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Sincerity, not focus groups, wins voters
It's not as if the Republican voters out in the red states actually agree with all of their party's policies. Time and time again, many Democratic positions are supported by people who otherwise ...
K S LaVida 02/12/2015 2 11 - -
The wine, the goat, and the corporate bullies
I had some very nice wine with dinner last night. Nothing fancy, but more enjoyable than a lot of snootier bottles. It was not expensive wine -- I got it at Wegman's, and it comes with change for ...
K S LaVida 05/31/2014 21 42 - -
Two spammers, Senators Brown
A news story today, which hit the front page of the Boston Globe , tells how former Senator Scott Brown had his name on a mass mailing that promoted conspiracy-theory quackery. He had apparently ...
K S LaVida 02/06/2014 8 3 - -
This SOTU paragraph could reinvigorate support for President Obama
The press has suggested that 2013 was an annus horribilus for President Obama. That might be an exaggeration, but it wasn't a great year. Politics is almost all negative nowadays. The Republican ...
K S LaVida 01/11/2014 13 5 - -
Kowtowing to the 1%ers of health insurance
The press and Congress are trying hard to bring down President Obama based on the problems in the early implementation of the PPACA exchanges. The screwed-up web site was bad enough. But that's ...
K S LaVida 11/16/2013 8 2 - -
It's a bad TV season (The Carnival Cruz Show edition)
As drama goes, it was pretty bad. As comedy goes, it was pretty bad. Let's face it, is anyone really surprised about what's happened in Washington over the past month? Sure, TV was saturated by ...
K S LaVida 10/17/2013 1 2 - -
The ACA doesn't screw young adults either
The big lie that the Kochs and others are telling young adults is that the age rating rules in the ACA will lead to subsidies from the young to the somewhat older. That sounds unfair, given that ...
K S LaVida 10/02/2013 2 2 - -
Romneycare and NoCare give way to Obamacare; how do they compare?
Here in Massachusetts, we've had Romneycare available to us for the past several years. The state operation that runs it is called the Massachusetts Health Connector. Obamacare is based on ...
K S LaVida 10/01/2013 4 3 - -
NSA used against Kim Dotcom in NZ copyright battle
About a year and a half ago, one of the biggest criminal raids in the history of New Zealand took place as helicopters, SWAT-type cops, and others raided the compound belonging to Kim Dotcom, owner ...
K S LaVida 08/23/2013 83 70 1 -
How the NSA's hand was revealed by a commercial spin-out
The public now knows more than it did last year about how the NSA spies on all Americans. And the revelations keep on coming. But one of the more recent ones to come out, the one that they have ...
K S LaVida 08/06/2013 97 198 14 -
The worst excuse in the world
I've heard this used so many times that I now recognize it for what it is, conceding the argument while practicing self-denial about it. It's the best excuse to bring up when you have no better case,
K S LaVida 06/10/2013 4 2 - -
Are we being wedged?
Every day I'm getting emails from President Obama, the Democratic Party leadership, and supporters, asking for my support for gun control. Sign this petition, call that congressman. Sure, I sign. ...
K S LaVida 04/17/2013 19 12 - -
Examining social class in the US -- Church's 3-ladder system
Polite people don't like to talk about "class" in the United States. This is a country where almost everyone calls themselves "middle class", and politicians pander to the term as if the whole ...
K S LaVida 04/08/2013 9 16 - -
The looming antibiotic crisis can't be solved by the free market
Most of us alive today do not remember life before antibiotics. I would have had one more uncle had penicillin been available a year earlier; up through the first half of the twentieth century, ...
K S LaVida 03/12/2013 248 284 17 -
Let's cut some entitlements!
Congress and the President are having trouble coming to agreements about how to deal with the "scary scary deficit". It is of course a Very Serious Problem that Very Serious People have to address ...
K S LaVida 03/06/2013 8 6 - -
SCOTUS generic drug case offers two bad choices
It's the kind of tragedy that leads to difficult legal decisions. A woman took a generic drug, prescribed by her doctor for an on-label use approved by the FDA. She developed a rare, but known, side-
K S LaVida 03/04/2013 85 50 1 -
A Passion for Young People
This morning I was listening to Morning Edition on WBUR and they were interviewing Cardinal Sean O'Malley , Boston's Roman Catholic Archbishop. The topic, of course, was the next pope. No, it ...
