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This mouse is moseying—but no goodbyes!
It was a dark and stormy night —No, wait, that's not it. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away —Closer, but still not quite right. Once upon a time, there was a not-quite-30-year-old girl ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/18/2013 366 926 3 -
Paul Ryan at CPAC: Blah blah blah my budget blah blah
Remember when Rep. Paul Ryan was going to save Medicare by destroying it? And then how he was going to save America with his budget that makes Jesus cry? And then how he was going to save Mitt ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/15/2013 6 13 - -
CPAC sort of proud of its one black guy, applauds 'diversity'
This CPAC introduction of South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott will make you want to throw up: Help me applaud diversity. Conservatives aren't usually very into that whole liberal "diversity" thing. In ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/14/2013 51 23 - 58
Sen. Mike Lee once found spoiled chocolate pudding at the salad bar. Screw you, Obama!
[This] is the best thing that has ever happened in the history of CPAC. Actually, it's the best thing that has ever happened in the history of everything.
Kaili Joy Gray 03/14/2013 118 53 - 15
Midday open thread
Today's [comic] is [Judge Scalia, in "Legislative Soul Search!"] by Ruben ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/14/2013 39 7 - 14
CPAC: America is perfect. And it sucks. And it's perfect.
Poor conservatives—they just can't keep their talking points straight. Here's Florida Sen. Marco Rubio: We don't need new ideas. The idea is called America and it still works. And here's ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/14/2013 34 19 - 14
CPAC: Marco Rubio scoffs at 'freeloaders' because it worked so well for Mitt Romney
Since smack-talking freeloaders and moochers and takers worked _so_ well for Republicans in the 2012 election, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, speaking at CPAC, continues on that theme: We have too ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/14/2013 47 38 - 12
GOP tent not big enough for Chris Christie, says CPAC chair
Hey, Republicans, [nice tent you got there]: American Conservative ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/14/2013 94 36 - 18
The GOP admits it has a 'female challenge'
Chicks, man. How the fuck do they work? Well, [this] is progress, sort of:
Kaili Joy Gray 03/13/2013 103 41 1 2
CPAC dress code: Leave your whore clothes at home, ladies
[Click to see the full infographic] Are you busily packing for your big exciting trip to Washington D.C. for the conservative circle jerk convention ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/12/2013 193 106 - -
Laura Bush welcomes the pro-rape crowd into the Republican tent
Laura Bush says there's room enough for everyone In what apparently was an extraordinarily slow news day at CNN, former first lady Laura Bush [sat down with Erin Burnett to share her deep thoughts ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/12/2013 54 33 - 30
Midday open thread
Today's comic is [Dow soars, none for poors] by Matt Bors: [Worst temp job ever
Kaili Joy Gray 03/12/2013 56 5 - -
Rep. Gingrey, MD: 'Recent data' suggests the Akin magic lady parts theory is wrong after all
They actually gave this man a medical degree Hey, kids, have you recovered yet from that time in January when Rep. Phil Gingrey—who is an OB/GYN (that's fancy talk for lady parts doctor) and co-...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/12/2013 103 67 2 -
The new GOP: Now with slightly—very slightly—more women
When Paul Ryan [introduced] his new-but-pretty-much-...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/12/2013 52 24 - 15
Great quotes from history (or something to that effect)
