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Glenn Beck To Girl Scouts: Keep Killing The Orangutans. The Cookies Are Yummy
Last Week on Fox News there was a segment featuring two Girl Scouts who had initiated an ...
KingOneEye 05/29/2011 13 23 - 145
Glenn Beck: Will My Event Hurt Foreign Policy Of The U.S.? I Damn Well Hope So!
[Below are excerpts from Glenn Beck's web site for his Jerusalem Junket. Click here for ...
KingOneEye 05/21/2011 33 28 1 211
Noxious Irritation: Andrew Breitbart's True Hollywood Horror Story
How Hollywood Drove Andrew Breitbart To The Mad Hater's Tea ...
KingOneEye 05/17/2011 43 80 2 443
Glenn Beck Has Seen The Finger Of God
As his tenure at Fox News winds to close, Glenn Beck's Messianic delusions are escalating beyond imagination. Beck has ...
KingOneEye 05/13/2011 98 134 2 1203
Megyn Kelly and Fox News Helped Sen. Ensign Cover-Up His Crimes
Nevada Senator John Ensign resigned from the Senate last week, but his troubles may not end there.
KingOneEye 05/13/2011 114 249 3 1835
What Does A Proposal To Ban Access To Guns Have To Do With Abortion?
A new proposal has been introduced in the South Dakota state legislature that would upend the Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. This complex and insidious scheme, if enacted, would ...
KingOneEye 05/11/2011 159 205 2 957
Glenn Beck's Hate For Youth Is Good For Business
Glenn Beck has a long history of denigrating young Americans. He has called them "useful idiots." He has disparaged them ...
KingOneEye 05/08/2011 17 26 - 158
BEWARE: Wall Street Journal Launches Phony WikiLeaks Clone
The Wall Street Journal has gone into competition with WikiLeaks . They just launched the web ...
KingOneEye 05/06/2011 15 28 - 142
Andrew Breitbart's At It Again. New Video Lie Attacks Labor And Academia
Jon Lovitz used to have a character on Saturday Night live known a ...
KingOneEye 04/29/2011 22 49 2 267
Let's Keep Kicking Fox News While It's Down
Fox News' ratings are beginning to reflect the general disenchantment that America is experiencing with the lunatic fringe as represented by Republicans and Tea Partyers (
KingOneEye 04/27/2011 82 302 8 1837
Rachel Maddow Beats Hannity's Media Bias Special
It's time for the folks at Britannica to replace whatever picture they've been using to illustrate "poetic justice" and insert Rachel Maddow's picture in its place. Last Friday, Fox News ...
KingOneEye 04/25/2011 73 208 3 1682
What If Atlas Shrugged And No One Was There To See It?
The film version of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand's soporific paean to malevolent ego-centrism, has finally been released to the throngs of slobbering Tea Baggers desperate for some cinematic validation. ...
KingOneEye 04/22/2011 235 176 3 1352
Handicapping The Race For Glenn Beck's Successor w/Poll
On April 6th Fox News and Glenn Beck announced that his program would be "transitioning" off the air. Reminds me a little of when ...
KingOneEye 04/09/2011 32 13 - 118
GOP Introduces the Koch Brothers Appreciation Act Of 2011
Under the Republican leadership of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce there is a whole new approach to the environment and the role of government to protect citizens from recalcitrant ...
KingOneEye 04/05/2011 14 42 - 173
Fake Hooker Hannah Giles Slams Deceptive Filmmaking
Hannah Giles, the partner of right-wing propagandist James O'Keefe, who assumed the role ...
KingOneEye 04/04/2011 20 75 - 593
Right-Wing Worried They Are Not Big Enough A-Holes
Ken Vogel at Politico has published a story that examines what he portrays as a new ...
KingOneEye 04/04/2011 115 207 4 1462
Message To Obama: Don't You Dare F__king Fire Samantha Power
Once again the evil winds of Fox News are blowing across the land and threatening to whip up a Perfect Storm composed of nothing ...
