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Posting History for LGBT Rights are Human Rights

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Breaking: Federal Judge In AL Grants Plaintiffs' Class Action Petition In Marriage Equality Case
Judge Granade has granted the plaintiffs' (in the Alabama marriage equality case) petition for class certification. So, all probate judges in Alabama are included as defendants in the case, and ...
librarisingnsf 05/21/2015 23 22 - -
Oregon high school junior confronts anti-gay haters, launches beautiful counter-protest
Need a bit of inspiration this morning? I've got just the story for you. On Tuesday, two men showed up on a street corner in Tillamook, Oregon, with signs reading "Homo sex is sin" and "Jesus said ...
Chrislove 05/21/2015 119 419 4 -
Irish "No" Voter Tells Journalist That G-d Gave Her Cancer For Being Gay
With rhetoric reaching the highest of intensity levels prior to the marriage equality referendum vote on Friday In Ireland, some conservative homophobic folks have gone off the deep end. Take for ...
librarisingnsf 05/19/2015 15 20 - -
Journalist Comes Out In Emotional Op-Ed Prior To Ireland's Marriage Equality Vote Next Week
As we await the SCOTUS ruling with regard to nationwide marriage equality here in the states, things are getting intense prior to the marriage equality referendum in Ireland. It reminds me ...
librarisingnsf 05/16/2015 12 23 - -
Do I Really Want to Write This Diary?
I have been sitting here for thirty minutes struggling with that question. Why? Because of a diary sitting at the top of Community Spotlight section on Daily Kos written by kay3295 titled "My ...
unapologeticliberal777 05/16/2015 48 287 4 -
Anti-Gay Activist's Blatant Lie To A Texas State Senate Committee
If the truth doesn't work, one anti-gay activist, Beverly Roberts of Concerned Women For America, seemingly has decided that lying is an acceptable way to get what she wants. Yes, she is a ...
librarisingnsf 05/14/2015 20 36 1 -
My Gay Wedding Story
Three weeks ago my partner and I were married on our 38th anniversary. We planned to just go to the courthouse. The State of Florida was forced by the Appellate Court to allow same sex marriages ...
kay3295 05/14/2015 92 127 - -
Missouri Republican John Diehl, Speaker of the House, Caught in Sexting Scandal With College Intern
Missouri Republicans were rocked today as Speaker John Diehl, who is viewed as the Republican voice on the floor in Jefferson City was caught engaged in an affair with a college aged intern. http:/
Chris Reeves 05/13/2015 15 27 - -
Haters hating haters
There is hate and then there is hate . While all homophobia is serious and harmful, there is a matter of degree. Below is an instance of a homophobic group calling for the murder of all gays. If ...
d3clark 05/13/2015 30 39 - -
Texas AG Ken Paxton refuses to say whether state will defy SCOTUS on marriage equality
If you've been following the record-breaking flurry of anti-LGBT bills being filed by Republicans in the Texas legislature, you probably know about HB 4105, introduced by Rep. Cecil Bell, Jr. (R-...
Chrislove 05/13/2015 35 35 - -
LGBT Community Wins Big In Recent Popular Votes
As the fight for marriage equality nears a likely end this June, the broader fight for LGBT equality will shift to anti-discrimination protections. In the last couple of days, two votes have taken ...
leftprogressive 05/13/2015 4 14 - -
Christian Right leaders escalate anti‑LGBTQ threats
As marriage equality has advanced around the country, and the U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule on the issue in June, threatening language is escalating on the Christian Right. If these culture ...
Frederick Clarkson 05/10/2015 78 81 2 -
Ben Carson: US President Can Totally Ignore A Favorable SCOTUS Marriage Equality Ruling
Dr. Ben Carson may well be a brilliant brain surgeon, however it appears that he may not have been listening very closely to what was taught in his civics classes. In an interview on Newsmax, Mr. ...
librarisingnsf 05/06/2015 64 17 - -
AZ Sheriff Mack: Justice Ginsburg Is A 'Very Senile And Evil' Person Who Will Destroy Marriage
The crazy religious (far) right is out and about and getting more panicked and outraged and paranoid every day. Why? Because the SCOTUS is ...
