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....and there was LOVE
Norway´s current prime minister Jens Stoltenberg with former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland at Utøya several years ago. I believe Stoltenberg was leader of AUF at the time, and Harlem ...
Mariken 07/22/2012 10 43 - 222
Norway makes Pete Seeger, and all of us, proud
If you've been following the sanity trial of Anders Behring Breivik in Norway, you have been reading the ramblings of a man man. Someone so focused on hate he doesn't seem to understand acceptance ...
MsLibrarian 04/27/2012 18 39 2 192
The Pete Seeger Song Breivik hates - sing along with 40 000 Norwegians
Earlier today 40 000 Norwegians gathered in Oslo to sing the Pete Seeger song "Rainbow race". Similar arrangement were in many other Norwegian cities, as well as in many schools and other ...
Mariken 04/26/2012 62 158 4 657
So sad, serious and surreal. The Oslo/Utøya massacre. First day of trial.
(Not a good diary, just a diary to express some feelings and random thoughts, and I may write more such diaries during the trial). As a Norwegian the massacres July 22nd. 2011 were so shocking and ...
Mariken 04/17/2012 76 65 - 595
Anders Breivik Claims Self Defense For Killing 77 In Norway Massacre. Really.
The trial of Anders Breivik has begun. Here is the self defense argument taken to its absurdist conclusion: self defense against Muslims taking over white nations. He appears to have modified Hitler'...
eXtina 04/16/2012 47 23 - 227
Lest We Forget: Mass-Murderer Anders Breivik Salutes "Allies" in GOP
Recently, the accused Norwegian "Christian" terrorist Anders Behring Breivik underwent another psychiatric evaluation and it was determined that he is indeed mentally able to stand trial for ...
DowneastDem 01/26/2012 8 11 - 126
Norway local elections: 'Breivik party' suffers
Norway held local elections all over the country yesterday, less than two months after the terror attacks in Oslo and at Utøya. The anti-immigrant Progress Party once favoured by right-
Mariken 09/13/2011 42 87 1 856
Islamophobia in Europe: Mohammad Atta and Multiculturalism
(This is Part Three of a Four Part Essay exploring the Norway Terror Attacks in Utøya and Olso by Anders Behring Breivik, and the sources of his Islamophobic ideology: Part One was published on ...
Brit 08/05/2011 35 25 1 106
Jerusalem Post apologizes to Norway
for several of their articles posted after 22/7. We hope that the Norwegian government and people will accept the 'Post’s apology and forgive us for any offense or hurt caused at this ...
Mariken 08/05/2011 10 18 - 153
Homegrown Terrorism: "Exactly the kind of thing you'd find in Baghdad."
This was designed to be a mass casualty event. The bomb was situated on a bench that was surrounded on three sides by brick walls…so the blast would be focused outwards into the ...
AuroraDawn 08/05/2011 99 161 23 793
He is Fjordman
The anonymous blogger Fjordman who is cited and often mentioned in Breivik´s "Manifest" has come forward.
Mariken 08/04/2011 8 11 - 88
Norway's Challenge
Article first published as Norway's Challenge on Blogcritics. The 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City ...
Lovechilde 08/03/2011 7 6 - 31
Going Inside a Shooter's Beliefs
Since the tragic double terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway, we are seeing shooter Anders Behring Breivik's right wing affiliations and Christian religion called into question, ridiculed and in some ...
David Pakman 08/03/2011 2 3 - 43
A Brief History of Modern Islamophobia
(This is Part Two of a Four Part Essay exploring the Norway Terror Attacks and our response to Islamophobia: Part One here:
Brit 08/02/2011 70 53 4 314
Prime Minister of Norway calls for restraint and tolerance in aftermath of tragedy
Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway, has called for restraint and tolerance at a special session of the Norwegian Parliament today. (From:
bozepravde15 08/02/2011 19 9 - 55
What Norway's Terror Teaches us about Islamophobia and Online Hate
This is Part One of a Four Party essay which is also published on the UK's Labour List this week If there’s any shred of comfort that comes come ...
Brit 08/01/2011 42 56 2 296
Can´t feel sorry for Utøya victims, says Debbie Schlussel
Funny how Glenn ...
