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Daily Kos vs. RedState Presidential Predictions.
Every once in a while I like to visit RedState just to see what they're up to. I was pleased to find that they, like Daily Kos, made official predictions for the Presidential race. Somewhat amazingly,
KaiMing 11/06/2012 3 7 - -
Politics In Small Town Missouri
I don't know how he did it, but my grandpa is very well connected. Sure, he can't call up Obama any time he wants to talk about sports, but he knows seemingly every important Democrat in the state. ...
KaiMing 10/06/2012 5 17 - 199
The Etch A Sketch! Don't Forget The Etch A Sketch!
Remember the Etch A Sketch? How Romney's guy admitted they planned on flip flopping his way to the middle? Romney is in mid shake as he hopes to wipe away the ultra-conservative image he crafted ...
KaiMing 10/04/2012 6 1 - 27
Understanding The Election: The Tier System
The presidential election in the United States is very complex. Because of the Electoral College, it is more complicated than simply trying to figure out who the majority support. To really ...
KaiMing 08/14/2012 8 21 - 180
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