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An unforced error- the economics of shutdown
The partial (but substantial) government shutdown has been 24/7 news in the United States. One can approach the impasse from a Constitutional perspective, or discuss the role of government, or how ...
Kazmarov 10/07/2013 4 2 - -
Not done yet: the Voting Rights Act and race inequality
This will be a fairly long post, and will address the recent Supreme Court hearings of Shelby County v. Holder , a legal challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. It will also discuss racial ...
Kazmarov 03/06/2013 5 16 1 -
Consent is immutable: modern rape culture
Note: This is not the most political diary you will see today. If you look at my diary history, I sometimes write about things in a more abstract way. The danger of not passing a full and relevant ...
Kazmarov 01/05/2013 18 6 - -
Climate in crisis: all together, or all seperately
All truths, to some extent, are inconvenient. Living in a reality filled with prospects that never dim is a cute thought. Unfortunately, the responsible thing to do with age is absorb the facts as ...
Kazmarov 11/04/2012 1 1 1 -
Eleven years ago, eleven years old- a child and September 11th
The events of September 11th, 2001 weren't life-altering to me. I simply was too young- I had just turned eleven when it happened, and the odd circumstances of where I was (away from news, ...
Kazmarov 09/12/2012 14 34 2 215
The rabbit hole of "voter integrity"
In the Reddit group that I moderate, a thread was made linking to kos' diary on voter fraud . The discussion was actually pretty good- kos thankfully avoids partisanship and thus fit well with the ...
Kazmarov 09/06/2012 5 4 - 36
Clinton, and the return of substance
So the word is out that Bill Clinton rocks at giving a speech ( full video ). For older readers, this is not anything new. However, I am glad that a generation of people younger than me, with no ...
Kazmarov 09/06/2012 9 6 1 105
Jesus of Nazareth: the first occupier
In the present day, American politics has become deeply entangled confluence with materialist, grand-scale Protestantism. To great aggravation, Christianity has been tied not only to constitutional ...
Kazmarov 09/02/2012 10 12 - 74
The last battle for single-payer
Thursday evening, I attended a screening of The Healthcare Movie , a new documentary exploring the divergence of the Canadian and American healthcare systems over the past half century. ...
Kazmarov 08/31/2012 67 160 6 1423
Leave your fear behind
Last fall, I took part in many Occupy protests. I spoke to college classes about income inequality, marched with 20,000 others in Oakland- the first general strike in America in sixty-five years. ...
Kazmarov 08/28/2012 12 8 3 42
Paul Ryan: Catholic When Convenient
In a 2012 presidential campaign marked by vague promises regarding domestic and foreign policy, August 11th was a day that put ideas front and center. The selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's vice-
Kazmarov 08/15/2012 17 17 - 133
Occupy San Jose- A Primer
Starting on the 2nd of October, 100 people gathered in Backesto Park in downtown San Jose, California to meet in General Assembly. Their goal was to march on the heart of the city, make their voices ...
Kazmarov 10/05/2011 7 9 - 35
The Mass Imprisonment Failure
Crossposted also on my personal blog, which according to Stephen Hawking often interacts with black holes. Part I: A Rise to Mass Incarceration The United States may ...
Kazmarov 09/13/2011 38 75 2 401
Building on a Day of Destruction
Let me introduce you to a fence. Yes, fences are normally dull things, designed to keep dogs in backyards or to keep burglars out or to keep those damn kids off your lawn. But this fence is special ...
Kazmarov 09/11/2011 1 - - 6
Forty Years from Attica: Prisons in America
Crossposted from my personal blog, which gets less traffic than Bhutan. Recently, a member of my family passed away, a maternal aunt and godmother. The four of us, my parents, sister, and I,
Kazmarov 09/10/2011 23 49 2 222
Journalism in an Era of Void
Crossposted from my personal blog, which exists in a parallel universe. ...
