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Joe Bageant has died - a huge loss
Joe Bageant, 1946-2011 After a vibrant life, Joe Bageant died yesterday following a four-month struggle with cancer. He was 64. Joe is survived by his wife, Barbara, his three children, Timothy, ...
JuliaAnn 03/27/2011 20 59 - 331
Debate Thoughts: Town Hall My Ass, Etc.
I was jotting notes during the debate. Thought I'd share. I am starting to hate debates ... because they're not. They're fakey, false set up events designed to flatter the moderator and suppress the ...
JuliaAnn 10/07/2008 15 14 - -
Despair as Daily Bread
I have to tell you, I have never been closer to utter despair. I fully realize my station as no more than the eyelash on the face of a microscopic dust mite resting on the head of a pin and all that.
JuliaAnn 03/29/2008 57 60 5 156
Friday Funnies: The Core Bullshit Issues
I have never been so hungry for a presidential election in my life. I remember voting for Carter absentee before taking off on my first trip to Europe. I was young, pretty much just out of college, ...
JuliaAnn 02/29/2008 6 8 - -
I'm calling out this dKos member [and asking for help]
Yes, I want to call out one of our own -- a member who goes by the moniker sheddhead . I'm calling her out for being the kindest, coolest Kossack ever. You know what she did? She ...
JuliaAnn 10/04/2007 272 702 4 37
You've got Bullsh*t: AOL joins the debate
It's 5:33 a.m. and I'm still up, finishing a project. I've smoked so many cigarettes I smell like a canned ham. Mostly because I am so pissed about our moron president. I didn't watch his televised ...
JuliaAnn 09/14/2007 10 12 - 10
The King Speaks: Only the Rich Deserve Handouts
Well, the King Speaks. Off for a month's vacation, Georgie Boy deigned to pontificate on all things GOP. While Minnesotans try to recover bodies, Utah families wait for news of trapped miners, the ...
JuliaAnn 08/09/2007 26 37 1 14
I'm running for office: please help me
OK, I've gone and done it. I signed on the dotted line to run for city council in my Indiana city. Currently, the Republican mayor presides over a 100% GOP council which rubber stamps the usual ...
JuliaAnn 07/12/2007 28 29 - 17
It's the oil, stupid.
Okay, I know I'm getting to sound like a broken record, but I simply cannot take it anymore. The whole discussion about ending the "war" in Iraq has for me reached a level of absurdity that is ...
JuliaAnn 04/30/2007 63 47 5 21
Six Softballs for Bush
Hopefully by now you've had an opportunity to see Bill Moyers' amazing and revelatory program, "Buying the War." A brilliant dissection of government and media complicity in shoving war in Iraq down ...
JuliaAnn 04/28/2007 8 10 - 2
Your Money is Going into Cheney's Pockets
When the Iraq invasion/war/occupation/clusterfuck began, there were smart people who told us from the get-go: this is about oil. Forget the shit about fighting terrorists, forget the "protecting ...
JuliaAnn 04/25/2007 39 50 6 15
It is time, my friends, to name the beast
Tonight my daughter and I drove down a street in our town where a small bog has developed on a rare patch of spare land. The weather is warm -- the first warm day in two weeks -- and the bog is ...
JuliaAnn 04/22/2007 27 33 3 26
Those Iraqi bloggers sure write like Karen Hughes
Sweet jumping Jehosephat, who knew Iraqi bloggers sound so much like Karen Hughes? Or do they pen their thoughts -- thankfully, for us, in the king's English -- more like David Frum? I couldn't ...
JuliaAnn 03/28/2007 347 408 9 61
We are fools and fussbudgets
I can't take it anymore. Every day I come here looking for the diary title that matters: BUSH IMPEACHED, or WAR ENDS, or DEMOCRATS UNITED TO STOP WAR. Or even CHENEY DROPS DEAD. Oh, flame away. ...
JuliaAnn 03/24/2007 35 36 3 10
Washington Confidential
It's been a long, long road, folks. A long and top secret road. I was pouring over the presser Tony Snow held yesterday and was thinking about just how secretive this administration has been ...
JuliaAnn 03/22/2007 13 18 1 6
Worse than Watergate
What can you say about a president who would lead us into war on false pretenses, and sentence thousands of Americans and Iraqis to death for a flawed and pointless mission? What can you ...
JuliaAnn 03/21/2007 69 59 5 147
Evidence to Impeach: Obstruction of Justice
The new political gospel: public office is private graft. - Mark Twain Impeachment is only a matter of time. That is, if the American public has the will to jettison an ...
JuliaAnn 03/20/2007 38 66 8 238
Dishing on Dems and a Chris Rock Gem
If a Democrat is not elected president in 2008, I'll eat my hat. Hell, if a Democrat is not elected president in 2008, I'll probably have to. We've all gone beyond the worry that a Democratic ...
JuliaAnn 03/18/2007 30 22 - 11
The Authoritarians: Chapter Two - "Fear Factor"
Authoritarians have the potential to destroy the world. If you ask me, they've already made too much progress. I've spent hours and hours going over my life trying to figure out why ...
JuliaAnn 03/17/2007 22 27 7 184
The Internet IS Our Free Press {Fitzgerald busy again}
We've talked a lot about the press round these parts. From the insidious Judith Miller and the New York Times' flagrant beating of war drums to the berating of the blogosphere by Howie Kurtz and ...
JuliaAnn 03/16/2007 144 230 11 54
E-mails found! The Khalid File Exposed
Thank heavens for resourceful reporters! As you are all aware, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has -- according to government sources -- confessed to being the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks as well as the ...
JuliaAnn 03/15/2007 14 16 - 138
US Attorneys deserved to be fired w/update
For the past six years, I have watched as scandal after scandal and lie after lie has been paraded for its requisite fifteen minutes of fame. "Surely this will undo the Bush administration," people ...
JuliaAnn 03/14/2007 376 503 26 39
ILLINOIS: The new backwater state
JuliaAnn 11/07/2006 44 5 1 4
From now on, I refuse to deny my gut instinct
JuliaAnn 09/30/2006 584 705 70 37
I wish Tucker Carlson had won Dancing with the Stars
JuliaAnn 09/13/2006 56 34 2 6
Yo, Bush! We're going to stop YOUR shit
JuliaAnn 07/29/2006 181 260 20 37
Truth is an onion, military is a rug: Lies & Denials
JuliaAnn 07/03/2006 8 5 - 2
Politics, parties, and Living Pissed Off
JuliaAnn 06/23/2006 13 20 - 15
A Letter to President Bush from Bumfuck, Indiana
JuliaAnn 06/10/2006 207 330 17 41
One Big Corporation: Haditha meets the Aspens
JuliaAnn 06/01/2006 21 56 7 133
Lying Sack of Shit "Experts"
JuliaAnn 09/06/2005 5 8 - 2
Best Interests of the Nation? Bullshit, Bush
JuliaAnn 09/04/2005 28 1 - -
I won't give 10 cents to Red Cross
JuliaAnn 09/03/2005 27 14 1 1
JuliaAnn 11/22/2004 14 - - 2
JuliaAnn 11/17/2004 11 - - 2
Worrying about the Volunteer Army
JuliaAnn 11/17/2004 7 - - 1
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