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The vital narrative of the next debate
There was a key foreign policy moment linked to a debate question on Tuesday. No, not Libya, although that moment did much to show how President Obama will defuse Mitt Romney’s most likely line of ...
Kimball 10/18/2012 5 2 - -
The bad guys are trying to wreck mom and dad's marriage!
I recently moved “back” to the great state of Minnesota. When I came here in '99, the governor was one Jesse Ventura, and when I later moved to California the governor spoke with an enduring ...
Kimball 10/01/2012 36 43 1 790
Lost Between Lines on Lieberman
So we now have an on-the-record statement from the Obama transition team, by way of TPM:
Kimball 11/11/2008 10 3 1 2
Normalizing the Popular Vote
It's happening again. You know what I mean- the bold predictions that Hillary Clinton will in the end come ...
Kimball 05/11/2008 17 4 1 23
EPA dismisses panel scientist under industry pressure
From Chemistry World: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is again being accused of caving to ...
Kimball 03/05/2008 7 15 1 17
The Cult of Personality
Crossposted at One Million Strong... My father once ran for state office, and that was my first experience in perceiving ...
Kimball 02/11/2008 23 15 - 25
Obama-Reagan Context You Have Not Read...
...and hopefully among the last you read. Those who have picked apart and parsed Obama's recent comments have not only excluded the necessary context of the full statement but also the context of ...
Kimball 01/18/2008 62 12 - 49
Clinton and Guilt by Association
Who is hip deep in financial ties? From the category of ironic arguments... TPM ...
Kimball 01/17/2008 21 6 - 6
Bill Clinton Continues to Distort Obama's Iraq Record
Yesterday I wrote a detailed diary discussing the Clinton campaign's misrepresentation of Barack Obama's opposition to Iraq.
Kimball 01/11/2008 78 28 1 10
Did I Miss an Iraq Invasion Vote Since Barack Obama Took Office?
or: How the Democratic Party is Ceding the Anti-War High Ground Since the original authorization there has neither been a vote to invade Iraq nor a vote to take back that ...
Kimball 01/10/2008 36 21 - 20
The Insanity of Experience
The insanity of "experience" In recognition of the message’s success in Iowa, Hillary Clinton adopted a “change” message both before ...
Kimball 01/05/2008 5 1 1 2
A list of candidates who should not (have) drop(ped) out
Dennis Kucinich Your embrace of progressive policy is a persistent challenge to other Democrats, no matter their standing in the polls, to respond to issues that matter to those of us on the ...
Kimball 01/03/2008 23 9 - -
Kos with a too-common fallacy
That doesn't mean I think Obama walks on water. Far from it. The guy is going around idiotically attacking ...
Kimball 12/13/2007 82 9 - 1
Willful Naivety: Marburger, Bush on Climate Change
I attended talk by John Marburger, Presidential Science Advisor, Monday evening at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union on the subject of climate change. I joked with a friend of mine ...
Kimball 12/11/2007 12 13 1 164
Whither WOT? - Revisiting the Horn of Africa
My first diary here on DailyKos called attention to the questionable diplomacy and foreign policy of the United States with respect ...
Kimball 11/30/2007 17 5 - 4
Time lapse: Hilary Clinton's failure on Pakistan
Or, as an alternative title: "Mixed Messages" We begin in December of 2003, when Senator Clinton was still speaking of Iraq in the following manner: I was one who supported giving ...
Kimball 11/16/2007 30 4 - 7
Pakistan Debate Post-Mortem
Crossposted at One Million Strong Or, as an alternative title "Barack Obama Had it Right (Again)" There's an ...
Kimball 11/06/2007 20 4 - 40
Dodd, Edwards, Obama, and the presentation of false choices
Barack Obama earlier this week promised us a new, comprehensive Iraq policy, foreshadowed his statement with his questioning of Petraeus and Crocker at yesterday's Senate Foreign Relations Committee ...
Kimball 09/12/2007 25 10 - -
Proliferation: Bugs, Arms and Facile Narratives
Jon Stewart: "Do you feel like you're stuck in a narrative now...?" -an apt question asked of Barack Obama this past Wednesday on a Daily Show interview. We haven't wholly escaped the narrative ...
Kimball 08/25/2007 3 2 1 57
Eritrea and the State Department's Misuse of "Terror"
I have had the extraordinary fortune in my life to have learned from and befriended several Eritrean-Americans, and I write this not out of unique insight but mainly out of concern for a country and ...
Kimball 08/22/2007 12 14 1 148
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