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Ohio abortion clinics cut in half following stringent abortion measures enacted by Gov. Kasich
Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed ...
Kerry Eleveld 05/05/2015 46 46 1 -
Ohio Gov. Kasich pondering whether God wants him to run for president
One of the dangers of relying on guidance from God in order to determine whether you will or will not be running ...
Hunter 04/20/2015 166 85 1 -
Gov. Kasich Cuts Breast & Cervical Cancer Treatment Program From FY 2016 Budget
After spending much of his 2014 re-election campaign running tv ads showing his support of breast cancer screening for uninsured women, Gov. John Kasich has completely eliminated Ohio's Breast & ...
Betty Pinson 03/16/2015 63 85 1 -
John Kasich state of the state: To cut taxes we must raise taxes!
John Kasich, Ohio's governor, delivered his state of the state speech this week. To his credit, Kasich recognizes that cutting taxes for the wealthy doesn't pay for itself. Unlike Scott Walker, he'...
akadjian 02/27/2015 13 13 - -
Guv Kay-suck's Konservative Komedy Kavalcade
Updates from The Heart of it All . . . Ohio Board of Education Replaces Educators With Public Library Debe Terhar is back in the news. She's president of the Ohio Board of Education. She's a ...
Buster Gammons 11/12/2014 5 5 - -
John Kasich dodges question on his rape crisis counselor gag rule, bratty kid style
Gov. John Kasich (R-OH)
Laura Clawson 10/30/2014 96 68 3 -
Ohio Guv Race: Weighing the Character Flaws and Measuring the Policy Gulf
The Ohio governor's race seems to have turned on a character flaw of the Democratic candidate, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald. The major news media have given wide and ...
hungeski 10/30/2014 61 35 1 -
Nina Turner fights for voter rights in Ohio as 2016 looms
Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure of talking to Ohio State Senator Nina Turner . She is one passionate and eloquent woman. Senator Nina Turner is running for Secretary of State . This ...
Shockwave 10/24/2014 10 15 1 -
Republican presidential hopeful accidentally tells truth about Obamacare, flip-flops with the crazy
Careful, there, Kasich. You're ...
Joan McCarter 10/22/2014 72 99 3 -
A Bombshell in the Ohio Governor's Race
Watergate on the Olentangy! The next time you're in a conversation about how worthless and biased most newspapers are and how we'd be better off without them (believe me, I have this conversation ...
anastasia p 10/20/2014 117 205 5 -
What are the odds I can pick all 16 of Ohio's congressional races?
What are the odds of picking the winners of 16 horse races in a row? Let’s assume there’s just two horses per race like a two-party political system. With two horses per race, the odds would ...
akadjian 10/20/2014 7 5 - -
Ohio's Husted brings his War on Voting inside the polls
Let's get rid of Husted once and for all. Help elect Nina Turner.
Joan McCarter 10/10/2014 28 57 - -
Ohio Republican argues we should all be Republicans because Democrats are "shut out of the room"
Last night was the 9th district State Senate debate here in Ohio. It's an interesting race this year because the district, my district, is highly Democratic and also heavily African-American. ...
akadjian 10/09/2014 10 16 - -
Federal Judge Restores Early Voting in Ohio
Suck it, Jon Husted. From : COLUMBUS, Ohio – A federal judge today ruled that cuts to early voting in Ohio must be restored in time for the November election. The American Civil ...
ericlewis0 09/04/2014 79 303 2 -
Gov. Kasich Campaign Ad Tries To Make You Forget Anti-Union Law He Supported
Lieutenant Steve - brainwashed police officer Ohio Governor John Kasich has been batting a thousand for ridiculous campaign ads so far this election season. My current favorite is titled 'He Listened'
cadfile 08/27/2014 2 9 - -
Fight back in the War on Voting: Daily Kos endorses Nina Turner for Ohio secretary of state
Ohio is the center of the political universe every four years. So naturally ...
Michael Langenmayr 08/20/2014 25 63 2 -
OH-Gov: FitzGerald (D) Calls On Kasich (R) To Fix The Issues That Caused Toledo Water Crisis
Received this e-mail today from Ed FitzGerald's (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign:
poopdogcomedy 08/13/2014 3 4 - -
At what point do we return to prioritizing students over "markets"?