K S LaVida 02/13/2013 5 2 - -
How vewwy sewious people deaw with twuth and wies
Elmer Fudd has more common sense than the average Very Serious Person, the average Villager. Wile E. Coyote was more perceptive than the average mainstream reporter. Weepy Willie was less clownish ...
K S LaVida 01/20/2013 5 6 - -
It's not 1965 any more
Certainly not for health care. Republican proposals for dealing with deficits, made acute by their hostage-taking leading to the panic-striking fiscal curb, often involve slashing Medicaid. Many ...
K S LaVida 12/13/2012 3 4 - -
Schedule II, or high on the list
Cannabis is now legal, under state law, in two states. It is available by prescription in quite a few. Yet federal law still bans it under all circumstances. It is listed under Schedule I of the ...
K S LaVida 12/08/2012 60 37 2 -
Unraveling the complexities of a national popular vote
That the electoral college is obsolete is more than obvious. That it was ever a good idea is more than questionable, but as the rest of the world grows more democratic, it is a quaint vestige of a ...
K S LaVida 11/26/2012 15 2 - -
Time Magazine, page 87, two pictures explain it all
The election special. A thick edition of the weekly newsmagazine featuring 100 photos that tell the story. Okay, 50 of them are a two-page spread of campaign lapel buttons, something I rarely saw ...
K S LaVida 11/24/2012 29 21 - -
Greece has a balanced budget amendment
Republicans love to call for a "balanced budget amendment" to the Constitution, to prevent deficit spending. This comes from their adherence to disproven right-wing economic theories that were ...
K S LaVida 10/30/2012 67 52 4 -
What needs to be said about Romney's tax plans
I heard two things from Romney in the town hall debate that deserved a direct response, but didn't get one. They may be too mathematical to fit the format of a debate, but they shouldn't be ...
K S LaVida 10/16/2012 1 7 1 -
They weren't gaffes. Ryan choice proves it.
Conventional wisdom holds that Romney's recent three-country swing was a gaffe-fest. He made an arse of himself in England, made a putz of himself in Israel, and shut up while his aide made a dupa ...
K S LaVida 08/11/2012 6 6 - 112
Debunking Brooks' Obamacare falsehoods and the "secret" Republican alternative
The New York Times is supposed to be a newspaper of record, but its ostensibly-moderate conservative columnist, David Brooks, illustrates that not only does he have a right to his opinion, he thinks ...
K S LaVida 07/03/2012 9 24 1 177
What Elizabeth Warren should have said
The "Indian" issue is a huge distraction from Elizabeth Warren's message. The right-wing media are using it as a dogwhistle, allowing their fans to read it either as "she's not really white" (...
K S LaVida 06/06/2012 36 5 - 167
Corporations are people too, my friend, psychopathic people (is Mitt?)
Okay, it's folk psychology, not hard science -- "psychopath" is a pretty vague diagnosis. It generally refers to a person who lacks empathy and displays cruelty to others. Such people often behave ...
K S LaVida 05/18/2012 42 35 4 290
This time, Hilary Rosen was right
Once again we Democrats are going all defensive, apologizing for insensitivity after one Democrat, Hilary Rosen, made a statement that the Banana Republicans turned against us. This has to stop. It'
K S LaVida 04/12/2012 27 17 - 157
Brisket for Passover
And now a little break from the usual politics, as I contribute a recipe diary. If you're vegetarian, please don't be offended; many of us are carnivores, and carnivory is a major part of Jewish ...
K S LaVida 04/01/2012 30 14 1 113
Santorum demonstrates how to really, really lose in PR
It's one thing to lose a primary, but Little Ricky has really pushed the envelope this time. With votes still coming in, to be sure, it's around 83% for Romney to 8% for Santorum. They don't get ...
K S LaVida 03/18/2012 30 28 - 402
Little Ricky and the funny clowns
This is a children's story. Imagine the illustrations ih your minds' eye. They'll look better that way than my drawing them ever could. Little Ricky was a clown. He wasn't the star clown of the ...
