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Museums 101: Mustang Hardtops (Photo Diary)
Ojibwa 05/22/2015 13 31 - -
Projecting a Climate Change Timeframe - Holy $h*t
In researching a book I'm writing I've been collecting prognostications about climate change. These have been gathered over time from numerous sources. But they are projections and hence a ...
John Crapper 05/21/2015 49 45 5 -
This weekend we gather to celebrate our Cedwyn with her Mom and Portland friends!
Celebration of Cedwyn Saturday May 23 1:00pm At The ...
Onomastic 05/20/2015 63 105 1 -
Changing the Conversation: Climate Change to Climate Recovery
Climate news gets worse every day. The eye slides away; the heart falters. There seems little hope when we consider that if the world could, by some political miracle, reduce carbon emissions to zero,
occupystephanie 05/20/2015 12 19 1 -
Paddle in Seattle Saturday (photo diary)
One of four staging areas as I arrived There was a ...
momomia 05/18/2015 11 29 - -
#Shell No - Happening Now in Seattle
From King 5 news Right now all entranceways to Terminal 5 in the Port of Seattle are blocked in protest of Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic. Hundred of people converged on the terminal ...
John Crapper 05/18/2015 51 82 1 -
Western US drought advances; Washington State declares state of emergency
Not good, but nowhere near the catastrophic California drought. Yet. With only 16% of normal snowpack this year, half of Washington State is in drought condition; putting 1.2 bn of crops in ...
VL Baker 05/18/2015 26 35 - -
Citizen-led WA ballot initiative pushes politician climate action
Washington state legislators are concerned that a $25/ton carbon tax proposed in Carbon Washington’s ballot initiative, I-732, will be too “blunt” an instrument. So they are reviving a more ...
Pacificshift 05/17/2015 13 53 1 -
Standing with Tribal Nations Opposing Coal Exports in the Pacific Northwest
Otto Braided Hair speaks at a press conference against coal exports. He is a traditional leader from the Northern Cheyenne and does not represent the tribal government. "We collectively stand ...
Mary Anne Hitt 05/15/2015 4 35 - -
Museums 101: Automobiles of the 1910s in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
During the second decade of the twentieth century, American automobile manufacturers were beginning to catch up with and even surpass their European counterparts. During this period, cars looked ...
Ojibwa 05/15/2015 14 20 - -
The War on Terror & Climate Change
I recently had a conversation with a young man who had just finished serving a tour of duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I asked him what, in his opinion, was the reason we had become militarily ...
John Crapper 05/14/2015 12 26 - -
Royal Dutch Shell Invades Seattle UPDATED
The Mayor of Seattle doesn't want Shell's Polar Pioneer to dock in Seattle. The Seattle City Council doesn't want Shell's Polar Pioneer to dock in Seattle. The Port of Seattle doesn't want Shell'...
Lefty Coaster 05/14/2015 57 111 2 -
Ancient America: Coastal Oregon, 13,000 to 7,500 years Ago
The Oregon coast is a part of the larger Northwest Coast culture area which stretches from the Tlingit homelands in Alaska to the Tolowa homelands in northern California. The cultures along this ...
Ojibwa 05/10/2015 20 82 2 -
University of Oregon officials under investigation for alleged mishandling of student's rape case
University of Oregon officials are being investigated for potentially mishandling a gang rape case in which they dug into the victim's confidential therapy ...
Kerry Eleveld 05/08/2015 43 46 1 -
S&PS Kos - Take the Initiative with Yoram Bauman
It's time for a get together, catch up with each other, have a drink, eat some good food and be entertained. Where: Pyramid Alehouse, Brewery and Restaurant 1201 First Ave S. (...
John Crapper 05/03/2015 9 8 - -
Museums 101: British Motorcycles in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
The LeMay—America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington includes a collection of motorcycles. ...
Ojibwa 05/01/2015 17 23 - -
April filled with Rallies in Seattle
I’ve been busy lately attending a number of rallies in the Seattle area. I’ve been joined by many others. We’re all saying Shell No! I learned the day before Easter there would be an "...
momomia 04/29/2015 9 15 - -
The Daily Bucket: The Beach Ecology Around a Tin Rock
I took advantage of a spring minus tide to explore an interesting historical feature along the Bellingham waterfront and to investigate how the intertidal denizens were faring in and around this ...