Like, Thomas Jefferson 'n stuff Thomas Jefferson, as interpreted by loser ex-congressman and perpetual deadbeat dad Joe Walsh: The American people have grown stupid, we’ve grown uninterested, we��
Kaili Joy Gray 03/12/2013 45 26 - -
CPAC recommits to irrelevance, gives top booking to Trump and Palin
These are the most important people EVER! [Awesome]: According to an internal draft of the ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/11/2013 54 39 - 19
Catholic Church accidentally buys a gay sauna
What kind of gay sauna would Jesus buy? Don't you just hate when [this
Kaili Joy Gray 03/11/2013 136 144 1 2
RNC head does major outreach to the not-white voters, makes bold assessment of 2012 election
[This will work]: Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/11/2013 42 32 - 6
Sen. Cornyn didn't vote for the Violence Against Women Act, but he still wants credit for it
Sen. John Cornyn (R-Areyoukiddingmestan) File [this press release] from Sen. John Cornyn (
Kaili Joy Gray 03/11/2013 20 33 2 61
Brother of worst president in history is 'proud to be a Bush'
Jeb hopes we've all forgotten by now how much his brother sucked that one time for eight years. Okay, Jeb, you just keep telling yourself [this
Kaili Joy Gray 03/11/2013 130 24 - 10
Texas would like its horrible teen pregnancy rate to be even more horrible
Everything's bigger in Texas ... including the teen pregnancy rate Texas already has [one of the worst
Kaili Joy Gray 03/11/2013 74 74 - 22
Telling teens to just say no to sex doesn't work, so let's waste half a billion dollars doing that
This never actually works In case you were worried that House Republicans haven't come up with any ingenious new ways to waste a whole bunch of your money, [worry no more
Kaili Joy Gray 03/10/2013 125 93 4 6
Open thread: Happy International Women's Day
Kaili Joy Gray 03/08/2013 19 13 - -
Sorry, haters, but Minnesota's about to oppress your right to oppress people
The big scary gay agenda: coming to a state near you. It sure is a bad time to be the kind of bigot who thinks marriage equality laws oppress your God-and-Thomas-Jefferson-given right to oppress ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/08/2013 35 34 - 29
Kansas will let you have your abortion cupcakes, but you're still going to get cancer
Say this for the anti-choicers: They sure are creative. And they never stop looking for new and inventive ways to try to strip women of their basic rights. Half the time, they propose things they ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/08/2013 58 52 - 21
Islamaphobic crackpot accuses CPAC crackpots of 'enforcing the Sharia' because she's a crackpot
Pamela Geller, obviously. Oooh, boy howdy, now _this_ is some tasty crackpot soufflé. Here, [have a taste]: “What are ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/07/2013 56 48 - 5
Rush Limbaugh says Violence Against Women Act just a mean plot by Obama and the Democrats
He's an expert on ... stuff While we here in the civilized world were happy to see President Barack Obama sign into law the Violence Against Women Act, Rush Limbaugh—who is certainly the nation's ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/07/2013 45 56 1 24
New study shows pretty much everyone supports marriage equality now except old white Bible-humpers
America loves marriage equality In case you needed yet more evidence that Americans are embracing marriage equality, you're in luck. Freedom to Marry [has released a new study http://www....
Kaili Joy Gray 03/07/2013 32 43 - -
Midday open thread
Today's [comic] is [Captain Obama, in STAR SE-TREK-STER] by Ruben Bolling:
Kaili Joy Gray 03/07/2013 46 7 - -
Deadbeat dad and loser ex-congressman finally gets a job so maybe he can stop being a deadbeat again
Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Deadbeat) Well, this is some _very_ exciting news. Joe Walsh, the former Illinois congressman and perpetual deadbeat dad, has finally landed himself [a shiny new job http://www....
