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A Heartfelt Letter In Support Of Freedom To Marry
Hey folks, I'm in the process of moving from sunny RED Arizona to BRRRRR Wisconsin. The last thing I have time for is screwing around on the inner tubes but my son just sent me this letter that a ...
Julie Gulden 10/29/2012 11 22 - -
One Last NN12 Photodiary
One last batch of pictures before I start making my plans for San Jose...NN13! As for those of you who are wondering how the NN11 Champion team "ONOZ" fared at the Chairman's Pub Quiz, let me ...
Julie Gulden 06/10/2012 87 140 2 873
NN12 Photos On The Run
Phil S 33 requested more photos...(like I need asking to put up pics: ) I have to study for the Pub Quiz which is being held tonite so I must hurry. You do know that ours was the CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM (
Julie Gulden 06/08/2012 50 111 3 626
Can't Have Too Many Photos of NN12
Hi guys, the adrenalin is flowing here in Providence. . Everywhere I turn there's another "oh my gosh, it's so good to see you again!!" It should be illegal to have this much fun. The registration ...
Julie Gulden 06/06/2012 87 163 2 841
Now isn't this special?
Once upon a time there was a man named Donald who lived at the top of a castle. No one had made him a king, but oh how he thought he was. One day Donald met another man who had ...
Julie Gulden 12/05/2011 56 59 - 324
Me Boycott DKos? You Gotta Be Kidding
Assuming you have read Robinswing's Post, SistahSpeak , you are aware of a boycott of DailyKos for one week.
Julie Gulden 09/11/2011 118 140 2 1415
Wow, Obama Gets Krugman Seal Of Approval
Yes, the good news is that Krugman didn't do a low groan (hardly any), he didn't ridicule nor did he chastise President Obama for his jobs plan. He actually said this:
Julie Gulden 09/08/2011 334 341 1 2507
NOTW Whistleblower Found Dead
Sean Hoare, the whistleblower in the News Of The World hacking scandal has been found dead. According to The Guardian his death is being treated as "unexplained." Hmmm, ya think? http://...
Julie Gulden 07/18/2011 283 253 5 2459
C'mon Simpson, These Are Your "Sharp Cookies"
Way back in November, the loud mouth Alan Simpson was tickled pink with the new congress. He was absolutely orgasmic over what was to come.
Julie Gulden 07/12/2011 11 19 - 106
The Shoulders Under Your Feet
Gail Collin's book When Everything Changed not only informs you of the struggles of the women's movement from the 60's til the present, it makes you feel the struggle. The ...
Julie Gulden 07/04/2011 41 56 1 226
Bachmann's First Gaffe? Nope!
UPDATE: Well, commenters here are better than the media...seems John Wayne WAS born in Iowa. I swear, Daily Kos readers are better than all the MSM put together. UPDATE 2: Actually,
Julie Gulden 06/27/2011 72 25 - 461
NN11 Photo Diary
I apologize for the quality of my pics this year. Please, someone tell Apple to improve their camera on the iPad. (Heh, I sound like a Republican, blame someone else, doncha know!) But I still ...
Julie Gulden 06/22/2011 126 113 6 555
ONOZ Beat The Front Pagers! Photos!
Prior to the convention, someone asked me what the prize was for winning the Chairman's Pub Quiz. My response was bragging rights. Little did I know, nor never in my wildest dreams did I ...
Julie Gulden 06/21/2011 243 61 3 509
Someone Made My Day! Was It You?
Before I get started on my photo diary from NN11 or my Chairman's Pub Quiz diary (did I mention that our team won?), I just have to tell you about my baggage tag from our flight today from ...
Julie Gulden 06/20/2011 34 56 1 301
MinnesONOZ Won The Chairman's Pub Quiz!
Short and sweet tonite cuz I feel a party coming on but I absolutely must share some good news. The "little people" from Daily Kos won the Chairman's Pub Quiz. Get that? NOT THE FRONTPAGERS! They ...
Julie Gulden 06/17/2011 46 25 - 134
Why Grandma Will Be At The Door, Suitcase In Hand
Republicans are taking it on the chin for trying to dismantle Medicare. Wait til the public realizes that Medicaid, which they are also trying to tear apart, is what makes it possible for Grandma ...