Yesterday’s Cincinnati Enquirer featured an article on an FBI raid on one of our local schools that is part of a 19 school investigation. Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati and its management ...
akadjian 08/04/2014 26 42 1 -
Kasich Appoints OH Turnpike Head to OH Department of Health
In the midst of the water pollution crisis in Toledo , during which 500,000 residents couldn't use their tap water for 2 days, Ohio Governor John Kasich decided to catch up on appointments to the ...
Betty Pinson 08/04/2014 11 14 - -
OH-Gov: The Fraternal Order Of Police Of Ohio Snubs Kasich (R), Backs FitzGerald (D)
Some big news today for Ed FitzGerald's (D. OH) campaign:
poopdogcomedy 07/29/2014 8 31 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Calls On John Kasich (R) To End His Failed Charter School Experiment
Received this e-mail today from Ed FitzGerald's (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign: Test ...
poopdogcomedy 07/24/2014 5 10 - -
OH-Gov: FitzGerald (D) Calls For Superintendent To Resign Over Handling Of Charter School Scandal
OH Superintendent Richard Ross (R) former advisor to Gov. John Kasich (R. OH) (L) Agree:
poopdogcomedy 07/19/2014 6 36 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Comes Out Swinging In His First Campaign Ad
Received this e-mail today from Ed FitzGerald's (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign: I wanted you to be the first to know: today we are ...
poopdogcomedy 07/16/2014 9 11 - -
OH-Gov: PPP Has John Kasich (R) Leading Ed FitzGerald (D) By One Point!
Some more good news out of Ohio today courtesy of PPP:
poopdogcomedy 07/14/2014 14 23 1 -
OH-Gov: For Landing RNC 2016 In Cleveland, FitzGerald (D) Gets More Credit Than Kasich (R)
So as you may or may not know, the GOP has settled on where to hold their big Republican National Convention in 2016:
poopdogcomedy 07/08/2014 7 10 - -
GOP Picks Cleveland, Heart Of Its 2012 Disenfranchisement Operation, For 2016 Convention
Today: WASHINGTON — Republicans will be nominating their 2016 standard-bearer for the White House in Cleveland. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced Tuesday that ...
Dartagnan 07/08/2014 11 27 - -
OH-Gov: John Kasich (R) Runs Away From GOP Donor Busted For Breaking Campaign Finance Laws
GOP Donor Ben Suraez So this happened this week:
poopdogcomedy 06/27/2014 7 24 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Makes John Kasich's (R) Energy Rollbacks A Big Deal
So by now, you should be familiar with this:
poopdogcomedy 06/13/2014 5 9 - -
OH-Gov: Court Ruling Helps Dems Beat Back Kasich (R), GOP On Eliminating Early Voting Days
Some good news today out of Ohio:
poopdogcomedy 06/11/2014 4 15 - -
Fed Judge Orders Ohio to restore 3-day early voting period
A federal judge is ordering Ohio’s elections chief to restore the final three days of in-person, early voting in the swing state. The order comes in a long-running dispute over the days. ...
StarbucksGirl51 06/11/2014 11 105 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Accuses John Kasich (R) Of Selling Out To The Koch Brothers
So I am very happy that the Daily Kos has endorsed Ed FitzGerald (D. OH) in his bid to unseat Governor John Kasich (R. OH). And I am really liking this:
poopdogcomedy 06/03/2014 8 16 1 -
Ed FitzGerald for Ohio governor, for lots and lots of reasons
Ed FitzGerald We'll be ...
kos 06/03/2014 44 56 4 -
OH-Gov: Kasich's (R) Freezing Renewable Energy Standards Heats Up Hope For FitzGerald (D)
So this sucks:
poopdogcomedy 05/29/2014 7 17 - -
Defending Clean Energy in Ohio and Beyond
If you watched this week's episode of Showtime's climate series Years of Living Dangerously , you saw a fantastic piece by America Ferrera called "...
