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Question Shouldn't Be: "Why do black men run from cops?" It Ought To Be: "Why shouldn't we?"
There's a movie called "Surviving The Game" starring Ice-T that came out in 1994 where he plays a homeless dude who goes on a hunting trip with some rich white guys thinking he's going to be a ...
Kwik 04/21/2015 26 9 - -
Hard To Be Ready for Hillary If She Embraces Obama-Bashing Supporter Lady Lynn de Rothschild
Somewhere in the back of my mind were memories from 2008 of some rich woman who fervently supported Hillary Clinton and had a huge meltdown when Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination for ...
Kwik 04/13/2015 92 21 - -
No, Stephen A. Smith, I'd Rather Never Vote Again Than Vote GOP...Even Once--As You Suggest
Guys like Charles Barkley and Stephen A. Smith can be very entertaining--when they stick to sports and leave stuff like race relations, domestic violence, religion and politics alone. You know, ...
Kwik 03/27/2015 18 22 1 -
You Think You Know Somebody, Then Something Like Trayvon Martin, Riley Cooper or Ferguson Happens
Last night I ended a friendship with a guy I thought I knew fairly well over his insensitive and actually racist comments to me about a black football player. I've known this dude since we served ...
Kwik 03/17/2015 193 149 - -
I'm Military Vet With MBA, No Criminal Record, Yet Can't Hold BB Gun in Store W/O Fear of Being Shot
A rash of young black males have been shot and killed by so-called law enforcement officers lately, but the case that really bothers me is the story of 22-year-old James Crawford III who was shot ...
Kwik 09/27/2014 31 34 - -
Fact Free Letters to Editor Full of RW Lies & Anti-Obama Hate Are Probably The Norm Across USA
Before fact-free Obama bashing came into vogue, the opinion pages used to be my favorite part of daily newspapers. But now, many of those same pages have become "fact-free zones" and are among ...
Kwik 09/11/2014 9 6 - -
Blacks: The People Nobody Wanted
I was naive enough to think racism was an American I could go to Beijing, Moscow, Rome or Tel Aviv and be treated with more respect than I get here in my own country. But now I realize ...
Kwik 08/28/2014 25 21 - -
Boehner's Lawsuit Follows Sad American Tradition of Falsely Blaming Blacks For Your Own Crimes
There's an eerie parallel between John Boehner suing President Obama and all those despicable creeps who committed crimes against their own family members...and then falsely and conveniently blaming ...
Kwik 07/09/2014 7 9 - -
Loud Old Tea Bagger at Public Library: "I'm Done With GOP Until They Get Rid of The Clowns"
While sitting in a study room at the Satellite Beach (Florida) Public Library this morning, I was disturbed by a loud voice vehemently proclaiming: "I'm no longer with the Republican Party!! I'm Tea ...
Kwik 06/28/2014 170 196 1 -
Memorial Day Has African American Roots; First One Was Conducted By Former Slaves
Seems like giving black folks credit for anything in America except crime and poverty is controversial. And the origin of Memorial Day is no different. Some want to say it started out as "...
Kwik 05/25/2014 15 32 - -
I Applaud Michael Sam Being Drafted By NFL, But Didn't Need To See Him Slurp Cake Off His Boyfriend
I was shocked when Madonna French kissed Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears on the Video Music Awards back in 2003. It was the first time I'd seen women kiss like that. I saw it as too much. But ...
Kwik 05/15/2014 83 4 1 -
Strange Epiphany: Racist GZ Apologist Taaffe Now Says Zimmerman Should Have Been Found Guilty
In one of the biggest shockers in one of America's most racially charged periods of my lifetime, George Zimmerman apologist, Nancy Grace regular and confirmed racist Frank Taaffe is now saying ...
Kwik 05/10/2014 19 15 - -
Hillary Is Not Top 2016 Choice For Many African-American Democrats; Here's Why
Hillary enjoyed widespread support among African American Democrats and was supposed to be the inevitable Democratic presidential nominee in 2008, then came Barack Obama and Hillary's attacks on him.
Kwik 05/06/2014 139 13 - -
Black Male Teen Unemployment Astronomical; Indicator Of How Society Stigmatizes, Rejects Them
My son is 19 and has been trying to get a job for three years...but nobody will hire him. I don't want to believe it's because he's black, but... When my son hit 16 in March of 2011, I told him: "...