KingOneEye 04/03/2011 193 79 1 928
LEAKED MEMO Reveals Fox News Plans To Replace Glenn Beck
[ BREAKING: April 1, 2011, New York, NY ] In recent weeks there has been growing speculation as to the future of Glenn Beck on Fox News. ...
KingOneEye 04/01/2011 122 116 2 1748
A Sign From God? Glenn Beck's Cursed Ratings
Listen up brothers and sisters, for the Word of God is nigh and sinners must repent with all haste. The End Times prophesied in the Good Book are upon us and there is no time to delay if you desire ...
KingOneEye 03/30/2011 20 31 - 203
Fox News Freaks Out Over GE's Taxes - While Doing The Same Thing
The New York Times published a disturbing article yesterday about how giant, multinational corporations are robbing the U.S. treasury (and people) by exploit tax loopholes and the political clout to ...
KingOneEye 03/26/2011 72 178 6 1066
Glenn Beck Has A Bright Future - In Infomercials
With his ratings in a steep downward spiral and advertisers rushing for the exits, the speculation surrounding Glenn Beck's future at Fox News is reaching a fever pitch. So what's in store for Mr. ...
KingOneEye 03/23/2011 11 15 - 83
End The Federal Funding Of Fox News
A few weeks ago video pimp and propagandist, James O'Keefe, released ...
KingOneEye 03/21/2011 113 398 13 2087
MEDIA WATCH: A New dKos Group
When DK4 launched I pondered whether I should start a ...
KingOneEye 03/13/2011 52 58 - 264
OMG: James O'Keefe's NPR Sting Debunked By Glenn Beck Site
It should come as no surprise that James O'Keefe is an unethical liar who produces ...
KingOneEye 03/12/2011 153 307 9 2013
Sarah Palin Question Stumps Jeopardy Contestants
For those who think that Sarah Palin is a serious candidate for president (or sewer inspector), they may need to adjust their perspective a bit. In addition to ...
KingOneEye 03/11/2011 45 35 - 442
The Republican Party Endorses Shared Sacrifice
In these challenging economic times it is common for a nation and its leaders to embrace a sense of community and promote the notion that we are all in this together and are expected to chip in, do ...
KingOneEye 03/06/2011 8 17 1 89
WOW! Rachel Maddow Beats Glenn Beck In Key Ratings Demo
KingOneEye 03/04/2011 85 232 2 1907
The Paranoid Style Of Glenn Beck: A Prophecy Fulfilled
Glenn Beck was born on February 10, 1964. Later that same year a professor from Columbia University authored what now appears to be a prophetic description of what that child would become.
KingOneEye 03/03/2011 18 25 - 153
GOP Leader Boehner Seeks To Reverse Ban On Snipe Hunting
In a speech at the Akron Sportsman's Lodge, Republican House Speaker John Boehner promised local game stalkers that he would ...
KingOneEye 03/02/2011 27 18 1 161
Fox News Suspends Newt Gingrich And Rick Santorum Pending Presidential Campaign Plans
Under pressure from within both political and media circles, Fox News has finally conceded that it is inappropriate to continue providing a free platform for presidential candidates who are also Fox ...
KingOneEye 03/02/2011 27 23 - 170
Broadcast Media Ignores Major Fox News Scandal
What does it take to get the attention of the media when a corrosive scandal erupts that they don't seem to want to cover? This past week a prominent and powerful public figure was implicated in ...
KingOneEye 02/28/2011 19 33 - 231
Why The Anti-Union Message Doesn't Sell
Fox Nation is featuring a new video from Minnesota Majority, a Tea Party group that is radical even by Tea Party standards. The video plays ominous music behind a series of claims that they must ...
KingOneEye 02/25/2011 33 27 1 176
Murdoch, Media Ignoring Charges Against Fox News Boss Roger Ailes
Yesterday the New York Times published ...