K S LaVida 03/14/2012 3 - - 33
Huntsman's strategy: The Backup Mitt
To listen to the pundits, the Iowa caucus sets the stage for the whole election, and therefore it's a race between Mitt "the inevitable" Romney and Rick "not Mitt" Santorum. Mitt almost has the ...
K S LaVida 01/06/2012 18 7 - 86
Just dial Pride, Integrity, Guts in 1960s Chicago
The story below the orange squiggle was posted to Telecom Digest in 2003. Telecom Digest is an Internet mailing list that has been around since 1981, even ...
K S LaVida 11/20/2011 5 4 - 36
Perry: Idiot, or crazy like a fox?
Sometimes you hear something so daft that you figure whoever is saying it must be pretty weak between the ears. With Rick Perry, such times generally occur whenever he opens his mouth. It's just a ...
K S LaVida 11/16/2011 13 2 - 77
Social Justice Index: USA number 27 of 31 OECD members
A German foundation, Bertelsmann Stitfung, has released a report, Social Justice in the OECD – How Do the Member States Compare? Sustainable Governance ...
K S LaVida 10/30/2011 3 7 - 44
The blood feud
It makes more sense as a work of fiction. Cue the ominous music: We will get our vengeance. We will do whatever it takes to destroy you. We do not care about the consequences, to ...
K S LaVida 08/27/2011 3 7 - 63
Life in a libertarian New Gilded Age paradise
You've heard their fantasy. Tiny government doing very little and regulating very little. People are responsible for themselves and get to keep their own money. It's the libertarian ideal. And ...
K S LaVida 08/21/2011 10 17 - 117
Restore Medicare! Undo the Cuts! (Congressional 2012 strategy)
President Obama is carefully executing a Bill Clinton 1996 Re-Election bid, following Dick Morris' advice to triangulate hard to the right. This improves his chance of keeping the White House, but ...
K S LaVida 07/31/2011 4 2 - 40
Profiting from catastrophe: If the US defaults
So you think it's just a game of chicken, and the Banana Republicans are certain to kowtow to business interests who don't want the US to default on its debt obligations? Maybe so, but it's not as ...
K S LaVida 07/14/2011 59 38 - 378
So just raise the damn gas tax already
The politics of dumb, of pandering to the worst instincts of the least-informed voters, is nowhere clearer than in our energy policy. And especially in the way we tax it. The US is not only ruled ...
K S LaVida 06/27/2011 25 4 - 84
The proper word for it is "sabotage"
When President Obama took office, the Republicans announced their strategy quite openly. It was not to rule as the minority party, to contribute an opposing point of view to the debate. It was not ...
K S LaVida 06/11/2011 265 484 22 2885
Failed War on Drugs: Hippie-punching and racism
We've known this all along, but now an international commission of serious people , the Global Commission on Drug Policy , has said it ...
K S LaVida 06/05/2011 17 14 - 143
The dirtiest two words in the language
It's a two-word phrase. When I hear these words together, it makes me want to throw up. These words are the height of immorality. Their very existence leads to obscene behavior. They are far ...
K S LaVida 05/16/2011 72 208 6 1520
Poor, poor Mitt, running for king of the cannibals
I almost feel sorry for our hapless ex-Governor. He is drowning in a sea of irony. His greatest accomplishment as Republican governor of a blue state was creating a Republican health care ...
K S LaVida 05/15/2011 8 2 - 70
Ryan's farcical medical care plans, in translation
The Republican budget proposed by Paul Ryan replaces Medicare with a "voucher" system. In trying to sell this turkey, he's thrown everything he can at it: It's just like Congress has. It's just ...
K S LaVida 04/16/2011 4 6 - 60
Christianism behind Ivory Coast war?
In an internationally-supervised election last fall, incumbent Laurent Gbagbo lost re-election as President of Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) to Alassane Ouattara. The electoral commission certified ...
K S LaVida 04/08/2011 4 2 - 44
The oil well and the carob tree
Two news stories today together illustrate the problem. One is from the NY Times' Green blog:
K S LaVida 03/30/2011 8 8 - 56
Republican candidates: Public schools are a bad idea
The Republican team's march into the distant past showed another side of its extremeness today. From Reuters, via ...
K S LaVida 03/24/2011 6 5 - 73
Drug price outrage -- $10 dose becomes $1500
Look no further for proof that our health care system is broken, and merely reforming insurance rules won't fix it. Today's the Associated Press ...