Kwik 04/21/2014 84 38 - -
Dr. Ben Carson Uses Lee Atwater's Racist "Southern Strategy" As Well As Any White Politician
I never thought I'd see the day when a black man was so good at and so comfortable with using Southern Strategy code words and dog whistles that appeal to so many "conservatives." Enter Dr. Ben ...
Kwik 03/07/2014 11 8 - -
Texas Death Row Inmate Writes Gut-Wrenching Letter He Says Could Be His Final Statement On Earth
If you were on death row, thought you were being wronged and only had about a month to live, what would you say to America? What would you want the world to know about you? Texas death row inmate ...
Kwik 03/05/2014 51 23 - -
NFL Seeking Rule to Penalize Use of "N" Word, But Refuses to Change Racist Name of DC Team? Hmmmm...
The National Football League has a problem with the "N" word, but apparently not the "R" word. The NFL is saying it wants to eliminate the use of the "N" word from its playing fields and locker ...
Kwik 02/26/2014 10 9 - -
Comic Book Geeks in Uproar Over Black Human Torch; Won't Be Long Before Megyn Kelly Chimes In
Comic book geeks are in an uproar over the casting of African American actor Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch) in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. I didn't know comic book ...
Kwik 02/20/2014 44 6 - -
Stand Your Ground Laws Give Racists Like Dunn & Zimmerman Built-In Excuses For Murder
There's something wrong in a society where a psychopath can sit in a courtroom, obviously lie through his teeth about murdering an unarmed teenager and still have a good shot at getting away with ...
Kwik 02/11/2014 23 20 - -
Just the other day I was at Publix picking up things at the deli when I experienced yet another “purse clutching” episode. What’s a purse clutching episode? It’s when a black or brown male ...
Kwik 01/31/2014 64 45 1 -
USA's Overreaction to Richard Sherman Is Case Study In Its Uneasiness, Fascination With Black Males
Richard Sherman's epic postgame rant didn't scare Erin Andrews, but it sure shocked the hell out of America. Some of my fiercest debates ever on Twitter and around the "water cooler" at work have ...
Kwik 01/22/2014 118 13 1 -
Romneys Adopted Black Kid & Named Him Kieran? I'm Inspired To Adopt White Kid & Naming Him Aryan.
A very important detail has been lost in the drama over the Romneys' adopted black child: They named him "Kieran," which is Gaelic for "black." Hmmmm? Although, some of the white Romney boys ...
Kwik 01/03/2014 146 12 1 -
12 Years A Slave Lesson: Christian Conservatives have used Bible 2 Justify Godless Acts 4 Long Time
When I saw the movie Twelve Years A Slave yesterday, I re-learned something I already knew: Christian Conservatives have used the Bible/religious doctrine to justify their Godless acts for a long, ...
Kwik 11/24/2013 26 27 1 -
Shutdown, Debt Ceiling Threat: Opening Salvos of Right-Wing Plan to Ensure White Supremacy
Robert Parry wrote a brilliantly comprehensive article that points out Republicans' desire to initiate a new Jim Crow-like era aimed at galvanizing white supremacy by destroying America's "...
Kwik 10/08/2013 7 21 - -
Word Cloud: Top Words/Phrases Fox Uses To Get Wingnuts Riled Up
Yesterday on Twitter I tweeted a list of what I called "The Top Words/Phrases Fox Uses to Rile Wingnuts." Given 140 character limit, I could only squeeze in about seven items on my list. But then a ...
Kwik 09/17/2013 42 48 - -
War Hawk McCain Who Callously Sang "Bomb Iran," Caught Playing Poker On iPhone During Syria Hearing
Playing video poker during a critical U.S.
Kwik 09/04/2013 6 5 - -
RWNJs So Stupid They Screwed Up Own Anti-President Obama Racist Chants; Blame Him For Their Racism
The outrageous, full-frontal ignorance proudly displayed by wingnuts gathered outside a high school in Phoenix where President Obama was speaking August 6 showed that overt racism is alive and well ...
Kwik 08/07/2013 23 49 2 -
I Guess Charlie Rangel Felt Like Riley Cooper Needed Company In His Racial Sensitivity Classes
Although the N-word is arguably the ugliest and most incendiary word in our language, I'm actually more upset with U.S. Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) for using the term "white crackers" than I ...