Kaili Joy Gray 03/07/2013 57 53 1 9
Democrats re-re-re-reintroduce Equal Rights Amendment ... but shhhh, don't tell anyone
This week, Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez introduced [S.J.RES.10]: "A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/07/2013 57 54 2 12
Need a laugh? Former Dubya adviser says Sarah Palin is not 'competent enough' for Fox 'News'
Anyone who worked for this guy certainly understands incompetence I don't have enough fingers to count all the different kinds of funny in [this story
Kaili Joy Gray 03/06/2013 43 62 1 18
Shocking! Catholics don't care what their Church says about ... anything
No one really listened to him anyway No one could have imagined that an institution that took three and a half centuries to admit Galileo was right about the Earth not being the center of the ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/06/2013 218 180 2 14
Sorry, ladies, but fetus-worshippers would still like eggs to have more rights than you
Nope, still not a person In 2011, the fetus-worshipping cult known as Personhood USA tried to get Mississippians to vote on Amendment 26, which would have, through the miracle of modern anti-science,
Kaili Joy Gray 03/06/2013 71 50 - -
Fox 'News' chief Roger Ailes says media sucks for not reporting the truth about 'lazy' Obama
President Barack Obama, with his team, being ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/06/2013 129 76 3 1
Republicans introduce new bill to protect their freedom to restrict yours
Religious freedom means these guys should get to make your health care decisions for you No one really believes religious freedom is under attack. No one thinks we must act NOW�
Kaili Joy Gray 03/06/2013 70 81 1 1
Arkansas Republicans to ban abortion some more. And some more. And some more ...
Just found out you're pregnant? It's already too late for you in Arkansas. Did you know that absolutely everything in Arkansas is absolutely perfect? It's true! Legislators there have solved every ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/05/2013 50 44 - 9
Midday open thread
Today's [comic] is [Racial Entitlements] by Matt Bors: [How much should a 1.5 cent Tylenol ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/05/2013 36 8 - -
Iowa Republican wants to ban divorce so his granddaughter doesn't become a slut
Iowa state Rep. Tedd Gassman, who is VERY interested in his teen granddaughter's raging hormones. (Note: Not a mugshot. That's just how he looks.) Erm, uh, [WHAT?!?!?
Kaili Joy Gray 03/05/2013 182 78 - 20
Republicans have awesome new plan to avoid those awkward 'Todd Akin moments'
If only there were a way to fix the stupid If only Republicans could unlock the secret to not saying stupid shit about rape. [Over and over again. For years and years.
Kaili Joy Gray 03/05/2013 52 58 1 -
Chuck Grassley mad President 'this guy' won't work with Congress to do socialism to America
Assume Chuck Grassley nuts Iowa Sen. ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/05/2013 85 26 1 14
Republicans in disarray on just about everything—except screwing over America
Today's Republican Party Republicans don't even know who they are anymore. Should they attend sensitivity training to learn how to stop saying stupid things about minorities and women and rape—or ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/04/2013 41 46 1 6
Won't someone PLEASE think of the 'poor rich' people?
It's really hard to be rich. Just ask these people.
Kaili Joy Gray 03/04/2013 90 58 - -
Republicans who didn't vote for Violence Against Women Act say they did anyway because why not?
Let's say you're a Republican. (Sorry, I know there's no greater insult, but stick with me here.) So you're a Republican, and you've just voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act��
Kaili Joy Gray 03/04/2013 61 128 3 2
Mark Sanford is now willing to pay ... no, not for hiking the Appalachian Trail
Mark Sanford, hardcore hiking enthusiast Ah, who can ever forget Mark Sanford? Who would ever want to? Disgraced ex-governor of South Carolina; formerly potential Republican presidential candidate; ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/04/2013 48 37 - 28
Romneys give Fox 'News' interview to remind us why we're all glad they're not in the White House
They still don't understand what the hell is wrong with you ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/04/2013 211 139 2 12
Abortion is just like the Holocaust, says death penalty lover, because he's a schmuck
In his keynote address to the Republican Party of Iowa's Celebrate Life event last month, Mike Huckabee—former governor of Arkansas, failed candidate for the Republican presidential nomination ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/03/2013 150 80 - 43
Catholic bishops officially endorse gay hate orgy 'to stand in solidarity with people of good will'
Which part talks about hating people? Nothing says "love thy neighbor" like joining a big ol' hate orgy outside of the Supreme Court to protest equality. But on March 26, when the Court will hear ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/01/2013 30 51 - -
Women are fat because they don't do enough housework anymore. No, really, it's science!