librarisingnsf 05/05/2015 37 26 - -
NOM Held Latest Hate March On Saturday To Restrain SCOTUS From Ruling In Favor Of Marriage Equality
NOM held its latest "March4Marriage" in Washington on Saturday. And, it was quite the show of religious right characters. They wanted to give the SCOTUS justices the message that they best NOT ...
librarisingnsf 04/27/2015 19 21 - -
Discussions Of Marriage Equality On Sunday Morning News Shows
The SCOTUS will hear oral arguments in the marriage equality cases on Tuesday, and the Sunday news shows from the major networks discussed the issue with some of the major players on each side. ...
librarisingnsf 04/26/2015 23 21 - -
Rep. Jared Polis Files Bill To Stop Rep. Steve King From Introducing Proposed Legislation
librarisingnsf 04/25/2015 15 24 - -
GoFundMe Cancels Sweet Cakes By Melissa Fundraising Campaign; Owners Blame 'Satan'
Sweet Cakes By Melissa is the Oregon bakery whose owners refused to bake a same-sex couple's wedding cake. The couple took the owners to court and won the case. Oregon is one of the states that ...
librarisingnsf 04/25/2015 234 140 - -
One Of The Most Important (Constitution) Edits In US History And How It Affects Marriage Equality
Oral arguments in the marriage equality cases will be heard by the SCOTUS justices on April 28, 2015. Much of the discussion will center around the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, and ...
librarisingnsf 04/24/2015 9 26 1 -
NOM Hypocritically Cheers The Resignation Of Angie's List CEO
When former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned last year over his $1,000 donation to Prop 8, here's some of what NOM had to say about it. From April 4, 2014 : NOM called the dismissal of Brendan ...
leftprogressive 04/24/2015 13 12 - -
What 2016 is about.
So we've apparently entered silly season; the habitual fight to exhaustion in dueling diaries over who will best represent Democrats in the coming race for the White House and why that choice should ...
MBNYC 04/22/2015 73 18 1 -
Shocking 1975 Letter From The INS Shows How Far The US Government Has Come On Gay Rights
There have been a few (surprisingly few) same-sex couples who have tried to get legally married prior to the 21st century. Probably the most famous couple was that of Richard John Baker and his ...
librarisingnsf 04/20/2015 12 23 - -
Hate Groups To SCOTUS: Marriage Equality Will Lead To Slutty Women And Violent Men
Good news, ladies! Marriage equality causes girls to become sluts. Since the SCOTUS is likely to rule in favor of marriage equality by June of this year, it is just a matter of time before you ...
librarisingnsf 04/17/2015 63 40 - -
Freedom To Marry's Evan Wolfson: Mary Bonauto Is the Supreme Court Hero We Need and Deserve
Evan Wolfson has penned an article at the Advocate stating that he believes we have made a very wise and excellent choice in Mary Bonauto to represent us at the SCOTUS on April 28 (for marriage ...
librarisingnsf 04/15/2015 9 12 - -
Marco Rubio Might Be The Most Anti-Gay Presidential Candidate Yet
Marco Rubio is not loud and boisterous with his anti-gay rants (like Ted Cruz is). But, what he lacks in spewing loud vitriolic attacks on gay folks, he makes up with the content and substance of ...
librarisingnsf 04/14/2015 24 19 - -
Senator Cory Booker Gives Impassioned Senate Floor Speech About Marriage Equality Plaintiff's Story
Senator Cory Booker has been a fervent supporter of marriage equality for some time. So, it is no surprise that he would give a very passionate speech about marriage equality plaintiff, Jim ...
librarisingnsf 04/13/2015 2 9 - -
Tony Perkins: LGBT-Affirming Christians Are Committing 'Heresy'
Tony Perkins was not at all happy with Frank Bruni's column in the New York Times in which he stated that there ...
librarisingnsf 04/11/2015 108 55 1 -
S. Carolina To SCOTUS: We Can Discriminate Against Women And Gays. Marriage Bans Are Constitutional
South Carolina's AG has filed a very interesting (and, offensive) amicus brief with the SCOTUS in support of the marriage equality bans. It argues an originalist approach to interpreting the US ...
librarisingnsf 04/09/2015 41 44 1 -
Ted Cruz: Congress Should Strip Federal Courts Of Jurisdiction To Rule On Marriage Equality
While Ted Cruz isn't the first to come up with a jurisdiction-stripping scheme for the nation's judiciary, it is still a radical idea. It's the type of idea that would get him the attention of ...
