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Outbreak of measles-like virus in Mid-Atlantic bottlenose dolphins
I live in Virginia Beach and have been watching with interest the recent numbers of dolphins washing up dead along the Mid-Atlantic shoreline. There have been over 300 found in recent months ...
Kysen 08/27/2013 6 17 - -
Things just got interesting for VA-2nd District.
VA-2nd District Representative Scott Rigell (R) now has a solid Democratic contender for the 2014 election. Suzanne Patrick has announced her candidacy for the House of Representatives. VA-2nd ...
Kysen 08/27/2013 14 18 - -
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (Voting Rights Edition)
Update: This is a diary about literacy tests and voting rights. It seems my choice of title caused some confusion about what the body may hold, please accept my apologies for being less than clear. ...
Kysen 06/30/2013 41 43 1 -
When is an apology enough (or not)? *Update - Exodus International Shutting Down
I am sitting here pondering the power and/or worth of an apology. Wondering when something that is deplorable beyond any measure of reason has been apologized it ever really accepted? ...
Kysen 06/19/2013 63 69 - -
What Came After
I have watched closely as Isaac tightens its path on its way to our shores. I must admit to a small private smile when her potential landfall included Tampa. While I am the first to acknowledge the ...
Kysen 08/23/2012 19 40 1 320
Barack Obama: Human Capitalist
Is the election of 2012 as simple as Obama the Human Capitalist vs Romney the Financial Capitalist? I caught a bit of the Martin Bashir show on MSNBC earlier this week. One of his guests was ...
Kysen 05/18/2012 26 63 3 411
Huckabee's Cartoon History of America
I caught a glimpse of something silly on Hardball a few minutes ago and decided to see if I could make any sense of it. I only caught the very tail end of a cartoon...a bizarre cartoon. It was ...
Kysen 05/12/2011 27 17 - 194
A Good American
This diary was originally posted on Motley Moose It never ceases to frustrate me how ignorant so many of ...
Kysen 03/15/2011 15 17 - 135
Dedicated To The Ones I Love
Greets all, I figured it was I dipped my toe into the wonderful (horrifying?) world of diarying on dKos. Since I am still wearing my figurative water-wings, I am going to avoid the 'deep' and ...
Kysen 03/08/2011 28 10 - 81
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