RonK 04/28/2015 73 50 1 -
Washington State Kossacks - It's Time to Help CarbonWA - Initiative #732
Calling on Washington State Kossacks to put some adrenaline into the mix. It's time. Time for a carbon tax reality check: There are only two carbon pricing policies on the table in Washington ...
John Crapper 04/25/2015 8 22 - -
Competing WA cap-and-trade ballot initiative? A modest proposal to stop the insanity
Washington State faces the possibility of competing 2016 climate ballot initiatives. A carbon tax initiative forwarded by grassroots citizens group Carbon Washington is already on the streets. ...
Pacificshift 04/25/2015 13 22 - -
Museums 101: Mustang Convertibles (Photo Diary)
Ojibwa 04/24/2015 15 22 - -
The Blobs Are Here
The stuff of science fiction movies is now here in reality. When I read this article I just paused in shock, opened my mouth and uttered the phrase I always utter at such moments: Holy Shit! As ...
John Crapper 04/23/2015 7 24 - -
“Beginning of a revolution” – Earth Day’s first organizer on the 45th
On the 45th Earth Day, the organizer of the first Earth Day is calling on youth to seize the torch and lead the struggle for global sustainability. “The important stuff is always done by young ...
Pacificshift 04/22/2015 6 7 - -
WA State enviro nonprofits seek to kill citizen™ climate initiative
Climate politics is heating up in Washington state. Gov. Jay Inslee has proposed a carbon cap-and-trade bill to the state legislature. But it is on life support. Meanwhile, Carbon Washington, a ...
Pacificshift 04/19/2015 29 47 1 -
Statewide day of protest in OR against Wyden and TPP this Saturday
Just a quick shout out to any of my fellow Oregonians who have not heard about this. Below the orange puff of smoke are excerpts from the email sent out by the Sierra Club.
MikePhoenix 04/17/2015 7 24 1 -
Reminder for Oregonians: Statewide protest against Wyden and TPP tomorrow.
I already diaried this last night but wanted to make sure everyone saw it before tomorrow. If you can attend tomorrow afternoon, RSVP here. Update: Last night's diary.
MikePhoenix 04/17/2015 3 14 1 -
Museums 101: Automobiles Before 1910 in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
While the automobile was originally invented in Europe in the late nineteenth century, the idea of the car—a horseless carriage—soon took root in the United States with a number of inventors, ...
Ojibwa 04/17/2015 8 22 - -
Ron Wyden says TPP deal is almost done. Call him. Now!
In a long article, Village internet outlet Politico sets the context: Senior lawmakers appeared to be close to ...
Laurence Lewis 04/16/2015 17 16 3 -
Ex-CFO Stands up to Chik-Fil-A, Loses Job, Livelyhood, Ends up on Food Stamps. ABC Thinks it's Funny
In this ABC News report we see Adam Smith along with his wife and family living on Food Stamps. Adam, used to be the CFO of a big time medical device company pulling down $200k per year with over $
Frank Vyan Walton 04/16/2015 426 287 3 -
Bundy Redux? Oregon Miners in Dispute With BLM Calls for Militia Help And Gets It
Yes, we may have a repeat of the Le Affaire Bundy in in southern Oregon where a dispute between the Bureau of Land Management and gold miners may erupt into another standoff with domestic terrorists "
Steven D 04/15/2015 43 38 - -
A View From the Shore - In Oregon, Even the Car Thieves Are Polite
So... yeah. We got the car back. But it wasn't quite over... More below the dooblydoo.
Mortifyd 04/14/2015 9 24 - -
Museums 101: Motorcycles in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
The LeMay—America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington includes a collection of motorcycles. ...
Ojibwa 04/10/2015 18 26 - -
Ancient America: Great Basin Oregon, 12,900 to 9,000 Years Ago
About 12,900 years ago there was an abrupt change in climatic conditions known as the Younger Dryas which marked the beginning of cooler conditions in the Great Basin area of present-day Oregon. ...