Kwik 08/02/2013 69 3 - -
An Open Letter to Don Lemon From An Angry Black Man
July 30, 2013 An Open Letter to Don Lemon of CNN Dear Don, I share your frustrations and concerns about black-on-black crime, black unwed mothers, use of the N-word and caring about where you live,
Kwik 07/30/2013 184 171 5 -
The Movie Fruitvale Station Hit Hard, Left Me Emotionally Paralyzed
I sat motionless as uncontrollable tears rolled down my cheeks as the credits rolled after the new movie Fruitvale Station . I literally couldn't move or stop bawling as the impact of that film hit ...
Kwik 07/27/2013 102 194 5 -
Trayvon Martin is Our Emmett Till; Our Jury Selection Process Is No Better Now Than It Was In 1955
Remember the time when a white defendant accused of murdering a black victim was arrested by a black police officer, faced an all-black jury, black judge and black prosecutor in America? Me neither.
Kwik 07/25/2013 138 47 2 -
Paula Deen Is The N*****
If you can't handle the N-Word, then don't read this blog. If you think it should never, ever be uttered, then don't read this blog. I only use it for educational purposes...and America needs to ...
Kwik 06/23/2013 43 9 - -
Joke Told in Movie "Sounder" SOUNDED Like It Was About Today's Fake Christians
Sounder is a novel written by William H. Armstrong. It tells the story about how a poor black sharecropping family overcomes hardships through love, strength and unity. The story was set in the ...
Kwik 05/19/2013 4 21 - -
Ironically, Most Conservative Black Churches Have Openly Gay Choir Directors
Jason Collins' coming out as a gay black man, who also happens to be a Christian, drew an immediate rebuke from ESPN analyst Chris Broussard. He said, ""I'm a Christian. I don't agree with ...
Kwik 04/30/2013 69 43 1 -
Discovery of His NRA Membership Instantly Ended Possibility of Me Hiring Independent Contractor
My wife and I are looking to add a room to our home, so we decided to get bids from a few independent contractors. We did our due dilligence and came up with what we felt was a good list of ...
Kwik 04/02/2013 1257 236 - -
Like The Dixie Chicks, I'm Embarrassed America's Dumbest Politicians Are From My Home State Of Texas
Remember back in 2003, when the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks Natalie Maines said during a concert that she was ashamed the President of the United States was from Texas. Her shame wasn't based ...
Kwik 02/10/2013 25 12 - -
GOP Actively Planting Seeds for American Apartheid Political System
Primarily in response to the re-election of America's first African-American President, there are nefarious, anti-black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Democracy, anti-voter...just plain anti-freedom election ...
Kwik 01/23/2013 8 3 - -
Forget Miss Alabama, Cowardly Musburger Has Owed John Carlos & Tommie Smith An Apology Since '68
Sportscaster Brent Musburger has been on somewhat of a hot seat lately because he gushed over Miss Alabama and called her a "beautiful woman" while broadcasting the BCS National Championship Game ...
Kwik 01/16/2013 119 114 2 -
Why DJango Unchained Matters; Its Parallels to 21st Century America
If the n-word makes you uncomfortable, you don't need to read this essay or see the new film Django Unchained. I saw the movie recently and I lost count of how many times characters--black and white-
Kwik 12/27/2012 12 23 - -
State Reform School Looks To Have Been Murderous, Chamber Of Horrors For At-Risk Boys For 111 Years
Where there's smoke, there's fire. In this case, very odious and alarming smoke is figuratively rising from the grounds of a former state-run reform school in Marianna, Fla. where dozens of ...
Kwik 12/10/2012 24 62 3 -
The Night Mr. Spock Cried (Not Leonard Nimoy)
He's got very prominent ears, he's cool under pressure, appears to be aloof, is deliberative to a fault and bases his decisions on logic rather than emotion. If you're a Trekkie you probably think ...
Kwik 11/06/2012 11 4 - -
White Woman in Pickup Truck Gave Obama Supporters Clandestine Thumbs Up Her Husband Couldn't See
Yesterday my wife and I were among about 20 supporters of President Obama standing on a street corner in Merritt Island, Fla. waving signs and rallying people to vote for the President. As expected,
Kwik 11/04/2012 238 404 1 -
Can You Imagine How Hard Republicans Are Praying For A Bad October Jobs Report
If tomorrow's federal jobs report shows the unemployment number is below 8 percent, it might be curtains for Mitt Romney's chance to win the presidential election. So, you know Mitt and those ...