Julie Gulden 05/31/2011 168 251 6 1197
UGH! MSNBC Hires Michael Steele
Dear Rachel Maddow, Why did you have to enjoy bantering with Michael Steele so much? Now your overlords think that just because you enjoyed sparring with him, we want to hear more from him.
Julie Gulden 05/23/2011 143 75 - 716
Pelosi's Musical Send-off To Republicans
Ah yes, the Republicans have had a tough couple of weeks. If you doubt that, ...
Julie Gulden 05/13/2011 70 160 4 1062
Unring That Bell!
I never in my wildest imagination thought I would quote Dick Morris. Very bad boy germs there. But, he has managed to diagnose the Republican problem quite well so I threw my scruples out for the ...
Julie Gulden 05/11/2011 20 27 - 133
Americans Celebrate, Fox SSStumbles
People all over the country are coming together to share a long awaited moment in our history. Right or wrong, there seems to be a need to share the feelings generated by Obama's announcement that ...
Julie Gulden 05/01/2011 198 181 5 2859
Wow, 1961 Memo From Immigration File On Obama's Father
Here it is....will it FINALLY put this birther crap to bed? A hand written document (from the U.S. citizenship and Immigration Service through a F.O.I.A. request) offers more evidence that ...
Julie Gulden 04/26/2011 255 240 5 2733
A Virtual Quilt For An Ailing Friend
In the spirit of community, we donate and leave messages for Kossacks who are ill and undergoing serious medical conditions. It has been brought to my attention that we have a very sick friend. No ...
Julie Gulden 04/25/2011 25 18 - 117
A Shocker....Gov. Brewer Vetoes Birther And Gun Bill
I'm shocked. Gov. Brewer has finally done something that makes sense. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Monday ...
Julie Gulden 04/18/2011 136 138 2 1279
Krugman: I Know Wonks!
No false equivalences here! Krugman says, "If you want false equivalences, go elsewhere!" Yea! No faux fair and balanced...and for a very good reason. Obama’s budget proposal ...
Julie Gulden 04/13/2011 107 236 4 1608
Taibbi At His Finest
Once in a great while you read something so brilliantly written, so overflowing with sharp stick adjectives, so venomous yet hilarious that you can't not share it. Such is Matt Taibbi's article on ...
Julie Gulden 04/08/2011 139 348 17 2598
It's Time To Take Stock Of Our Swimming Pool
Less than two short months ago , I wrote my first diary for our brand new website, ...
Julie Gulden 04/02/2011 15 16 - 168
Don't Shop Dillard's!
Oh boy, now I am royally pi**ed off. Dillard's department store, where I USED TO SHOP BEFORE TODAY , will sponsor an anti-abortion fundraiser in Houston. According to the article, ...
Julie Gulden 03/15/2011 262 402 5 2640
Yikes!Tips For Hiring Women In 1943
Hey you "husky" gals, I'm betting that you didn't know you were the cream of the crop! So says 1943 Guide To Hiring Women . March is Women's History Month. This list of tips for hiring is ...
Julie Gulden 03/06/2011 46 41 1 231
WI Tent City...Updated
MAJOR UPDATE: This was just tweeted @thinkprogress ThinkProgress BREAKING: Judge issues temporary restraining order opening Wisconsin state capital Only in Wisconsin!
Julie Gulden 02/28/2011 35 90 1 355
This Is A Test....And I'm Betting You Don't Answer Correctly
Here's the only question on the test.....How much do taxpayers contribute to public employee pensions in Wisconsin? Take a guess...50%....30%....pick your number. See how close you can come. Let ...
Julie Gulden 02/25/2011 223 492 19 3038
Who Does Support Solidarity?
Greg Sargent of Plum Line has some Gallop polling that shows that the only income group that that favors Governor Scott Walker's proposal to roll back public employee bargaining rights are those who ...
Julie Gulden 02/25/2011 18 17 - 95
How's The View From Under The Bus, Gov. Walker?
TheFix That sound you heard was Mitch Daniels throwing Scott Walker under the bus a recent tweet that I relish. Okay, so Governor Walker has lost Governor Daniels. That'...