K S LaVida 03/09/2011 79 221 4 1225
The Congo Scenario - the Repubican vision for America?
The country now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo is well-known as hell on Earth. Millions have been killed in an ongoing civil war, which has been fueled by profits from mining and powered ...
K S LaVida 02/25/2011 3 5 - 43
Should DK4 add personal mail?
Thinking about how much time (too much) I spend on DKos, and seeing how DK4 is replacing DK3 soon, I had this thought... Would it be useful for the site to have a small personal mail feature, so ...
K S LaVida 01/13/2011 16 5 - 41
BREAKING: Congresswoman Giffords shot in Tucson
NPR just announced that Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a gunman who went up to her at a public meeting at a Tucson market. She was with several of her staff who also were attacked.
K S LaVida 01/08/2011 744 366 5 492
But what if I win the lottery!?
Ever notice how many Americans vote against their own economic interests? Republicans wouldn't stand a chance if the bulk of the population understood where the parties stood and actually voted for ...
K S LaVida 01/03/2011 33 12 1 57
The FCC's network neutrality farce
On a site like this, "network neutrality" is treated as a motherhood idea, like social security or a national health care plan. Sure, it sounds good. But it's woefully difficult to legislate. ...
K S LaVida 12/21/2010 11 3 - 202
Tax reform: Obama's last chance?
After ending up with more pie on his face than the late Milton "Soupy" Sales, President Obama continues to press for his tax deal with the hostage takers. But he's added a new wrinkle, suggesting ...
K S LaVida 12/11/2010 8 7 2 52
When I became an "independent"
A front page article today quotes the WaPo, The move is based on a political calculation, drawn from his party's midterm defeat, that places a premium on winning back independent voters.
K S LaVida 12/07/2010 2 1 - 21
That great Republican sense of humor
I know, you think Republicans aren't funny. Well, sure, not in the conventional way. How many good conservative comics can you think of? Sure, P.J. O'Rourke has gotten a few chortles out now and ...
K S LaVida 12/05/2010 2 2 - 57
"Taking" a job, or really working?
Two of today's top controversies, the economy and immigration, can both be looked at in different ways depending upon the words used to describe them. Why is it that some working people are allied ...
K S LaVida 11/29/2010 9 - - 50
Unintended consequences of Catfood recommendations
One of the Catfood Commission's big ideas is to get rid of the home mortgage deduction, and just lower income taxes for everyone. This has a facile attractiveness, and the idea has been batted ...
K S LaVida 11/11/2010 46 6 - 23
Is Obama facing a "heads I win, tails you lose" trap?
It's still the economy, stupid. But now it's time to plan for the 2012 races. With the House in red team hands, what should President Obama and the remaining Democrats do? The Republicans won ...
K S LaVida 11/03/2010 8 4 - 34
The myth of the historical for-pay fire brigades
The recent Tennessee fire tragedy brings to mind the oft-told story about how fire protection allegedly used to work. Back in the olden days, when men were men and the nanny state allegedly didn't ...
K S LaVida 10/10/2010 19 14 1 77
The debt is a lie
When the red team was in power, deficit spending was okay, because IOKIYAR, and besides they were running it up by cutting taxes on the wealthy and spending the money on their favorite activities: ...
K S LaVida 09/20/2010 13 18 - 134
Their problem with stimulus: The Servant Problem
In the early 20th century, the bourgeoisie in America frequently referred to it as The Servant Problem. It seemed that good servants were getting harder and harder to get. In 1926,
K S LaVida 07/12/2010 11 18 - 58
I don't want an electric car
It sure sounds like a good idea... get off of oil by using electricity to power transportation. And we Kogs are natural idealists, so we are attracted to these solutions. We like government ...
K S LaVida 07/03/2010 195 19 1 52
Regulating oil in a worldwide market
One of the common ideas to pop up here as a result of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe is the idea that we need to suddenly reduce our consumption of oil, or energy in general, in order to stop ...
K S LaVida 05/30/2010 12 5 1 204
Why network neutrality is so hard to legislate
Everybody thinks they want the Internet to be "neutral". Nobody wants the local cable or telephone company to tell them what web sites they can visit, what applications they can use, or what they ...