Kwik 11/01/2012 8 3 - -
92-Year-Old Vet Extols President Obama-Slams Romney With Brilliant Poem "Oh Romneo"
In a take off of Shakespeare's epic Romeo and Juliet story, a 92-year-old military veteran really socks it to Mitt Romney in a poem he wrote, didn't catch the title, but it might as well be "Oh ...
Kwik 10/26/2012 16 17 1 -
All The Wars the GOP is Waging Will Backfire on Election Day
Just about everywhere you look (except maybe Mitt Romney's neighborhood) you can find a group the GOP is waging war against. About the only demographic they haven't declared war on are rich white ...
Kwik 10/21/2012 15 12 - -
Toure: Blacks Aren't Supporting President Obama Only Because He's Black; I Agree!
OK, let's get this straight: Of course there are some black Americans who voted for then-candidate Barack Obama just because he's black. Included among them is actor Samuel L. Jackson who during a ...
Kwik 10/19/2012 13 3 - -
Must-See Video: Romney-Ryan Thirsting for an Answer
There's a hiliarious video posted on The Political Carnival.Net ( ...
Kwik 10/12/2012 2 - - -
Should President Obama & VP Biden Use The "L" Word During Their Upcoming Debates? Hell Yeah!!
I heard some talking head on TV say President Obama can't call Mitt Romney a liar because that would make the President look crude and desperate. To that I politely say: Bullsh!t! Sometimes you ...
Kwik 10/10/2012 17 7 - 93
St. Louis Post-Dispatch Endorses Mr. Obama: "A second term for a serious man"
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a great editorial endorsing President Obama for a second term. It really points out the stark differences between the President and Mitt Romney. Here's an excerpt (...
Kwik 10/06/2012 80 295 2 1384
Judge Who Sent Racist E-Mail Joking President's Mom Had Sex With A Dog To Step Down...Sort Of
That racist federal judge in Montana who sent a terrible e-mail to his friends deriding President Obama's mother as someone who conceived him with a dog is leaving his position as chief justice, but ...
Kwik 10/05/2012 11 22 - 191
Romney May Have Cheated During Debate With Notes; Surprised? No. That's What Lying Cheats Do
We all know that Mitt Romney told a bunch of lies during the recent Presidential Debate. Now comes a report that he might have used illegal notes to help him keep those lies straight. According to ...
Kwik 10/05/2012 83 17 - 539
How Do You Prepare To Debate Someone When You Don't Know What They Believe In?
Everybody seems to have an opinion about what President Obama should prepare for tonight's big debate against Mitt Romney, but I wonder how in the world can the President prepare to debate someone ...
Kwik 10/03/2012 15 2 1 59
Great Breaking Poll Results: Patrick Murphy Leads Allen West By Nine Points
They say if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. However, I fervently want to believe in the accuracy of results from a recent poll that says Democratic challenger Patrick ...
Kwik 10/02/2012 6 18 - 153
Let's Start Viral Campaign Giving $47 To Dems In Tight Races, Courtesy The 47 Percent: #GiveADem$47
In the name of the 47 Percent I just donated $47 to the election campaigns of President Obama, Senator Claire McCaskill and Patrick Murphy, who is running for Congress against that reprehensible ...
Kwik 09/30/2012 6 12 1 43
Allen West Had To Resign From Army To Avoid Court Martial; He's Equally Unfit to Serve in Congress
Retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West--U.S. Congressman and wingnut Tea Party hero many of whom revere as the Anti-Obama--resigned from the Army to avoid being court martialed. But in true Allen West ...
Kwik 09/29/2012 96 300 5 1866
Mitt: The Blue Jeans Ain't Working, But That Ain't the Only Ain't
Whenever I see Mitt Romney in blue jeans awkwardly walking in front of a crowd of his supporters I find myself thinking, "Damn, those jeans ain't working." I guess he's wearing blue jeans trying to ...
Kwik 09/26/2012 12 6 - 178
In Spite of Little Girl's Single-Finger Salute, We Had Great Time Rallying for Obama Today
Other than having the bird shot at us by a little girl riding by in a car, my wife and I, plus about about 15 others enjoyed staging a street corner rally at a busy intersection of Merritt Island, ...