Julie Gulden 02/22/2011 326 491 8 3206
WI Protesters Sing National Anthem Spontaneously
This would be declared "not a diary" in the olden days. Well, I'm here to tell you that this video warrants a diary not muddled by the most eloquent diarist. It speaks for itself.
Julie Gulden 02/19/2011 118 135 3 753
Betcha can't read the words of this song and not cry! Perhaps it's the emotion of watching "the common folk" in Wisconsin as they protest the "big guys," but I could not read the words of this song ...
Julie Gulden 02/17/2011 54 51 1 257
Why I Love Twitter (SOLIDARITYWI)
When news is breaking so fast that the media can't keep up (think Egypt), Twitter comes through. Following hashtag Follow #SOLIDARITYWI Please use this hashtag to trend it. (
Julie Gulden 02/17/2011 14 16 - 118
Why Are They Smiling?
I'll give you a hint....they are smiling because Social Security reform is coming. Social Security reform is coming. You can tell by the smiling nice guy personas being adopted around ...
Julie Gulden 02/16/2011 21 25 - 153
Justice Thomas....Another "oops"?
Breaking news from The New York Times... Read the entire article here. I'll give you my take in simple form.
Julie Gulden 02/14/2011 246 508 8 3262
Boehner: "It's Not My Job To Say Obama Is Not A Muslim
We saw another Whoa, this is just wrong moment on Meet The Press today. First David Gregory showed a Frank ...
Julie Gulden 02/13/2011 69 59 2 485
Please...Do Not Pee In Our New Pool
Here is our lovely new pool at Dkos 4.0. The water is perfect….temperature a perfect 86.…just enough chlorine to ward off the troll germs. Cheetos are allowed as well as jammies.
Julie Gulden 02/13/2011 54 18 - 523
I'm Vewy Confused...countdown
It's 9:30 MST. We're still here. Is this like a date, and you got stood up? In the meantime, some fun facts to make the wait go faster: Animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons. (look ...
Julie Gulden 02/12/2011 48 9 - 106
Republicans Create JOBS!
Please know that I would never try to undermine what Something the Dog Said in ...
Julie Gulden 02/09/2011 61 23 - 182
Ah For The Good Ole Days When Republicans were....Democrats?
Since Rachel Maddow's show the day after the State of The Union, I have been haunted by her monologue. My main recollection of Eisenhower was that Truman couldn't stand him! He may not have been the ...
Julie Gulden 02/04/2011 13 17 1 73
Once Upon A Time....
Once upon a time, in a far off country, (begins with Afgh and ends with stan) there was a big bank. The entire government used this bank. This bank holds most of the money that pays all the little ...
Julie Gulden 01/31/2011 13 21 - 99
DKos Seating Chart For SOTU Is Hot Off The Press
In the spirit of unity, members of DailyKos have agreed to sit with someone from "the other side" for the State Of The Union address. Members agreed with Lisa Murkowski's ...
Julie Gulden 01/25/2011 162 49 - 86
If Chuck Todd's tweet is any indication, the networks will not only carry the SOTU Rebutal, but will carry the Tea Party Rebutal. Hey, that's not fair and balanced! @chucktodd ...
Julie Gulden 01/24/2011 49 34 - 66
Jobs, Jobs,, no, Abortion, Abortion, Abortion
True to form, the Republicans don't disappoint. They have chosen now to focus on H.R.3. H.R.3 will provide jobs and more jobs a blanket restriction on all abortion funding. Nobody ...
Julie Gulden 01/20/2011 58 27 1 63
Hat Tip To Sharoney
In the broad spectrum of things, this is not earth shattering but I think it's only fair to set the record straight. You may have seen this on the front ...
Julie Gulden 01/15/2011 38 33 2 79
Biggest Missed Opportunity EVAH!  (whew!)
If you want something to be grateful for, here it is. Sarah Palin was one smart advisor away from becoming the new leader of this country . Had Sarah Palin's response to the ...
Julie Gulden 01/10/2011 37 22 - 68
"Whoa, this is just wrong"
In reflecting on the events over the last couple of years that have led up to todays tragedy, one thing stands leader of the Republican party stepped up to the plate and said, "Whoa, this ...
