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RKBA: Turning Hawaii Shall Issue
First, shall issue concealed carry means that if the person applying for a carry permit meets the requirements (training, not a felon, meets age limit, etc), then the state must issue that person a ...
KVoimakas 03/21/2014 309 22 - -
RKBA: DE Supreme Court
Delaware isn't exactly known as being the most pro-RKBA state. Tongue planted firmly in cheek. But recently a Delaware Supreme Court decision has made life a bit more interesting for those who ...
KVoimakas 03/19/2014 56 21 - -
RKBA: Shall issue comes to Cali
In a recent diary , I mentioned that "good cause" was struck down over in Cali. Looks like there's been some rather quick (and good) movement on the issue of concealed carry in certain parts of ...
KVoimakas 02/22/2014 138 23 - -
RKBA: 9th Circuit strikes down...
What does the 9th circuit strike down? Here's a teaser: it involves public carry of firearms. Over the fold.
KVoimakas 02/13/2014 478 25 - -
RKBA: Cosmetics based bans are useless
The NY SAFE ACT. One of the more idiotic pieces of legislation I've seen come out of a state legislature with regards to firearms. Why? Over the fold.
KVoimakas 02/12/2014 520 25 - -
RKBA: Wendy Davis
Perhaps you've ...
KVoimakas 02/06/2014 481 32 - -
RKBA: Connecticut
A GOP appointed judge over in CT just upheld the idiotic gun control passed by the legislature. Ironically enough, it seems like his finding could be easily overturned once the appeal reaches ...
KVoimakas 01/31/2014 334 19 - -
RKBA: National Concealed Carry
Currently, if you have a concealed carry permit from your state, it's only good in so many *other* states. There are multiple problems with this. There's the legal side: a state issuing a license ...
KVoimakas 01/30/2014 289 15 - -
Share Our Wealth
KVoimakas 01/20/2014 14 9 - -
RKBA: Myth Busting
There are certain pieces of information that are accepted as gospel when it comes to firearms and firearm related crime. A recent article attempts to debunk some of these myths. Hop over the jump ...
KVoimakas 01/17/2014 253 23 1 -
RKBA: Illinois. About time.
Illinois finally allows civilian concealed carry of handguns. They were the last state in the union to completely ban civilian concealed carry but they joined the other 49 states and the carry ...
KVoimakas 01/14/2014 355 16 - -
RKBA: a Liberal Alternative to the NRA
I've mentioned the Liberal Gun Club here on DK before. forum main page membership page The LGC is...well, let's throw their boilerplate here and then move over the jump for the RKBA boilerplate ...
KVoimakas 01/02/2014 459 42 - -
RKBA: MAIG and MDA, a HuffPo Article
MAIG and MDA joined forces a bit ago. In the official sense. While this leads to some fun trying to combine names (Moms Demand Illegal Guns, Mayors Demand Illegal Moms, Moms Demand Action Against ...
KVoimakas 01/01/2014 73 16 1 -
RKBA: NY SAFE ACT Mag Limits Overturned
So it looks like the first Federal Judge 'step' in the judicial review process says that the NY SAFE ACT is ok, except for the magazine restrictions. Over the jump for more details.
KVoimakas 12/31/2013 257 22 - -
RKBA: Democrats, take Gun Control off the table (please?)
It's not nationwide, but it's an interesting read anyway. Take Gun Control off the table. Well, at least in Missouri. This should be a fun conversation.
KVoimakas 12/30/2013 652 27 - -
RKBA: A 'grand bargain' on gun control?
Hop over the jump to see a suggested grand bargain that expands gun control laws and gun rights.
KVoimakas 12/18/2013 550 23 - -
RKBA: What's been missed about Friday's shooting.
Usually it takes a while before actual facts come out about newsworthy events. There's a rush to get out news, any news, as it's breaking. So I waited a few days to see what would come out about the ...
KVoimakas 12/16/2013 583 19 - -
RKBA: Firearm Laws since Sandy Hook
States that have passed gun control are getting the publicity it seems. New York with its SAFE Act and Colorado with the magazine restrictions (among others) seem to show that the pendulum is ...