Kwik 09/22/2012 12 19 - 323
The "This President" Republican Narrative Makes Me Sick
Even as Mitt Romney's presidential campaign implodes, I see GOP talking heads continue to repeat this again and again: With this President's record this is an election that should be a slam dunk ...
Kwik 09/19/2012 10 8 - 94
Poll: Which Nasty Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker Do You Find Most Offensive?
I live in Florida, where there is lots of anti-Obama sentiment. Nary a day goes by that I don't see some sort of negative, nasty, over-the-top anti-Obama bumper sticker on the road. I can just ...
Kwik 09/17/2012 64 2 - 419
Best Obama TV Spot Yet!
While watching the Tampa Bay Bucs play the NY Giants today, I saw the Obama campaign's best TV spot of the season. I know, if you're like me, you're tired of these relentless ads. Even the ...
Kwik 09/16/2012 31 24 - 352
Poll: Which Liberal/Progressive Voice Do You Find Most Effective/Valuable?
Yesterday, I took a poll regarding who y'all believe to be the most reprehensible talking head at the FOX GOP propaganda machine. Sean Hannity won in a landslide. Today, I'm doing a poll to see ...
Kwik 09/16/2012 30 7 - 177
Poll: Which FOX Propaganda Personality Do You Find Most Reprehensible?
There are a bunch of personalities (I refuse to call them news people) at FOX that I do not like or trust. I'm curious which of them my fellow Kossacks dislike most. So I thought I take an ...
Kwik 09/15/2012 40 4 - 255
Bear Hug Guy Ready to Campaign for President Obama; Who'd You Rather Have Him or Joe The Plumber?
The Republican pizza parlor owner who gained fame by putting a huge bear hug on President Obama recently now says he's ready and willing to hit the campaign trail for the President. Here's a ...
Kwik 09/12/2012 12 37 - 225
Funny Political Tweets of the Day for 9/11/12
I love the TwitterVerse. So many great tweets, so much original humor...especially during this political season. Here are my favorite funnies for Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012: Chris Rock ‏@...
Kwik 09/11/2012 1 9 - 146
Nicki Minaj Flip Flops on Mitt Sanction, Salutes Obama For Understanding Her Creative Humor/Sarcasm
Nicki Minaj just gave Mitt Romney a dose of his own flip-flopping bad medicine. Recently the rapper/singer made waves by rapping this line in a song: "I'm a Republican, voting for Mitt Romney/You ...
Kwik 09/11/2012 20 7 - 260
Top 10 Funny Political Tweets From This Weekend
I saw some very funny stuff on Twitter over the weekend. Here are my 10 favorite tweets: CJ Werleman ‏@rationalists Romney: "I will not remove God from our currency." Well, the Swiss Franc & ...
Kwik 09/09/2012 13 24 - 282
Already Got My Bounce: Obama, Dems Make Romney, GOP Look Small, Passe
I've been a political dork all of my life. When other kids were outside riding bikes, shooting marbles and playing dodgeball I was watching political conventions. And in all these years (since 1972)
Kwik 09/07/2012 6 15 - 101
Dirty Harry & Now Walker Texas Ranger. What's up with these aging action heroes vs President Obama?
You all know about Clint Eastwood's infamous rant against an empty chair at the RNC. Now Chuck Norris is on the attack, too. Multiple media outlets are reporting that Norris and his wife are ...
Kwik 09/04/2012 40 3 - 164
Here's Question Americans Should Ask: Am I Better Off Than When "W and Dick Dastardly" Ran Things?
I keep hearing people (especially on Fox) saying that Americans should be asking themselves: "Am I better off since Barack Obama was elected?" Then they delightfully go into all of the ways they're ...
Kwik 09/03/2012 4 1 1 35
Former Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist Sh!t-Canned by GOP For Hugging Obama, Now Supports His Re-Election
When then-Republican Gov. Charlie Crist welcomed President Obama to Florida with a hug and a smile back in 2009, he became arguably the second most hated man by Sunshine State Republicans. We all ...
Kwik 08/28/2012 6 5 - 68
Anti-Obama Black Guy in Citizens United TV Spot Really Angers, Distresses Me
I'm not sure how this is going to sound, but seeing that black man dissing President Obama on that Citizens United TV commercial really pisses me off. Sure, only he's one of four or five people who ...
Kwik 08/27/2012 20 3 - 117
The Unthinkable: What if Akin Wins Anyway?