Women are fat and lazy. Science! Because no intrepid reporter at the _New York Times_ was able to track down Generic Successful Career Woman TM to share her personal anecdote of woe about how hard ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/01/2013 182 89 1 -
Republicans suck because Obama is mean to them, says sore loser who is mean to everyone
Totally not bitter Okay, [the interview] with ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/01/2013 71 50 - 14
America's most unlikable 1 percent couple to explain again how hard it is to be them
Look, Ann. You can almost see our relevance from here.
Kaili Joy Gray 03/01/2013 200 99 - 3
BREAKING: Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Real World) has a vagina, apparently
Pssst. Sean. You don't actually have a vagina. [This explains ... everything]: Questioner: “I’m wondering about ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/28/2013 111 166 3 18
Meet the two weenie Democrats who are cool with violence against not-straight, not-white women
Reps. Lipinski and McIntyre First, the good news. The House finally—_finally_—[reauthorized
Kaili Joy Gray 02/28/2013 75 68 - 15
House finally votes on Violence Against Women Act to protect ALL women
After the last Congress allowed the Violence Against Women Act to expire because Republicans believe only straight, white women deserve protection from rape and abuse, the House is finally doing ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/28/2013 88 61 - 16
How a widow celebrates her 13th anniversary
It was 13 years ago that we went on our first date. Thirteen years since we danced in his kitchen, and he asked for permission to sweep me off my feet, and I knew—I just knew—that I was going to ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/27/2013 168 347 5 -
Republican sponsor of constitutional ban on gay marriage insists that of course she's still a bigot
It's coming, bigots. Deal with it. While most of America is coming to accept that marriage equality is a good thing, there's one bigot who's still damned proud to be a bigot and plans to be a bigot ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/27/2013 16 36 1 21
Sequestration will cut Meals on Wheels because old people don't need to eat
Enjoy it while it lasts While House Republicans are busy focusing on super important things like [the size of the Democrats' email list
Kaili Joy Gray 02/27/2013 111 39 - 14
Michele Bachmann: Other than losing, I did everything right when I ran for president
Don't look at the investigations of my campaign. ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/26/2013 40 39 - 9
Indiana Republicans graciously decide they're cool with just probing you the one time
As is often the case when the anti-woman extremists propose some utterly absurd bill to deny health care to women, it didn't take long for them to back down just a bit when the collective outcry ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/26/2013 63 51 1 2
Midday open thread
Today's [comic] is Drone medals of valor by Matt Bors: Have you been craving the ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/26/2013 32 10 - -
Republicans would like to waste your tax dollars investigating Planned Parenthood some more
Want to know what Planned Parenthood does? It's right here, in this pretty pie chart. You're welcome, ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/26/2013 28 54 1 3
Bigots in disarray: National Organization for Marriage declares war on Republicans
This means war! You know, if you're a bigot. As marriage equality continues to spread across the country, the bigots are becoming so desperate, they're even declaring war on each other! Yes, the ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/25/2013 37 44 1 13
Pope Benedict probably wasn't blackmailed into resigning by the gay lobby. Probably.
Blackmail victim, obviously. In case you were wondering if the real reason Pope Benedict XVI resigned was because he was blackmailed by the gay lobby, here's Catholic League President Bill Donohue ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/25/2013 32 29 - -
Pat Robertson assures concerned teen that not 'every sweater you get from Goodwill has demons in it'
Are you a teen who likes shopping at secondhand stores but worries that your clothes might be possessed by demons, and you'll have to spend all your time praying the evil out, like this concerned ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/25/2013 237 112 1 -
Oklahoma to ban birth control coverage 'cause some quack says it suppresses your identity
Note: Does not actually suppress your identity. From the state that brought you the ban on sharia law and [on using fetuses in food
Kaili Joy Gray 02/25/2013 265 143 - 14
Obama administration asks Supreme Court to strike down Defense of Marriage Act
[This] is a very welcome Friday news dump: The Obama administration urged the Supreme Court to ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/22/2013 44 44 2 20
Archbishop proud to hook up with hate group 'to witness to the truth about God's plan for marriage'
March all you want, but equality is coming Oh, ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/22/2013 40 52 - 5
John McCain tells grieving mother 'you need some straight talk' because he's a very bad man
Asshole. All right, who pissed in John McBitter's corn flakes this week? Because [this] is just awful, even for him: ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/22/2013 164 90 2 20
Bad news for religious zealots: Plan B is not an abortion
Don't you just hate when you have an extremist anti-woman agenda based on your wacky interpretation of what you think Jesus and Thomas Jefferson believed, and you're trying like hell to make the ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/22/2013 72 184 3 3
Indiana would like to be the next state to transvaginally rape you. Twice. For your own good.