Kazmarov 09/07/2011 5 1 - 27
The Four Word Social Contract
Crossposted from my personal blog in the nether reaches of the Internet. There's always an argument to be had over the soul of liberal thought- why we do what we do. When talking to the ...
Kazmarov 02/27/2011 2 10 1 53
Our Union, and Unions
Crossposted from my personal blog on the nether reaches of the internet. These past few weeks have seen ...
Kazmarov 02/26/2011 4 8 - 47
The Electoral College (And Other Fossils)
Crossposted from my personal blog on the nether reaches of the Internet. Back in the Constitutional Convention, a big fuss was made about the people. Not that they were being shafted and ...
Kazmarov 02/25/2011 1 - - 16
Libya: The End of a Regime?
Crossposted from my personal blog in the nether reaches of the Internet. Amid reports that protesters have seized additional cities in Libya, that ...
Kazmarov 02/23/2011 4 - - 24
Electoral Reform in America
Crossposted from my personal blog in the nether reaches of the Internet. One of the persistent issues for third parties in countries like the United States is the feeling by voters that ...
Kazmarov 02/21/2011 4 4 - 29
America's Prison Challenge
Crossposted from my new blog in the unknown reaches of the internet. In 2009, the United States of America had 7.2 million (
Kazmarov 02/20/2011 4 3 - 18
CA-03: What the Doctor (Bera) Ordered
Let's have a chat, Kossacks. About a race that's gotten virtually no publicity, but now is considered to be ...
Kazmarov 10/23/2010 14 13 - 220
 Baucus: I can't get 60, so I won't support public option
As many of us know from watching the streaming video of committee hearing, Senator Max Baucus has just announced he's voting against the public option (after saying a laundry list of really nice ...
Kazmarov 09/29/2009 10 5 - 2
Be Vigilant: Debunking Right-Wing Healthcare Hatcheting with Reason!
A friend of mine authored a story for a publication I'm creating- if anyone attended the San Francisco New Media Summit afterparty, I was there passing out business cards. It's called The ...
Kazmarov 05/24/2009 7 1 - 50
The Elitism War: Obama 1, McCain 0
The past few weeks of the presidential campaign have been a focused battle that defined the 2004 campaign as well: who's elitist? Who'
Kazmarov 08/21/2008 6 - - 2
Letters for Obama
While DailyKos is a key stronghold in the netroots movement, it must be admitted that using the internet has certain, tangible limits in terms of voter outreach. Many demographics, primarily the ...
Kazmarov 08/16/2008 7 4 - 3
Not One Moment Longer! Healthcare for Children Now
Healthcare is one of the most complex and vital domestic issues in America, and has been for decades. As other industrial and post-industrial countries (including our friendly northern neighbor) ...
Kazmarov 03/11/2008 2 1 - -
Letters for Barack: Key Pennsylvania Newspaper Info
For those that have a particular love of printed media, letters to the editor are an important part of the ground game for Barack Obama, particularly once the campaign focus has shifted away from ...
Kazmarov 03/10/2008 8 15 4 1
Good Try, Blitzer
Notice: Yeah, I know it's petty. But I don't really want to do the whole "This is huge for [candidate] diary." Wolf Blitzer in his commentary on the Ohio projection commented that nobody ...
Kazmarov 03/04/2008 10 4 - 1
Hillary Must Bow Out After March 4th
With Hillary Clinton on the ropes and recent polling showing Barack Obama right at her doorstep in Texas and Ohio, it ...
Kazmarov 02/21/2008 26 5 - 1
Post-Castro: New Boss is Same as the Old Boss
While initially I was jubilant at the news that Fidel Castro had resigned his presidency, a few minutes ...
Kazmarov 02/19/2008 8 1 - -
We Need More Than The White House This November
Sidenote: Yeah, my last entry sucked, I should have appealed to my better senses and never published it. = Since the 2006 midterms, it has become abundantly clear that the Democratic Party lacks ...
Kazmarov 02/18/2008 4 2 - -
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