Ojibwa 04/05/2015 20 104 - -
Pacific Ocean Beaches (Photos): Street Prophets Saturday
Spending most of my life in the Rocky Mountains and the Sonoran Desert, the sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean in Washington and Oregon have always seemed a bit exotic. Camping along these ...
Ojibwa 04/04/2015 33 48 1 -
Museums 101: GM Cars of the 1950s in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
During the 1950s, General Motors cars—Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac—dominated the American market. Shown below are photographs of the General Motors cars on display at LeMay�
Ojibwa 04/03/2015 21 36 - -
Seattle & Puget Sound Kos Spring Forward on 3/29/15
Maybe it was all the closed major arteries into Seattle making traffic a nightmare; maybe it was having our first meet up on a Sunday rather than a Saturday; or maybe it was the Skagit Valley ...
John Crapper 03/31/2015 17 27 1 -
OR-Sen: CREDO Action Now Going After Ron Wyden (D) On The TPP
Received this e-mail today from CREDO Action: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive trade deal being ...
poopdogcomedy 03/20/2015 4 15 - -
Let's help llbear Stay Connected
llbear at a Koscadia meet up, foreground The computer of our friend, llbear, is about to give up the ghost. It is an eight year old PC tower. The "blue screen of death" is frequent now and ...
Sara R 03/19/2015 104 101 1 -
OR-Sen: Labor Putting The Pressure On Ron Wyden (D) Over TPP
Good: Union leaders and rank-and-file ...
poopdogcomedy 03/19/2015 25 25 1 -
WhereTheKogsAre:Links to the 150+ DK Geographic Groups by State & Beyond,2011-2015
COPYPASTE \http:\/\/ FOR LINKING. Revision is continual : send corrections, additions, mergers, "ceased activity", etc. HERE . SCROLL ALPHABETICALLY BELOW INTRO OR ...
mettle fatigue 03/18/2015 25 38 13 -
Update on my hand
When they said a bulky bandage, they weren't kidding Kind friends have been asking what happened last Thursday. I had a fingernail removed so that a biopsy could be taken of the skin underneath. ...
Sara R 03/16/2015 81 127 - -
Museums 101: Coachbuilt Cars (Photo Diary)
Originally, cars were built by hand, one at a time. After the assembly line became commonplace in the automobile industry, there were still coachbuilders who produced amazing works of automotive art ...
Ojibwa 03/13/2015 22 30 - -
Museums 101: Oregon Missionaries and Settlers (Photo Diary)
The Oregon Historical Society in Portland, in an exhibit called “Oregon My Oregon” tells the state’s history from its aboriginal inhabitants through the present day. Some of the displays tell ...
Ojibwa 03/09/2015 9 17 - -
Museums 101: Fords and Chevrolets of the 1920s (Photo Diary)
During the 1920s, automobiles were no longer just the playthings of the rich and famous, but were available to middle class Americans. Fords and Chevrolets were becoming more common among average ...
Ojibwa 03/06/2015 11 33 - -
OR-Sen: Working Families Party Threatens Contest Against Ron Wyden (D) Over TPP
Shit just got real:
poopdogcomedy 03/04/2015 16 12 - -
Why the Environmental Battle at the Port of Seattle Matters Everywhere
Cross-posted from Truthout .
E Johnston 02/27/2015 7 32 1 -
Museums 101: Alternative Fuel Cars in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
When Karl Benz patented the Benz Patent Motorwagen in 1885, it was patented as an “automobile fueled by gas.” From the beginnings of the automobile in the late nineteenth century and into the ...
Ojibwa 02/27/2015 13 33 - -
Indians 101: A Chehalis Indian Artifact Collection (Photo Diary)
The Chehalis are a Salish-speaking Indian nation whose aboriginal homeland was along the lower Chehalis River in what is now Washington. The Chehalis Reservation includes the Chinook, Clatsop, and ...