librarisingnsf 04/07/2015 181 107 1 -
State Of Colorado Rules In Favor Of Bakery Owner Who Refused To Bake Cake With Anti-Gay Message
Colorado's Department of Regulatory Agencies has determined that Denver-based Azucar Bakery did nothing wrong in refusing to put an anti-gay message on a cake . The customer wanted a cake with anti-
librarisingnsf 04/05/2015 125 132 1 -
The Georgia Florists Who Owe It To Jesus To Deny Gay People Service
Georgia's RFRA is pretty much dead for this session of the state legislature. However, that does not mean that certain businesses will not deny services to gay folks. Some intend to do so anyway.
librarisingnsf 04/04/2015 75 42 - -
HELP! My Local Bakery Getting Death Threats for Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake!
#162 of My Stupid State series Cut the Cake is a longstanding business in the Longwood community outside Orlando run by the ultra-polite Sharon Haller. Joshua Feuerstein is a disgusting bigot (...
SemDem 04/04/2015 191 358 2 -
Anti-gay forces unite to preserve traditional one cake, one frosting definition of wedding dessert
You'll make a cake topper where Batman marries Princess Leia, but this is right out? Yeah, go away. Apparently the notion presented by Indiana Pastor Tim Overton (Yes, his name is Overton, which is ...
Hunter 04/03/2015 141 71 - -
The False 'God Vs Gays' Narrative In The RFRA Debate; Matthew Vines, The NYT, And The Advocate
Too many folks still believe that it's an either/or proposition ... you either side with the gays and are for their rights or you side with G-d/Christianity/religion and reject rights for gay folks. ...
librarisingnsf 04/03/2015 19 27 - -
Indiana Pizza Parlor That Won't Cater Gay Weddings Gets Over 100K In Donations
If you were worried about Memories Pizza, the pizza parlor that won't cater gay weddings ... don't be. It seems that they are receiving some fairly large donations from the religious right for ...
librarisingnsf 04/02/2015 163 78 - -
IN-Sen: Al Franken (D. MN) Encourages David Letterman To Run For Senate
I grew up in a David Letterman household and while I'm excited for Stephen Colbert to be taking over, I am sad to see Letterman hang it up. Being a native of the Hoosier state, Letterman ...
poopdogcomedy 04/02/2015 21 25 - -
Religious Right Unhinged Over Backlash Against License To Discriminate Laws
Of course, Rush Limbaugh decided that he needed to weigh in on the Indiana RFRA controversy. At least he did admit that it was about marriage equality and keeping bakers, photographers, and flower ...
librarisingnsf 03/31/2015 201 222 2 -
Indiana State Dems: Repeal Entire RFRA, Update Anti-Discrimination Laws To Include LGBT Persons
Today, Indiana state lawmakers are scrambling with how to handle the new RFRA law and the backlash against it. The state GOP leadership wants to clarify the law to say that it is not meant as a ...
librarisingnsf 03/30/2015 30 99 1 -
Surprise! Special Committee Hearing On Georgia's License To Discriminate Bill Tomorrow Cancelled
Perhaps due to fallout from the backlash against Indiana's license to discriminate law, a special committee hearing on Georgia's RFRA bill scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. From :
librarisingnsf 03/29/2015 22 38 - -
The epic fallout of Indiana's anti-LGBT 'religious freedom' law
Kerry Eleveld 03/29/2015 214 396 4 -
License To Discriminate Bill Fails In Montana House As Lawmakers Refuse To Follow Indiana's Lead
Lawmakers in other states may be taking note of what has been happening in Indiana, including red states such as Montana. A similar "religious liberty" bill was tabled in Montana's House. ...
librarisingnsf 03/29/2015 21 56 - -
GA Dems (and sane Reps) stopped a bad law. You can too.
Not only did Democrats and sane Republicans in the Georgia legislature figure out how to stop a bad law, they provided a template for pro-equality activists in other states to do the same. ...