Indiana wants to screw you coming and going Say this for Indiana Republicans—they sure are creative when it comes to figuring out the very best way to stop women from exercising their legal right ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/21/2013 176 105 - 6
Midday open thread
Today's [comic] is [... And who shall save God-Man?] by Ruben Bolling:
Kaili Joy Gray 02/21/2013 58 6 - 20
Chuck Grassley accidentally becomes pro-choice
Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley, the [senator from Twitter], is an odd duck. He's a regular ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/21/2013 91 64 - 16
Laura Bush is all for marriage equality—just don't quote her on that
Classy lady Former first lady Laura Bush doesn't want you to know she thinks gays and lesbians should have the same rights as, you know, everyone else. Yes, that's what she believes. Or at least ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/21/2013 84 43 - 18
New ad for marriage equality shows the fight is over and the bigots lost
Another day, another example of how the battle for marriage equality really is coming to an end—and the good guys are winning. [Via
Kaili Joy Gray 02/20/2013 62 76 - 5
Mitt Romney heading to CPAC, ready to insult Americans some more
He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Were you sitting around, wistfully remembering the good ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/20/2013 103 25 - 4
Former Republican senator knocks up fellow senator's daughter. But just the one time!
Sen. Pete "Baby daddy" Domenici Don't you just love the smell of a [Republican sex scandal] in the ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/20/2013 254 257 2 23
Hey, ladies, want to catch a man? Stop being whores and put down that sword
She's never gonna catch a man THAT way Are you "a woman who's looking for Mr. Right and getting nowhere"? Well, then, you're in luck, because Suzanne Venker is [here to tell you http://www.foxnews....
Kaili Joy Gray 02/20/2013 361 206 - -
Midday open thread
Today's [comic] is [Media Carnival] by Matt Bors: Aw. Poor _National Journal_ has a hard time ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/19/2013 61 12 - -
Republicans throw pity party for Richard 'Rape babies are a gift from God' Mourdock
Republicans still very confused about this whole rape thing Despite the resounding rejection of the Men Who Think Rape Is No Big Thang And/Or Awesome TM in the 2012 election, some Republicans are ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/19/2013 33 50 1 2
Alabama Republican says a baby 'is the largest organ in a body' because she's a moron
Infantem organum Forced birthers aren't really known for their science acumen. Just ask former Rep. Todd Akin, the deep thinker who gift-wrapped the Missouri Senate seat for Claire McCaskill by '...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/19/2013 164 174 1 3
Journalism is hard, so Washington Post 'reports' anti-choice conspiracy theories instead
In this era of "some say" and "both sides do it" journalism, it's not exactly surprising to read an article in the _Washington Post_ that tries so desperately to be "fair" that facts and reality ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/17/2013 144 152 - 3
Herman Cain to join Fox 'News' because there is a god and she has an awesome sense of humor
How many women did Herman Cain "offer a job to" again? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha—pause for breath—hahahahahahahahah: Fox News Channel has hired former Republican presidential candidate and ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/15/2013 81 35 1 17
Illinois Republican complains that marriage equality discriminates against bigots
Sure is getting harder and harder for the bigots, isn't it? On Thursday, Illinois's state Senate voted to legalize marriage equality. And while the bill faces tougher opposition in the House, the ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/15/2013 78 88 1 3
Midday open thread
