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Census Bureau Gets it Right on Same-Sex Marriage
Despite the fact that same-sex couples are able to marry under civil law in a number of states across the nation (as well as in a number of countries), the U.S. Census Bureau announced earlier this ...
Judith E Schaeffer 08/04/2009 16 8 - 6
Inventing SCOTUS Rulings to Attack Sotomayor
In a piece here in today’s National Review Online , Thomas Sowell, a prominent ...
Judith E Schaeffer 07/01/2009 10 7 - 2
Good Ideas Only Happen... in America?
Recently, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, launched into one of his favorite talking points: He complained once again about federal judges who ...
Judith E Schaeffer 06/29/2009 8 16 - 191
Jeff Sessions Prefers Judges Who Don't Follow the Law
Yesterday morning, several Republican Senators took to the Senate floor to make speeches outlining their “concerns” about Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. By and large, the ...
Judith E Schaeffer 06/24/2009 14 13 - 95
Same-Sex Marriages To Be Counted in Census
In a post that we at Constitutional Accountability Center published in March, we criticized ...
Judith E Schaeffer 06/22/2009 48 20 - 29
Sotomayor Stands Up Against Unreasonable Strip Searches
The Fourth Amendment of our Constitution expressly gives every person in this country the right to be free from “unreasonable searches and seizures.” Sometime in the next few weeks, the ...
Judith E Schaeffer 06/02/2009 15 10 - 168
The D.C. Council Got it Right on Gay Marriage
Imagine that you’re a resident of, say, Massachusetts, and you decide to bring your spouse down to D.C. for a long weekend of visiting monuments and museums. Now imagine that when you get to D.
Judith E Schaeffer 04/13/2009 6 8 - -
It's Not "Judicial Activism," So Much As "Doing Your Job"
On Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court, in a unanimous ruling , held that a state statute prohibiting same-...
Judith E Schaeffer 04/06/2009 215 10 - 2
Will Same-Sex Couples be "Edited" Out of the 2010 Census?
Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution requires that an “actual Enumeration” of the U.S. population be made every ten years -- a task now referred to as the decennial census. By ...
Judith E Schaeffer 03/12/2009 4 8 - 2
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