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Occupy Love Documents the Spirit of the Movement
Link in case it doesn't play: Watched this film Friday night with some my fellow Occupy Portlanders. The film says it all and hopefully will correct some ...
Kannon McAfee 08/18/2013 6 7 1 -
What It Means to Be Progressive
It means we are all in this together and no one is left out. We understand that democracy is based on trust and we work to build it further with even those who disagree with us. This social cohesion ...
Kannon McAfee 08/08/2013 54 44 6 -
Turning Underemployment into Creative Deployment
For those of you who've been getting too little work lately (or none at all), let me offer some words of essential encouragement, because we're not out of this economic rough spot by a long shot. ...
Kannon McAfee 07/28/2013 42 44 4 -
A Communitarian Response to Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman
The test of Communitarianism is what does it do to the community? The shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin and verdict in the trial of killer George Zimmerman has brought out hard differences ...
Kannon McAfee 07/21/2013 79 28 2 -
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