Julie Gulden 01/08/2011 363 658 7 199
Howard Dean: Don't Let The Door Hit You........
Howard Dean never ceases to amaze me. Just when everyone had me convinced that William ...
Julie Gulden 01/05/2011 153 35 - 61
Dear Corporate Overlords, from your friend, Darrell Issa
I'm sure that you have all heard that House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R) has asked business groups which Obama administration regulations to target. Well, I ...
Julie Gulden 01/04/2011 25 29 - 72
This Sucks....Worst Fear Realized?
This is NOT the way I wanted to start 2011. I've frequently said to Republican friends that my worst fear is Jon Huntsman, only to get a deer in headlights look from them. You see, they don't ...
Julie Gulden 01/01/2011 131 12 - 96
Goose On Steroids....not Lame Duck
The "Lame Duck" session got booted. The Goose on Steroids kicked it's butt. Ezra Klein has an interesting take on "why?" It's worth reading his entire article. http://voices.washingtonpost....
Julie Gulden 12/22/2010 24 22 - 48
The Bully Bishop
The Phoenix Catholic Diocese has ended its relationship with St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix Why you ask? Because in 2009 the Hospital made the decision to save the life of a ...
Julie Gulden 12/21/2010 28 32 1 78
Uffda: A Norwegian Blessing
As the snow swirls, the Vikings take on da Bears in an open stadium in a few minutes 5 minutes ago. Tonite will be just like the olden days when a "dome" was that little glass deal for ...
Julie Gulden 12/20/2010 38 15 - 118
Liveblogging: Dream Act/DADT
Recent Tweet @adamleben: Sen. Lieberman ---We spent half a billion dollars to discharge 14,000 soldiers b/c they are gay #DADT #p21 #p2 Follow on ...
Julie Gulden 12/18/2010 234 62 - 78
Throw Me A Bone
Christine Pelosi addresses our dilemma and the choices aren't pretty. It is not in our nature ...
Julie Gulden 12/13/2010 31 25 - 48
Oopsie daisy!   Sorry Ohio & Wisconsin
Who said elections don't have consequences?! In Ohio and Wisconsin, two new Republican governors have put down their foot on using the government's money for high speed rail.
Julie Gulden 12/09/2010 444 295 2 97
Believe it or NOT
Call me twisted, but this just tickles me so much. First we have the geekiest of the geeks, Wikileaks, managing to keep up and running despite attempts to block them by the techiest of the techs.
Julie Gulden 12/08/2010 62 37 - 60
HA!  DeMint Not For "The Deal"
As I've watched Obama struggle to gain support for his "deal," my poor little mind could not fathom the new branch of conservatives going along with this deal. Member those noisy folks during the ...
Julie Gulden 12/07/2010 37 25 - 52
Take Heart....A Must See Animation
The video below is a stark reminder of how fast the political climate can change from red to blue and back again. Thanks to David B. Sparks, a PH.D. candidate at Duke, we see the red when the rich ...
Julie Gulden 11/22/2010 21 38 2 65
Gov't Could Force You To Blog!
That's right. You must blog, it could be mandated. If Cuccinelli is right, there are really no limits to what the government could mandate. You must blog, you must eat turkey on Thanksgiving, ...
Julie Gulden 11/19/2010 24 12 - 53
Brewer Spokesperson: "It's Obamacare's Fault"
I so want to tell you that something good is happening in Arizona, but alas, tis not to be. Today a young man was all prepped at the hospital, about to receive a life saving liver transplant. T'...
Julie Gulden 11/16/2010 7 10 - 94
"Random Act Of Culture"
Bah humbug, it's too early to hear this? The crowd at Macy's didn't think it was too early....maybe it's never too early to hear perhaps the most famous chorus ever written...and particularly ...
Julie Gulden 11/12/2010 84 84 - 213
A MUST not this one UPDATED
UPDATE! You guys are terrific! WineRev's diary just hit the rec list! Thank you! WineRev's ...
Julie Gulden 11/11/2010 18 12 - 98
Tea Party Funeral Today
Today is a good day. It's the day the Tea Party died. It matters not how many of their house candidates win. What matters is that if conventional wisdom holds, they have cost the Republicans the ...