Ojibwa 02/26/2015 18 30 - -
Seattle & Puget Sound Kos - Change is Coming - Meet up Sunday 3/29/15
Hi everybody. It's time for another get together! I've discovered this is a busy time for the Pyramid so securing a date to meet was a challenge this time. You will note our next meet up will ...
John Crapper 02/24/2015 19 21 - -
Museums 101: Lure of the West (Photo Diary)
American mythology likes to tell the story of the brave explorers and scientists who trekked into the western wilderness and made many amazing discoveries. The fact that these explorers tended to ...
Ojibwa 02/23/2015 4 23 - -
OR-Sen: DFA Wants You To Call Wyden's (D) Office & Tell Him Not To Sell Us Out On The TPP
Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America: Earlier this week, we learned that ...
poopdogcomedy 02/20/2015 5 7 - -
OR-Sen: DFA Goes After Ron Wyden (D) On The TPP
Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America:
poopdogcomedy 02/18/2015 5 12 - -
Students Learn When They Are Having Fun, or, How Not to Give a Standardized Test
I just finished grading my students’ algebra unit tests, and I am thrilled with how well they did. In fact, the sixth grade algebra unit is the best unit I teach, and the one in which my students ...
pdxteacher 02/15/2015 100 65 3 -
Museums 101: Route 66 (Photo Diary)
One of the displays at the LeMay—America’s Car Museum is dedicated to Route 66 which has been called ��
Ojibwa 02/13/2015 14 19 - -
Indians 101: Oregon Indians (Photo Diary)
For more than 15,000 years, Native Americans have been living in what today is called Oregon. The state contains three distinctive environmental areas, each with its own special climate, ...
Ojibwa 02/10/2015 15 45 - -
Museums 101: Old Kitchens (Photo Diary)
In most American homes, the kitchen is a room or space which is dedicated primarily to food preparation and cooking. During the past century or so, American kitchens have changed, principally with ...
Ojibwa 02/09/2015 48 91 1 -
Museums 101: Automobiles of the 1920s in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
Harold LeMay, a Tacoma businessman, loved cars and managed to collect more than 3,000 automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles over forty years of collecting. A number of the vehicles from his ...
Ojibwa 02/06/2015 13 24 - -
1/30/15 Koscadia Meet Up Photos
Clockwise from front, War4Sale (back ...
Sara R 02/01/2015 34 40 - -
Ancient America: Occupation of Paisley Caves in Oregon
The earliest period of human occupation in what is now Oregon is called the Paisley Period by archaeologists. The period, which is tentatively dated from about 15,700 years ago to 12,900 years ago, ...
Ojibwa 02/01/2015 56 103 1 -
Message from Jack
I just got this note from Jack Thompson, Cedwyn's father. "Cedwyn passed away tonight, quietly, gracefully and at peace." He continued "Please pass our appreciation and gratitude to all of the ...
jotter 01/31/2015 267 718 2 -
Museums 101: Hood Ornaments in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
There was a time when many automobiles had hood ornaments, usually placed on top of the radiator cap. Many of these hood ornaments were art objects in their own right. Shown below are some of the ...
Ojibwa 01/30/2015 21 25 - -
Thoughts on Cedwyn [UPDATED]
For those who haven't heard, MsSpent Youth got word this morning that Cedwyn 's gone downhill overnight. We haven't had any word since then (that I am aware of) and I think everyone's decided to ...
Jill Richardson 01/29/2015 226 624 2 -
Museums 101: Post-War Oregon (Photo Diary)
The Oregon Historical Society in Portland, in an exhibit called “Oregon My Oregon” tells the state’s history from its aboriginal inhabitants through the present day. Some of the displays ...
Ojibwa 01/26/2015 8 19 - -
Cedwyn Update
Hi folks, I am writing this at Dulles Airport, and I've just come from Cedwyn's parents house, which is where she's staying. Her parents are wonderful and they are giving her the best possible care ...
Jill Richardson 01/25/2015 165 529 6 -
Homeless in Seattle
Homeless count increases by over 20 percent in King County Slightly less than 4,000 people were counted ...
Vet63 01/23/2015 34 46 - -
Museums 101: Automobiles of the 1940s in America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
Harold LeMay, a Tacoma businessman, loved cars and managed to collect more than 3,000 automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles over forty years of collecting. A number of the vehicles from his ...
