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Ballot Initiatives
So our losses have dumbfounded me so I just want to get that out of the way. I have been reading lots and lots of threads and commiserating with hundreds of people. One thing that was pointed out to ...
Kalidurga 11/05/2014 5 2 - -
Mourdock admits his comments were twisted.
Yet, another Republican has come out and embraced the GOP platform. Mourdock explains how the product of a rape is a gift from God. This shouldn't be interpreted as him saying that the rape itself ...
Kalidurga 10/24/2012 3 10 - -
Circle the Bain
Tuesday nights debate was nothing short of awe inspiring. I watched in delight as Romney was shredded on his non-existent plans to improve the economy. It became crystal clear at least to those that ...
Kalidurga 10/17/2012 1 1 - -
Romney should end his campaign
I thought it was a major gaffe or worse than a gaffe when Romney made no mention of our troops in Afghanistan or any mention of the military at all in his acceptance speech. As a matter of fact, I ...
Kalidurga 09/12/2012 7 5 - 231
Unfit to Command
Imagine working for someone that can't even acknowledge your existence. Maybe you are serving in a foreign away from your family, your children, your spouse, and even your dog. You are alone, the ...
Kalidurga 09/09/2012 5 8 - 131
I feel traumatized.
Yet, I find it hard to articulate why. The remarks by Rep Todd Akin have brought things to the surface I would rather not think about. If anyone reads this and is easily triggered they might want to ...
Kalidurga 08/22/2012 43 80 1 485
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