Julie Gulden 11/02/2010 236 285 6 564
Charlie Cook to Republicans: You suck
Sometimes, less is more. Charlie Cook has just summed up this whole suckin election.... Charlie Cook’s message to Republicans: “People don’t like you, you&...
Julie Gulden 10/27/2010 40 25 - 62
GOP Goal:  Make Obama 1 term President
Major Garrett of National Journal scored an interesting interview with Mitch McConnell. Let's just say they aren't even PRETENDING to want to solve any of America's problems. Garrett made ...
Julie Gulden 10/25/2010 186 173 1 1386
ONOZ! Armey...Dems vote early to commit fraud...yup
I can't do it. I can't write something sane about this article and video. This is too nutttttty. I can only ONOZ it....
Julie Gulden 10/21/2010 55 47 - 26
MEMO to JAG Officers:  Uphold Court Injunction.UPDATE DOJ
BREAKING: Internal Memo from U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General to JAG Officers Warning: Service members still remain vulnerable. From Rachel Maddow's blog: http://...
Julie Gulden 10/14/2010 50 23 - 167
Liveblog of Coons Debating with ? Me? You?
UPDATE: BEING COVERED ON CSPAN ALSO. I didn't see a liveblog...any interest? CNN has the debate live. Ooooo, she sounds nervous Out of control Washington.... Beginning with ...
Julie Gulden 10/13/2010 676 64 1 85
Daily Beast Election Oracle (and ghosts)
I don't believe in witches, I don't even believe in oracles unless they are from Omaha and their last name starts with B. According to Wikipedia, ...
Julie Gulden 10/07/2010 17 13 - 47
Feingold: They're Dancing in The End Zone UPDATED
Perfect! Just perfect! Feingold (WI-Sen) has a new campaign ad out and it's a doozie. Show's the Vikings (huge foes of Wisconsin) mooning their opponent. Yes, the analogy is there, mooning is ...
Julie Gulden 10/05/2010 347 564 2 220
DailyKos is where the action is....
In case you were wondering, "are we the cool kids?" The answer is yes, because we hang out at DailyKos. I skim lots of sites, as I imagine you do too. But when I'm done checking others, or get ...
Julie Gulden 10/03/2010 54 32 - 74
"Ghost Candidates" don't deserve your vote
It's time for mass rebellion from ALL voters. If a candidate won't answer questions, if a candidate won't speak with the media....they deserve not a one of our votes. The media is starting to ...
Julie Gulden 09/28/2010 82 104 1 82
I Don't Care What You Say! (McCain)
Grumpy "get off my lawn" McCain steals the show in this youtube video. My thanks to Glassman for tweeting the link! Glassman is the Democratic candidate for Senator running against Grumpy.
Julie Gulden 09/25/2010 24 13 - 211
History Does Indeed Repeat Itself....Reconciliation
Paul Ryan will be Chairman of the Budget Committee if the Republicans win the house. History will repeat itself, but not in a good way. Nigel Hamilton repeated an oft used phrase over at HuffPo ...
Julie Gulden 09/23/2010 23 18 - 41
They are finally saying it:  Privitize Social Security The Club for Growth, the big right-wing GOP pressure operation, just come right ...
Julie Gulden 09/22/2010 58 50 1 54
Senator Franken Chokes up.....updated w/entire video
For those of you who missed Rachel Maddow's show tonite, she ran this clip of Senator Franken's speech today following the DADT vote. It's a wonder we don't all go nuts having such contrasting ...
Julie Gulden 09/21/2010 173 433 2 100
Gallup: Dems Lead In Generic Ballot
Generic Ballot Virtually Tied: Democrats 46%, Republicans 45% LINK Per Markos on ...
Julie Gulden 09/20/2010 23 35 1 55
If History is the judge....
If history is the judge, it's too late for the Republicans to stop the takeover of their party. In 1964 a conservative wave swept over the nation. It seemed like every Republican wanted their ...
Julie Gulden 09/17/2010 26 28 - 78
Turnabout Is Fair Newt?
LaurenMonica's diary which is on the rec list reminded me of an article I ...
Julie Gulden 09/12/2010 34 28 - 97
Another ONOZ, Obama's Tanking!
