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Police in Kansas even profile Big Black Trucks
I have been stunned and shocked as I watch the news in relation to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. The recent police shooting of a man in St. Louis and other incidents which ...
KansasLib 08/24/2014 21 21 1 -
There's a little hope here in Kansas
Sam Brownback may have his hands full with his Democratic challenger for Governor, Paul Davis. A recent poll conducted by SurveyUSA for KWCH showed if the election were held today Paul Davis would ...
KansasLib 10/25/2013 11 19 - -
The Crazy, Disillusioned Leader
There is a crazy, disillusioned leader in this world who has convinced his people that other countries are out to get them and are threatening them with attack. He has created a vacuum where a ...
KansasLib 04/07/2013 10 4 1 -
Kansas State Senate gives property tax relief to Private Health clubs who have to compete with YMCA.
The Kansas legislature has found a new low. In the time of self imposed austerity here in Kansas due to record tax cuts to businesses and income tax cuts, the Kansas State Senate has seen fit to ...
KansasLib 03/27/2013 3 5 - -
The Others
When I think about the difference between Democrats and Republicans at their core, there is a distinction which always seems deeply embedded in the answer. How each of the parties differ in their ...
KansasLib 03/16/2013 3 3 - -
Alone in Kansas
Over these last days, I am just sure the world has gone crazy! I am a 52 year old liberal woman from Kansas. It seems at times I am mostly alone in a sea of conservatism. I wonder sometimes how ...
KansasLib 02/18/2013 173 224 1 -
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