Mary Anne Hitt 05/29/2014 3 16 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Campaigns For Universal Pre-K
Received this e-mail from Ed FitzGerald's (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign today:
poopdogcomedy 05/14/2014 2 7 - -
OH-Gov: CREDO Action Goes After John Kasich (R) & The OH GOP's War On Voting
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) Received this e-mail today from CREDO Action:
poopdogcomedy 05/09/2014 3 4 - -
OH-Gov: Gender Gap Under John Kasich (R) Nearly $10 An Hour
Looks like equal pay could be a big issue in the Ohio Governor's race:
poopdogcomedy 04/21/2014 1 13 - -
OH-Gov: PPP Has Ed FitzGerald (D) Now Tied With John Kasich (R)
Some good news today out of Ohio:
poopdogcomedy 04/17/2014 9 16 - -
OH-Gov: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) Calls On John Kasich (R) To Restore Funding To Planned Parenthood
Received this e-mail today from Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH) regarding Governor John Kasich (R. OH) ...
poopdogcomedy 04/14/2014 4 14 - -
OH-Gov: Rachel Maddow Highlights Ed FitzGerald's (D) Fight Against The GOP's Voter Restriction Laws
Last night, Rachel Maddow introduced the world to the "Fitz Of Fury" on he show: Last night, Rachel Maddow took to the airwaves to tout ...
poopdogcomedy 04/10/2014 3 20 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Calls For Federal Investigation Into Ohio Voting Restrictions
Yes, this is what I like:
poopdogcomedy 04/09/2014 25 131 5 -
Sheldon Kasich
Kudos to Jeff Darcy in the Cleveland Plain Dealer for calling it ...
akadjian 04/04/2014 8 6 - -
OH-Gov: Sheldon Adelson Becomes John Kasich's (R) New Bestie
Received this e-mail today from Ed FitzGerald's (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign today:
poopdogcomedy 03/26/2014 12 10 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Calls Out & Challenges John Kasich's (R) Latest Voter Suppression Tactics
Received this e-mail today from former Rep. Louis Stokes (D. OH) on behalf of Ed FitzGerald's (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign regarding Governor John Kasich (R. OH) and the Ohio GOP's latest ...
poopdogcomedy 02/27/2014 8 18 - -
How Ohio Pulled $4 Billion+ from Communities and Redistributed It Upwards
Monday night Ohio Governor John Kasich delivered his state of the state speech .
akadjian 02/26/2014 129 202 17 -
Ohio Voter Suppression: 2014 Edition
Ohio governor, John Kasich (R) is expected to sign two bills to reform "Ohio" election law in time for the 2014 midterm elections. The first bill, SB 238, cuts ..." six early voting days referred ...
n8vtnn 02/20/2014 3 16 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) To Kasich (R), "Stop focusing on running for President & do your job!"
Received this e-mail from gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald (D. OH) regarding Governor John Kasich (R. OH) and his Presidential aspirations:
poopdogcomedy 02/11/2014 4 7 - -
OH-Gov: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) Fundraises For Ed FitzGerald (D)
One of mine, and I'm sure your's, is helping gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald (D. OH) raise the funds he needs to defeat Governor John Kasich (R. OH) this year:
poopdogcomedy 01/31/2014 1 2 - -
OH-Gov: Former Gov. Ted Strickland (D) Fundraises For Ed FitzGerald (D)
Former Governor Ted Strickland (D. OH) is back to help Ed FitzGerlad (D. OH) takedown his former rival, ...
poopdogcomedy 01/29/2014 3 5 - -
OH-Gov: Tea Party Leader Ted Stevenot Decides Not To Challenge John Kasich (R)
poopdogcomedy 01/06/2014 3 1 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Puts The Pressure On John Kasich (R) To Stand Up For The Unemployed
Received this e-mail from gubernatorial candidate Ed FtizGerald's (D. OH) campaign who is pressuring Governor John Kasich (R. OH) to stand up for the unemployed in Ohio:
poopdogcomedy 12/18/2013 3 4 - -
How Democrats Could Lose Ohio in 2014: Stop the Cincy Streetcar from Being "Crancelled"!
