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I am a Homeschooling Success Story
This diary began as a reply to Le Champignon's diary about his disastrous experience with home-schooling. I had much the oppossite experience. I don't intend this as a rebuttal or criticism - his ...
Kalil 01/20/2014 33 26 - -
Another day, another major LGBT court victory - Ohio!
Haven't seen this diaried here yet. A federal judge in Ohio, Judge Timothy S. Black, has ruled that, under Windsor , Lawrence , and the Fourteenth Amendment, Ohio's state constitutional prohibition ...
Kalil 12/23/2013 54 67 - -
Utah Court strikes down marriage ban - Cites Scalia!
Short but sweet: A federal judge in Utah has ruled in favor of three same-sex couples who wish to marry. His decision is effective immediately. This comes a day after a similar decision from the ...
Kalil 12/20/2013 23 56 - -
Cut it out with 'alcoholic' as a slur...
Short and sweet: I've seen a number of comments deriding Boehner and other house Republicans as alcoholics. I'm not even going to get into the debate over wether or not it's possible to be a ...
Kalil 10/08/2013 73 8 - -
Kai Ryssdal asks Rumsfeld some of the questions we've all wanted to ask
Kai Ryssdal, mild-mannered reporter for NPR APM's Marketplace, sat down with Donald Rumsfeld to discuss his new book, "Rumsfeld's Rules", a guide for 'effective leadership' (required reading for ...
Kalil 05/17/2013 161 359 7 -
A solution for secessionism!
Like many of us, I've enjoyed the recent spate of petitions from various red state dwellers demanding the right to secede from the union. However, I've resisted the temptation to sign onto them ...
Kalil 11/13/2012 6 8 - -
Graham Spanier - Failing (Horribly) Upwards
As every news-savvy individual knows by now, Graham Spanier was the president of Penn State, and was complicit in the coverup of Sandusky's horrific acts. He was one of the first people fired over ...
Kalil 07/25/2012 11 11 - 162
Call of Duty takes on Occupy
So first came the announcement that convicted traitor Oliver North was hired on as a shill for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 . Now, Treyarch Games has revealed that the primary villain of the upcoming ...
Kalil 07/11/2012 30 9 - 202
Examining Obama's Veto
I'll be the first to confess: I've been skeptical about Obama. So, while I'm glad that he's pledged to veto CISPA and any budgetary shenanigans by the R's, I wasn't particularly confident he'd ...
Kalil 04/27/2012 16 10 - 203
I'm so angry, I'm crying; I'm so sad, I want to scream.
I'm 28 years old, now. I'm sitting here in the engine room of a NOAA research ship, as a licensed maritime officer making more than 60k a year. My life has come together. Everything is good. ...
Kalil 04/15/2012 185 492 10 3195
S&P Sabotaging Europe?
Sorry if this has been diaried already, but I think it's important enough to post. Europe has been desperately trying to pull together their financial situation, a problem that centers upon poor ...
Kalil 12/05/2011 27 8 - 135
Jenny Sanford, Psalm 127, and the Quiverfull Movement
I posted a brief comment about Psalm 127 on SusanG's diary about Jenny Sanford's public statement, but I felt it deserved ...
Kalil 06/24/2009 88 42 2 31
He is not one of us!
The great young american orator aparently lost his tongue. Where was Barak Obama today? Where was he yesterday? Where was he Tuesday? He was out-progressived by Senator Dodd , of all people! ...
Kalil 05/24/2007 36 5 - 3
It was a beautiful day today
Kalil 10/28/2006 7 6 - 7
"Brad Miller's San Fransisco Soulmate"
Kalil 05/10/2006 30 12 1 7
Man-Animal Hybrids: A Glimpse Into the Presidents Reasoning
Kalil 02/08/2006 14 2 - -
Ted Stevens ridding himself of tainted money
Kalil 01/06/2006 16 2 1 -
Dole Fails NC - No Federal Funding for Commuter Rail
Kalil 12/15/2005 11 6 - 2
FRAMESHOP: We're paying for the deficit NOW!
Kalil 10/06/2005 6 7 - -
Pier 57: Forgotten?
Kalil 07/06/2005 5 6 - -
A bad taste...
Kalil 07/06/2005 2 4 - -
Homeland Security Belatedly Detains International Terrorist
Kalil 05/17/2005 5 4 - -
Senator Frist: Filibuster or Fold.
Kalil 05/12/2005 28 17 - 7
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