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ActBlue in 50 Words or Less (with prizes!)
"I believe candidates with strong, sound stances deserve our support, and this is a race where your dollars can make the difference. Please make a contribution to this critical cause."
KTatActBlue 03/18/2009 6 8 - -
Mad (or Glad) About Judd Gregg? Do This.
[ Donate to Paul Hodes on ActBlue] and send a message to Sen. Gregg that you're ready for change. [ ...
KTatActBlue 02/12/2009 137 203 - 42
The State of the States
(From the diaries -- kos) There is a rising force in the online community, often forgotten by the mainstream media because of their niche audience and dispersed nature. With over half a ...
KTatActBlue 10/02/2007 60 28 7 63
Give Props Live during YKos Presidential Forum
I'm here live in the main ballroom with the rest of the ActBlue team and Yearly Kos community. We're prepared for the Yearly Kos Presidential Forum and would like to offer up this as a live "Props" ...
KTatActBlue 08/04/2007 2 3 - 1
Sen. Harry Reid Supports Blogosphere Day
I just got this statement in on Senate Majority Harry Reid's support of the 4th Annual Blogosphere Day! I am immensely proud that 17 of my Senate colleagues have joined me in using ...
KTatActBlue 07/19/2007 2 14 - 5
ActBlue Stats Week: State Level Activity
Over the past week we've looked at a number of statistics from , everything from ...
KTatActBlue 07/06/2007 11 13 1 1
ActBlue Stats Week: Fundraising Pages
Yesterday we looked at the top candidates on ActBlue for the last quarter. Today we'll look at our ActBlue fundraising ...
KTatActBlue 07/05/2007 2 6 - -
ActBlue Stats Week: Top Candidates
(Promoted from the diaries by MissLaura. ActBlue is such an important tool for netroots support of candidates, it's interesting to see these aggregated figures. Be on the lookout for the other ...
KTatActBlue 07/04/2007 42 11 3 39
Q2 Fundraising Stats
Let's spend some time looking at our ActBlue totals, donors, and contributions. I'll be breaking these apart for 2nd Quarter data compared to that for the ...
KTatActBlue 07/03/2007 11 12 - 7
Built to Last
This post was written by ActBlue's co-founder Matt DeBergalis and is cross-posted from the ActBlue Blog . We've talked a lot about how you can use ...
KTatActBlue 07/02/2007 6 10 - -
ActBlue Turns 3 Years Old Today
Today ActBlue marks its 3rd Anniversary. Seriously, 3 years? I know- time flies. Back in 2004, our founders Matt DeBergalis and Benjamin Rahn thought ...
KTatActBlue 06/28/2007 20 20 1 137
County Party Success Story in Maine
Recently I talked about County Parties and how ActBlue can help them in many states across the county. We've been adding ...
KTatActBlue 06/15/2007 1 9 - 6
ActBlue Helping County Parties
Since 2004, ActBlue has helped Democrats raise over $22 million in ...
KTatActBlue 05/31/2007 9 14 - 13
Fundraising for Presidential Candidates
There are a lot of folks here at Daily Kos fundraising or giving passionate pitches for their favored presidential candidates. Whether it is in diaries, comments, or e-mails you are working hard to ...
KTatActBlue 05/10/2007 2 9 - 1
Sen. Kerry's Use of ActBlue
At the ActBlue blog we've highlighted our ActBlue Democratic Nominee Funds a couple ...
KTatActBlue 05/02/2007 19 44 - 10
Sneak Peek of the New ActBlue Fundraising Pages
from the ActBlue Blog Fundraising pages are the most important component of ActBlue: the vast majority of visitors to the site arrive ...
KTatActBlue 05/01/2007 10 6 - -
Donating to New Mexico Candidates
Now that the New Mexico legislature is out of session for 2007, we're happy to inform everyone that donating to New Mexico state candidates is now re-activated ...
KTatActBlue 04/05/2007 3 3 - 4
End-of-Quarter Blog Fundraising Asks
cross-posted from the new ActBlue Blog On Monday I made a post about how ActBlue ...
KTatActBlue 03/30/2007 5 5 1 -
Launching the ActBlue Blog
Crossposted at [ MyDD] With as many friends as ActBlue has in the Democratic blogging community, it's about time we joined the party with a blog ...
KTatActBlue 03/19/2007 11 17 1 71
Supporting DCCC Frontline Democrats
The DCCC's Stakeholder blog [ has just posted] the 2008 Frontline Democrats list. The Frontline Program is a partnership between the DCCC and ...
KTatActBlue 02/15/2007 6 14 1 52
ActBlue- What's the Big Idea?
Karl-Thomas works for Actblue. Most Daily Kos readers have at least some familiarity with ActBlue . �You may be among the 15,000 who contributed ...
KTatActBlue 02/09/2007 14 25 2 17
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