury 11/05/2010 14 2 1 54
Exit Polls Show There is a Mandate: Repeal Bush Tax Cuts and Uphold Health Care Bill
Despite all the hype about sending a message to Washington about repealing the health care bill, Bush tax cuts, ect that actually was not the message. According ...
Jud Lounsbury 11/04/2010 22 19 1 99
WI Sen Video: "The first thing you do to get out of a hole is to start digging"
Yep, that pretty well somes it up:
Jud Lounsbury 11/03/2010 11 7 - 75
WI Sen: The Nation's John Nichols Predicts Feingold Victory!!!
This morning on WTDY, The Nation's John Nichols predicted a Feingold victory saying: I think Russ is going to win. I do think that, at ...
Jud Lounsbury 11/01/2010 56 35 1 73
WI Sen: Russ Gets Nod of ALL of WI's Largest Newspapers-- Even the Conservative Ones!
With the Wisconsin State Journal's and Appleton Post-Crescent's�endorsements this morning, Russ Feingold acheived the impossible:� He received the endorsments from all of the state's ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/31/2010 173 292 2 119
WI Sen Epic Fail: 12 Stories The Media Never Reported in the Johnson-Feingold Race
Wow. I just looked back at the long list of stories the media never reported-on in this race. I came with up over 20, but culled the list down to a dozen:
Jud Lounsbury 10/28/2010 21 31 - 129
WI Sen: Feingold Victory Dependent on Three Things: Fair Trade, Fair Trade and... Fair Trade
Feingold finally regained his footing a few weeks and had serious traction with his "creative destruction" ad about fair trade. Inexplicably, they pulled that ad and ran ads on veterans, social ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/27/2010 11 5 - 73
WI Sen Breaking: Johnson Caught on Tape Saying He's In The Senate Race To Protect the Rich!!!
Despite telling Politico that you would see the real Ron Johnson after the election , in turns out that at the Rusk County Republican Party meeting in August he slipped up and let us in on ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/26/2010 33 33 - 166
WI Sen w/video: Two Rons, Don't Make it Right: Johnson Attacks Feingold on Gov Loan He Used 3 Times!
So, I go out to mail box this morning and find a Ron Johnson direct mail piece. On the front it says, "When was the last time you visited these places?" And then it has three post cards, with one ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/24/2010 11 18 - 67
WI Sen Breaking: Bowater Bought Johnson's Company in '86 for 17M, Sold it to Johnson for 2M in '97!
Even though Ron Johnson didn't start Pacur, he was named the general manager of the company after Johnson's inlaws sold the company to Bowater in 1986 for 17 million. The source for this is a 12/18/...
Jud Lounsbury 10/23/2010 63 157 - 111
WI Sen Game Changer: Johnson says on video "I don't know what I don't know"
As the election draws nearer, Johnson is melting under the bright lights. A few days ago he was asked by the solid-Republican Green Bay Press Gazette about his jobs plan for the middle class and ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/22/2010 33 30 1 66
WI Sen Breaking: Shocking New Video of Committee Hearing Where Johnson Killed the Child Victims Act
Previously, a short three minute video was was posted on youtube of Ron Johnson testimony before the Wisconsin State Senate on January 12, 2010, in opposition to the Child Victims Act. I have ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/21/2010 138 477 4 370
WI Sen Breaking: Johnson's Employees on Badger Care (Wisconsin's State-Run Health Insurance Plan)
Boy, this guy is a piece of work. First, we find out last week that Johnson's claim that all of his employee's have the same health care plan as he is bogus: Twelve of his employees are prison ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/19/2010 15 29 - 130
WI Gov Video: Walker&Kleefisch Preempt Space Alien Attack
Jud Lounsbury 10/16/2010 2 - - 49
WI Sen: Johnson (R-China) Has Never Created a Job in the USA, But Has Created Lots Overseas
Ron Johnson has been running on one thing: he's a job creator. What he didn't tell you is that he is a job creator overseas! An analysis of Ron Johnson's investment portfolio by ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/15/2010 25 40 1 76
WI Sen: New Polls Show Feingold Surging Because of Focus on Fair Trade
A new Feingold internal poll shows the race tied at 48-48, with their pollster saying it because of the campaign's focus on fair trade: It is clear from several different data ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/12/2010 51 67 - 127
WI Sen Breaking: Johnson Hired Pedophile Shortly After Sexual Assault Conviction (Updated)
According to court records, in early�1994 child predator Steven M. Sosinski�had his wages�garnished from his employer, which was listed at the time ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/11/2010 302 270 2 199
WI Sen: Johnson Exported Jobs to China, Refuses to Answer Questions About It!
If your in Wisconsin, you've heard some variation of Ron Johnson bragging that at as his company, "we don't export jobs to China, we export plastic to China." This statement is fundamentally ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/08/2010 18 12 - 91
WI Sen: Johnson's Old Company on "Exporting America" List
Although Ron Johnson likes to imply that he's been at the helm of his plastic company for the last 31 years, that's not accurate. Pacur was started in Oshkosh in 1979 by�the Curler family as ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/07/2010 18 10 - 47
WI Sen New Video: Johnson "Not totally Opposed to Deficit Spending" for Tax Cuts for The Rich
A few months ago Ron Johnson did an event at the hoity-toity Madison Club in Madison. What made the news that day was that Ron Johnson referred to free trade agreements, which have costs Wisconsin ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/06/2010 11 10 - 58
WI Sen: Johnson Won't Release Names of Pedophile Priests Because He Took Diocese Oath of Secrecy
In this campaign, there have been numerous glaring omissions by the media in their introduction of Ron Johnson to Wisconsin voters, but one of the biggest�is�that Johnson used to serve
Jud Lounsbury 10/04/2010 11 21 - 65
WI Sen Breaking: Johnson's Daughter's Life Was Saved by a Gov Doctor and a FEINGOLD Supporter!!!
Ron Johnson has long-claimed that the reason he entered the U.S. Senate race was to protect the health care system that�he felt was being ruined by the current health care bill, which he ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/03/2010 37 46 - 99
WI Sen: Most Pedophiles Johnson Was Responsible for Dealing-With, Still on the Streets Today
As has been reported earlier, Ron Jonson has served for many years as both a member of the Green Bay Finance Council, which has the ultimate authority under Canon law to deal with and settle sexual ...
Jud Lounsbury 10/01/2010 17 21 - 161
WI Sen: For Years Johnson Helped Diocese Keep Secret the Names of Pedophile Priests
Late yesterday afternoon, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) called on Ron Johnson to help in their efforts to release names of pedophile priest that the Green Bay Diocese is aware ...
Jud Lounsbury 09/30/2010 13 15 - 53
WI Sen Breaking: Johnson Gives Feingold Huge Opening on Sex Abuse Law Suits!
With Ron Johnson's new ad, he has chosen to make settling of law suits and lawyering an issue in this campaign: There are 100 members of the U.S. Senate. 57 of them, including Russ ...
Jud Lounsbury 09/29/2010 54 23 - 47
WI Sen New Info: Diocese Was Trying to Kill Related Sex Abuse Lawsuit When Johnson Testified!
Yesterday, I wrote about how Johnson ...
Jud Lounsbury 09/28/2010 15 21 - 122
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