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The Business of Losing an Election
The most repudiated idea this election cycle is that money can buy quality product. Romney’s loss last week has opened a peek into the Republican mentality and offered a great study of how they ...
KatyaG 11/14/2012 28 43 - -
Conservative Mind Expansion
The average conservative head is a complete mess these days. But it’s a creative mess. They have learned so many new words and names and concepts they haven’t heard of before and are so eager to ...
KatyaG 02/13/2012 2 2 - 39
The Spell of Wall Street
(X-posted to ACT NOW ) “Seek first to understand, then be understood.” -...
KatyaG 01/28/2012 8 21 3 140
Honest Conservatives
(X-posted ...
KatyaG 01/14/2012 15 5 1 98
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