Today's [comic] is [The secret legal program for drones] by Ruben Bolling:
Kaili Joy Gray 02/14/2013 55 7 - -
Very Serious Journamalist finds out what Mrs. Boehner's getting for Valentine's Day
Trigger warning for the Orange Weeper of the House. Trigger warning for Luke ["emblematic of the sort of nepotism that gives nepotism a bad name"
Kaili Joy Gray 02/14/2013 53 28 - 3
House Republicans: Gosh, maybe opposing Violence Against Women Act is a bad idea for 2014
Republicans might not [give a damn about women], but at ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/14/2013 35 29 1 3
Pelosi uses her grandmother voice to call Boehner a giant wimp
There there, John. Sure, Nancy Pelosi ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/14/2013 66 68 2 24
Anti-choice group calls on Catholics to 'pray and fast for our bishops' to not suck so much
The American Life League, which [claims] its mission is "to serve God" by hating abortion a lot, is [calling
Kaili Joy Gray 02/13/2013 57 40 1 2
Watch out, Ken Cuccinelli, Planned Parenthood is coming for you
Are you scared yet, Ken? You should be. The uphill battle to win the Virginia governorship just got a lot harder for state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R-of course). Cuccinelli is a hero to the ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/13/2013 22 66 - 2
Republican senators bravely stand up for the rights of rapists and abusers
You can tell just how insane the Republican Party has become when it can't even agree that prosecuting and reducing violence against women is a no-brainer. For nearly two decades, even Republicans ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/13/2013 71 78 3 16
Midday open thread
Today's [comic] is [Judge Prez] by Matt Bors: Join us tonight, starting at 8:30 PM ET, as we liveblog ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/12/2013 28 2 - -
Los Angeles archdiocese 'quietly appropriated $115 million' from dead people
Kaili Joy Gray 02/11/2013 141 213 1 6
Michele Bachmann's bitter, unpaid staffer: 'I witnessed a crime ... they covered up the crime.'
Surely she has a reasonable explanation for all this It's been a few weeks since we tuned in to [As the Batshit Crazy Bachmann Turns
Kaili Joy Gray 02/11/2013 101 290 4 11
Conservative groups oppose Violence Against Women Act because it's not fair to wife-beaters
Of all the astonishingly bad reasons conservatives oppose reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, concern for men is probably the worst. Make that definitely the worst. [Via http://tpmdc....
Kaili Joy Gray 02/11/2013 76 148 2 43
Clint Eastwood still laughing about that time he helped Mitt Romney lose an electio​n
Remember that one time Clint Eastwood was the super special guest speaker at the Republican National Convention, and he lost a debate with an empty chair, and the whole world laughed and laughed ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/08/2013 73 33 - 5
Iowa Republican introduces bill to define abortion as murder just 'cause
Tossing women and doctors in jail saves lives ... how exactly? [Sigh]: State Rep. Rob Bacon believes ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/08/2013 153 74 1 5
Catholic bishops still whining about Obama administration's 'accommodation' on birth control
Cardinal Timothy ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/07/2013 127 46 1 7
Midday open thread
Today's [comic] is [Super-fun-pak comix: Phil Collins, and more!] by Ruben ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/07/2013 51 7 1 -
If you ugly broads at the Defense Intelligence Agency wear flats and pants, the terrorists have won
And you can put your lipstick right here ... File [this steaming pile of equine feces
Kaili Joy Gray 02/07/2013 209 201 3 15
Rupert Murdoch demonstrates how his 'news' makes you dumber
You know all those studies about how watching Fox "News" [makes you dumber]? Well, I think we ...
Kaili Joy Gray 02/05/2013 43 35 - -
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