One of my co-workers marched giddily into my office today with a big grin on his face crowing about how Todd Akin's bat-crap-crazy remarks about "legitimate" rapes had "gift-wrapped and delivered" ...
Kwik 08/23/2012 25 4 - 131
Hank Williams Jr Strikes Again: Are These People Just Naturally Ignorant & Hateful
I guess when you can't sing the theme for Monday Night Football anymore, you have to find ways to get your name out there when football starts. At least so seems the case for that loud-mouth and ...
Kwik 08/20/2012 39 19 - 283
Surreal TV: Allen West Complaining to Hannity About The Liberal Media's Race Card Double Standards
Tonight as I was flipping TV channels I spotted Congressman Allen West on Sean Hannity's show moaning and groaning about liberals' double standard when it comes to playing the race card. Quite ...
Kwik 08/16/2012 1 3 - 63
Rednecks for Obama Combine Famous "Hope" Poster With Confederate Flag...Say What?
This goes into the category of you have to see it to believe it. A young white guy in Lee County, Fla. who supports President Obama started a group that fused two seemingly opposing images to ...
Kwik 08/10/2012 60 18 1 409
Dirty Tricks Confirmed, Ex-Florida GOP Chair: Party Hopes To Suppress Black, Latino Voters
These GOP jokers are doing everything they can to steal the upcoming presidential election. They're truly desperate and disgusting people. Check out this story from the National Journal by Doris ...
Kwik 08/10/2012 3 5 - 100
What Do Dirty Harry & Star of "Up and Cummers" Have in Common? They're Rich and Support Mitt
It's no surprise when two rich people, namely Clint Eastwood and Jenna Jameson, say they're going to vote for Mitt Romney. They're part of the one percent with him and stand to benefit from his so-...
Kwik 08/06/2012 4 3 - 46
Do Grover Nordquist & The NRA Run America?
I thought there were three branches of government that ran our country: Judicial, Legistlative and Executive. Sadly, two more powerful and influential branches have emerged over the past few years...
Kwik 08/01/2012 9 1 - 55
Why Is This Freaking Election Breaking So Doggone Close?!
Given his accomplishments and the opposition, it seems as though President Obama should be up an average of 15-20 points in these national pre-election polls. But for some crazy, unimaginable reason,
Kwik 07/23/2012 132 10 - 253
The More I See of Julian Epstein on MSNBC The More I Like
Of all the contributors who appear on MSNBC the one who I'm most impressed with is Democratic strategist Julian Epstein. Pretty much every single time I've seen him he's done his homework and makes ...
Kwik 07/10/2012 1 11 - 120
Nugent Thinks World Would Be Better If South Had Won Civil War; Dude's a True Right Wing NUTJOB!
All the sex, drugs and rock'n roll in the 70's took a serious toll on Ted Nugent. These days he's more known for the outrageous and even dangerous statements he makes and is arguably more well-...
Kwik 07/06/2012 14 2 - 86
Perhaps Rick Scott Should Be Called The "Food Stamp Governor"
Newt Gingrich and other Republican yahoos love to associate President Obama with welfare and other government giveaway programs to the point that Gingrich commonly and disparagingly refers to the ...
Kwik 07/03/2012 2 1 - 37
Gas Under $3 in Florida, But No Republicans Are Crediting President Obama...No Surprise There
This morning while driving to work down SR 60 in Vero Beach, Florida I was pleasantly surprised to see two gas stations selling fuel for $2.98 a gallon! I swung into one of them and filled my ...
Kwik 07/02/2012 24 11 1 97
Obama Leads Romney in Florida Poll? Is This The Twilight Zone?
How in the world can a state where Rick Scott was elected governor and where Republicans outnumber Democrats in the State House and Senate by 109 to 51, can President Obama be leading presumed ...
Kwik 06/27/2012 8 7 - 121
If Many Black Preachers Spew Intolerance Like I Heard in Church Sunday, Pres. Obama Is In Trouble
This past Sunday I visited a predominantly African American baptist church in Melbourne, Fla. It was an emotional, soul-stirring service in the great tradition of the black church. I was ...
Kwik 06/11/2012 84 29 - 475
Did Trump Hire Arsenio To Deflect Racist Label in Wake of His Birther BS?
I can't stand Donald Trump, but gotta admit Celebrity Apprentice is one of my favorite TV shows. I guess I get a certain degree of entertainment from watching B and C list celebs throw each ...
