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I'm Not Trying to Kill the Messenger
I am simply saying that some Messengers should be ignored... If I don't like or trust the messenger why would I ...
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 09/10/2010 30 19 - 52
Where is our Rally
We have spent too much time whining and bickering amongst each other.... Some see the President as not perfect enough, others see the President as perfect enough..., and so the arguments ensue...
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 08/29/2010 48 7 1 49
And Now They Call You A Whore
GOP men have continued to dismiss Women, whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent; they have been abandoning and degrading you for many years... When are Republican Women going to ...
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 08/27/2010 4 4 1 29
"she never gets naked. There's no nudity."
These Hypocrites never cease to amaze me.... Apparently this goes on all the time from the Family Values Party.... I know I know not much of a Diary but hey it's Friday Everyone....
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 04/09/2010 57 36 - 38
So Wrong For So Long
The jealousy Joe Scarborough has for President Obama is like a Cancer eating away at his soul. You can look at the deflated disguise fake laughter all over his face, President Obama’s ...
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 03/24/2010 10 4 - 36
Impressive Smackdown
I am not going to write much about this because her words needs no assistance but I had to Diary this Impressive Smackdown of this clown Marc Thiessen. I despise this man on the same level as I ...
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 03/22/2010 4 18 - 27
"shush" Not In Public
This couldn’t be true, could it...? The Senate Republicans No Questions and No Answers for the American People: It has been said that the Senate ...
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 02/10/2010 4 4 - 14
We got Alan Grayson... We got Barbara Boxer
We got Alan Grayson... We got Barbara Boxer.... We got Al Franken....Who else do we have? .......Who else is willing to stand with us...? Republicans despise Grayson... Republicans despise Boxer,
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 01/22/2010 8 11 - 9
The Chronicles of the Whine Squad
Diaries from the past, yes I’ve heard it a lot lately; well I'm commenting on the current catalog of diaries I've read lately.... That should be titled, The Chronicles of the Whine Squad.
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 01/21/2010 30 10 - 10
When Pat Buchanan Makes Sense on Race
When it’s Pat Buchanan who is sounding reasonable in the matter of race could probably be seen as a good indicator that attempting to create a racial controversy will only blow up in your face..
Just Keep it Simple Stupid 01/11/2010 42 17 1 35
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