Phoenix Woman 03/28/2015 19 87 2 -
NCAA 'Especially Concerned' About Indiana's License To Discriminate Law As Final Four Nears
NCAA President Mark Emmert has stated that the NCAA is "especially concerned" about Indiana's recently passed "religious freedom" law. ...
librarisingnsf 03/28/2015 97 94 1 -
Papers to Pee bills fail in Kentucky and Florida
Kentucky's legislative session ended Tuesday. And with it, State Senator CB Embry, Jr.'s bill calling for the state to pay students to bully transgender students out of school restrooms ended as ...
rserven 03/26/2015 11 26 - -
My Statement re: HB2307 Conversion Therapy Ban in the State of Oregon
I am a mess at the moment, but this is vitally important to me. I have been getting very little sleep, and too much exercise and rain while without shelter. I'm in Salem today after biking down ...
Horace Boothroyd III 03/24/2015 11 29 1 -
Updated: NV State Senator Mark Manendo's Response to My Email
Today's email brought notice from HRC (Human Rights Campaign) of two bills in the Nevada legislature: Bills introduced in the Nevada Assembly and Senate could allow individuals and businesses to ...
AJayne 03/23/2015 26 9 - -
AL Justice Roy Moore At Texas Rally: If I Didn't Fight Marriage Equality I'd Be 'Guilty Of Treason'
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was the guest speaker at an anti-marriage equality rally today in Texas. He gave most of the same talking points ... about states' rights and that the US ...
librarisingnsf 03/23/2015 23 24 - -
Indiana governor 'looking forward' to signing bill that ensures sweeping discrimination
Looks like a winner. The Indiana House of Representatives passed a religious "freedom" bill Monday 63-31 that will allow private businesses, individuals and organizations to discriminate anywhere ...
Kerry Eleveld 03/23/2015 190 105 2 -
Idaho House Calls On Congress To Impeach Judges Who Rule In Favor Of Marriage Equality
Disagreement with a judge's decisions/rulings is not grounds for impeaching a federal judge. However, that has not stopped the Idaho House from passing a resolution calling on Congress to impeach ...
librarisingnsf 03/23/2015 6 13 - -
Anti-Gay Religious Right Already In Meltdown Mode Over Upcoming SCOTUS Marriage Equality Ruling
To listen to many of the religious right personalities, one would think that the SCOTUS had pretty much already declared state bans on marriage equality unconstitutional. The justices will hear ...
librarisingnsf 03/21/2015 166 128 - -
Missouri Legislator Remembers When Segregation Solved Problems
Senator Ed Emery (R-District 31, NW Missouri) is a proponent of many interesting things for Missouri. His legislation this time around, SB-555 stands out for it's quick synopsis: http://www....
Chris Reeves 03/17/2015 26 69 - -
CA Lawmaker Seeks Disbarment Of Attorney Who Filed Ballot Init To Enact Death Penalty For Gay Folks
Earlier this month, I wrote a diary about a religious right attorney who had filed a ballot initiative for the execution of all homosexuals. And, now openly gay ...
librarisingnsf 03/13/2015 27 59 - -
PA-Sen: Have A Question For Joe Sestak (D) About The Upcoming Senate Race? Submit Them Here!
Hello fellow Kossacks! I've had the privilege to interview politicians like Rep. Ted Deutch (D. FL-21) and former U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D. AK) in the past but this upcoming interview I ...
poopdogcomedy 03/12/2015 15 8 - -
Texas Bill Would Defy A Favorable SCOTUS Marriage Equality Ruling If Enacted
The Texas state legislature is working overtime trying to prevent marriage equality from coming to Texas, a possibility that they clearly believe is approaching certainty. The latest response is a ...
librarisingnsf 03/11/2015 33 23 - -
Alabama Supreme Court Example Could Create Chaos For Nation's Dual Court System
When Alabama's state Supreme Court decided to defiantly step into the marriage equality issue in the state, it was a bit surprising to most folks. It has also caused quite a bit of chaos in the ...
librarisingnsf 03/09/2015 12 13 - -
Anti-Gay TN Lawmaker Accused Of Hitting Ex-Wife With Car Door - Twice, Almost Running Over Her
It seems that anti-gay lawmakers and others have more problems and issues than just being anti-gay. Some are caught in secretive gay relationships and others seem to have quite a bit of marital ...
librarisingnsf 03/09/2015 18 23 - -
Rand Paul Would Like You To Know That Marriage Equality 'Offends' Him
In an interview on Fox News on Friday, Rand Paul stated that marriage equality "offends" him. He also stated that he believed giving gay couples the same legal rights and calling it something ...