Between vacation and some personal things going on I haven't stayed to up to date on what the blogs are saying. In other words, I've been out of the loop. Therefore, my main source of information ...
Julie Gulden 09/09/2010 46 44 - 66
Former Bishop of E.L.C.A. Calls Out Anti-Gays
Last August I had the joy of writing this diary: ELCA Votes To Allow Gay ...
Julie Gulden 09/06/2010 18 25 1 63
2ND Annual "Diaries You've Never Seen"
The title could just as easily be, "If bloggers had been alive when..." In view of the fact that history repeats itself, I suspect we would cover historic events much as we do current events. So,
Julie Gulden 08/21/2010 213 51 5 68
HUGE Rally at the Border.....Heh!
4 HUNDRED! Yes, I said FOUR HUNDRED souls showed up for the huge rally at the border.
Julie Gulden 08/16/2010 23 25 - 76
God's Will...Really?
Before I offend the good Christians that inhabit this site, let me be clear, I am a proud member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, I am a believer...but as Susan B. Anthony so ...
Julie Gulden 08/12/2010 589 584 28 90
Cadet Resigns, Unwilling to Compromise Her Integrity
Cadet Katherine Miller, who ranked 9th in her class at West Point, has resigned from the Academy.
Julie Gulden 08/10/2010 15 45 - 54
Kagan Sworn In...and We HAVE Come A Long Way Baby
Three women on the United States Supreme Court...ho hum, yawn, yeah, big deal... Um ya, it's a BFD. Almost two-thirds of my lifetime* there were only men on the Supreme Court. I was 39 years old ...
Julie Gulden 08/07/2010 153 178 2 71
Target Apologizes!
See Soothsayer99's Diary here for more info My my, sometimes it does pay to make calls, send e-...
Julie Gulden 08/05/2010 83 40 - 98
Lunatic's Manual...NY Times Op-Ed
You think you're sick of hearing about the Afghanistan war? You've not seen anything til you read this, The Lunatic's Manual ...
Julie Gulden 08/03/2010 27 25 - 45
Here's Tom Emmer for ya! Scary stuff!
Okay, Target screwed up and TomP documented it here a few days ago.
Julie Gulden 08/02/2010 38 25 - 113
AP to get Helen Thomas Seat
Okay, Fox lost. Well, not completely, they did get an upgrade to the front row (AP's old seat) but at least they didn't get Helen's old seat. It seems rather petty to be fighting for the best seat ...
Julie Gulden 08/01/2010 77 40 - 147
Borders ARE SAFE
In May I wrote about the Arizona Republic practicing journalism is this article:
Julie Gulden 07/30/2010 29 33 - 31
Breaking:Judge places hold on parts of SB1070
Susan Bolton is the judge for the law suits filed against SB1070. She has been called "no-nonsense" and "impeccable." The first few of the federal lawsuits over Senate Bill 1070 and by random ...
Julie Gulden 07/28/2010 324 308 1 204 & dirt
We missed you guys at NN10! Please start saving your coins for Minneapolis! I anticipated that it would be fun and nice to put faces with names but I misunderestimated the adrenaline rush!
Julie Gulden 07/26/2010 150 170 6 108
Oh Noes!  Dems panic! Updated
Mark Halperin tell us (so it really really must be true) in his article today titled Dems Start to Panic As Midterm Reality Sets In Oh noes, I'm skeert ...
Julie Gulden 07/19/2010 261 282 3 120
"Mystery Plumber"????
BP has received over 300,000 ideas from people with ideas on how to cap the well. Well, maybe, just maybe, one of those suggestions was the answer. One plumber took it upon himself to try. ...
Julie Gulden 07/15/2010 23 26 2 87
Racial profiling..Legal, and Yes, I said Legal
I was stunned to read this article by E.J. Montini: Racial profiling legal says AZ prof . While I'm not stunned that profiling ...
Julie Gulden 07/13/2010 36 15 - 180
Rachel on MTP Sunday& Her interview with Marketwatch
Hmmm, Rachel will be on Meet The Press tomorrow. Could it be because of this: "This Week" tops "Meet The Press"
Julie Gulden 07/10/2010 49 42 - 113
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