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Meet my friend that just bought a gun
This was posted on facebook a few months back by a friend of mine, yesterday she got her concealed carry permit and bought a Glock 17: a few hours after the fact & we've all settled down, but I'm ...
Karl251 06/21/2013 16 6 - -
No matter how much you make you are barely getting by
Kevin Drum has post up talking about how much income people think they need to get by and it seems that most people believe that however much money they make is about how much it takes to get by ...
Karl251 05/18/2013 7 3 - -
What girls and shameless teach us about poverty
I guess I am sort of late to the party regarding showtimes girls, and shameless they premiered a couple weeks ago, but after watching them both a couple times, I have decided that they are really ...
Karl251 01/25/2013 6 2 - -
Armed guards in schools. Get used to it
The NRA would like to put armed guards in schools, and I bet it happens, because its the perfect storm of ignorance and self interest. First off, all these guards will have to buy guns, so ...
Karl251 12/22/2012 42 2 - -
John hickenlooper. Wanker of the day
Hickenlooper has been a terrible governor and seems to see his main job as funneling public money to private companies and calling it job creation, while inventing new ways to violently crack down ...
Karl251 12/16/2012 11 1 - -
Don't expect too much
I lived about two miles from Columbine High School and was student teaching at a middle school one suburb away from Littleton in Englewood, Colorado when the shooting occurred at Columbine. People ...
Karl251 12/15/2012 4 1 - -
Lets talk about Hillary
So 2016 is just around the corner which means its time to start to discussing the democratic candidates for president. Ok, maybe it's a bit early, but certain people are starting to say Hillary ...
Karl251 12/11/2012 37 3 - -
Patreus and Sandusky
As the story of general Patreus starts to unfold it seems like there are hints of bigger problems. I have seen several articles that talk about his strong belief in "mentoring" young female officers.
Karl251 11/11/2012 35 2 - -
Obama goes after Bin Laden,while mitt takes on big bird
I am starting to think this Obama guys knows what he's doing. Yeah, he looked a little bored in the debate and pretty much let Romney control the whole show, and look what Romney did with all that ...
Karl251 10/07/2012 1 1 - 37
Welcome to Mittland
In the land of Mitt all the countries financial problems are caused by big bird, and everybody in government has one goal and that is to keep a socialist, Muslim, atheist, kenyan anti-colonialist in ...
Karl251 10/06/2012 1 - - 18
Does anyone really care about the deficit
It seems like the deficit would not be that hard to fix, raise or remove the cap on social security earning, and suddenly social security is fine for a very long. Lower the minimum age when people ...
Karl251 09/29/2012 32 9 - 101
"you must be talking about the other moochers"
I don't think Mitt Romney's comments about the "forty seven" percent are going to make much of a difference. I know three republican voters, one works for the army core of engineers, one is a ...
Karl251 09/18/2012 27 4 - 105
Gees do I hate Tom Freidman
How does Tom Freidman stay employed. I just finished reading his column, he is talking about the need for people to become "lifelong learners" if they want to stay competitive in the job market. ...
Karl251 09/08/2012 29 9 - 228
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