We've got a Bridge to Nowhere situation here in Southern Ohio. Only it's being perpetrated on us by a "Democrat," recently elected Mayor of Cincinnati John Cranley.
akadjian 12/18/2013 28 14 - -
OH-Gov: Quinnipac Has John Kasich (R) In The Lead But Shows Ed FitzGerald (D) Closing The Gap
Some mixed news out of Ohio today from Quinnipac:
poopdogcomedy 11/26/2013 4 10 - -
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Picks Cincinnati State Senator Eric Kearney (D) As His Running Mate
Some big news today from Ed FitzGerald's (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign:
poopdogcomedy 11/20/2013 12 9 - -
(updated) Ohio charter school fail, and fail, and fail, and future fails
This diary started out as a letter to some of my fellow anti-ALEC activists. I took another look at it, and decided that there was something there worth getting out in the open, and to help shine a ...
Ohiodem1 11/19/2013 32 28 1 -
OH-Gov: Laura Ingraham Says John Kasich (R) & President Obama Are "Practically Spooning"
Fox News' Laura Ingraham likes to paint some weird visual images:
poopdogcomedy 11/19/2013 10 4 - -
OH-Gov: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) Endorses Ed FitzGerald (D) For Governor
Ed FitzGerald (D. OH) just scored a huge endorsement:
poopdogcomedy 11/15/2013 3 9 - -
OH-Gov: John Kasich (R) Signs The "John Kasich Re-Election Protection Act"
So some pundits and analysts think Governor John Kasich (R. OH) is in a better condition for re-election because he supported expanding Medicaid and admitted that his party is waging a war on the ...
poopdogcomedy 11/07/2013 14 19 1 -
Great Night in Ohio — Attacks on Labor Backfire on GOP
Ohio's next governor Ed FitzGerald supports women as well as labor. Too often, we repeat like a mantra that voters have “short memories.” Here in Ohio many Democrats have inexplicably ...
anastasia p 11/06/2013 87 222 1 -
More income tax cuts in Ohio? Good idea or not?
OHMYO. John Kasich has stirred up the kind of Republican opposition to an expansion of Medicaid that political observers might think was reserved for demonic Democrats only. The weapon of choice, ...
Stephen Beard 10/30/2013 11 9 - -
OH-Gov: John Kasich (R) Publicly Acknowledges His Party's War On The Poor
Well, at least he's acknowledging it:
poopdogcomedy 10/29/2013 25 24 1 -
Ohio Republicans endlessly creative about voter suppression update
Today I present a very short diary about voter suppression in Ohio, and some new Republican methodology. First, we have the Licking County BOE cutting the number of polling places in the county of ...
Ohiodem1 10/28/2013 41 70 - -
Kasich's Single-Wing Play Occasions a Lawsuit
The reviews have begun on John Kasich’s end run around his own Republican Party to bring more Medicaid coverage to Ohioans. Kasich being an old-fashioned guy, perhaps this should be ...
Stephen Beard 10/25/2013 5 6 - -
Ohio Medicaid expansion approved
A legislative oversight panel in Ohio has approved Gov. John Kasich's plan to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, in an end-run around the state's Republican-dominated legislature which refused to ...
Joan McCarter 10/22/2013 81 79 1 6
OH-Gov: Ed FitzGerald (D) Tells John Boehner To End The Shutdown
Received this e-mail today from Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald (D. OH) who is calling on fellow Ohioan Speaker John Boehner (R. OH) to reopen the government:
poopdogcomedy 10/15/2013 5 23 1 -
OH Gerrymandering - LWV Detailed Analysis
For those of you who like to delve into the depressing detail of the 2012 election results caused by the extreme gerrymandering of swing states by the GOP after 2010, here is a detailed write up ...
ahumbleopinion 10/10/2013 7 9 - -
Ohio governor might expand Medicaid with executive order
Gov. John Kasich, in caricature. Ohio's John Kasich has been one of the handful of Republican governors who wants ...
Joan McCarter 10/10/2013 36 31 - -
Ohio GOP(!) Governor Kasich to Go Rogue on Obamacare?
This is interesting: Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) is considering accepting Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in his state via executive order, his office confirmed to TPM, after the state legislature ...
AlyoshaKaramazov 10/09/2013 15 27 - -
There has to be a change . . . and that starts with beating and opposing the Republicans everywhere
This country has long lived by one central creed - this generation's children will do better than their parents. While Republican politicians constantly refer to this ideal on the campaign stump, it ...
