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501(c)4: White (Liar) Affimative Action
The thing to remember about the Tea Party/IRS Fauxtrage is that nobody was persecuted, as all the whiny babies of the reactionary right pretend to believe. They were perhaps (it’s still early to ...
Kalkaino 05/18/2013 11 2 - -
IRS was doing due diligence
Here is what I don’t get about the IRS/Tea Party pseudo-scandal – isn’t truth a strong defense here? Why can’t the lawyers for the IRS say that since these groups identified themselves with ...
Kalkaino 05/13/2013 118 18 - -
The Grey Lady Smears Herself with Feces – Again
Today’s column by Jim Dwyer takes up the cause of Central Park Five Prosecutor Elizabeth Lederer and, in seeking to defend her from her detractors, accomplishes perhaps a world record in false ...
Kalkaino 05/03/2013 5 5 - -
Why Zimmerman Will Plead Out
The truth sometimes seems preposterous, (e.g. the September 11th Plot; the manifold, profound, and unanimous evil of the Bushies; the gutless naivety of Obama, et cetera), but part of being a grown-...
Kalkaino 04/11/2012 56 8 - 466
Charlie Rose Carries Water for Zimmerman
Charlie Rose, always in contention with Joe Lieberman, Newt Ginhrich, and David Brooks for the World's Smuggest title, carried all sorts of water today for the Zimmerman camp, lobbing softball ...
Kalkaino 04/06/2012 27 6 - 232
Create WPA-Style Gulf Cleanup Army
It's just an idea, but it's got real possibilities. Why not create a WPA-style army to clean up the Gulf of Mexico beaches and marshlands? There are millions of able-bodied folks crying for work, ...
Kalkaino 05/29/2010 17 25 - 52
Coakley's "Earth Tones"
A little jet-lagged maybe, I woke up suddenly last night, jolted with a terrible thought: suppose Martha Coakley's campaign wasn't really so awful. Suppose it had been, like Al Gore's, sandbagged ...
Kalkaino 01/21/2010 14 2 1 18
Times Hearts Roger Ailes
The putative flagship of liberal media The New York Times , always seems curiously happy to plant big wet kisses on the anus of a brownshirt, and today they reach new depths of French ...
Kalkaino 01/10/2010 10 1 - 72
Michael Gerson, crypto-Nazi?
Perhaps if, responding to Gore Vidal’s calling him a “crypto-Nazi”, William Buckley had said, “If you call me a Nazi again I will tattoo, gas and cremate you,” then ...
Kalkaino 08/14/2009 4 4 - 7
When Torture Is "Right"
Some seem to think that Eugene Robinson trumped Liz Cheney yesterday on Morning Joe , but I think she thrashed him (in TV terms) – perhaps not surprising, given that she was apparently ...
Kalkaino 05/13/2009 8 2 - -
Charles Fried: Harvard's Shill for Brownshirts
Back in 1985 and 1986, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Ollie North and various others illegally and secretly sold over 2000 surface-to-surface missiles to the same Iranian Islamists who blew up ...
Kalkaino 01/19/2009 34 16 1 21
Ruth Marcus at Bitburg
The Washington Post continues to smear itself with feces, somewhat in the manner of the terminally insane -- witness the latest from Ruth Marcus, wherein she reminisces, on the occasion of ...
Kalkaino 12/21/2008 2 2 - 16
Does Karl Rove Have a Mole in ActBlue?
Like millions, I’m sure, I’m really angry over the Democrats cave on FISA and telecom immunity. The other day I was so angry about the impending debacle that I did a rash thing, when ...
Kalkaino 06/21/2008 10 7 - -
Boycott Obama Until He Comes Through On FISA
When you get that e-mail from Barack announcing his withdrawal from public funding and asking for your support, don’t send money, instead reply with a message that even the most venal, ...
Kalkaino 06/19/2008 192 9 - 17
Bush's Principles: Undying Zombie Lie
One of the most cherished zombie lies of the last decade is: “Bush has principles.” The fact that this nonsense flies at all is vivid proof of our time’s moral bankruptcy. Today ...
Kalkaino 05/03/2008 3 2 - 1
Niall Ferguson Parrots Nazi Trope in NY Times
Just as Leni Riefenstahl would have found Dick Cheney a poor excuse for a Fascist, Niall Ferguson doesn’t find Philip Bobbitt to be a Neo-Con, despite that writer’s advocacy for the Iraq ...
Kalkaino 04/13/2008 3 1 - 1
In Defense of Eliot Spitzer
The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson finds the Spitzer scandal right in his banal wheelhouse. He thunders: I believe we can confidently imagine what was on New York ...
Kalkaino 03/14/2008 32 2 1 1
"Conservative": racist, sadist, police-statist -- fascist
In Sunday’s Washington Post “Book World,” UCLA’s Michael Mann reviews Jonah Goldberg’s excremental Liberal Fascism , and he does a good, if unenviable ...
Kalkaino 02/04/2008 4 5 - 2
Jonathan Schell Craptacular!
I had not thought that Jonathan Schell, author of Fate of the Earth , would ever be fluffing George Bush, but these are strange times. William Kristol is writing for the Times , ...
Kalkaino 01/16/2008 5 3 - -
Liberal Fascism
In my other less secret, less spandex-clad life I sometimes review books and movies and I had thought about reviewing Jonah "Chickenhawk" Goldberg's just released work, Liberal Fascism , but ...
Kalkaino 01/03/2008 26 4 - 4
The Truth About Lying by Omission (Corrected!)
Perhaps it used to be that journalists felt a duty to tell the truth, or even, as the cliché has it, to “speak truth to power,” but clearly, in the day of 500 cable-channels and ...
Kalkaino 11/26/2007 2 11 1 -
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