librarisingnsf 03/08/2015 91 72 - -
NCLR Seeks Class-Action Status In AL Marriage Equality Case To Cover All Same-Sex Couples In AL
The NCLR (along with other LGBT groups) has requested to amend their marriage equality complaint in the Alabama marriage equality lawsuit and make it a class-action suit covering all same-sex ...
librarisingnsf 03/06/2015 7 21 - -
Marriage Equality In Nebraska Is On Hold Now As 8th Circuit Issues Stay Pending Appeal
A three judge panel of the US Court Of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit has granted Nebraska officials' motion for stay pending appeal of the favorable marriage equality ruling in that state. ...
librarisingnsf 03/05/2015 7 14 1 -
Tucson Family-Law Judge Ignores Marriage Equality Ruling In Denying Same-Sex Divorce
If you think that Alabama is the only state with rogue state judges that refuse to follow federal court rulings/orders, you would be wrong. And, some of these judges are not even in the Southeast. ...
librarisingnsf 03/05/2015 9 17 - -
No Probate Judges In Alabama Are Issuing Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples Today; Update X 2
After the Alabama State Supreme Court issued a ruling and order last night that probate judges must halt the issuance of marriage licenses to same-...
librarisingnsf 03/04/2015 43 26 - -
Breaking: Alabama Supreme Court Orders Stop To Issuance Of Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples
The Supreme Court of the state of Alabama has just issued a ruling and order requiring probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. From BuzzFeed :
librarisingnsf 03/03/2015 71 59 1 -
Nebraska Man Arrested After Stealing And Burning Neighbors' Gay Pride (Rainbow) Flag
A 23 year old Nebraska man, Cameron Mayfield, has been arrested for stealing and burning his neighbors' (a married lesbian couple) Gay Pride (rainbow) flag and for resisting arrest. From JMG :
librarisingnsf 03/02/2015 35 96 2 -
California Religious Right Activist Files Ballot Initiative For Executing All Homosexuals
The religious right has had a rough time of it in California the last few years with the striking down of Prop H8 and all those elected liberal socialist democrats in the state. Well, one ...
librarisingnsf 03/02/2015 67 45 - -
AL Gov's Pastor Urged Him To Defy Marriage Equality Court Order; Would Go To Jail In Protest
It seems that Alabama Governor Robert Bentley received from strong advice from his pastor, Gil McKee, the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa. Pastor McKee pleaded with the Governor ...
librarisingnsf 02/28/2015 46 40 - -
Texas Third Grader Writes Stern Letter To US Congress Demanding Marriage Equality
From the "out of the mouth of babes" file we have this story from BuzzFeed today about a Texas third grader who is demanding marriage equality in a letter to the US Congress. She is nine years old,
librarisingnsf 02/25/2015 8 31 - -
Alabama Probate Judge Refuses To Finalize Adoption To Plaintiff In Marriage Equality Case
Mobile County probate judge, Judge Don Davis, is refusing to finalize the adoption of the plaintiffs' in the marriage equality case that was ruled on last month. This adoption was the reason that ...
librarisingnsf 02/24/2015 14 34 1 -
White Supremacists Join Rally Against Marriage Equality At Alabama Capitol
There was another rally in Montgomery on the steps of the state Capitol building against marriage equality and the recent federal court ruling in favor of marriage equality on Saturday. And, a ...
librarisingnsf 02/22/2015 11 28 - -
Lawmaker Ejected From Meeting As Wyoming Committee Passes LGBT Anti-Discrimination Legislation
A Republican lawmaker in the Wyoming state House of Representatives must have thought he was being cute, smart, and funny when he offered an amendment to a bill adding LGBT protections to Wyoming ...
librarisingnsf 02/20/2015 55 140 2 -
Antigay Texas Republicans prove they have no hearts and no souls
GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton and Gov. Greg Abbott agree that not even a lesbian woman with cancer should be able to marry her partner of 30 years. Texas Republican Attorney General Ken ...
Kerry Eleveld 02/20/2015 59 54 - -
CPAC again excludes Gay Conservatives from its annual event.