OhioDomer 10/01/2013 78 123 3 -
OH-Gov: Could A Conservative Third-Party Challenger Cause Trouble For John Kasich (R) In 2014?
Things could get interesting in next year's Ohio Governor race:
poopdogcomedy 10/01/2013 7 9 - -
OH-Gov: Ohio Coal Watchdog Explains How John Kasich (R) Forced Him Out
This story broke out this week:
poopdogcomedy 10/01/2013 5 21 - -
OH-Gov & SoS: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Stumps For Ed Fitzgerald (D) & Nina Turner (D)
Glad to see this happening:
poopdogcomedy 08/27/2013 4 6 - -
OH-Gov: PPP Has Ed Fitzgerald (D) Beating John Kasich (R) By 3 Points!
My morning is off to a great start thanks to PPP's newest Ohio Governor poll:
poopdogcomedy 08/20/2013 25 26 1 -
Ohio vote stealing and how it's hidden
I just wanted to go to work this morning. On the way to work though, I made the mistake of stopping for a bagel, and the following stared up at me as I was getting coffee. While I'm glad the ...
akadjian 08/14/2013 122 185 7 -
OH-Gov: Ed Fitzgerald (D) Strikes Back Against The John Kasich (R) Kickbacks
Received this e-mail today from gubernatorial candidate Ed Fitzgerald (D. OH) regarding Governor John Kasich's (R. OH) ethics issues:
poopdogcomedy 08/08/2013 7 19 - -
OH SoS: Senator Sherrod Brown (D) Fundraises For Nina Turner (D)
Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH) in support of Ohio Secretary of State candidate, Nina Turner (D):
poopdogcomedy 08/06/2013 11 7 - -
OH-Gov: Ted Strickland (D) Endorses Ed Fitzgerald (D) For Governor
Received this e-mail today from former Governor Ted Strickland (D. OH) in support of Ed Fitzgerald's (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign:
poopdogcomedy 07/29/2013 7 5 - -
Ohio Destroys Women's Rights
Alas, there was no Wendy Davis to save us. Our governor, Taxin' John Kasich, has until midnight to sign the "budget" bill HB 59. He has now signed it. Women across the state (and many men) were ...
anastasia p 06/30/2013 171 252 5 -
"A Festering Turd"
The brave stand Wendy Davis made in the Texas legislature Tuesday night against that state’s assault on women was epic and understandably attracted lots of attention. But that same day, ...
anastasia p 06/28/2013 4 7 - -
Gov. Kasich's tax plan for Ohio: Tax the poor, reward the wealthy
Ohio's Gov. John Kasich must be trying to earn back his extremist stripes after his decision to accept Obamacare's Medicaid expansion . He helped out Ohio's lower and moderate income folks with that,
Joan McCarter 02/09/2013 38 38 1 13
Kasich is making his case to his would-be
Redstate followers this morning and it's not going well. While I don't want to direct any traffic that way, I find it incredible that a sitting Governor is using a right wing blog to post some ...
Bugsydarlin 02/08/2013 7 6 - -
"This Is Not What We Were Told"
Ohio's governor, Taxin' John Kasich, revealed his new budget proposal this week. It's going over like a lead balloon. It's jam-packed with terrible ideas, revealing precisely why one should never ...
anastasia p 02/08/2013 65 163 2 -
Ohio Gov. Kasich: Opponents of liquor profit privatization will answer to God
Sinners in the hands of an angry John Kasich?
Laura Clawson 02/01/2013 54 33 2 -
(With Poll) Voting early in Ohio (Franklin County example)
I wanted to do a positive diary on just how easy it is to vote early in Ohio. My experience voting yesterday is below the fold.
Ohiodem1 10/10/2012 13 17 - 194
Vote with me! Ohio Ballot Funtime!
So it's been months and months and we've read a gazillion trillion diaries about how it's all in the bag or that we're all doomed! Doomed, I tell you! Screw all that. Game on. It's voting time ...
histopresto 10/03/2012 12 9 - 46
(Updated) Another week, another Jon Husted screwup re: Voter Suppression in Ohio
This diary will be short. I will, below the fold simply point to articles that provide a glimpse into how Republican voter suppression, confusion, and manipulation is done in Ohio. I will lead ...
