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Chicago Public Schools school board meeting
The sham Board of Ed. meeting in Chicago is in progress. The Board will vote to close about 50 PUBLIC schools today and mess up this city. The mayor is trying to get funding for a casino and an ...
KikiK 05/22/2013 6 3 - -
Chicago Public Schools meltdown
I'm sitting here in my cozy dining room while baby sleeps and before I pick up my others kids from their public magnet school. I am lucky. My kids' school isn't one of the 52+ being closed or '...
KikiK 03/21/2013 181 105 4 -
Stupak- you are a bastard to take away my rights!!
I'm going to have an elective abortion this weekend. I'm doing it for a myriad of reasons which are right for me. That doesn't matter. What matters is that I can do it, legally. Not in a alley, or ...
KikiK 11/10/2009 15 6 1 44
My husband raced a woman to be second in line at the polls
Just real quick, sorry about the lamo diary but I'm just so excited. My hubby got up at 4:30am and got a coffee and as he rounded the corner he said this woman spotted him and then quickly dashed ...
KikiK 11/04/2008 1 7 - 2
Chicago early voting line out the door...
At about 4:30pm, I dropped my son off at tumbling class and walked 2 blocks north to return a few books at the Edgewater library, northside of Chicago near the lake- Loyola University neighborhood.
KikiK 10/29/2008 13 9 1 2
I just voted in Cook County Illinois
...for Obama/Biben of course. The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that a record number of Chicagoans came out to vote early yesterday (approximately 12,000!!) and some even waited in lines. ...
KikiK 10/14/2008 6 10 - 2
My son for Secretary of Health and Human Services
Everyday I drive my son back and forth from public school Kindergarten. It takes about 30 minutes. At one major intersection we typically see at least two homeless people and a variety of others ...
KikiK 10/08/2008 11 7 1 222
My old immigrant mother's got the right idea..
So I'm at a family function over the weekend and of course, as we all know, all roads lead to Rome, so invariably the conversation takes us to the upcoming election. I keep my cool when ...
KikiK 09/16/2008 4 17 1 -
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