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Don't Mess with California
Krash 04/05/2010 18 38 2 66
Environmental Groups: Stop the Push for Global Warming Legislation
Message to environmental groups. Stop the emails telling me that it is urgent to bring global warming legislation up for a vote in the Senate. Over the past two weeks, I have must have received ...
Krash 03/18/2010 7 21 2 153
Send Blanche Lincoln a message
Krash 02/12/2010 27 29 4 64
Will the Senate Castrate the Clean Air Act Next Week?
After the failure of the Copenhagen global warming talks, attention has returned to the Senate, where cap-and-trade legislation is languishing. For months, many proponents argued that we needed to ...
Krash 01/12/2010 11 15 1 30
10 ways for accountability on torture
The worst approach is to let Dianne Feinstein stall everything and have the Senate Intelligence Committee investigate. Nobody has done worse than the Senate Intelligence Committee so far. This ...
Krash 04/26/2009 1 2 - -
Coleman legal strategy is cheap and effective for the Republicans
Nobody takes seriously the Coleman suggestion that the election in Minnesota is so close that a rerun is the only way out. But Coleman's donors can count, and they see the power than adding a Sen. ...
Krash 03/06/2009 24 7 1 6
Impeach Judge Bybee
Jay Bybee, author of several of the Bush Administration legal memos released this week, was rewarded for his effort with a lifetime appointment to the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Put simply,
Krash 03/04/2009 19 20 1 19
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