KVoimakas 12/12/2013 194 18 - -
RKBA: Cali waiting periods going away?
There's a court decision in Cali that I just found out about. It's waiting period related. Over the jump we go....
KVoimakas 12/10/2013 99 15 - -
RKBA: Straw purchase?
I buy a firearm from a dealer. Say I found a pretty awesome deal online (gunbroker,, wherever). I buy the firearm and gift it (or sell it) to someone I know can legally own a firearm. Say, ...
KVoimakas 12/09/2013 179 13 - -
RKBA: Are you an adult or not?
Recently, there was a diary about a father who wanted to have his two year old daughter shoot. Let's bring that to the other side of the child/adult spectrum: when you first turn into a legal adult @
KVoimakas 12/06/2013 121 18 - -
RKBA: Well Regulated Militia
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What does this mean? To some, it's an individual ...
KVoimakas 12/04/2013 364 22 1 -
RKBA: Texas...Wild West?
Texas tracks the number of active carry permit holders and crimes committed by those permit holders. Let's take a hop or skip over the jump. Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a DKos group of second ...
KVoimakas 12/02/2013 215 25 - -
RKBA: Brady Grades vs FBI UCR
The Brady group gives each state a points grade based on the gun control laws of said state. This PDF link shows the most recent results. Some examples include California with 81 points, Hawaii with ...
KVoimakas 10/28/2013 132 22 - -
NON-Gun Owners Need to Get Used to a Few Things
There are firearms in this country. In civilian hands. And even if they're banned like DiFi wants “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, ...
KVoimakas 10/01/2013 325 26 - -
RKBA: A discussion on the discussion
First, here's the diary which contains the poll I'll discuss over the jump. If you'd like to read it, I'll wait. Otherwise, scroll down to the poll section and check out those numbers before we hit ...
KVoimakas 09/16/2013 242 20 1 -
RKBA: Colorado
The recall election results are in this morning. Discussion over the jump. Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who have progressive and liberal values. We ...
KVoimakas 09/11/2013 440 38 - -
RKBA: More guns...less crime?
It seems like the rule of thumb is that the more firearms a country has, the more crime there is. People like the NRA, some LGC members, and some RKBAers would argue otherwise, pointing to More Guns,
KVoimakas 08/29/2013 146 24 - -
RKBA: a non-unique Second Amendment
The Second Amendment has that prefatory clause which is unique in the Bill of Rights. It's obvious that since they didn't do this elsewhere, it was meant to limit or constrain the rights contained ...
KVoimakas 08/28/2013 67 20 - -
RKBA: what right?
Yesterday we talked about how the right to keep and bear arms is a civil right. Let's talk about individual rights vs the group right view. Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a DKos group of second ...
KVoimakas 08/27/2013 157 31 - -
RKBA: A Civil Right
The right to keep and bear arms: civil right or not? Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who have progressive and liberal values. We don't think that being ...
KVoimakas 08/26/2013 365 38 1 -
RKBA: CDC Report
In January 2013, President Barack Obama issued 23 executive orders directing federal agencies to improve knowledge of the causes of firearm violence, what might help prevent it, and how to minimize ...
KVoimakas 08/23/2013 97 25 - -
RKBA: Suggestions
So you want to know what suggestions pro-RKBA people have put forth to stop our MASSIVE GUN VIOLENCE PROBLEM!!!1!eleven! Here ya go. These are the ones I could throw together right now without ...
KVoimakas 08/20/2013 435 27 1 -
RKBA: Through the eyes of a gun nut.
This diary isn’t about gun control. Not really. Nor is it about whether this kind of gun or that kind of bullet is more or less dangerous. It isn’t about the history of 2nd Amendment, or how the ...
Shadan7 03/01/2011 221 33 1 683
RKBA - Our Memes
RKBA is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who also have progressive and liberal ...
Mandell 02/22/2011 303 29 1 525
RKBA: Open Thread Thursday
Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who also have ...
R K B A 02/17/2011 82 22 1 288
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