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I'm Here So I Won't Get Fined
As many of you know, yesterday was media day for the Super Bowl. I want to give credit to Marshawn Lynch for stealing the show. We get through deflategate, and a few dances, and all the hooplaw, and ...
Kozzmo 01/28/2015 6 7 - -
Maybe We Should listen to Bundy
Ok, the guy is off his rockers, however, when a couple crazies walked onto his ranch, he had the sense to tell them to go away. Now I know a bit about crazy, not just that my dad ran the ...
Kozzmo 06/10/2014 15 1 - -
The Wireless Generation
 Who are the kids of today? It was a great question asked on the Daily Show  a few nights ago, and one that I thought about and even discussed with my colleagues at work. While the name just sort ...
Kozzmo 03/13/2014 22 2 - -
A Tale of Two Cities
 In AD 410, under the rule of King Alaric, The Vandals captured the eternal city of Rome. This sparked a debate first brought forth by Saint Augustine in the book entitled The City of God . Today ...
Kozzmo 12/21/2013 2 1 - -
A Class Act to Follow
Every year my friends and I start up a fantasy football league. This year, I was extra excited, because my team, the Seahawks had players to draft. As the season drew near, expectations were that ...
Kozzmo 10/29/2013 6 10 - -
Boy Scouts and Gay Rights
I grew up in the Boy Scouts, for many years I went to Scout camp. I backpacked thru a couple of thousands of miles with the Scouts. So lets just take all the politics out of this. The Scouts are a ...
Kozzmo 02/06/2013 20 2 - -
Paterno in Perspective
As the news travels, another scandal is in the headline. This time it is Coach Paterno, and Penn State. A sacred taboo has been crossed, and it challenges each of us with moral implications. The ...
Kozzmo 11/12/2011 13 2 - 93
The Battle for Freedom
It was July 4th 1863, and Abraham Lincoln paced impatiently around a small telegraph room in the Whitehouse. He was impaitently awaiting the news. Last he heard, the casualties were heavy, and ...
Kozzmo 07/04/2011 10 8 - 75
I Understand Conservatives
I look at the democratic party, and by all rights, this should be a very easy election to win. So why is it that we are scratching our heads, wondering if we can somehow snatch defeat from the jaws ...
Kozzmo 03/29/2008 14 5 1 -
The Republican Betrayal
For the longest time, I've tried to take the high road. I've tried to listen to both sides of the debate, and even attempted to substantiate the views of those that believe other than myself. ...
Kozzmo 03/28/2008 8 3 1 -
Is Bill Maher Rational?
In his latest show, during the rules segment, Bill Maher stated "So, for myself and the other 15-20% of Americans who the majority call "non-believers," but who I call "rationalists," here is our ...
Kozzmo 09/27/2007 57 2 - 3
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