K S LaVida 05/04/2010 29 9 2 45
Obamacare claims its first job loss victim
Marjorie lost her job today. She was laid off by her employer. She was told that her services will no longer be needed, and that she would be best advised to learn another trade. Marjorie is very ...
K S LaVida 04/30/2010 20 28 1 119
Net neutrality may have been saved by the DC court
According to most press accounts, including Sen. Kerry's well-intentioned post, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals decision two weeks ago, overturning the FCC's Comcast Order , is a death knell ...
K S LaVida 04/26/2010 17 35 5 55
MA Health Connector (Exchange) virtually shut
The new HCR law is modeled on the Massachusetts plan, one of whose key features is the "exchange", where insurance is sold without pre-existing condition clauses. This assigned-risk pool here is ...
K S LaVida 04/06/2010 30 19 1 55
Starving the Beast (an HCR tale)
The Reaganauts claimed that cutting taxes and increasing deficits was a way to reduce the size of government, by "starving the beast". Of course it didn't work that way: They just created deficits.
K S LaVida 04/04/2010 13 14 1 36
The "socialism" they're mad about in the HCR law
To hear the 'baggers talk about it, Papa Joe has risen from his grave and is now running the United States. Zombie Mussolini and Zombie Mao are sharing the spoils. The HCR bill must be overturned ...
K S LaVida 03/25/2010 11 5 - 45
The roots of conservatism (based on an anthropologist's article)
I'm prompted to write this because a diary yesterday suggested that teabaggers were responding to future shock: So much has changed in recent years that they're responding, well, oddly. I don't ...
K S LaVida 03/15/2010 57 15 1 39
Up 50% in two years. This is reform?
National health care reform is modeled on the plan now in effect in Massachusetts. The key features of Romneycare are an individual mandate and an exchange ("health connector"), in which there is ...
K S LaVida 03/10/2010 48 10 - 26
How I'd wish to answer Sunday Morning HCR blather
I don't normally watch the Sunday Morning TV talkies. I prefer NPR's Weekend Edition, with the Will Shortz puzzle and fairly decent news coverage. But this week I turned it on for a while. And it ...
K S LaVida 03/08/2010 2 - - 10
Why Goopers are damned happy that Obama won...
Being in charge during a recession is no fun. If you turn it around, great, but in the meantime you're blamed for the mess you inherited. It doesn't matter if you had nothing to do with it -- even ...
K S LaVida 02/21/2010 6 6 3 23
Could politics force the Senate to fix its HCR in the fall?
The diary by ncyeve poses an interesting poll question. Which is worse for Democrats, to pass the Senate HCR bill as-is, or to pass nothing? This is practically a political Sophie's Choice. The ...
K S LaVida 02/07/2010 13 - - 13
How VP Biden might be able to fix the filibuster
The filibuster is a rule of the Senate, but the Constitution states that the Vice President is the presiding officer. Of course in practice he's rarely there and the Majority takes control, but that'
K S LaVida 02/05/2010 27 24 - 38
A party of convnience, not ideology
Democrats have certainly not been very effective in uniting behind contentious issues. Yet the Rethuglicans have strict party discipline and can force every member to sustain the filibuster on any ...
K S LaVida 01/23/2010 13 3 - 14
Lessons on WINNING from Scott Brown
We Massachusetts voters who watched the Brown-Coakley match may have a different impression of the race than what the Villagers along the Potomac think. It was a perfect storm: Brown ran a ...
K S LaVida 01/22/2010 16 7 - 17
Message from voters: R*E*S*P*E*C*T
Democrats repeatedly make fundamental mistakes in dealing with voters. This showed up in the Brown-Coakley match here in Massachusetts, and it will show up again. If you can't get the tone of the ...
K S LaVida 01/20/2010 1 4 - 22
Tax cherry picking: Yo! Not yo' daddy's Blue Cross eX-Treme!
Adverse selection: The sick folks buy the insurance. Hmmm, no risk of that with an individual mandate. Cherry picking: The healthy ones buy your insurance policies. Hmmm, HIGH risk of ...
K S LaVida 01/11/2010 3 1 - 21
Thorium, uranium, and The Bomb
Several weeks ago I posted a diary which simply raised some issues about why nuclear power is not always ...
