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Sunday Shutterbugs: Debugging The Shutter
Shutterbugs is a venue for photographers to push beyond existing formats in search of new ways to diary creative imagery. Sunday Shutterbugs is a weekly community diary publishing at 11:30 Central ...
Knucklehead 12/08/2013 96 69 3 -
Coin Toss Alternative
There are some people who do not watch football, for a multitude of reasons, even the Super Bowl. Some may not have a TV, again, for a multitude of reasons. As an alternative to today`s Super ...
Knucklehead 02/05/2012 69 30 1 160
Missed it by Thiiis Much
We always seem to remember the days when we still believed in Santa. We were just kids then, & we later scoffed at the idea that someone would visit, only in the dark of night, to bring gifts to ...
Knucklehead 12/21/2011 70 40 - 443
Another Friday, another set of images for your viewing enjoyment. (I hope) Apart from a few deaths in the news, the end of the war in Iraq, another debate, & some great exposure of the ...
Knucklehead 12/16/2011 27 12 - 59
Random Friday Photos
Thanks to citisven, I learned a new way to upload & watermark images in the new It is a place to grab images to post in your diaries covering just about any ...
Knucklehead 12/09/2011 11 13 - 74
October "O"`s
Since my computer crashed almost two months ago, I`ve been unable to perform many functions regarding posting here, in the way of images. I`ve been able to access the site & post comments ...
Knucklehead 10/14/2011 14 9 - 58
Here goes, again
Tonight, you get to see a special (to me, anyway) worm. Called a Tube Anemone, it fluoreces (sp?) at night & is one of my tank`s beauties. Enjoy. I just woke up from a deep sleep after a hard day`s ...
Knucklehead 08/01/2011 16 6 - 66
Oh Oh, More Fish
Oh Oh, More fish. The images you get to see are the results of having been downloaded some years ago. I don`t screen nor censure them for content, but do hope you do enjoy them. Now, let`s get with ...
Knucklehead 07/31/2011 14 17 - 102
Now What
For my continuing presentation, here are a few more sensations. We`ll open with this, (which I don`t remember, as usual) What are you looking at!!
Knucklehead 07/29/2011 14 10 - 150
Don`t be banging on my door
Don`t be banging on my door. I don`t live here no more. From one of the ponds I built, a large submariner coming up to give his regards.
Knucklehead 07/28/2011 25 30 - 210
Keeping On Keeping On
Here`s the next installment of my mission. These are from a Halloween series some years ago. I don`t know what the first image I`m opening with. (I forgot)
Knucklehead 07/27/2011 21 5 - 63
My Daily Bread
As I stated a few days ago, I`m trying to fulfill my promise of posting a diary every day from my Flickr account. Here we go with tonight`s. I`ll start with a "Hippy Chick". (I must tell ...
Knucklehead 07/26/2011 30 13 - 98
Here we go again
This is a Giant Elephant Ear in its course of eating. In the series below, you`ll see it trying to envelope its food while other animals try to steal its captured prey. I`ll start with a ...
Knucklehead 07/25/2011 33 13 - 117
As I Said
Basically, you get what my pages dictate. This page is from my reef tanks. I`ll open with an image of one of my fore reef images.
Knucklehead 07/24/2011 35 17 - 119
Day two
As I said, I`m trying to go through my Flickr account starting from the first page I downloaded to the present. The only problem with that is that you only get to see them in that order. This ...
Knucklehead 07/23/2011 18 12 - 81
My Promise Kept
I entertained an idea the other day that I would post images from my Flickr account on a daily basis. So here I am, posting. I`m starting from the back & working forward. These first ...
Knucklehead 07/22/2011 58 32 2 180
Vivian Maiers
Since this is a section on photography, I wanted to introduce you to a stranger. Just jump down below the squiggly thingy, & enjoy.
Knucklehead 07/21/2011 21 8 2 72
While a few of you may know that I`ve been cultivating cacti for some years, I`m introducing tonight`s bloom from one of my gems. I try & keep an eye on all of my cacti on a daily basis, since ...