Ohiodem1 09/17/2012 16 21 - 250
Jon Husted responds to Ohio Supreme Court smackdown by being Eddie Haskell (With Poll) - Updated
The Ohio Ballot Board went into session yesterday to rework the Issue 2 ballot language after being ordered to by the Ohio Supreme Court (see this diary for background) to rewrite the "fatally flawed"
Ohiodem1 09/14/2012 19 40 - 441
Gov. Kasich at Romney Event: "Our Wives Are At Home Doing The Laundry"
It's hard being a political spouse says Ohio Governor John Kasich. He appeared, unscripted, at a Cincinnati event for Romney and Ryan. While the menfolk are on the trail doin' the campaignin' and ...
eXtina 09/13/2012 165 305 2 2356
Ohio Supreme Court Smacks Down Jon Husted (Updated x 4)
Yesterday the Ohio Supreme Court, in a 6-1 ruling, overturned ballot language for an inititive petition to change the way Ohio does redistricting of its legislature and congressional seats. The ...
Ohiodem1 09/13/2012 95 317 5 2930
Labor Day in Cleveland
Well over 30 years ago (I'm unsure of the exact number), Congressman Louis Stokes, who was representing a swath of the East Side of Cleveland then known as the 21st district, started the tradition ...
anastasia p 09/03/2012 8 13 - 48
Three Most Important Days of Early Voting Restored in Ohio
Living in Ohio, especially Southern Ohio can be tough for a political progressive like me. The status Quo seems so Status Quo. I live in the 8th Congressional District and with John Boehner as my ...
Gator 08/31/2012 11 10 - 89
Central Ohio Potpourri - Husted Blinks? - Updated x 2
Ohio's state capital, Columbus dominates Franklin County, and is the swingiest part of the bellwether and swingy state of Ohio. Frequently, we are national ground zero for presidential politics. ...
Ohiodem1 08/23/2012 5 6 1 118
Ohio SoS Picks Feud With BoE Over Early Voting
For those of you who didn’t hear already, or missed Meteor Blades' diary on the subject, on Wednesday Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted caved under a barrage of national bad publicity and outrage,
anastasia p 08/17/2012 5 31 1 183
Ohio SoS thinking about doing the right thing on extended voting hours
Ohio secretary of state Jon Husted (R), looking at the possibility of a lawsuit and some ugly unpleasant publicity, has said that he may set uniform statewide early-voting hours. As Hamilton County ...
anastasia p 08/12/2012 16 51 - 271
Ohio Means Corporate Welfare
I read that Ohio Governor, John Kasich was gloating that the Ohio Jobs website, has over 80,000 jobs listed on it. Of course, he let us know that President Obama had nothing to do ...
xulon 08/10/2012 4 5 - 68
How Conservatives "Create" Jobs: Diebold and Governor John Kasich (OH)
An article in Plunderbund I read recently about Diebold and the state of Ohio illustrates perfectly the conservative plan to "create" jobs. In a nutshell, here's the situation. Diebold ...
akadjian 08/10/2012 22 31 1 182
The Coming Constitutional Crisis in Ohio
Before I begin, let me first apologize for this longer than usual diary. I did my best to edit it down, and remove unnecessary paragraphs. I hope you find it interesting and informative. For those ...
DeanDemocrat 08/10/2012 120 202 7 1341
Ohio Republicans move to defund Planned Parenthood
Ohio Planned Parenthood, and women, to the back of the bus Ohio Republicans want to get rid of Planned Parenthood but apparently don't want to get into the kind of trouble Texas did and lose ...
Joan McCarter 04/18/2012 29 37 1 260
Gov. Kasich to Tornado-Stricken Clermont County: Drop Dead
You'd think we would've stopped being surprised by the sociopathic mindset of the teabag-waving element of the GOP, but every so often somebody like Ohio's John Kasich reminds us how much lower it's ...
Living in Gin 03/03/2012 183 329 2 2215
Ohio GOP rolling out anti-women bills at record pace, and Kasich is signing them into law
(Crossposted from with minor edits) It'€™s been a crazy month if you'€™re a woman in America, but if you are here, you know that already.. Let's take a look back. In January, ...
dirtgirl 02/28/2012 102 170 7 1131
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