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Thu May 24, 2007 at 06:09 PM PDT

He is not one of us!

by Kalil

The great young american orator aparently lost his tongue.
Where was Barak Obama today?  Where was he yesterday?  Where was he Tuesday?
He was out-progressived by Senator Dodd, of all people!
Who here can still support him?

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Sat Oct 28, 2006 at 05:14 PM PDT

It was a beautiful day today

by Kalil

Yesterday it was gloomy.  Low 50s, and drizzling.  I was doing nothing - blogging, gaming, a little procrastinating - when the phone rang.  It was a volunteer over at the Brad Miller campaign HQ, asking if I could help with a literature drop today.

I said yes, I'd be delighted to.  And a few moments after I hung up, it hit me what I'd just committed to: wandering around a strange neighborhood in the drizzle and cold.

I needn't have worried.  (continued below the fold)

Have you canvassed this cycle?

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Wed May 10, 2006 at 05:09 PM PDT

"Brad Miller's San Fransisco Soulmate"

by Kalil

In the mail today was a large envelope labeled 'Photo Inside - Do Not Bend'.  I opened it, and found a large quantity of typically vile propoganda from Vernon Robinson's congressional campaign.  I was just about to trash it, when I noticed a real gem: "Brad Miller's San Fransisco Soulmate", next to a picture of Markos, and above a long diatribe about how horrible it is that Rep. Miller blogs here.
A scan and some comments below the cut.
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I imagine that many of you were mystified by Bush's comments in the state of the union about man-animal hybrids.  I certianly was.  Luckily, my mother clued me in.
Darksyde posted a link to an article about human-mouse hybrids used for Downs Syndrome research.  Obviously, that was snark, but Darksyde couldn't have been farther from the truth.  His problem - a difficulty shared by many here on dKOS, myself included - is that he is firmly mired in reality.  He should have looked instead to fiction.
Specifically, Surface, in which the villians are aparently creating and cloning vicious and disturbing man-animal hybrids.
It's a fun show, and a bit scary at times.  But it can't compare to the horror that comes of knowing that the President of the mightiest nuclear power in the world believes it is true.

Am I right?

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Senator Ted Stevens is giving around $18,000 to the Red Cross and other charities, to offset campaign contributions by Jack Abramoff and his clients, according to the Associated Press:
[Stevens campaign treasurer Tim] McKeever says the Stevens campaign gave up the thousand-dollar Abramoff contribution last month by donating it to the Alaska chapter of the Red Cross. He says the campaign and Stevens' leadership PAC also will donate to charities to offset the contributions from Abramoff clients. McKeever says those added up to about 17-thousand dollars.

Two things to think about: first, Stevens is encouraging the return/donation of Abramoff money, which Bush and others still refuse to do.  He can be used as yet another example to counter the 'the money is already spent' excuse and other such dodges.  And second, is this an indication that he's serious about his repeated threats to quit the senate?
The Research Triangle area of North Carolina has a problem.  Like most modern metropoli, traffic is out of hand.  A commuter rail-way was proposed, and has become one of the primary plans to help alleviate this problem.  It would be handled by the Triangle Transit Authority which has already done wonders for bus services in the area.
The plan entails constructing a railway that would go from downtown Raleigh, through NC State University, through the massive suburb Cary, past RDU airport, past IBM's headquaters in RTP, and ending in downtown Durham.  The original plan called for completion by 2008.
The original plan called for 60% of the funding to come from the Federal Government, which has funded such projects in the past.  Such was not to be.
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Jerome a Paris quoted an article on the national debt today that contained this quote:
Our national debt stands at nearly $8 trillion. Our federal deficit, which had been scheduled to decline this year, will be about the same as last year (over $450 billion) after the disastrous costs of the hurricanes are added in. President Bush continually declines to say how we'll pay for the costs. But one rule has become much more clear: when Democrats are in control, we pay for the costs of government and our ballooning debt. When Republicans are in control, our kids and grandchildren pay.

This a recurring lie I hear from republicans and democrats alike.  "Our grandkids will pay for the deficit."  What a wonderful dodge.

But it's false.

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Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 03:05 PM PDT

Pier 57: Forgotten?

by Kalil

The Republicans committed many atrocities against democracy in the last election.  The Swift Boat Smear Campaign, the electronic voting debacle, the 'America Votes' voter registration shredding...  But the one that stood out to me as the most blatant violation of the constitution was the wanton imprisonment of protestors - and just about anyone else in the way - at the Republican National Convention.  Even Dave Barry was accosted by a police officer, and only his press badge saved him from being shipped off to Pier 57, the makeshift prison in an old parking garage on the Hudson.
Detainees were held without being charged, in unpleasant and possibly even dangerous conditions.

And yet, it seems to be largely forgotten. (continued below)

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Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 10:37 AM PDT

A bad taste...

by Kalil

The National Geographic did a series on poisons in their May 2005 issue.  One paragraph in particular struck me as having rather remarkable ramifications.
From an article on food testers, page 31:
These days, employment opportunities for tasters are in decline.  In England, Buckingham Palace reports there is no formal procedure for food tasting.  "The in-house help are fully vetted," a palace spokesman says.  The Japanese emperor hasn't used a food taster in years, though President George W. Bush has used Navy mess specialists to handle the job.  In the state kitchens of Thailand, humans are factored out altogether.  There, in an inspired example of equal opportunity employment, the taste-test heroes of the banquet table, directed be the Ministry of Health, are a legion of white mice.

So, in short, our President believes that the lives of our troops are worth as much as mice.
How egalitarian.

(I haven't been able to find independent verification of this, but I think that the National Geographic is a fairly reliable source...)

It reads like some kind of bizarre, Michael Moore style parody of the Bush administration:
Sometime last March, one of the worst terrorists in the Western hemisphere slipped across the border into the USA.  Once in the country, he gave several interviews, made press releases, and was seen by many people.  And yet up until a week ago, the State Department denied his presence in the country.
Then, last night, they finally, sheepishly arrested him, after he issued a press release saying that he was planning on leaving the country again - apparently one too many insults for the Department of Homeland Security to withstand.

(more below the cut)

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Thu May 12, 2005 at 05:20 PM PDT

Senator Frist: Filibuster or Fold.

by Kalil

KOS recently posted an excerpt from Congress Daily AM on Frist's strategy for the filibuster fight:
Senate Majority Leader Frist is expected to take an open-ended approach to the looming floor fight over eliminating the ability to filibuster judicial nominations, opting to allow members from both parties to fully air their concerns and beliefs before forcing a floor vote on the rule changes, a senior GOP aide said Wednesday.

Barring an emergency, Frist is expected to essentially suspend all legislative activity on the floor until the judicial nomination fight is resolved, the aide explained.

As a result, the debate will likely dominate the remaining legislative days on the calendar before the Memorial Day recess and involve long days of lengthy, back-to-back floor speeches.

As KOS said, what this means is that Frist does not have the votes, and plans to hold the floor open to debate until he does.
I believe this is known as a filibuster.
My suggestion for a democratic strategy is simple:
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