It would appear that the growing tide of public support for gay rights has yet to reach the National Harbor in Maryland where the unfortunately named Gaylord National Resort will host the ...
Christian Bentzen 02/19/2015 18 11 - -
Judge rules Washington florist broke the law by refusing service for gay wedding
Washington residents Robert Ingersoll (left) and Curt Freed were refused flowers for their wedding by a local vendor. A Washington ...
Kerry Eleveld 02/19/2015 73 50 2 -
Texas Issues First Same-Sex Marriage License
The good news just keeps on coming on the marriage equality front: A State Court order from the 167th Judicial District Court in Travis County directs County Clerk Dana Debeauvoir to issue a same-...
jayden 02/19/2015 39 28 1 -
Kansans Rally at the State House for LGBT Rights
More than 700 Kansans flocked to the state house in an event that was first announced on Wednesday of this week through Facebook. The rally served as a response to Governor Brownback's removal ...
Chris Reeves 02/14/2015 4 43 - -
New Religious Documentary: Christianity Will Be Criminalized Because Of LGBT Progress
The paranoia and persecution complexes of the Christian right know no bounds as this new religious documentary will likely exemplify. What is a G-d fearing Christian fundamentalist to do? Watch as ...
librarisingnsf 02/14/2015 40 32 - -
BREAKING: UPDATE Judge Granade: Alabama cannot deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples
In a hearing just a few hours ago, the ACLU presented its case on behalf of several couples who were denied marriage licenses in Alabama. Judge Callie Granrde, who had previously struck down Alabama'
d3clark 02/12/2015 48 48 - -
Most AL Probate Judges Still Won't Issue Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples; Updated X 3
It seems that Chief Justice Roy Moore in fact did succeed in influencing most probate judges in Alabama not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Only about a dozen or so counties/...
librarisingnsf 02/10/2015 47 18 - -
Breaking: SCOTUS Denies Alabama's Request For A Stay Of Marriage Equality Ruling; Updated X 3
This morning, the SCOTUS denied Alabama AG's motion to stay pending appeal of the marriage equality ruling(s) in that state. Justices Scalia and Thomas (again) dissented. Congratulations Alabama! ...
librarisingnsf 02/09/2015 104 166 - -
Chief Justice Roy Moore Orders Alabama Officials Not To Issue Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is still at it. He has issued an order to probate judges NOT to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples tomorrow morning (as was planned). He claims to have ...
librarisingnsf 02/08/2015 119 111 1 -
AL May Be Headed For A Constitutional Crisis As A Few Probate Judges Say They Will Defy ME Ruling
For a while, it looked as if marriage equality was a (complete) go in Alabama beginning on Monday morning. However, with state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore continuing to indicate to ...
librarisingnsf 02/06/2015 70 70 - -
AL: Greedy Mother Wants Negative Marriage Equality Ruling So Son-In-Law Can't Collect Settlement
A few months ago, I reported on an Alabama marriage equality case in which a gay man and his husband were married in Massachusetts. He wants his marriage ...
librarisingnsf 02/06/2015 20 23 - -
Standing Firm In The Face of Progress: Opposition To Same Sex Marriage in Alabama
To whom it may concern: The truth may not always be popular, but it will always remain the truth. Alabamans, perhaps more than any of the 49 other sovereign lands that comprise these United States ...
Virally Suppressed 02/06/2015 24 40 1 -
AL Justice Moore Doubles Down: Probate Judges Need Not Issue Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has doubled down on his statement that probate judges do not need to adhere to federal Judge Granade's favorable marriage equality ruling. Yesterday, he issued a ...
librarisingnsf 02/04/2015 16 24 - -
Breaking: Eleventh Circuit Denies Stay Request On Alabama Marriage Equality Rulings; Update X 3
The Eleventh Circuit has denied the state defendants' motion for a stay pending appeal of the Alabama marriage equality ruling. The current (temporary) stay will expire on February 9. I suspect ...
librarisingnsf 02/03/2015 12 23 - -
Cincinnati Police Chief Receives Flack For Newsletter Condemning Religious Based Anti-LGBT Bigotry
Religious right conservatives get really touchy and bent out of shape when someone calls out their hate and religious based bigotry. The more blunt (which I personally appreciate) the call-out is, ...