K S LaVida 01/02/2010 66 23 1 57
Myths that still rule America
The Bush White House referred to many of its enemies as "RBCers". We were their enemy, the Reality Based Community. To the right, reality is an enemy. What matters to their world is Faith, and the ...
K S LaVida 12/21/2009 36 12 5 802
A hybrid HCR plan with a means-tested deductible
Here's another approach to solving universal health care. Let's start with the Rethuglican position: We have universal service; it's called the emergency room. Pretty stupid, right? Expensive as ...
K S LaVida 12/17/2009 6 3 - 28
Are no nukes good nukes?
Few aspects of energy policy are as controversial as nuclear power. Once promising energy "too cheap to meter", then delivering Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, nuclear power still provides a large ...
K S LaVida 11/11/2009 24 2 - 109
Rick Perry is ''a monster''
The coverup of the murder of Todd Willingham by the Rick Perry administration in Texas is getting more brazen. Today Perry upped the ante. Having dismissed members of a study commission that had ...
K S LaVida 10/14/2009 12 14 - 67
The public-care option makes even more sense
The public option for medical insurance is an important part of our desired reforms, of course. But at best it's a weak compromise, not single-payer. And the odds are that if it goes ahead, it'll ...
K S LaVida 09/24/2009 30 7 - 21
President ORomney pushes his Republican plan
Last year I voted for Barack Obama, who proposed a health care plan that had a public option and no individual mandate nad no tax on premiums. He looked like he won the election. But last night, a ...
K S LaVida 09/10/2009 95 12 - 31
Perhaps it's necessary to ration access to the public option?
I'm strongly in favor of a public option, as a crappy substitute for a single-payer system, but we've already lost single-payer as a serious option this year. So we are focusing on public option,.. ...
K S LaVida 09/05/2009 13 2 - 28
I am not a Kossack
I like puns more than most people but some just don't work. The Cossacks were the Ukranian equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan, leading pogroms against Jews and other minorities. They get romanticized ...
K S LaVida 09/03/2009 101 - - 38
Real examples of Mass. Health Connector prices
The Blue Dogs and DLC triangulators are now homing in on Romneycare as the model for "health care reform". This is based on an individual mandate and a "connector" state-run brokerage that allows ...
K S LaVida 09/02/2009 23 17 - 123
BaucusCare: Reviving the health of the GOP
Real health care reform is the kind of issue that can have a long-lasting political impact. If Democrats band together and pass a good program, then Republicans will have an even harder time ...
K S LaVida 06/29/2009 14 9 - 3
States, not local governments, should own public schools
In about 49 states (Hawaii being a notable exception), public schools are run by local districts. The districts may be units of city/town government, or of a county, or be independent districts. ...
K S LaVida 06/20/2009 20 1 - 38
Have we lost the Overton window on health care?
Democrats are too good at one thing: Compromise. The other side never worries about that. They count their votes, twist some arms, and force through the Leader's position. To get the public to ...
K S LaVida 06/15/2009 50 11 1 25
Could a condominium break the I/P logjam?
Long before the term was used to refer to city apartments, a condominium was a plot of land shared by more than one country. It wasn't common and could be messy (New Caledonia comes to mind, shared ...
K S LaVida 06/05/2009 22 7 - 22
Public transit won't revive GM
Michael Moore thinks that GM should switch from building cars to building high-speed trains and fuel-efficient buses. We should all ride around on public transit and that'll make better use of GM's ...
K S LaVida 06/01/2009 97 8 - 182
Nations don't cry "uncle", and nobody likes the schoolyard bully
A schoolyard bully is not a well-loved person, but he often has his posse. Some kids want to be on his side because it seems safer than being on the other side. A few may even admire his inflated ...
K S LaVida 05/22/2009 1 3 1 13
Health Care or Industry, you can't have it both ways
Here's the fundamental divide. All of the posturing, triangulating, and speechifying about the need for "reform" doesn't mean squat if it avoids the 8000 pound mastodon in the room. Is the ...
K S LaVida 05/18/2009 29 16 - 18
Derivatives for the little guy, numbers style
We've learned recently that if it's a "derivative", it's legal, even if it looks like they were just gambling on obscure numbers. If it was really just gambling, then the contracts were probably ...
K S LaVida 03/18/2009 2 1 - 12
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