KingOneEye 02/25/2011 17 23 - 86
The Perfect Storm: A Glenn Beck Delusion
If the above picture frightens you...good! We are at a crucial time in not only ...
KingOneEye 02/24/2011 20 27 1 186
WTF: Glenn Beck Says Reform Jews Are Like Islamic Radicals
In yet another exhibition of clueless hate-spittle, Glenn Beck declared this morning on his ...
KingOneEye 02/22/2011 144 121 - 684
ACTION: Stop CNN From Turning Into Fox News
It's bad enough that America has one Fox News. One network that has mainstreamed lying and abandoned all ...
KingOneEye 02/13/2011 99 163 5 874
Why Does Glenn Beck Hate Young People?
Glenn Beck has a long record of heaping scorn on the youth of America. He has accused them of having been indoctrinated by Marxists in the Obama administration. He has called them "useful idiots"
KingOneEye 02/13/2011 72 93 1 496
FOX ALERT: Jubilant Crowds Rejoice As Murdoch Steps Down
News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch has resigned and left New York City for his resort in Montauk ending his fifty year reign as a ...
KingOneEye 02/11/2011 33 61 1 398
Stupor Bowl: Obama vs O'Reilly vs Disgusting Fox Nationalists
This is what happens when you let a non-journalist attempt to conduct an interview with a national leader.
KingOneEye 02/06/2011 263 236 2 351
Glenn Beck Solves The Crisis In Egypt
Well, we waited all week for it. Glenn Beck had promised that, after going through "chalkboards full of questions," he would tell us the solutions to the vexing crisis in Egypt - a crisis ...
KingOneEye 02/04/2011 47 24 - 126
Obama's Foxophobia: What If Fox News Finds Out?
Last month I received a fundraising email from the Center for the Study of Political Graphics . The Center collects, preserves, and ...
KingOneEye 02/03/2011 25 27 1 222
Fox News: Biggest Ratings Loser Of The New Year - Glenn Beck Leads The Way Down
In what may be a bullish sign for America's IQ, Fox News suffered ...
KingOneEye 02/01/2011 369 496 14 1685
Fox Nation's Gorilla Story Stirs Racist Frenzy
Today on the Fox Nation web site, they posted a story on the popularity of some new videos of a gorilla walking upright like a man. That seems like it should be an innocuous little animal tale with ...
KingOneEye 01/28/2011 173 276 1 920
Keith Olbermann To Launch Internet Venture? Olbermann Post?
Not 24 hours has elapsed since Keith Olbermann shocked the cable news world by announcing that Countdown has reached ignition and been lifted off the MSNBC schedule. And due to the vague ...
KingOneEye 01/22/2011 198 168 1 268
The Smoking Gun: Here Is Why Glenn Beck Should Be Fired NOW!
I have documented numerous examples of right-wing advocacy of violence, as have many others. But nobody crosses further over the line, or more ...
KingOneEye 01/17/2011 274 552 15 537
Glenn Beck: You're Going To Have To Shoot Them In The Head
Tuesday Glenn Beck introduced a petition that he described as a challenge to America . In truth it was nothing more than a self-...
KingOneEye 01/13/2011 27 45 5 691
Glenn Beck's Challenge To America: Play Nice
On his Monday Fox News program, Glenn Beck complained that he had not seen any leaders emerge in the wake of the Tucson Slaughter who would stand up and say "Stop it!" He must not have been ...
KingOneEye 01/10/2011 24 20 - 102
Hostile Intent: Right-Wing Media Doth Protest Too Much
Rarely have I seen such a desperate attempt to evade reality as has occurred since the shooting rampage in Tuscon. It would seem to be a fairly non-controversial notion that when a politician is ...