Ojibwa 01/23/2015 20 33 - -
Koscadia 1/31 meet up
WHEN: Saturday, 1/31, 1pm WHERE: Siri Thai , 5234 SE Powell Blvd., Portland, OR 97206 WHO: We hope you! Please let me know in the comments if you can come -- or send me a Kos Mail. Attending 1.
Sara R 01/20/2015 23 17 - -
Memory Cocktails! Seahawks and Seattle Kos! - Go Teams!
Sunday 1/18/15 Seahawks win over the Green Bay Packers in overtime in one of the greatest ...
John Crapper 01/19/2015 103 69 - -
Museums 101: NASCAR (Photo Diary)
Early stock car racing evolved out of the business of running moonshine (illegal alcohol). Thanks to America’s experiment with alcohol prohibition, bootlegging corn whiskey became a significant ...
Ojibwa 01/16/2015 22 24 - -
Museums 101: Capitalism and Ethnic Labor (Photo Diary)
The Oregon Historical Society in Portland, in an exhibit called “Oregon My Oregon” tells the state’s history from its aboriginal inhabitants through the present day. A series of displays ...
Ojibwa 01/12/2015 6 15 - -
S&PS Kos Welcomes Meteor Blades, Joan McCarter and Navajo to Seattle Sat. 1/17/15!
Just a quick reminder of our upcoming event on January 17, 2015. Not only are Meteor Blades and Navajo going to be ...
John Crapper 01/10/2015 21 26 - -
She gives off light, joy, and makes magic happen. But Cedwyn is hurting. She needs you
On the first day of this new year, Sara R posted a diary informing us of some rotten, horrible, news. Our Cedwyn was very ill and the outlook was not looking promising. It still isn't. And I just ...
Onomastic 01/09/2015 282 357 2 -
Koscadia 12/28 meeting recap, next one 1/31!
From L to R, watercarrier4diogenes, ...
Sara R 01/09/2015 12 24 - -
An Urban Park (Photo Diary)
Ojibwa 01/07/2015 11 20 - -
Museums 101: Automobiles of the 1970s and 1980s (Photo Diary)
Harold LeMay, a Tacoma businessman, loved cars and managed to collect more than 3,000 automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles over forty years of collecting. A number of the vehicles from his ...
Ojibwa 01/02/2015 29 33 - -
Community Quilt for Cedwyn
PerfectStormer's quilt I have some very sad news. Our friend, Cedwyn, has an illness with a poor prognosis. She's been through a couple rounds of treatment and is now resting with family. ...
Sara R 01/01/2015 286 232 3 -
When the Sun turns traitor cold
It's time to put on the long johns. Tom Rush, a participant in the "Great folk scare" and mentor to musical legends Joni Mitchell, Jackson Brown and James Taylor (and others), was the first to ...
BOHICA 12/30/2014 16 25 - -
Museums 101: LeMay--America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)
Harold LeMay, a Tacoma businessman, loved cars and managed to collect more than 3,000 automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles over forty years of collecting. A number of the vehicles from his ...
Ojibwa 12/26/2014 15 37 - -
Ancient America: The Hoko River Complex
The Hoko River originates in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains (Washington State) and flows for about 25 miles to the Pacific Ocean. It flows into the Strait of Juan de Fuca about 16 miles east ...
Ojibwa 12/21/2014 16 83 1 -
S&PS Kos Welcomes Meteor Blades & Navajo to Seattle 1/17/15 for Pep Talk!
Meteor ...
John Crapper 12/15/2014 26 22 - -
Announcing Daily Kos State Meet-ups, Pep Talk events and two State Leaders!
Yesterday, I announced our first Daily Kos Regional Conference to be held in Kansas City on April 25, ...
navajo 12/12/2014 69 102 1 -
Koscadia Meet Up, Dec. 28, with special guests navajo and Ojibwa
Potluck! We are meeting betwixt holidays at my ...