Mariken 07/31/2011 55 28 1 418
Norwegians React to Fox News' bias and lies
As we all know, Fox News has been going non stop since the massacre in Norway by a raving lunatic who had *very* far right wing views that were based in a very narrow view of Christianity and ...
bozepravde15 07/30/2011 88 289 5 2286
The first funeral
Bano Rashid was the first of the Utøya victims to be buried. She was Kurdish and came to Norway together with her family from Iraq in 1996. She lived in a suburb to Oslo, planned to study law after ...
Mariken 07/29/2011 6 17 - 81
NotRKBA - Norway terrorist bought extended mags in US
So, now we know how far the lax US gun and ammunition laws reach- all the way across the Atlantic. it is reported that Anders Breivik purchased extended capacity magazines for his weapons by mail ...
senilebiker 07/29/2011 97 27 - 325
Glenn Beck- Consider yourself on notice *Pictures fixed*
Pull up a chair Glenn, and have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. I would like to show you something...
SwedishJewfish 07/27/2011 259 833 30 4437
After Utøya: four steps to counter the hate.
As I posted at the end of my last diary about how the attack in Norway was not a ...
LeftCoastBreakdown 07/26/2011 51 39 1 281
Muslims "don't assimilate." Huh?
If I want to get my blood pressure up, I can always listen to rightwing talk radio. But today I was listening to NPR's "The Diane Rehm ...
MsSpentyouth 07/26/2011 14 38 2 146
Yesterday we stood together in mourning, tomorrow the fight continues.
As an American-Swedish dual citizen, I was on vacation in Sweden, having just returned from a trip over to Finland, when the news of the bombing and massacre in neighboring Norway broke. It affected ...
BluePlatypus 07/26/2011 15 47 4 194
Mourning march in Oslo (Photos)
Me and my wife went downtown today to mourn and remember the fallen and to mark that we are not bowing down to hate, fear and violence.
tyfon 07/26/2011 73 190 2 617
Fire Pat Buchanan NOW!: Norwegian Right Wing Terrorist ‘Breivik May Be Right’
Disgusting . . . But, awful as this atrocity was, native-born and homegrown terrorism is not the macro-threat to the continent. That threat comes from a burgeoning ...
MinistryOfTruth 07/26/2011 234 313 4 2411
Norway massacre: You mix paranoia, conspiracy theories and guns ... what did you think would happen?
People pay their respects at a sea ...
kos 07/25/2011 200 153 7 906
Norway killer found inspiration in American anti-Islamism
Anders Behring Breivik (Scanpix Norway/Reuters)
Joan McCarter 07/25/2011 213 100 3 569
Breivik: Conservative Christians, Apocalypticism, & Islamophobia
Anders Behring Breivik described himself as a conservative Christian and he thought Cultural Marxists=multiculturalists=Islamization of Europe. This racist right-wing conspiracy theory is tied to ...
cberlet 07/24/2011 44 37 2 355
Blue-Eyed Terrorism: The New Knights Templar of the Right Wage War Against Diversity
Brian Ross 07/24/2011 1 4 - 78
The "Manifesto" is Plagiarised
They can't even think of themselves and the Media still laps it up. According to the Telegraph UK, Much of the "manifesto" left by the Norweigan shooter is a simple cut and paste job from Theodore ...
MsLibrarian 07/24/2011 39 37 - 324
Oslo Shooter Manifesto: Exterminate The "Liberal Fascists"
I have downloaded the Anders manifesto and used the search function for pdf documents to skim through it. First, A couple highlights: He praises the Tea Party as a sign of the coming race war.
bernardpliers 07/24/2011 104 166 9 965
To The Young
The young at Utøya one or two day before the ...
Mariken 07/24/2011 3 10 - 35
A quick and dirty overview of "A European Declaration of Independence" -mass murderer Anders Breivik
I've stayed up late, reading the fascinating and horrifying 1500 page rationale for the mass murder of children in Norway. In my view, it demonstrates that intelligence and sanity don't always ...
Richard Myers 07/24/2011 37 27 - 191
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