KingOneEye 01/09/2011 39 54 1 1182
Bill O'Reilly Gives Platform To Bin Laden Supporting Crackpot
Last night's episode of the O'Reilly Factor featured a debate between Bill O'Reilly and Michael Scheuer, a former CIA agent whom O'Reilly described as knowing more about Osama Bin Laden than anyone ...
KingOneEye 01/08/2011 7 9 - 115
ACTION: Tell CNN Not To Host GOP Debate With Racist Tea Party Express
[ Reposted from Friday, 12/17/2010 , with an update and the hope that we can reverse this despicable decision on the part of CNN]
KingOneEye 12/19/2010 18 23 - 85
STOP THIS NOW! CNN And Tea Party Express Partner For GOP Debate
CNN, the once dominant and comparatively respectable cable news network, ...
KingOneEye 12/17/2010 41 47 1 82
CONFIRMED: New Study Proves That Fox News Makes You Stupid
Yet another study has been released that proves that watching Fox News is ...
KingOneEye 12/13/2010 273 634 43 3824
Where For Art Thou Tea Party? A Tale Of Love And Abandonment
It has been a little more than a month since the mid-term elections. Voters, fueled by anger and dissatisfaction with the progress of the economic recovery, drove the majority Democrats from power ...
KingOneEye 12/12/2010 25 30 1 236
Another Glenn Beck Inspired Domestic Terrorist
While Glenn Beck scoffs at the notion that his followers ...
KingOneEye 12/06/2010 12 22 1 121
Glenn Beck's Ratings Sink into Irrelevancy
If there is one thing for which Glenn Beck deserves some measure of credit, it is his ability to promote himself and inflate his influence on the media, and in society, outside of all proportion to ...
KingOneEye 12/02/2010 226 439 7 235
Fox Nation And The Right-Wing Embrace Of Censorship
The release of some 250,000 documents by WikiLeaks has stirred up a hornets nest of protest from the rightist martinets of virtue. There have been calls to shut down the WikiLeaks web site, to ...
KingOneEye 11/30/2010 8 23 - 62
Sarah Palin's Media Persecution Complex
Last week the blogiverse had a field day with Sarah Palin's gaffe wherein she told Glenn Beck that we must stand with our "North" Korean allies. It was a rather trivial spurt of mockery ...
KingOneEye 11/28/2010 29 29 - 111
Yet Another Poll Reveals The Tea Party Craze Is A Fraud
Despite all the evidence of repeated surveys, the media continues to ...
KingOneEye 11/24/2010 93 154 5 83
Election Flawed: Rupert Murdoch's SCAM To Profit From Political Donations
The present state of the American political process is in dire distress. In order to even contemplate running for any federal or statewide office, a potential candidate must have access to sums of ...
KingOneEye 11/23/2010 15 33 1 222
Glenn Beck Solves the Contrailer Mystery
These are boom days for conspiracy theories. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting one. And who do you think killed the cat? Hmm? We've seen the Birthers who demand to see President Obama's ...
KingOneEye 11/21/2010 66 49 1 68
ANNOUNCING Glenn Beck Unhinged: A New Web Site And Resource For Fun And Reform
Today is the official launch of the latest News Corpse production that is predicted to alter the course human civilization: Glenn Beck ...
KingOneEye 11/17/2010 31 66 - 66
ACTION: The ADL Must Revoke Rupert Murdoch's Award
In light of ...
KingOneEye 11/11/2010 19 15 - 81
Pitchforks And Torches: Let's Take Control Of MSNBC
The American media landscape has long been dominated by giant, multinational corporations whose interests have never been aligned with those of the people they purport to serve. It doesn't take a ...
KingOneEye 11/08/2010 23 28 - 68
BROKE: Glenn Beck's "PLAN" To Collapse The System
A year ago this month Glenn Beck announced that he had a "Plan" that he promised to unveil at ...
KingOneEye 11/07/2010 38 60 - 78
Will Fox News Be Happy When George Soros Is Murdered?