Knucklehead 07/12/2011 35 35 - 134
Although I`ve been away for a while, I still try & come here as much as I can. Today, I have a little time to post some random images, mostly taken in the past month. All are taken at my house. ...
Knucklehead 04/09/2011 19 20 - 103
These are slow shutter speed shots taken at the Malibu Getty Villa. There is no flash photography allowed. I did not want to depreciate the quality of the images by upping the ISO, so I took them ...
Knucklehead 03/15/2011 17 15 - 141
Amado`s Ladies
This is my old & beautiful friend, Amado. You`ll meet him after his ladies. He is from Mexico. He is world famous as an orchid expert & has over 700 varieties that he bred. He has won hundreds & ...
Knucklehead 02/26/2011 29 15 1 139
Photography: MISHMASH
A litte bunch of mixed images, using different styles techniques & lighting to keep every one coming back & to encourage them to keep shooting. All of these are taken with a point & shoot camera. To ...
Knucklehead 02/15/2011 41 25 - 129
Photography: A Test
This is a test to see if I have to put “Photography” in the subject box to have the diary go to that group. If anyone knows about this, please comment. This is only a test, but you can also ...
Knucklehead 02/14/2011 41 16 - 131
Images for this group
To see if I can follow how this works, I`m posting a bunch of images. I`m an eclectic photographer, meaning I shoot everything & anything. I also only shoot my images with a small point & shoot ...
Knucklehead 02/13/2011 10 7 - 52
Meeting Markos I was at the ‘Drinking liberally” meeting tonight, with the featured speaker being Markos. I usually don`t go out much, but I figured this was an opportunity to meet ...
Knucklehead 09/21/2010 51 19 1 71
Ice Cream 911
I posted this in 2008 at Docudharma. I shall revisit the site tomorrow & get a different set of images, as I drove by the new installment of flags earlier today.
Knucklehead 09/10/2010 40 13 - 36
GULF COAST, New Agenda
As usual, I`m back on Fridays to post my coral reef images & to lend my small support to all the people from the gulf, & for all the plants & animals, above & belowthe surface. I fear the damage ...
Knucklehead 08/20/2010 26 9 - 27
Lately, I`ve been not so enthused about the progress in the gulf. I see the ramping up of activism in diaries with multiple posters, that, great unto themselves, the collective impact is much ...
Knucklehead 08/14/2010 24 18 - 49
It`s Friday again, time to temper my anger with a sharing of some of my images from my reef tanks. You may have noticed that my images are often of a same specimen. I liken that to taking more ...
Knucklehead 08/06/2010 44 29 - 59
Being Friday again, I`m here to try & keep the gulf coast on the minds of as many people as possible. Lately I feel that the media is trying to give the gulf, the bum`s rush. We keep hearing ...
Knucklehead 07/30/2010 26 24 - 35
Gulf Coast, a reminder
I`m a day late this week, in posting reminders of what kind of life we stand to lose due to the oil gusher in the gulf. I know it is presently capped, albeit temporarily, but I worry about the ...
Knucklehead 07/24/2010 17 20 - 44
I`m back with more underwater images in support of the gulf coast, it`s inhabitants above & below the surface, & to all who`ve worked so hard to keep the daily developments on the front pages.
Knucklehead 07/16/2010 16 22 1 212
 Gulf Coast
Here I am once again & as promised I will only post images of life that is not visible from the surface. Many people tend to think that life in our oceans consists mostly of fish, crabs, shrimp, &
Knucklehead 07/10/2010 37 41 2 349
Gulf Coast
As I previously mentioned, I shall post only images pertaining to underwater life. Helping me choose these images from my archives, I have my good friend Coconut, a parrot I rescued many years ago. ...
Knucklehead 07/03/2010 43 25 2 216
GULF COAST, a dedication
I want to post images of underwater life from the oceans of our planet, which I`ve stolen a little of, to put in my reef tanks, till the oil gusher is stopped & I want to post them every week. ...
Knucklehead 06/25/2010 35 17 - 181
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