Kwik 05/29/2012 16 3 - 109
My Christian Conservative Mom Says She's Not Voting for Obama Because He Supports Same-Sex Marriage
I got the inevitable angry phone call from my Christian conservative mom Saturday: She said she's not voting for President Obama because he supports same sex marriage. I knew she was eventually ...
Kwik 05/14/2012 157 25 - 639
Cornel West's Snarky Criticisms of the President Reveal West as the Childish, Spurned Stalker He Is
When I read that Cornel West called President Obama "a disastrous response to a catastrophe" in a recent interview published on the Huffington Post, it was more than I could stand. This dude is ...
Kwik 05/04/2012 83 9 - 336
Much of Resistance to Health Law is Driven by Racism and the Desire to Embarrass President Obama
I'm sad to say we live in a country where a lot of people complain vehmently against the government mandating health insurance for their bodies, but don't say shit about the government mandating ...
Kwik 04/03/2012 10 11 - 112
True Gall: Rick Scott Taking Credit for Economic Rebound in Florida
I almost barfed this morning when I saw an ad on TV boasting about how Florida Gov. Rick Scott's policies have led to an economic recovery in the state. The female narrator in the ad heralds the ...
Kwik 03/28/2012 12 4 - 82
Lawrence O'Donnell & Co. Just Skewered Joe Oliver Over His Alleged Friendship With George Zimmerman
I've always like Lawrence O'Donnell, but his coverage of the Trayvon Martin tragedy has taken my respect for him to a much higher level. He has done a tremendous job of reporting and interviewing, ...
Kwik 03/27/2012 303 393 5 3220
I Attended the Trayvon Martin Rally Last Night and I Cannot Stop Crying
Some say men aren't supposed to cry. But I cried all night before, during and after attending the Trayvon Martin Rally in Sanford, Florida last night. I'm not sure if they were tears of joy, anger,
Kwik 03/23/2012 28 50 2 201
Much Dap to Lawrence O'Donnell for Tearing the Sanford City Manager a New One Over Trayvon Martin
Wow. I just watched Lawrence O'Donnell rip into the City Manager of Sanford Florida for the first 12 minutes of his show Wednesday night over how the city, especially its police chief, mishandled ...
Kwik 03/21/2012 49 52 - 434
With Such High Percentages of Blacks in the South, Why Don't Blacks Have More Political Power There?
As millions of white Republicans (and I suppose a few from other races) prepare to vote in Tuesday's GOP Presidential Primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, I can't help but wonder how ...
Kwik 03/12/2012 155 99 2 1192
Colin Powell Has Got Soul! Who Knew?
Some things just don't look right or seem possible. I have to put the sight of Colin Powell standing on his feet and jamming to the soulful sounds of Aretha Franklin near the top of that list.
Kwik 02/17/2012 26 1 - 161
My Obama Bumper Sticker Set Off Monster Truck Driving Cowboy
While driving down SR 60 in Vero Beach during rush hour the other day, I passed this huge monster truck driven by a dude wearing a big cowboy hat. So what you ask? Well, after I passed ...
Kwik 02/15/2012 305 330 2 3475
GOP Might as Well Call Itself the Non-Hispanic White Folks Christian Heterosexual Party
Every time I try to watch one of the so-called Republican debates or other media event involving them, I change the channel after about 10 minutes because all their candidates do is see who can ...
Kwik 01/10/2012 10 8 - 92
The GOP Had Chance to Beat Obama, Until It Overplayed Its Hand & Unveiled Its Looney Candidates
All the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office had to do was tell the jury in the O.J. Simpson case that he was guilty and rest its case...and I think they would've won. But no, they had to trot ...
Kwik 12/21/2011 7 6 - 113
If Newt Gets Nominated I'll Think The Republicans Want to Re-Elect The President More Than We Do
You’d think the GOP would’ve learned valuable lessons about putting forward unelectable candidates after the Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell debacles. Enter Newt Gingrich. ...
Kwik 12/07/2011 7 2 - 71
Cain's Lies an Insult to Black Men Laying in Their Graves for Alleged Misconduct with White Women
With that nickel-slick rascal Herman Cain lying by the minute about sexually harassing white women and seemingly getting away with it, Emmitt Till must be spinning in his grave. As ...
Kwik 11/10/2011 36 17 - 168
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