Fox News takes pride in its ability to destroy the lives of people it opposes politically. They had a hand in the assassination of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, whom they labeled "the ...
KingOneEye 11/04/2010 311 293 8 332
Top Ten Reasons A Democratic Victory Is Worth Fighting For
Tomorrow is election day, and if you think there isn't a lot at stake your Lunesta dosage is too high.
KingOneEye 11/01/2010 27 20 - 49
FOX News Reveals Plans For Ultra-Partisan Election Night Coverage
The FOX News Channel ...
KingOneEye 10/28/2010 27 23 - 79
THREAT LEVEL RED! Jihad Is Coming To America Via Wall Street
Ever since 9/11, you can't be too careful with regard to national security. Our enemies are clever, persistent, and devious. After all, they managed to plant one of their own in the White House ...
KingOneEye 10/23/2010 33 29 - 47
DROP FOX: Major New Campaign Aimed At Fox Advertisers
Media Matters is partnering with People for the American Way to ...
KingOneEye 10/19/2010 28 70 - 286
Fox Cancels The Future Of All Civilization
In a demonstration of precisely why giant media conglomerates must be regulated and broken up, Fox has escalated a contract dispute into ...
KingOneEye 10/17/2010 195 244 3 58
Tides: Fox News Advertisers Will Have Blood On Their Hands [Updated w/Media Matters Petition]
The Tides Foundation Strikes Back Drummond Pike, the founder and CEO of the ...
KingOneEye 10/15/2010 239 482 5 155
Fox News Reporter Arrested For Sexual Assault On A Minor
Charles Leaf of Fox News ...
KingOneEye 10/08/2010 233 303 2 269
Poll: Tea Party Is Wildly Out Of Touch With America
KingOneEye 10/05/2010 252 466 11 281
WATCH THIS NOW: Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck
Note: This will be the shortest diary I ever write, but you have just got to see this. Who knew that Disney was so far ahead of their time. This cartoon captures perfectly ...
KingOneEye 10/03/2010 22 44 - 77
Threat Out The Vote: Glenn Beck Shows His Bloody Hand
With just one month left before the midterm elections of 2010, politicos of all stripes are about to gear up for the most important part of any campaign: Get Out The Vote (GOTV). After all the ...
KingOneEye 10/01/2010 26 44 - 103
Glenn Beck Quivers In Fear Of One Nation Working Together - 10.2.10
Last week Glenn Beck offered his best wishes the organizers of ...
KingOneEye 09/29/2010 225 346 2 37
What You Missed At The Beverly Hills Tea Party
In lieu of the next 1,000 words... The much ballyhooed Beverly Hills Tea Party took place yesterday and exceeded ...
KingOneEye 09/27/2010 49 44 2 85
Uh Oh: New CNN Boss Is The Man Who Discovered Glenn Beck
Remember the old days when CNN was the dominant cable news network? Or the even older days when it was the only cable news network? I didn't think so. It was a long time ago. Viewers today don't ...
KingOneEye 09/25/2010 96 115 1 71
Stephen Colbert Speaks Truthiness To Power (w/Video)
This morning the House Sub-committee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security,
KingOneEye 09/24/2010 31 32 - 66
DE-Sen: Vote Christine: Support Shrewish- Americans
Christine ...
KingOneEye 09/22/2010 26 16 - 78
Tea Party Convention CANCELED Due To Shortage Of Dimwits
The Tea Party Nation appears to be coming apart. Plans for the National Tea Party Unity Convention have been in turmoil since it was first announced last February. Their original date was in mid-July,
KingOneEye 09/18/2010 296 481 5 235
Fox News Donates Free Air Time To The GOP
In a bit of creative synergy, Fox News has figured out a way to give Republican candidates a platform without appearing overtly political. This tactic permits the candidate to get national media ...
KingOneEye 09/17/2010 117 263 2 97
On 9/11: Palin And Beck Bash America, Praise Fox News [Update w/Heckler Video]
Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin appeared together at a for-profit Arctic ...