librarisingnsf 02/02/2015 4 13 - -
Mike Huckabee: Civil Marriage Equality Is A Religious Issue For Me, But I Have Gay Friends Anyway
Mike Huckabee made an appearance on CNN's State Of The Union show this morning in which he reiterated his strong opposition to marriage equality, claiming that it is a religious issue for him. He ...
librarisingnsf 02/01/2015 68 22 1 -
SPLC Files Ethics Complaint Against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore
Last week, a federal judge in Alabama ruled that Alabama's marriage equality ban(s) are unconstitutional and violate the equal protection and due process clauses of the ...
librarisingnsf 01/28/2015 15 53 - -
Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Marriage Equality In Second Alabama Marriage Case
A federal district court judge, Judge Granade, has ruled in favor of marriage equality in Alabama for the second time in less than a week. When I first heard the news, I thought it amazing that ...
librarisingnsf 01/27/2015 28 21 - -
Alabama Probate Judges: Marriage Equality Ruling Only For The Named Plaintiffs; 14 Day Stay Issued
While a federal judge in Alabama ruled Alabama's marriage equality ban(s) unconstitutional on Friday, probate judges there say that the ruling only applies to the named plaintiffs. It sounds like ...
librarisingnsf 01/25/2015 28 48 - -
Breaking: Federal judge rules Alabama's marriage equality ban unconstitutional (Updated x6)
Here's some (very) breaking news coming out of Alabama, reported by Equality Case Files . U.S. District Judge Callie V. Granade just ruled that the "Alabama Sanctity of Marriage Amendment" and "...
Chrislove 01/23/2015 98 142 1 -
Dear Abby Defends Gay Grandmother Rejected By Son And His Wife
True to form, Dear Abby comes to the defense of a gay grandmother whose son and daughter-in-law have shunned her and are keeping her from seeing her grandchildren. It seems that the wife's family ...
librarisingnsf 01/22/2015 141 255 4 -
Anti-Gay Pastor Responds To Ellen DeGeneres; Fails
Larry Tomczak is the anti-gay fundamentalist Christian who accused Ellen of celebrating her lesbianism and "marriage" in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls. This ...
librarisingnsf 01/22/2015 22 25 - -
Florida Legalizes Driving While Gay; AFA Demands Justices Kagan And Ginsburg Recuse From ME Cases
A gay couple in Florida were refused drivers licenses last year after they changed their legal names, because Florida did not have marriage equality at the time. The couple now have their new ...
librarisingnsf 01/19/2015 27 50 - -
Would a SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality really resolve the issue for 2016 GOP hopefuls?
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike ...
Kerry Eleveld 01/19/2015 85 34 - -
The Mountaintop, Revisited
I've been publishing version of this every Martin Luther King Day since I joined in 2005. It is especially apropos this year since it also represents part of my journey and so qualifies as a part ...
rserven 01/19/2015 2 20 - -
Ted Olson Vs Tony Perkins Regarding Nationwide Marriage Equality
Today, Ted Olson (who litigated both the Prop 8 case out of California and the marriage equality case out of Virginia) faced off with Tony Perkins (of the Family Research Council, an SPLC labeled ...
librarisingnsf 01/18/2015 10 18 - -
This Week In Marriage Equality: Marriage Equality Heads To The SCOTUS Edition
The big marriage equality news this week came from the SCOTUS. The justices have decided to hear all four cases from the Sixth Circuit. You can read more about this ...
librarisingnsf 01/17/2015 7 15 - -
The US Supreme Court Will Hear All Four Marriage Equality Cases From The Sixth Circuit
The SCOTUS has granted certiorari in all four of the marriage equality cases from the Sixth Circuit -- Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Last October, The SCOTUS denied the requests to ...
librarisingnsf 01/16/2015 86 59 1 -
Passenger Who Got Taken Down After Gay Assault At DFW Airport Gets Off Easy
Back in October, I posted a diary about a drunk homophobe who had gotten taken down at the DFW airport after assaulting a gay man. The man will only have ...
librarisingnsf 01/14/2015 24 32 1 -
Anti-Gay Activist Wants Governors To Call Out National Guard To Stop Marriage Equality
As marriage equality continues to sweep across the country, the most virulently anti-gay activists (especially the grifters) are becoming more and more desperate. Kansas ...
librarisingnsf 01/12/2015 16 26 - -
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