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New York Times blows the lid off plot at US Treasury to kill New Deal program Fannie Mae
***The great majority of this diary is a re-post of a previous diary that didn't get read by the community. True to the history of this august blog however, reading Daily Kos is like reading the ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 02/15/2015 79 61 3 -
The American Enterprise Institute would really like President Obama to support their narrative
I've pulled the lever for President Obama in two elections and have been a multiple-time campaign donor. I find that I am often to the progressive left of the President on many issues and ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 01/19/2015 1 1 1 -
Who profits from killing Fannie Mae?
Fannie Mae was founded in 1938 as part of ground breaking New Deal legislation and was created to act as a stop gap in the event that a catastrophic economic downturn occurred and froze credit ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 01/03/2015 44 15 - -
Failing to drown the Government, TBTF Banks attempt to drown American Dream in bathtub
Pursuant to the collusion illustrated between the justice department and the Too- Big-To-Fail (TBTF) banks, there has been an elaborate relationship between the Department of Treasury (staffed ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 12/30/2014 10 3 - -
Remember that time Occupy was examined by the IRS?
Oh wait... that was the FBI who infiltrated Occupy. Wasn't it DHS who was coordinating local police for maximum supression of peaceful protest?
Kuntawpwnsyou 05/16/2013 11 16 - -
Larry Tunner: Let's end the murder by spreadsheet
Progressive Libertarian Democrat Larry Tunner comments on the state of health care in America below the squiggle.
Kuntawpwnsyou 02/15/2012 9 - - 33
Who is Larry Tunner?
Be the change you want to see right? " "
Kuntawpwnsyou 02/10/2012 1 - - 36
This crazy forward I got from my Grandma....
I'm sure this happens to everyone, but I've been thinking a whole lot about this issue lately, and thought it might be worth sharing. My Grandmother, who is a saint (charitable, bakes pies for ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 01/20/2012 40 15 - 301
The Saga of Larry Tunner
Do you support the ideals expressed by the greater Occupy Movement? Have you struggled to explain to your Grandmother, who gets most of her news from Rush on A.M. radio, what Occupy is really about?
Kuntawpwnsyou 01/09/2012 2 2 - 74
Occupy Wallstreet Protest Art
Just had a quick idea I wanted to share for the #OccupyWallStreet ongoing protest, given that the media seem to have so much trouble discerning what the protests are all about. The idea is below ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 10/10/2011 8 1 - 56
Fiscal Support of #OccupyWallstreet
Does anyone else feel like we should have a fundraiser via Orange to Blue for the #OccupyWallstreet movement? This is the most press the progressive agenda has gotten in years, so keeping it ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 09/29/2011 4 3 - 27
#OccupyWallstreet Messaging for MinistryOfTruth
Hi. This is a diary in response to MinistryOfTruth asking for assistance in framing a message and providing visuals for the Occupy Wall Street movement. If you agree with the below (and if you don'...
Kuntawpwnsyou 09/26/2011 3 5 - 96
A Scourge in Michigan's Economic Garden
As many know, Michigan is a difficult state to live in. We've got high unemployment (11% v. 9% national average), lots of foreclosure, and a Republican dominated government that's just passed a ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 05/15/2011 5 4 1 100
Still trying to make Michigan Work...
This is kind of a reposting from Sunday, as I think I was likley run over in a justified GOTV climate (thanks to the three people that did comment though!). You may have heard that Michigan's a ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 11/04/2010 20 2 1 35
Making Michigan Work!!!
You may have heard that Michigan's a hard place to live in right now, with an economy that was in recession for years before the rest of the nation and a foreclosure rate that rivals Nevada and ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 10/30/2010 7 3 - 58
It's time to Impeach, and Nancy Knows it. *Action*
In light of todays events, it's quite possible that Speaker Pelosi might be more receptive to progressive demands for impeachment. I know this has been going on quite a bit during the last week, ...
Kuntawpwnsyou 07/02/2007 8 7 1 -
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