KingOneEye 09/12/2010 148 182 2 107
In Defense Of The Pre-9/11 Mindset: Reprise II
On September 11, 2006, I wrote an essay about how the American perception of its place in the world supposedly shifted after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. I reprinted it in 2008 ...
KingOneEye 09/11/2010 14 14 - 47
Fox News Reporter's History of Abuse And Violence
Yesterday I profiled Charles Leaf , a reporter for the New York Fox affiliate WNYW, whose investigation of figures related to the ...
KingOneEye 09/08/2010 20 37 - 46
The New Most Repulsive Fox News Reporter: Charles Leaf
Fox News has launched the careers of some of the most ignorant, unethical, anti-journalists, ever to fondle a microphone. Some have had great success like Glenn Beck. Others have disappeared into ...
KingOneEye 09/07/2010 10 24 1 90
Fox News FINALLY Refudiates Violent Rhetoric - Sort Of
Almost since its inception, Fox News has been a hotbed of irresponsible discourse that encouraged intolerance and hostility. They have harbored hosts, contributors and guests whose language was ...
KingOneEye 08/31/2010 15 33 - 90
Look Who's Giving Lectures On God And Unity
This was the big weekend for Glenn Beck, and allegedly, America. He went ...
KingOneEye 08/28/2010 115 137 2 95
BUSTED! Fox News Posts Review Of Glenn Beck’s Rally Before It Happens
Fox News promos often tout the network as "The Most Powerful Name In News." Now that power extends into the supernatural as is caught publishing a story reviewing Glenn Beck'...
KingOneEye 08/27/2010 274 426 8 1164
Fox News Caps Flow Of Oil Spill Stories
A new study by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism analyzed the coverage of news stories about the Gulf Coast oil spill. The results show that, while everyone else was ...
KingOneEye 08/26/2010 18 46 - 199
Megyn Kelly On Fox News Trashes The American Dream
On today's segment of America Live on Fox News, host Megyn Kelly presented a segment (...
KingOneEye 08/25/2010 19 28 1 102
Fox News, Rasmussen And Right-Wing Media Synergy
The Wall Street Journal published an article this morning ...
KingOneEye 08/21/2010 65 124 2 87
Glenn Beck Drops Veterans From 8/28 Rally
In a notice posted today ...
KingOneEye 08/19/2010 55 65 1 126
ACTION: Fair And Balanced Fox News Gives GOP A Million Dollars UPDATE: Politico Weighs In + DGA Data
A report from Business ...
KingOneEye 08/16/2010 174 474 9 368
America Hates The Media - Thank You Fox News
A new survey by the Gallup organization reveals that Americans have all but given up on ...
KingOneEye 08/14/2010 141 213 5 62
Dr. Laura's Problem Is Not The "N" Word
There is a lot of buzz this morning about a discussion on the Dr. Laura radio program where Schlessinger got heated up about ...
KingOneEye 08/13/2010 101 45 - 79
News Corpse: Rupert Murdoch Doesn't Own Me
He thinks he owns the sky. Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is embroiled in a trademark dispute over the name of its European TV division, BSkyB, which operates under the name Sky TV. It has ...
KingOneEye 08/11/2010 20 28 - 65
Glenn Beck Is A Terrorist. He Said So Today
A few minutes ago Glenn Beck made a declaration that ought to cause some consternation in the executive suites of his employer, Fox News. It ought to, but it probably won't. They have already ...
KingOneEye 08/10/2010 32 35 - 78
Fox News: DEAD LAST In Online Ratings
For much of the last decade Fox News has dominated the Nielsen ratings for ...
KingOneEye 08/08/2010 241 310 7 1046
The Breitbart Saga Whines On (And On)
Poor Breitbart The chronically choleric Andrew ...
KingOneEye 08/01/2010 169 230 3 114
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