Sara R 12/10/2014 21 30 - -
Update: Goal Reached! Thank you so much
I did not plan on coming to the dailykos community, pockets out turned and hat in hand to ask for your help. With a little planning, I thought, I could easily navigate this situation with the right ...
rexymeteorite 12/05/2014 44 101 - -
Graduate Teaching Fellows at the University of Oregon go out on strike, cripple campus
jcox2199 12/05/2014 32 30 - -
Gift Wrapper or Gift Bagger?
©BlueJessamine. Are you a wrapping paper person or a gift bag type person? I personally enjoy wrapping each gift. There are times when a bag is handy. Say for a nice bottle of French wine?
BlueJessamine 12/03/2014 45 13 - -
Indians 101: The Ozette Reservation
In 1855 the United States met with the Makah Nation in Washington to negotiate a treaty. At this time, the Makah were composed of five semiautonomous villages that shared language, kinship, and ...
Ojibwa 12/02/2014 4 31 - -
Police Officer And Young Demonstrator Share Hug At Ferguson Rally In Portland
In the wake of the events in Ferguson, I think the above photograph is both interesting and very touching. ...
librarisingnsf 12/01/2014 99 279 10 -
Thanks for Nature - Video & Photos
My wife and I found ourselves with some unexpected time off right after the mid-term elections. Needing a pick-me-up we decided to get out of town for a little recharge. So on November 10th, ...
John Crapper 11/27/2014 7 19 - -
Indians 101: The Tututni Indians
The area along the Pacific Coast north of California and between the Cascade Mountains and the ocean, is the home to many Indian nations who traditionally based their economy on the use of sea coast ...
Ojibwa 11/27/2014 16 43 2 -
A November Country Lane Photo Essay
(All photos ©BlueJessamine.) The world's pretty crazy out there. Holidays can be stressful, so a few photos.
BlueJessamine 11/26/2014 20 29 - -
Ancient America: The Marmes Rockshelter
Much of what we know about the people of the ancient world has come from archaeological findings in caves and rockshelters. A rockshelter, by the way, is wider than it is deep, while a cave is ...
Ojibwa 11/23/2014 11 49 1 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing, 11/21 - Come to Portland, OR next year?
For two years now, we have delivered quilts, handmade cards and teddy bears to a VA Hospital, concurrent with Netroots Nation. Last year, we added knitted or crocheted hats and scarves to the gift,
Sara R 11/21/2014 98 57 - -
The Woozle Wonder Woman Zen Trainer
llbear 11/17/2014 15 33 1 -
Koscadia Meet Up 12/28 -- special guests navajo and Ojibwa
At our October meet up at Siri Thai, ...
Sara R 11/17/2014 35 30 - -
Oregon GMO labeling may still win, one voter at a time
What an interesting development, in the middle of November if enough people go to the polls to validate their mail-in ballots the outcome of the GMO labeling initiative will be reversed. This ...
jqjacobs 11/16/2014 73 21 - -
Ancient America: Ozette
The Makah, whose traditional homeland is on the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington, are the western-most Indian nation in the lower forty-eight states of the United States. The name “...
Ojibwa 11/16/2014 33 64 - -
Important Updates: For Sara R and Ann. For all of you and the magic you make.
The sound of thread being pulled through cloth whispers like a barely breathed prayer. Through the years, Sara R and her sister winglion (Ann) have made thousands of prayers manifest. Our ...
Onomastic 11/12/2014 279 310 3 -
The North Jetty (Photo Diary)
The Columbia River Bar is not a local drinking establishment: it is where the enormous, swift-moving river, flowing like water from a fire hose, collides with the immense power of the Pacific Ocean.
Ojibwa 11/12/2014 8 18 - -
Navy Plans 5000 Electromagnetic War Games Over National Park and Forest in Washington State
This is a big story. Navy Plans Electromagnetic War Games Over National Park and Forest in Washington State Imagine these ELF emitting activities happening near your home. The people living near ...
War on Error 11/10/2014 22 29 1 -
Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks Have Lunch with Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon
Four days after the mid-term elections Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks had lunch with Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, WA 34th, Chair of the Environment Committee and serving on the Finance, ...
John Crapper 11/10/2014 11 18 - -
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